Literally TNI [Mark II]

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  1. Literally TNI [v.2]
  2. Cadet: Literally a meme about RKing everyone but doesn't actually RK
  3. Trooper: Literally the spine
  4. Officer: Literally a blue astronaut
  5. HiCom: Literally a gold astronaut
  6. Vanguard: Literally orange unicorns
  7. Vanguard Champion: Literally an orange unicorn assassin
  8. Guardian: Literally RG wannabes
  9. MP: Literally mall cops
  10. MP Cerberus: Literally Commando wannabes
  11. MP Manticore: Literally mall cops for mall cops
  12. NRB: Literally the NPCs who are a glorified FAQ
  13. NRB Elite: Literally military police wannabes
  14. NRB Officer: Literally military police wannabes v2
  15. NRB Black Daggers: Literally not even out yet but MP Cerberus wannabes who are Commando wannabes
  16. NRB Guides: Literally the NPCs who are a glorified FAQ v2
  17. CE: Literally not even out yet but TF2 Engineer/Medic wannabes
  18. Commando: Literally leet gun gamers
  19. RG Trial: Literally RG trainee
  20. RG: Literally MP wannabes but they guard HiCom
  21. RG Medic: Literally unit medic wannabes but they heal/guard HiCom
  22. Recon: Literally green mountain boys
  23. Marines: Literally ocean bois
  24. WP: Literally furries
  25. Medics: Literally so freaking rare
  26. IPC: Literally [CLASSIFIED]
  27. Dark Knight: Literally wannabe troopers
  28. Crusader: Literally wannabe Recon and they have a shield bc they're weak
  29. Assassin: Literally invisible and can throw knives bc they're weak
  30. Juggernaut: Literally Fisk from Spider-Man
  31. Gun Dealer: Litteraly-wait, who are these guys again?
  32. RC: Literally rebels but a group
  33. RCSF: Literally commando wannabes but a rebel
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