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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 49: Northern Blues (Part 32)

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  2. [2013-08-14 13:59:51] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright coughs. "Right, right. Hurrah for me. I still wanna know what this ASD is all about though. Somehow it's too secure for the security office. Anyways, Shatara? D'you think you could tear the NCR insignia off of this armor I got from the poor sergeant?"
  3. [2013-08-14 14:00:12] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara blinks at the request. "I guess I could get it off, or cover it or something...But uh...aren't we with the NCR anyway...?" His own armor's talon insignia is only crudely taped over.
  4. [2013-08-14 14:00:18] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright "I'd rather not openly broadcast that wherever we go. It could cause unwarranted prejudice against us."
  5. [2013-08-14 14:00:26] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara nods a bit, digging around for his tools.
  6. [2013-08-14 14:00:32] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright shrugs off the armor. Too bad there's no laundry supplies and the time for it, that armor was really starting to smell lived in.
  7. [2013-08-14 14:00:40] <Little_Gloom> 3CopyCat stretches, revelling in her nakedness.
  8. [2013-08-14 14:00:47] <Little_Gloom> 3Get Lost, meanwhile, has delved into working on repairing and modifying the RD-E advanced spritebot to make a suitable avatar for Sweetie-brain.
  9. [2013-08-14 14:01:15] <Little_Gloom> 3In another part of the building, Mare-Do-Well watches Kid in silence for a few moments, then trots up and sits down next to her.  The mysterious mare wraps a ghostly wing around Kid in an attempt to comfort...
  10. [2013-08-14 14:01:23] <Little_Gloom> 3...then arrughs softly when the wing just passes through the living mare ineffectively.
  11. [2013-08-14 14:01:30] <Little_Gloom> 3Mare-Do-Well tries another approach.  "Hey, y'know, when we all get outta here... we could hang."
  12. [2013-08-14 14:01:36] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid smiles a little ando mimes hugging back. "Thanks. I got some history with them folks at them NCR. It'll be cool t have somepony 't talk with that won't care one ways or another."
  13. [2013-08-14 14:01:42] <Little_Gloom> 3Mare-Do-Well chuckles.  "Been a while since I've had a friend.  Kinda missed it."
  14. [2013-08-14 14:01:56] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid closes here eyes. "So, uh. You got any questions?"
  15. [2013-08-14 14:02:05] <Little_Gloom> 3Mare-Do-Well waves a hoof.  "Yeah, sure.  Like, when are we getting outta here?"
  16. [2013-08-14 14:02:32] <Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty-Nine: Northern Blues (Part Thirty-Two) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UH01FhqMdc8
  17. [2013-08-14 14:02:39] <Little_Gloom> 3--- Session Begins ---
  18. [2013-08-14 14:04:14] * Kid starts heading back to the others, motioning for her ghostly friend to follow her. "Hey, c'mon. I gotta tell th' smart ponies this stuff."
  19. [2013-08-14 14:05:29] * Shatara busys himself on Bookwright's armor.
  20. [2013-08-14 14:06:31] * CopyCat finds something comfy to sit on.
  21. [2013-08-14 14:06:55] * Mare-Do-Well 3nods, seeming familiar with the idea of telling the smart ponies.  "Right.  This is one for the eggheads."
  22. [2013-08-14 14:08:59] === little_gloom is offline.
  23. [2013-08-14 14:12:46] * Shatara finishes the patchwork, and presents the somewhat crudely-but-structurally-sound modifications to Bookwright.
  24. [2013-08-14 14:13:34] * Bookwright nods. "Thankyew, Shats. Shatty. Shatters. Can I call you 'Shatters'? You're awesome. I mean it."
  25. [2013-08-14 14:16:03] * Kid snickered. "I remember back home when I was the smart pony around 'cause I read books. Then I got to th' city, and everyone's a stable dweller an' a scientist, and readin' books weren't nothin' special. That kinda puts a damper on yer' ego, y'no?"
  26. [2013-08-14 14:17:12] * Bookwright shrugs on the now insignia-free armor. "I'd ask you to repair it too, but we don't have any supplies... But maybe you can fix up this MASER? I've got a bundle of electrical components in my pack somewhere. Would that be enough?"
  27. [2013-08-14 14:18:57] * Mare-Do-Well 3trots behind Kid, not really having a response for that.
  28. [2013-08-14 14:19:31] * Bookwright snaps his head up and yells at Kid, "Hey! I resemble that remark!"
  29. [2013-08-14 14:20:03] * Shatara shrugs a little, looking over the energy weapon some.
  30. [2013-08-14 14:21:32] * Kid 's ear twitches up and eyebrows furrow. Oh, good. He's here. "You resemble a flank, now get yours over here, I gotta show ya'll somethin' awesome Mare-do-Well showed me."
  31. [2013-08-14 14:22:45] * CopyCat yawns and lays down her head. She'd probably found a sofa or something. "Don't worry Bookie, no pony's perfect."
  32. [2013-08-14 14:23:08] * Bookwright leaves the MASER and bundle of components with Shatara as he follows Kid's lead.
  33. [2013-08-14 14:23:59] === cloud_dancer is online.
  34. [2013-08-14 14:26:20] * Kid starts cantering to the room of old war memorabilia. "Okay, so. What do ya'll know about th' shields in some o' th' cloud cities?"
  35. [2013-08-14 14:27:18] * Bookwright "Erm... There were shields in the cloud cities? Not much, I'm afraid."
  36. [2013-08-14 14:31:26] * Kid 's ears flatten and eyes close. "Okay, so basics. There are some shields around some cloud cities that stopped all sorts 'a what have you from gettin' in. The way they worked, you come so far as t' touch it, yer gon' end up black an' crispy if yer lucky. Turns out, those were made right here. In this buildin'. In th' one place we haven't looked, an' probably had every right to not wanna."
  37. [2013-08-14 14:34:10] * Bookwright 's eyes widen. "Wait, what? You mean, like alicorn shields writ large? How do you make a shield like that can protect an entire city!? Tell me more. Tell me more right now."
  38. [2013-08-14 14:39:16] * Kid made a sweeping leg gesture. "Enchanted pylons or what have you, and that ain't how it works by my count. Look, I don't know, I ain't a scientist. I think they mess with lightnin' 'r somethin. Point bein', th' same shields that did that, now we have t' worry about jus' gettin' out of 'em. So, we go down there into th' advanced security thing, we blow up them damn creepy robots, we find th'...
  39. [2013-08-14 14:39:17] * Kid ...blueprints to th' shield, we find out how they work, and then we use that t' get out of this fuckin' place." She stops at the office she met Mare-Do-Well in. "This here's Mare-Do-Well's room, pretty sure. So, look, don' touch. You don't want an' angry ghost followin' you, believe me. Shit gets weird."
  40. [2013-08-14 14:42:18] * Bookwright is confused. "Wait... Are you saying that we're inside one of those shields now? "
  41. [2013-08-14 14:45:56] * Kid half-lids her eyes. Is this buck serious? "Yes, that is th' thing I said." She managed to say in a flat tone. Is it the drawl? Maybe he just doesn't know how to speak bog.
  42. [2013-08-14 14:47:54] * CopyCat sneezes and unleashes her latent moustache powers!
  43. [2013-08-14 14:49:58] * CopyCat sprouts a bushy moustache. She doesn't even notice.
  44. [2013-08-14 14:51:22] * Shatara looks up from his work and blinks at CopyCat.
  45. [2013-08-14 14:52:38] * CopyCat blinks back. "What? Is there something on my face?"
  46. [2013-08-14 14:54:06] * Bookwright "And I suppose this ghost told you about this shield? Well, I suppose we'd have found out sooner or later anyways. So, what is this place that we haven't looked and probably had every right to not want to?"
  47. [2013-08-14 14:57:49] * Shatara stares. Nods.
  48. [2013-08-14 14:59:28] * Kid clops her hoof down twice. "The advanced security thing."
  49. [2013-08-14 15:00:34] * Bookwright nods. "Right. Okay. So... D'you think it's safe to leave Get here all by her lonesome while she works on a chassis for Sweet-E?"
  50. [2013-08-14 15:02:40] * CopyCat touches her face "Oh, that wasn't there before!" Then, since she had tickled her nose, she sneezes again.
  51. [2013-08-14 15:06:57] * CopyCat 's magic ignores all the distance between her and Bookwright by using the power of Friendship. Now he sports a fetching moustache too!
  52. [2013-08-14 15:08:40] * Bookwright is mustachio'd, but doesn't notice.
  53. [2013-08-14 15:14:09] * Kid looks off and sighs. "'Bout as safe as anyplace." A wise pony once said that horror and humor comes from the same place: observing a situation that cannot be in the perception of the observer. The horror of everyday living, that was a familiar horror. It was something that had become so commonplace, that she knew how to live with it. It's the humor part of looking back and all of a sudden...
  54. [2013-08-14 15:14:11] * Kid ...seeing Bookwright with a moustache that killed her.
  55. [2013-08-14 15:17:47] * Bookwright nods. "Right then. Let's go if we're going." He grabs the MASER and loads it. "Who else is with us?"
  56. [2013-08-14 15:19:24] * Kid literally bursts into tears, laughing on the ground. "You- you got- PFFFF-" She's going to be at this for a few minutes.
  57. [2013-08-14 15:19:53] * Bookwright is choosing to ignore Kid's strange behavior. Is putting it down to ghosts.
  58. [2013-08-14 15:20:43] * CopyCat stands up, infused with the power of facial hair. "Shatara, let's catch up with the others. We can leave Get Lost in Noble's care."
  59. [2013-08-14 15:21:31] * Shatara nods, trying not to think too hard on his now-bemustached companions.
  60. [2013-08-14 15:24:48] * Kid stumbles back to her legs. "Bookie, when th' hell did you learn a mous- a moust- a moustache spell?" She had a hard time saying moustache. "Thanks. Thanks, I kinda needed that." She wiggles a little bit. "Alright. Ya'll seen the stuff, let's go get with the others and start bein' very violent t' robots."
  61. [2013-08-14 15:25:36] * Bookwright "What do you mean 'moustache spell'? I don't know any moustache spell."
  62. [2013-08-14 15:26:42] * Mare-Do-Well 3is rolling about and laughing too, but only Kid can see or hear her.
  63. [2013-08-14 15:27:49] * Kid gives a high-pitched sigh to calm herself down. "See, Mare-Do-Well /gets/ it."
  64. [2013-08-14 15:31:24] * Kid starts heading over to the lounge. "Hey guys! Bookie's got a new thing on his face! Ya'll should take a look at this! Also, we're gon' downstairs again t'-" And then they met. And then Kid was just laughing all over again.
  65. [2013-08-14 15:32:20] * CopyCat trots through the corridor looking dignified and moustached. "Hello Kid, Bookie, laughing ghost that only Kid can see. Get is going to be busy for a while so we left her with Noble."
  66. [2013-08-14 15:32:59] * Bookwright nods. "Right. Lead on, O one of small stature."
  67. [2013-08-14 15:34:17] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Pink-E follows, whistling happily.
  68. [2013-08-14 15:36:51] * Kid is just letting off a high-pitched squeaking laugh all the way back to the elevator. "Okay, okay. Thank you. Thank you, one o' you two." She sniffs. "Oh, uh. Copycat is..." Normal's the wrong word. "A friend o' mine." Sniff. Alright. Serious face. It's serious face time now. Not their kind of serious face with the- okay okay maybe a little bit more laughter is okay, too.
  69. [2013-08-14 15:37:26] * CopyCat puts on her serious face.
  70. [2013-08-14 15:37:38] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Kid leads everyone to a supervisor's office over the factory floor.  The office contains a locker, a filing cabinet and a desk with a medical box attached to one side.  On the desk are small models of Enclave ponies, sky-tanks, even a Raptor -- the sorts of wartime toys that patriotic little colts might play with.
  71. [2013-08-14 15:38:25] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Above the desk are conceptual sketches, including one of Neighverro and another of a Thunderhead.  A photo on a nearby wall shows two stallions, one in a Shadowbolts uniform, smiling for the camera.  In the background is the actual Neighverro base as it once was long ago when the SPP Central Hub was still under construction.
  72. [2013-08-14 15:39:06] * Kid sniffs. "Hey. Mare-Do-Well. So, do you have ghost powers an' stuff?"
  73. [2013-08-14 15:40:23] * Shatara oooohs, gravitating towards the heavily-armed models.
  74. [2013-08-14 15:41:09] * Mare-Do-Well 3blinks.  "...Sort of?"  She recovers.  "Hell yeah!  Of course!  All sorts of cool and awesome ghost powers!"  She nod emphatically.
  75. [2013-08-14 15:43:59] === cloud_dancer is offline.
  76. [2013-08-14 15:46:37] * Kid is drinking this all in. "Ooh! What do you do? I used t' have a lot of ghosts come by the house back home." They were the only company that reliably came back. She guessed it was because she's the only one that could listen around there. Sometimes, they weren't nice about it.
  77. [2013-08-14 15:46:54] * CopyCat twirls her moustache with her magic. Then she twirls Bookwright's. "I must say, you're looking quite dapper today Bookie."
  78. [2013-08-14 15:47:21] * Bookwright is refusing to acknowledge the Moustache.
  79. [2013-08-14 15:57:10] * Kid wonders if Bookie's gon' get to looting.
  80. [2013-08-14 15:58:15] * Bookwright slides open the filing cabinet.
  81. [2013-08-14 15:58:53] * Mare-Do-Well 3seems to consider for a while before finally stating, "Well, mostly possession stuff."  She admits, "There are other ghost tricks, but I never did learn most of them."
  82. [2013-08-14 15:59:48] * Kid blinks. "What 'd ya'll mean possession stuff?"
  83. [2013-08-14 15:59:49] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The filing cabinet is full of files.  Several years of tracking orders, maintenance logs, worker performance and shipping.
  84. [2013-08-14 16:00:53] * Mare-Do-Well 3frowns.  "Well..." she pauses.  "I don't normally talk about that... even when I can talk about it.  Ponies don't usually like the idea."
  85. [2013-08-14 16:01:53] * Bookwright slams the filing cabinet shut with slightly more force than necessary and tries the medical box, then the locker.
  86. [2013-08-14 16:05:39] * Kid is now interested. "Well, now I'm interested." She considers this. "Hey, anyone up to bein' possessed by a ghost?"
  87. [2013-08-14 16:07:23] * Shatara is totally not making the models pewpew at each other.
  88. [2013-08-14 16:09:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The models are fun and fairly "on-model".
  89. [2013-08-14 16:12:20] * Mare-Do-Well 3blinks.  "Hey, hey now..."  Then waves a hoof, "It's not like that.  And it's not just that easy.  I mean, some ponies are really easy, but some are super hard.  Nearly impossible."
  90. [2013-08-14 16:14:52] * Kid wonders about that. "Well, then ain't it best t' find out who it works on so's we can figure how it works, so long as they're alright with it?"
  91. [2013-08-14 16:18:28] * CopyCat waves her hoof. "Oh oh, pick me pick me!"
  92. [2013-08-14 16:19:02] * Kid points at CopyCat. "See? She's cool with tryin' it out."
  93. [2013-08-14 16:33:34] * Kid looks around. "Oh, uh. Mind if I take a look around?"
  94. [2013-08-14 16:38:57] * Get_Lost is fixing the bot, mostly taking away parts that she thinks aren't really important and bolting larger "bunny ears" antennae all over the thing
  95. [2013-08-14 16:45:00] * Mare-Do-Well 3shrugs.  
  96. [2013-08-14 16:47:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Get_Lost has manages to fix the damage done to RD-E, thanks to Solaris scientific ingenuity and the available parts from the dismantled second bot.  Now it's a matter of setting up a remote connection between this bot and the Sweetie-brain.  Get_Lost has done everything required on this end except the final adjustments...
  97. [2013-08-14 16:48:57] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...but those will have to wait until she can go back down into the basement and fix things up down there.
  98. [2013-08-14 16:50:32] * Mare-Do-Well 3frowns.  "I'm not sure I *can* possess her, even if I tried.  She seems to be... one of those sort who would be really hard to."
  99. [2013-08-14 16:52:13] * Kid blinks. "Well, what about me 'r anyone else around?"
  100. [2013-08-14 16:53:46] * Get_Lost wile working, the mare humms some silly song as usual... "it's a brand new day, and the sun is high, all the birds are singing that you're-" the mare spits a rivet and bolts another panel on the bot "here, done!"
  101. [2013-08-14 16:54:39] * CopyCat tilts her head as she uses Kid to listen in on the ghost. "Oh well... it's just that the idea of somepony else being in my head sounded somehow familiar."
  102. [2013-08-14 16:55:10] * Kid frowns, knowing probably exactly why.
  103. [2013-08-14 16:56:24] * Mare-Do-Well 3frowns, staring at CopyCat.  "Okay.  Let's do this."  She steps towards the green alicorn...
  104. [2013-08-14 17:00:28] <Mare-Do-Well> 3...and disappears into the girl.  CopyCat becomes vaguely aware of the foreign presence... then immediately finds herself reading the mind of the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well!   (Whose immediate thoughts are "Aaaah!  How are you doing that?")
  105. [2013-08-14 17:02:30] * Kid is sitting on pins and needles, wondering what's going to happen. Her hooves are out and next to her face, rocking slightly as if she was just expecting a mug of cold, foamy cider.
  106. [2013-08-14 17:03:48] * CopyCat giggles. "Hey, that tickles!"
  107. [2013-08-14 17:05:35] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat then says, "Okay, I'm in here.  But I can't stay long.  Now what?"
  108. [2013-08-14 17:06:51] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat can hear Mare-Do-Well thinking, "This is freaky."  Followed by a desparate attempt to focus on a spot on the wall and not thing of anything specific.
  109. [2013-08-14 17:07:10] * Kid blinks. And then smiles brightly. "Omigosh that's so cool! Quick, say somethin' that Mare-do-Well would say!"
  110. [2013-08-14 17:08:50] * CopyCat sends messages to her new 'room mate'... shamelessly broadcasting her mental conversation all the while <Oh is this like a slumber party? We should totally have a slumber party. Then we could have marshmellows and pillow fights and tell ghost stories... I bet you know some really cool ones!>
  111. [2013-08-14 17:10:22] * Mare-Do-Well 3attempts to think of something only she woudl say while not thinking about herself.  It's really hard.
  112. [2013-08-14 17:11:27] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat then says, "Ghost stories.  Yeah, I know all the cool ones."
  113. [2013-08-14 17:13:41] * Kid squees. "That's so cooool! Mare-do-Well, Copycat, why are you both so cool!"
  114. [2013-08-14 17:14:27] * CopyCat has started to hover just off the ground. Her guest seemed a little more at ease in the air. "Ooo, who's 'Rainbow Dash'? Oh no! She must be the surprise twist at the end of the story and that's why you're trying really hard not to think about her!"
  115. [2013-08-14 17:15:11] <Mare-Do-Well> 3CopyCat flaps her wings, hovering and stretching out her forelegs.  "Just born cool!..."  Then freezes.  Kid sees Mare-Do-Well suddenly exit CopyCat in a rush.
  116. [2013-08-14 17:16:02] * Mare-Do-Well 3skids to a stop in the air, looking at everyone, wide-eyed.
  117. [2013-08-14 17:16:19] * Mare-Do-Well 3recovers, "um... nopony.  No idea.  Never heard of her."
  118. [2013-08-14 17:16:53] * Mare-Do-Well 3dashes off.  "Gotta go!  See you later!..."  <zoom>
  119. [2013-08-14 17:18:34] * Kid blinks. "Hey wait! Wait, you knew Rainbow Dash? That's so awesome, hold on you can't-" She almost runs into a wall trying to catch up with her. "... Run off like you just did again." Her features drooped.
  120. [2013-08-14 17:19:16] * CopyCat looks around, since she can't see the ghost herself. "Well she didn't seem like nopony... actually, I think Rainbow Dash might have been this ghost's  special somepony!"
  121. [2013-08-14 17:19:18] * Bookwright takes the time to laugh at Kid's Face/Wall interaction.
  122. [2013-08-14 17:30:31] <Mare-Do-Well> 3When Bookwright laughs, his whole mustache laughs with him.
  123. [2013-08-14 17:30:40] * CopyCat puffs her chest up a bit. Kid had said she was cool after all.
  124. [2013-08-14 17:31:44] * Bookwright laughs. And laughs. And laughs.
  125. [2013-08-14 17:34:12] * Kid seems to come down on her general joy high after a moment of icing up. She just seems quiet for a little while, eventually slinging her shotgun onto her side. Fine then. "... Shut up, and get on unlockin' that locker." She proceeded to check the desk. And then the filling cabinet.
  126. [2013-08-14 17:35:20] * Bookwright checks the locker. Perhaps it's unlocked?
  127. [2013-08-14 17:38:50] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The locker is locked, as is the desk.
  128. [2013-08-14 17:40:33] * Bookwright smoothly unlocks the locker.
  129. [2013-08-14 17:42:08] * Bookwright is not so lucky at the desk though. He snaps his only bobby pin.
  130. [2013-08-14 17:42:24] * Bookwright looks around. "Um. Anyone got a spare bobby pin? I'm out."
  131. [2013-08-14 17:44:36] <Mare-Do-Well> 3The locker opens to reveal a foreman's hat, a Stable-Stallions calendar, a weapons toolkit and a variety of odds and ends.
  132. [2013-08-14 17:45:52] <Mare-Do-Well> 3Pink-E floats down and whistles at the calendar.  "Oooh.  Hunky!"
  133. [2013-08-14 17:46:19] * Kid checks through the odds and ends for a bobby pin. This probably was a mare's locker, judging by the calendar. Which she may or may not grab.
  134. [2013-08-14 18:10:57] * CopyCat wiggles her nose, and her moustache *poofs* away.
  135. [2013-08-14 18:11:25] * Bookwright eyes the calendar. "Kid, that's yours if you want it."
  136. [2013-08-14 18:13:30] * Kid sweats slightly. Well, shit, not now that you've seen it! "Um. Nah, that's... Fine. I don't really want somethin' that somebody else might'a did... Anyway, um." Dig, dig, dig through the bits and bobs!
  137. [2013-08-14 18:16:56] * CopyCat winks at Kid. "Well I don't mind taking it." If no one stops her she slots it into her bags.
  138. [2013-08-14 18:23:50] * Kid blushes and crosses her back legs a little. "Ya'll, uh. Ya'll do that."
  139. [2013-08-14 18:26:09] <Mare-Do-Well> 3--- End of Session ---
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