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Lost Hope

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  1. Name: Lost Hope
  2. Gender:Female
  3. Age:19
  4. Race: Crystal-Earth Pony, Crystal Emotions, Tough
  5. Appearance:https://imgur.com/a/66fuZcA
  6. Class: Stalker (Rogue-Tracker)
  7. Racial Skills:Crystal Emotions: passive; The joy of Crystal Ponies radiates almost literally. Whenever you roll a critical success, you gain a +1 bonus to all rolls next turn.
  8. Tough: passive; Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than unicorns and pegasi.
  9. Skills: Unseen Foe: hidden, instant, weapon, recharge 1; Quickly strike at a foe without warning, dealing damage. If Unseen Foe is used from Stealth or on an unaware enemy, it has no recharge. On Crit your sneak attack leaves the target in a defenseless paranoia, making your next action on them not break Stealth on success.
  10. Stealth: self; Fade from sight, becoming untargetable until you reveal yourself. This does not make you immune to damage, any attack that hits an entire zone or all enemies/the whole party will still affect you. Your next action while Stealthed Autocrits. Afterwards Stealth will end, regardless of result. If you Autocrit using a skill with the Hidden tag, you cannot Autocrit any more actions during that instance of Stealth.
  11. Rupture: recharge 1, weapon; Rip into a target to inflict a grievous wound. Deals damage and causes them to bleed, losing 1 hit a turn for 2 turns. If you hit a target with this while they still bleed, the duration is set back to 2 turns. On Crit you rip your target open, increasing the bleeding damage by 1 hit and extending the duration by 2 turns.
  12. Hunter Sense: unique, recharge 3; Lock your sights on a target, not letting them leave any of your senses. Once locked on, they cannot hide from you. You can always target them with any action, ignoring effects like stealth and any obstructions that would hinder you unless they make it physically  impossible (e.g.If they are in a locked shelter you can’t get inside). You always know their location as well, provided they don’t leave range of sight, scent, and hearing. On Crit you ignore all negative modifiers you would have when making an action on this target.
  13. Backstab: weapon. recharge 1; Strikes the enemy from behind, dealing damage. If used from Stealth you do not take any counterattack damage except on Crit Fail. Crits on a 9+. Immediately kills helpless targets if they are missing half or more of their wounds.
  15. Cm: Unknown
  16. Special Talent: Little is known of Lost but it is believed that her unique make up and the disease that helped her get into this situation lead to her being uniquely suited to being bound to a Dreaded One.
  17. Trained Talent: Rip and Tear, Years of having been sent out to hunt the nastiest of the nasty has left the mare with a keen eye on how to harm. She receives a +2 bonus on her Rupture.
  18. H/W: 6/6
  19. Background: Nobility; [Classified]
  21. Personality:A quiet mare, Lost frequently tries to spend her times not out in the field trying to find an inner peace and an understanding of her confusing place in the world. The Voice in her head and the being in her blood make things so very difficult to do either, making it hard to manage social attempts or friendships, making her quiet and standoffish without meaning to.
  23. Equipment:Knight's Armorsuit
  24. Magicomp: Battered and beaten but still function.
  25. Lamp of Life
  26. Camping Gear
  27. Canteen
  28. Warrior's Homecoming
  29. Peasant's Aid
  31. Contacts: Ally level 2: Dhampir. Her Symbiote
  32. Ally Level 2: Her mother, the Sage Offbeaten Path.
  34. Mutation
  35. Name: Symbiosis Evolved
  36. Type: Strengthening
  37. Appearance: Normally invisible but when active it takes a color akin to a rippling skin the color of Burnt Orange
  38. Abilities: Instant on smaller uses,Recharge 3 or until Fed: The nature of Lost's binding to Dhampir is something of a difficult to describe one. The most simple explanation is that they are bound literally in blood and they support one another through survival. To be more specific, Dhampirs biomass can be used to grant his host different abilities as is required, such as deploying a set of hardened extensions as weapons or creating new limbs or even wings to allow gliding or even flight. The Ultimate use of this is deploying his entire mass around her form as a protective shell.
  39. Weakness: The draw back to this use of his body is threefold. First due to his nature as a Dreaded one, he is still vulnerable to the light created by Lamps of Life. Secondly, he is always whispering into her mind, urging her to indulge in his violent urges and embrace his pushing. And third, in order to facilitate his use of biomass, he must consume corpses or unwilling living subjects so he can have a pool of biomass to pull from.
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