The Wizard of Ponyville: Chapter 5

Jun 18th, 2014
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  1. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville: Chapter 5 in Equestria.
  2. >”You need to practice more, Anon. You almost lost to a filly.”
  3. >You open a single eye to look at your teacher.
  4. >Like you, she still has her disguise on.
  5. >She is Satin Finish, the chestnut mare.
  6. “Are you still going on about that?”
  7. >”You barely beat her. What if next time it’s Twilight?”
  8. ”Then I would lose, clearly. But you’re missing the good part.”
  9. >”And what would that be?”
  10. ”I proved that I could walk around as a pony without being detected.”
  11. >She frowns at this.
  12. >”Maybe to a casual observer, but any decent unicorn would be able to detect it.”
  13. “Sweetie Belle didn’t seem to notice.”
  14. >”She was a filly!”
  15. >You sit up on the couch.
  16. ”Yes, you’ve mentioned that a few times. You worry too much.”
  17. >”All it would take is for somepony to cancel your magic and the illusion would end.”
  18. “Ha. I’d cancel their cancel before that happened.”
  19. >”Magic doesn’t work that way!”
  20. >Trixie isn’t trying to hide her annoyance with you now.
  21. >”Your timing would have to be completely perfect for that to even have the smallest chance of working.”
  22. ”What about my cloak?” You show her the fabric. “This will protect me.”
  23. >”That won’t stop a cancelation. It only stops active magic.”
  24. ”Sure,” you say dismissively.
  25. >”Here, I’ll show you how easily Nohtfound would be discovered.”
  26. >She moves in front of you, and waves her left hoof.
  27. >Your magic shimmers, but it doesn’t fail.
  28. >Annoyed, Trixie repeats the motion twice in quick succession.
  29. >The pain in your chest causes you to double over.
  30. ”Fuck!”
  31. >You hear a hissing sound and when you open your eyes you’ve returned to your human form.
  32. >You’re greeted by a smirking chestnut mare.
  33. ”What the fuck?”
  34. 1/13
  35. >You wave your left hand several times to dismiss Trixie’s disguise, but her barrier takes the punishment.
  36. >”Ha, as if you could penetrate the Great and Powerful Trixie’s defenses.”
  37. >You’ll show her.
  38. “If you’re so special, why don’t you lower your shield?”
  39. >She raises an eyebrow.
  40. >You’ve seen this look before.
  41. >She is going to punish you if you fail.
  42. >Just like the last two times.
  43. >”Fine.”
  44. >She dismisses the barrier and you lunge forward.
  45. >The chestnut mare jumps away but she trips over your extended leg.
  46. >She tries to throw you but your magic meets hers.
  47. >”You’ve gotten stronger,” she says through clenched teeth. ”Let’s see how you like lightning.”
  48. >She pulls her hoof back to cast, but you jump on her again.
  49. >”Ow!”
  50. >You quickly swipe your left arm twice and Trixie’s magic fails.
  51. >Her now purple eyes glare at you.
  52. >Trixie is now in her normal form, and it’s your turn to gloat.
  53. “The student has surpassed the master.”
  54. >”Don’t look so proud. You got lucky.”
  55. >You slowly let her go and she lays there for a moment.
  56. >As she rises she brushes off her cape.
  57. >”Now you see how easy it is to cancel a transformation?”
  58. “Except, I won’t let a pony get close enough to dispel my magic.”
  59. >She just shakes her head.
  60. >”Tri- I’m pointing out a weakness and you don’t even care?”
  61. ”I do care, but com’n, can you give it a rest?”
  62. >”No. You need to keep practicing so –“
  63. >”Trixie. I’m tired. We’ve been training nonstop. Let’s just relax for a day.”
  64. >”Rest? When I was –“
  65. >You interrupt her again.
  66. “Please, Trixie. I can’t take anymore. Can’t we just have one day where we don’t train? Just one?”
  67. >You sit back on the couch.
  68. >”Fine. You want a break? You can have one.”
  69. >She points a hoof at you menacingly.
  70. >“But don’t complain to me when you lose your next battle.”
  71. “I won’t.”
  72. 2/13
  73. >She makes a displeased grunt, but joins you on the couch.
  74. >Hoping to break the tension you take a treat from the coffee table.
  75. >”Want a cookie?”
  76. >Trixie rocks her head back and forth, trying to decide if she should still be mad at you.
  77. >”What kind is it?”
  78. “Peanut butter, I think.”
  79. >”Alright, but don’t think this small gesture will make up for your laziness.”
  80. >She snatches it from your hand and gobbles the treat in two bites.
  81. >After a moment she offers, ”I guess you did perform… adequately. Considering it was your first battle. I would have done better though.”
  82. >You laugh at this.
  83. “Of course you would have. I only know a few spells. You fought off one of the most powerful ponies in Equestria.”
  84. >Trixie smiles when you remind her of her exploits.
  85. >”I did, didn’t I?”
  86. “Want another cookie?”
  87. >She waves your offer off.
  88. >”That’s enough for now. I can’t afford to ruin my figure.”
  89. “Your figure?” You laugh.
  90. >”What?”
  91. >She looks concerned.
  92. “It’s nothing.”
  93. >”Tell me!”
  94. “You look fine, Trixie. You don’t need to worry about gaining weight.”
  95. >She leans into you.
  96. >You unconsciously put an arm around her and pull her closer.
  97. >”Just fine? You can do better than that.”
  98. “Alright, alright.”
  99. >You clear your throat.
  100. “Trixie,” you say in a mockingly romantic voice. “Is number one. Her legs, are number one. Her eyes, are number one. Her magic, is number one. Trixie, is number one.”
  101. >She giggles and kicks her little hooves at this.
  102. >Trixe pokes you and says, “I didn’t say to stop.”
  103. >You wave your free hand for emphasis.
  104. “Trixie is the most powerful pony in all of Equestria. Ponies cower in fear and awe at her might.”
  105. >”You forgot to mention that she is also the most beautiful.”
  106. 3/13
  107. “I was getting to that part. They want to turn away, but her beauty and radiance compels them to look. She is truly, a sight to see.”
  108. >”Such a charmer, Anon. I bet you say that to all the mares.”
  109. >You laugh at this.
  110. “No… most girls don’t give me the chance to say something like that.”
  111. >She looks up at you.
  112. >”You aren’t… that ugly…”
  113. ”Trixie, Trixie, Trixie,” you shake your head. “You need to work on your complements.”
  114. >”Well it’s not like I can compare you to other humans.”
  115. “I’ll give you that. I guess I am about average for my kind, but it was my fault I never got anywhere with girls, not my looks.”
  116. >”Your fault?”
  117. “Com’n, Trixie. I’ve already told you this…”
  118. >She curls into you to steal your warmth.
  119. >”Tell me again.”
  120. “I… I always pushed people away. I thought I knew better than them, and that they were all inferior to me.”
  121. >You brush her mane lightly.
  122. “Why would I waste my time on some girl when I could just waste time instead? Of course, I was young and dumb. When I finally realized my mistake… it was too late. I couldn’t compete anymore.”
  123. >Trixie adjusts in your arms to find a more comfortable position.
  124. “I don’t remember when it happened, but I just… gave up. I knew I would never find a girl…”
  125. >”Twilight seems to like you.”
  126. “She’s just infatuated. She never took the time to get to know me.”
  127. >Trixie rolls so she faces you.
  128. >”What about me?”
  129. “You?”
  130. >”Yeah. I took the time to know you.”
  131. >You inhale slowly.
  132. >She lifts herself up and you can feel her warm breath on your neck.
  133. >You look into her eyes.
  134. >For the first time, you think you see someone genuine.
  135. “I thought you didn’t like me.”
  136. >She hesitates just a heartbeat.
  137. >”I haven’t decided yet.”
  138. “Heh.”
  139. >You wrap an arm around her to hold her close.
  140. >Your action reassures her, and she leans forward slowly.
  141. >Her eyes dart between your eyes and your lips.
  142. 4/13
  143. >Giving you enough time to stop her.
  144. >But you don’t.
  145. >Her lips lightly press against yours.
  146. >Very gently.
  147. >Just a peck, really.
  148. >She pulls away slightly, and you can’t help but smile.
  149. >Without any further prodding you lean forward and return the kiss.
  150. >Trixe presses her face against yours.
  151. >You hold her close, and after a moment loosen slightly so she can pull away.
  152. “That was nice…”
  153. >”I knew you’d like it.”
  154. ”But, you know we can’t do anything.”
  155. >Trixie frowns at this.
  156. >”Don’t count your eggs before they hatch.”
  157. >She pushes against your chest with a hoof.
  158. >”Trixie just felt sorry for you.”
  159. >She settles down against you.
  160. >Her back against your chest, and an arm still cradling her close.
  161. >Your powers are derived from your virginity.
  162. >You can’t ever give Trixie what she wants, but that doesn’t mean you have to push everyone away.
  163. >What really defines a sexual experience anyway?
  164. >Penetration?
  165. >Heavy petting?
  166. >The other wizards were never clear.
  167. >Most of them were kissless virgins, destined to be forever alone.
  168. >Here you have a chance, however slim, to have a relationship.
  169. >But you can’t throw away everything for some fun.
  170. >What if they were wrong?
  171. >What if all you had to do was remain a virgin until 30, without any further requirement?
  172. >Or if you are transformed into Nohtfound when something happens.
  173. >Does that affect your human virginity?
  174. >You don’t know, but it might be that anything is possible, in this land of horses.
  175. ”You’re right, Trixie.”
  176. >She looks up at you.
  177. ”I should just take things as they come.”
  178. >You give her a little squeeze to let her know your intentions.
  179. >A hand moves to brush her mane.
  180. “Do you want to stay here tonight?”
  181. >She nods.
  182. >”I’d like that… as long as you don’t get too grabby.”
  183. >You chuckle.
  184. “I’ll try.”
  185. 5/13
  186. >
  187. >
  188. >The next morning.
  189. >”Don’t you have anything good to eat?”
  190. >You open an eye and immediately protect yourself from the harsh sunlight with an arm.
  191. >Who opened your curtains?
  192. ”There’s plenty of food there.”
  193. >”It’s all junk food!” Trixie yells from the kitchen.
  194. >You reach down for the blanket’s protection, but it is just out of reach.
  195. >A quick glance reveals it all bunched up on Trixie’s side.
  196. >You’re barely hanging on to the edge of the bed.
  197. >She must have stolen more and more of the blanket as she cuddled into you.
  198. >Somehow she knew how far to push without having you fall off.
  199. ”Just eat a cookie!”
  200. >”Trixie is not going to eat cookies for breakfast! She is watching her figure!”
  201. >It’s too early for this shit.
  202. >You roll over so you are now facing away from the window.
  203. ”Have some cereal then!”
  204. >”Your milk is spoiled! It smells rancid!”
  205. ”Fuck, just eat it dry!”
  206. >”Don’t yell at Trixie!”
  207. “Then fucking come over here and talk to me like a human being!”
  208. >”Fine!”
  209. >You get up as you hear her stomp over to your room.
  210. >She glares at you as she enters.
  211. >”Why don’t you have any decent food in this house?!”
  212. “Good morning, Trixie,” you say, forcing a smile.
  213. >Her anger falters as you greet her, but she quickly recomposes herself.
  214. >”Trixie is hungry and she wants a decent meal.”
  215. >She tosses your cloak at you and you catch it with one hand.
  216. “What’s gotten into you?”
  217. >”Nothing is wrong. Trixie is just fine. It’s your incompetency that is wrong here.”
  218. “Sure,” you say dismissively.
  219. >You easily button your cape as you walk past her toward the kitchen.
  220. “The milk should be good. I bought it a week ago.”
  221. >You open the carton to take a whiff, and immediately close it.
  222. >It’s definitely turned.
  223. >”See? Trixie told you.”
  224. “Yeah, yeah.”
  225. 6/13
  226. >You put it in the sink and move toward the pantry.
  227. >There are a few dry goods, but the breakfast food would require dairy.
  228. >Trixie just looks on like it’s your fault.
  229. “Fine. I’ll get us something.”
  230. >”Trixie wants-“
  231. “No,” you raise a finger. “You’ll get whatever I feel like picking up.”
  232. >She grits her teeth at you.
  233. “And it wouldn’t hurt you to appreciate me once in a while.”
  234. >”Appreciate you? The Great and Powerful Trixie w-”
  235. “Stop. I’m not in the mood for your shit right now.”
  236. >Trixie takes a step back, but doesn’t respond.
  237. >You slam the door as you leave.
  238. >What has gotten into her?
  239. >She was cuddly last night.
  240. >What could have happened?
  241. >Not even Trixie should have a mood swing like that.
  242. >It’s not like you did anything wrong.
  243. >See, Anon...
  244. >This is why you shouldn’t get involved with girls.
  245. >They are all crazy.
  246. >You stop walking.
  247. >Speaking of crazy you’d better transform into Nohtfound.
  248. >You wouldn’t want to run into Twilight.
  249. >You wave your arm and in a moment you are in your pony form.
  250. >Not wanting to do real grocery shopping you turn away from the market.
  251. >Sugarcube Corner would be better for breakfast.
  252. >You should get yourself something fancy for your trouble.
  253. >Maybe those thin pancakes.
  254. >Crepes.
  255. >Actually some donuts would kick ass right about now.
  256. >That and some coffee.
  257. >You hear a pony clearing its throat behind you.
  258. >”Hello, Nohtfound.”
  259. >You turn to the voice.
  260. >It’s that filly from yesterday.
  261. >The one you almost lost to.
  262. “Hey, Sweetie, how are you?”
  263. >”I’m doing great, now that you’re here,” she beams.
  264. >Cute kid.
  265. >”I was wondering if you wanted to battle again.”
  266. >You shake your head.
  267. “Sorry, but I’m busy right now. We can play another time.”
  268. >She frowns at this.
  269. >”Play? I want to show you how strong I really am.”
  270. “Another time, Sweetie.”
  271. >She takes a step forward.
  272. 7/13
  273. >”What if we raised the stakes this time?”
  274. >You raise an eyebrow.
  275. “Stakes? I didn’t know we were playing for keeps.”
  276. >She takes another step.
  277. >“Or are you just scared, Nohtfound?”
  278. “I was going easy on you last time. You’d never have a chance if I tried.”
  279. >”Is that what you think?”
  280. >You can tell she won’t let you pass unless you humor her.
  281. >Better finish this fast.
  282. “What are your terms?”
  283. >”If I win, I get a… little kiss.”
  284. >You laugh at her absurd request.
  285. >Her eye twitches at your reaction.
  286. >You didn’t know that she had a crush on you.
  287. >It was a bad decision to choose such a handsome form.
  288. >You’d be run out of town for being a filly fooler.
  289. >Well, only if you lost.
  290. >But that won’t happen.
  291. “And if I win?”
  292. >She waves a hoof as if to show you the world.
  293. >”Anything.”
  294. >Anything?
  295. >You might be able to kill two birds with one stone.
  296. >After you beat her you can make her pick up some breakfast for you.
  297. >Of course you would give her some bits.
  298. >You doubt she has enough on her to buy anything decent.
  299. >With a hoof you make the wind blow, so your cape billows behind you.
  300. “You shouldn’t say, anything. You might not like what you get.”
  301. >She takes a defensive stance.
  302. >”We both know I will win,” she smirks.
  303. >You look into her green eyes.
  304. >When you first started learning magic you felt drawn toward finding a girl with green eyes.
  305. >Only that would have enabled you to learn Chineighs magic.
  306. >The darkest kind.
  307. >And now one is right in front of you.
  308. >What does it mean?
  309. >This couldn’t be coincidence, could it?
  310. >That doesn’t matter now.
  311. >There are too many mysteries.
  312. >Too many unanswerable questions, even in a life as short as yours.
  313. >Better get this over with.
  314. “Enough talk.”
  315. >You throw a hoof forward and flames shoot out.
  316. >Sweetie expertly dodges to the side and blasts ice toward you.
  317. 8/13
  318. >You jump over her attack, giving yourself enough time to form a barrier.
  319. >Her crystals shatter as they impact your shield.
  320. >As her magic fades you cancel the defense, but she flicks her hoof and you’re thrown in the air.
  321. >You spin twice before you catch yourself.
  322. >She jumps to meet you, and bucks your chest.
  323. “Fuck!” You gasp.
  324. >She tries to do a round kick but you roll aside in the air, barely escaping her reach.
  325. >You force yourself forward and try to punch her.
  326. >But pony muscles don’t work like that, and you accidentally boop her on the nose.
  327. >You see the anger in her eyes.
  328. >”Are you making fun of me!?”
  329. >She blasts you with light, but your cloak absorbs most of the damage.
  330. >Still, you are stunned.
  331. >You try to raise a hoof to cancel her attack, but you’re caught again in the chest by a flaming drop kick.
  332. >Unable to stop your fall you crash into the ground with a loud thud.
  333. >She follows closely behind and lands just over you.
  334. >Shit.
  335. >Her forelegs pin you down.
  336. >”Ready to admit defeat?”
  337. >You gasp to regain your breath.
  338. >Thankfully she waits for you to respond.
  339. >Her smile is wide, as if knowing that she has won.
  340. “Do you like lightning?” you wheeze.
  341. >”What?”
  342. >You flick your hoof and charged bolts fly.
  343. >”Aaagh!”
  344. >She jumps off of you, and somehow steels herself against the shock.
  345. >With a wave of her hoof she deflects the rest of your attack.
  346. >The electricity easily dissipates into the ground.
  347. >You stagger up.
  348. >She isn’t playing around this time.
  349. >You’ve underestimated Sweetie.
  350. >You glare at each other, as if daring the other to attack.
  351. >It’s a standoff.
  352. “You’re a lot stronger than I remember.”
  353. >She nods slowly, accepting your complement.
  354. >”That’s because I always get what I want,” she squeaks.
  355. >You straighten up.
  356. 9/13
  357. >She raises a hoof, and you throw up a barrier.
  358. >The hexagonal grid shimmers as it absorbs her ice.
  359. >She continues her attack and you see cracks forming in your defense.
  360. >You throw it aside and double cancel her magic.
  361. >The ice on her right hoof shatters, and she waves it twice, helpless.
  362. >Capitalizing on her confusion you shoot fire.
  363. >She tries to roll out of the way, but you catch her slightly.
  364. >Her now shorter tail is burned, and Sweetie grits her teeth at you.
  365. >She raises a hoof and you feel yourself being pushed.
  366. >You match her telekenisis with your own.
  367. >Just like last time.
  368. >She tries to push against you, but your magic is an even match.
  369. ”Give up!” You shout, trying not to sound tired.
  370. >”Never.”
  371. >While holding your magic she raises herself on her hind legs.
  372. >Her left hoof joins her right, and you feel her magic intensify.
  373. >She pushes you a step back.
  374. >Shit.
  375. >She takes a step forward to close the gap.
  376. >You can feel your magic failing.
  377. >Another step.
  378. >How is she doing this!?
  379. >No one can cast with both arms!
  380. >No.
  381. >Trixie said, you couldn’t.
  382. >That only beginners were restricted to one hoof.
  383. >Another step.
  384. >The dirt is soft and you lose your footing.
  385. >You fall back, while still holding up your hoof.
  386. >Her magic is overpowering you.
  387. >You cross your left hoof over your right to form a barrier, but you can’t.
  388. >You try again, but nothing.
  389. >Desperate, you try something different.
  390. >You drop you magic and her momentum throws her forward.
  391. >She falls into you.
  392. >You close your forelegs around her in a grapple.
  393. >Sweetie tries to struggle, but you have her in your grasp.
  394. >You see the fear in her eyes as she looks up at you.
  395. >A smirk is all you offer.
  396. >You throw her in a belly-to-belly suplex.
  397. >As you fall back, you let the movement carry you, so you land over her.
  398. >This time you have her pinned.
  399. “You’ve lost,” you say through clenched teeth.
  400. 10/13
  401. >She struggles under you.
  402. >No put your full weight on her.
  403. “It’s over!”
  404. >”Not yet.”
  405. >She tries to buck you off, but you keep her in place.
  406. >You raise a flaming hoof above her menacingly.
  407. >With her left leg free she double cancels your threat.
  408. ”Aaagh!”
  409. >You magic fails and you cover your chest.
  410. >You can feel your disguise weakening.
  411. >Sweetie gives you a confused look before double canceling again.
  412. >You jump off of her, but the damage is done.
  413. >Pain shoots through your body, and when you open your eyes you see your hands.
  414. >You move your cloak to hide yourself.
  415. >”You’re…”
  416. >Too late.
  417. >”You’re not a unicorn…”
  418. >You let your cloak fall to the side.
  419. “Yeah.”
  420. >”You’re that monkey!”
  421. >You look up at her burning eyes.
  422. >The look of betrayal and anger is unmistakable.
  423. “Yeah.”
  424. >She takes a step back as you rise.
  425. >Without your disguise, you feel your strength returning.
  426. >”That’s forbidden!” She shouts.
  427. >It takes a lot of out you to maintain a transformation.
  428. >Without that restriction… this will be easy.
  429. “I know.”
  430. >You charge your lightning.
  431. >There is no way you can let her escape.
  432. >You throw a hand forward, and the lightning crashes against her barrier.
  433. >Sparks fly, as it barely contains your strength.
  434. >You have to kill her.
  435. >Her shield makes a satisfying sound as it shatters.
  436. >She jumps up, barely escaping your attack.
  437. >The tree behind her splits in two.
  438. >”Flashbang!”
  439. >Not again!
  440. >You shield your eyes, but it’s too late.
  441. >You continue throwing lighting toward her last position.
  442. >The ringing in your ears is unbearable.
  443. >After a moment you regain your senses.
  444. >But she is gone.
  445. >It’s over.
  446. >It’s all over.
  447. 11/13
  448. >She will probably run to the nearest guard to reveal your secret.
  449. >That a human is practicing magic.
  450. >It won’t be long until the guards show up.
  451. >This can only be punished by death.
  452. >Only unicorns can practice magic.
  453. >Twilight tried to give you an out.
  454. >A chance to stop all this nonsense.
  455. >And you didn’t take her up on it.
  456. >You were too arrogant.
  457. >So you run.
  458. >It’s all you can do, really.
  459. >Run.
  460. >You have to get out of here before anyone finds you.
  461. >But you have to warn Trixie, so you head home.
  462. >You run and run.
  463. >Stopping for nothing.
  464. >You throw open the door unceremoniously.
  465. “Trixie!”
  466. >Your teacher jumps up from the couch to berate you.
  467. >Her anger drops as she sees you.
  468. >”What happened to you?”
  469. “You were right.”
  470. >”Right about what?”
  471. “I should have listened to you.”
  472. >”What happened!? Why aren’t you in your disguise?!”
  473. >You try to regain your breath.
  474. “That filly, from yesterday. We fought, and she canceled my transformation.”
  475. >Trixie's eyes open wide in shock.
  476. >”I told you, Anon!”
  477. “I know that!”
  478. >”I told you to be careful and you didn’t listen!”
  479. ”I know!”
  480. >”You thought yo-“
  481. “I don’t have time for this! I came to warn you!”
  482. >”It’s too late for that, Anon!”
  483. “No, it isn’t! Tell them that I forced you to teach me magic!”
  484. >”They won’t believe me!”
  485. “Tell them anything then! Whatever they want to hear!”
  486. >”Twilight will make sure I’m banished! You saw her last time! Who else would have taught you!?”
  487. “You still have a chance to make it out of this! They’re going to kill me!”
  488. >”So what are you going to do without me!? Hide until they kill you like a dog!?”
  489. “If it comes to that!”
  490. 12/13
  491. >”No!”
  492. “You can’t go with me!”
  493. >”I’ve wasted too much time on you just to let you die in the forest!”
  494. >She spreads herself in an offensive stance.
  495. >Her hoof charged with lightning.
  496. >”I’m going with you, or I’m turning you in,” she says in a threatening tone, no longer shouting. “You decide.”
  497. >Her magic arcs against the floor.
  498. >She doesn’t have much choice.
  499. >The only way she can get out of this is if she captures you.
  500. >Says she barely overpowered your evil magic.
  501. >Begs for forgiveness.
  502. >The only way.
  503. “So that’s how it has to be?”
  504. >Her gaze stays with you.
  505. >Unwavering.
  506. >”Yeah.”
  507. >You look out the window at her cart.
  508. >Catching her stare you rock your head toward her home.
  509. ”Can you disguise that?”
  510. >Her eyes dart toward it before returning to you.
  511. >”Sure.”
  512. >You bite your lip.
  513. >Trixie…
  514. >Trixie is the only pony you can trust.
  515. >The only one who cares.
  516. >And you can't protect her.
  517. >You know you will regret this.
  518. “Let’s go.”
  519. 13/13
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