Mike Futter and Holly Green

Feb 11th, 2017
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  1. NOTE: This patstebin was made for the sake of being used as a source on DeepFreeze, a website at which I am a contributor.
  3. Subject: Mike Futter and Holly Green
  4. Sources: Twitter, Game Informer, Gameranx, Inverse.
  5. Final version completed on: 02.11.2017
  6. Credits: Original investigation, format is more or less based on the format of @BoogiepopRobin's pastebins.
  8. All dates within this document are presented in the American format; the month is written before the day.
  10. Summary: Former Game Informer journalist Mike Futter covered fellow gaming journalist Holly Green in two articles and referenced her in another one without disclosing their friendship. The first part of this document will provide background information regarding Futter and Green. The second part will provide evidence showing that a friendship between Futter and Green had existed prior to when he covered her. The third and last part of this document will list the articles in which Futter ocvered Green.
  12. Part 1: Background info.
  14. The participants in this conflict of interest are as follows:
  16. *Mike Futter - Used to write for Game Informer between 2013-2016 (Source: As it is attested on his Game Informer page, his twitter handle is Futterish (Source:
  17. *Holly Green - Used to write for Gameranx, now writes for Paste Magazine. As was previously attested on the Gameranx front page, her twitter handle is @Winnersusedrugs (Source: . Clicking on the twitter logo next to her name leads to her twitter account.). Green has likewise authored a book called "Fry Scores: An Unofficial Guide To Video Game Grub" (source:
  19. Part 2: Evidence for friendship between Futter and Green
  21. Proving that Futter and Green are friends is extermley easy, seeing that Futter has admitted as such multiple times on twitter. Several of such instances, all of which had occured prior to when Futter covered Green on Game Informer, are documented below:
  23. 06.10.2011: (@Futterish) Last, but certainly not least, check out my friend @winnersusedrugs who is a mighty cool person and kickass gamer (
  24. 09.29.2011: (@Futterish) My friend @winnersusedrugs wrote a fantastic Dead Island review. You should read it. … i(
  25. 02.03.2012: (@Futterish) In more detail now, I am thrilled for my friend, @winnersusedrugs, who is now on the writing team at @dtoid. She deserves this opportunity! (
  26. 02.17.2012: (@Futterish) Give it up for my friend @winnersusedrugs!!! Help unlock a new crew for Dance Central 2 … via @Dtoid
  27. (
  28. 03.09.2012: (@Futterish) Please, also, follow my friend @winnersusedrugs without whom dick jokes about the King of All Cosmos wouldn't be nearly as funny (
  29. 05.20.2014: (@Futterish) My friend @winnersusedrugs is amazing. Simply amazing. (
  31. Part 3: Articles with potential disclosure issues:
  33. 12.29.2014: 'Fry Scores' Is A Gaming Cook Book Of Digital Delights From Skyrim, Zelda, And More (Game Informer)
  34. 10.14.2015: Waiting For Fallout 4? Pull Up A Stool And Have An Ice Cold Nuka Cola (Game Informer)
  35. 04.27.2015: [Update] Konami's Voluntary New York Stock Exchange Delisting No Reason To Panic (Game Informer) [note: the bottom of the article references Green: ]
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