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  1. Berserker:
  2. Kiwi can't figure out a proper fucking description right now, he just wants to shit something out.
  3. Special Skill:
  4. Unrelenting [Auto/None/Self] You are immune to hinder moves. Once per round, when an enemy you have attacked moves, you may make a move 1 towards them.
  6. ------
  7. Frenzied Swings [Auto/See Below/Self] When you declare an attack maneuver, you may declare a second attack maneuver with a different attack part at a different target with a -2 to the check, paying the cost for the attack as normal.
  9. Rush [Auto/None/Self] Once per round, you can increase the value of your own move maneuver by 1; or make an unarmed attack 3 at an enemy in the destination of your move maneuver. The attack occurs at the same timing as your move maneuver.
  11. Crush [Auto/None/Self] When you move into, out of, or through a zone, reduce the size of all legions in the zone by 2+the value of the maneuver that moved you.
  13. Provoked [Auto/None/Self] Gain a +1 to the next attack check against an enemy when they target you with a maneuver. This can only apply to one target at a time.
  15. Furious Roar [Check/0/0] Hinder 2, any sisters in the same zone as you take a -1 to their next check.
  17. The Last Word [Damage/2/0] This can only be used when you take damage. Deal your choice of Blast (Damage of Attack)+Explosive against the one that damaged you or Blast (Damage of Attack/2)+Explosive+Area. The check result for either attack is 8.
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