Lilith Uterus + Mouth Of Truth Review

Dec 31st, 2014
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  1. Got my lilith uterus soft and mouth of truth yesterday! I've used two different npg meikis before and a korean meiki toy so I'm not new to onaholes.
  3. Here are my initial thoughts:
  5. lilith uterus soft: It's the softest hole I've gotten and it is very soft to touch. The interior is somewhat plain and ordinary but this is not to say that it is a bad hole. It's nice and gentle. I didn't really notice the uterus part but I probably need to use it a few more times. Also, being able to flip the hole to clean it is great. I don't think I can go softer than this, so I'm going to avoid the very soft tomax toys in the future.
  7. mouth of truth: This was amazing. If you have used several holes before and want to try something different, you need to get this now. The tongue, teeth and deep interior is great. You get all different kind of sensations for taking it slowly or going quickly. Staying at the entrance and going deep both give different feelings and they're both good. Instead of pulling you in like most holes, this hole feels like it's trying to pull you back out or push you on top. Very fun toy and would highly recommend.
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