Xanadu Tools/Info KOF14

Oct 6th, 2016
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  1. Xanadu Notes
  4. Standing
  6. Far LP: 25 damage. Xanadu hooks a hand forward. It's a pretty slow move with stubby range, but it's safe on block.
  7. -Chains into:
  8. --Finding
  9. -Cancels into:
  10. --The Sorrow (LP/EX)
  11. --The Rapture*
  12. --MAX Cancel
  14. Close LP: 25 damage. Xanadu raises a hand upward. Decent range and hits pretty high off the ground, quick and safe. Good button.
  15. -Chains into:
  16. --Finding
  17. --2LP (very tight)
  18. --Auto Combo
  19. -Cancels into:
  20. --The Sorrow (LP/EX)
  21. --The Rapture (All)
  22. --The Distress (MAX)
  23. --MAX Cancel
  25. Far LK: 30 damage. Xanadu kicks forward and inches toward his opponent. Big range, safe on block.
  26. -Chains into:
  27. --Finding
  28. -Cancels into:
  29. --The Sorrow (LP/EX)
  30. --The Rapture*
  31. --MAX Cancel
  33. Close LK: 30 damage. Xanadu raises his knee. Quickish button, safe on block, not much to say here.
  34. -Chains into:
  35. --Finding
  36. -Cancels into:
  37. --The Sorrow (LP/EX)
  38. --The Rapture (All)
  39. --MAX Cancel
  41. Far HP: 70 damage. Xanadu steps forward with a shove at his head level. Slow button and moves Xanadu forward. Possible AA but it could cross under jumps. Teensy bit minus on block, but can hit opponent from almost half screen.
  42. -Chains into:
  43. --Nothing.
  44. -Cancels into:
  45. --MAX Cancel
  47. Close HP: 70 damage. Xanadu hits the opponent's midsection. This move comes out a little faster than most of his normals, and is pretty safe on block.
  48. -Chains into:
  49. --Finding
  50. -Cancels into:
  51. --The Sorrow (All)
  52. --The Rapture (All)
  53. --The Satisfaction (Both)
  54. --The Distress (Both)
  55. --The Wisdom (Don't do this)
  56. --MAX Cancel
  58. Far HK: 80 damage. Xanadu shimmies (?) forward about 25% of the screen and headbutts his opponent. This move is super slow on startup, but safe on block. Xanadu's head has autoguard and can power through projectiles.
  59. -Chains into:
  60. --Nothing
  61. -Cancels into:
  62. --MAX Cancel
  64. Close HK: 87 damage. Xanadu headbutts his opponent twice, the first hit doing 40 damage and the second dealing 50, if unscaled. The move is pretty quick to start and is safe on block, and unless the opponent is jumping, both hits should connect.
  65. -Chains into:
  66. --Finding
  67. -Cancels into:
  68. --The Sorrow (All)
  69. --The Rapture (All*)
  70. --The Satisfaction (Both)
  71. --The Distress (Both)
  72. --MAX Cancel
  73. >> Both hits of his cl.D are cancellable.
  75. Blowback: 75 damage. Xanadu swipes up from the ground and hits the enemy. It's slow on startup and, despite its animation, hits mid.
  78. Crouching
  80. LP: 25 damage. Xanadu pokes his opponent (literally). This move is pretty fast to come out, is plus on block, and has great range (for Xanadu).
  81. -Chains into:
  82. --5LP
  83. --5LK
  84. --2LP
  85. --2LK
  86. --Finding
  87. -Cancels into:
  88. --The Sorrow (LP/EX)
  89. --The Rapture*
  90. --The Satisfaction (Both)
  91. --MAX Cancel
  93. LK: 30 damage. Xanadu slides on his knees about 20% of the screen forward. This move hits low, but is slow on start up, and INCREDIBLY unsafe on block. Be careful with this one. Cancelling it into Finding will make it (a little) safer.
  94. -Chains into:
  95. --Finding
  96. -Cancels into:
  97. --The Sorrow (LP/EX)
  98. --The Rapture*
  99. --The Satisfaction (Both)
  100. --The Distress (Both)
  101. --MAX Cancel
  103. HP: 70 damage. Xanadu's sweep. He crawls at the ground, looking for his contact lenses. This move has two hitboxes, both dealing 70 damage. Only one can hit. If the second hit misses, this move is very unsafe.
  104. -Chains into:
  105. --Nothing
  106. -Cancels into:
  107. --MAX Cancel
  108. >> This move is cancellable and can be used to fake people out (e.g.: Cancel from the first swipe into The Pleasure so they block low and get hit by The Pleasure)
  110. HK: 80 damage. Xanadu kicks up at the air. This is a nice AA because it knocks the enemy further up into the air, albeit a bit minus on block.
  111. -Chains into:
  112. --Nothing
  113. -Cancels into:
  114. --The Sorrow (All)
  115. --The Rapture (LP/EX)
  116. --The Rage (LK)
  117. --The Satisfaction (Both)
  118. --The Distress (Both)
  119. --MAX Cancel
  123. Jumping
  125. LP: 45 damage. Xanadu strikes his palm forward. A nice fast button but kind of stubby. This move does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  127. LK: 45 damage. Xanadu sticks his legs out downward and diagonally. This is a big fat hitbox but is a liiiittle slow to come out. Press this button to jump in if you like. This move does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  129. HP: 70 damage. Xanadu forces both palms out in front of him. This is kind of slow to come out, but it can probably beat most things in the air. Use at your own discretion.
  131. HK: 70 damage. Xanadu dives his head down, hitting overhead. This is also kind of slow on start up, but hits downward and overhead. Press this button on jump away probably.
  133. Blowback: 90 damage. Xanadu does a body slam. He has a big hitbox but it's pretty slow.
  136. Command Normal
  138. Finding: 75 damage. Xanadu claps his hands forward and above him. This is a great AA, and due to the fact that most moves chain into this and this can be special/MAX Cancelled, you're going to be Finding a lot.
  141. Specials
  143. The Sorrow: Xanadu runs forward, waving his arms like a windmill. This move can catch aerial opponents, and has a decently quick startup.
  144. -LP: 97 damage, 2 hits dealing 50 damage each before scaling. If the first hit misses, the opponent will not be knocked down. Xanadu travels 40% of the screen.
  145. -HP: 124 damage, 4 hits dealing 30 damage each and 40 on the last hit before scaling. If the first 3 hits miss, the opponent will not be knocked down. Xanadu travels 60% of the screen.
  146. -EX: 165 damage, 7 hits dealing 20 each and 60 on the last hit before scaling. This version is incredibly unsafe on block, so be careful. This version is also not super-cancellable. Xanadu travels fullscreen length.
  148. The Rapture: Xanadu jumps up and whirls his arms like a windmill a number of times. This is essentially his DP.
  149. -LP: 85 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 30 damage each before scaling. He jumps about 20% of the screen.
  150. -HP: 123 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 40 damage on each hit with 50 on the last before scaling. He jumps about 40% of the screen.
  151. -EX: 177 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 60 damage on each hit before scaling. Xanadu also has a hitbox when he hits the ground again with this version, dealing 60 damage, but this won't connect if the first part of The Rapture connects.
  153. The Pleasure: Xanadu charges forward to full screenand scoops up his opponent, cradling them before crushing them and throwing them to the floor. This is a silly command grab and can't be combo'd into.
  154. -LK/HK: 130 damage.
  155. -EX: 160 damage. This version has autoguard and actually grabs fullscreen, whereas LK/HK don't actually grab at fullscreen.
  157. The Rage: Xanadu roars ar his opponent, dealing a series of hits depending on how close he is to the opponent. This is a big hitbox, rather than a projectile. This move has a moderately long startup, so it can't be comboed into, but is plus on block with every version.
  158. -LP: 66 damage. 5 hits at 15 damage per hit before scaling.
  159. -HP: 87 damage. 7 hits at 14 damage per hit before scaling.
  160. -EX: 113 damage. 10 hits at 15 damage per hit before scaling. This version has a fast startup and an extra bit goes beyond the initial shout. But doesn't connect if the initial shout connects.
  163. Supers
  165. The Satisfaction: A souped up The Rapture. Xanadu does the Rapture motion a few times rather than just once. This means an opponent could get caught even after the first The Rapture motion misses. This is a great AA.
  166. -Standard: 179 damage. 6 hits dealing 30 damage each and 40 on the last hit before scaling.
  167. -MAX: 347 damage. 9 hits dealing 35 damage each and 60 on the last two hits before scaling.
  169. The Distress: Xanadu swipes left and right in front of him. If he catches an airborne opponent, they will not be comboed from this attack, but standing or croching characters will take all hits from this super.
  170. -Standard: 176 damage. 3 hits dealing 50 each and 80 on the last hit before scaling.
  171. -MAX: 337 damage. 4 hits dealing 70 each and 150 on the last hit before scaling.
  173. The Wisdom: Xanadu's Climax. He charges forward, similar to The Pleasure, and starts a series of attacks before discovering Enlightenment and ends on the other side of his opponent. 467 damage.
  176. Xanadu is a really, really weird character. He has some very weird normals, and sometimes doesn't feel like a KOF character. He's pretty slow, has a big hurtbox, and has some stumpy attacks. Luckily, he does have some decent things going for him.
  178. Firstly, he had a great command normal that doubles as an AA. Most of his normals are chainable into Finding, and you can confirm from there, as Finding is pretty safe. Furthermore, he has some autoguard moves that could come in handy in the right matchup.
  180. Next, take advantage of pressure you can apply with The Rage. This move can hit from half screen technically, and is so safe on block. Opponent likes to jump around? They like to roll? Just spit out The Rage and have that meaty hitbox do the talking for you.
  182. He also has really nice crossup defense. Have an opponent jumping overhead with a button? Do a quarter circle forward and a punch button. If the opponent doesn't cross over, they get bopped by The Rapture. If they do, they get smacked down by The Sorrow. This could be useful, especially seeing as Xanadu is tall and can be easily overheaded or crossed over.
  184. Unfortunately, Xanadu doesn't have great combo potential. His specials don't combo into each other well, and his normals are abyssmal without Finding. If you find a way to apply pressure with The Rage, do it. I have to recommend putting Xanadu last on the team, he needs the meter pretty darn badly. Have fun!
  187. *Technically, these normals can cancel into The Rapture, but depending on te distance you are from your enemy, it's not guaranteed to connect, and you could be incredibly minus on whiff. If you don't know if it connects, EX The Rapture had a hitbox when Xanadu lands, and that can connect, but it is blockable. Be wary, friends.
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