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Jun 7th, 2019
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  1. These particular codes are all referenced in EtD's code but their effects are unknown. There's no guarantee they will do anything: the cheat collection function is badly programmed, and it is possible that they were simply wanted to support every combination of four L/Rs in an awkward hard-coded way, without necessarily assigning a functionality to them all.
  3. It's probably no coincidence that this list is in fact every possible combination if you add in the two known codes. So activate them and hype at your own risk :)
  5. L = left, R = right, X = X button.
  6. RRRRX
  7. RRRLX
  8. RRLRX
  9. RRLLX
  10. RLRRX
  11. RLRLX
  12. RLLRX
  13. RLLLX
  14. LRLRX
  15. LRLLX
  16. LLRRX
  17. LLRLX
  18. LLLRX
  19. LLLLX
  21. BONUS CHEAT: Crash the game!
  22. Press any combination of L and R about 17 times to unlock the Crash the Game cheat! As long as you don't press X, you can even exit and enter the pause menu with the start button and continue this cheat from where you left off whenever you feel like it.
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