[S] Jane: Proceed.

Apr 18th, 2012
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  1. The switch has no power!
  2. Message Auto-Responder to tell Lil Seb to rotate the lanterns?
  3. Hey there's your house! But it's way too far away to jump this time.
  4. You already opened the floodgates. You think your house is wet enough already.
  5. Flip switch?
  6. A jetstream of air flows out of the hole, pushing the balloon higher. But not high enough...
  7. Gotta try something else.
  8. The waterfall pushes your house down, connecting the seed pod with its husk. Aw man, everything in your house is probably getting soaked.
  9. Your house has finally resurfaced. You retrace your steps back home. Sadly, your father will not be waiting for you there. Still, better to regroup before you go off looking for him.
  10. A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
  11. Will you let him be your guide?
  12. Rotate the lanterns?
  13. If only you had a small accomplice spry enough to climb up there...
  14. Tell Lil Sebastian to climb up?
  15. Call Lil Seb back down?
  17. Answer Dirk's Auto-Responder?
  18. Something is clogging the hole. Remove it?
  19. Helium is rushing in and out of these air holes. While you are inspecting them, you breathe some in and it makes your voice sound funny! Hee hee.
  20. You got your dad's HAT! Looks like it got sucked into one of the air holes. Luckily he always keeps some spares in his wallet. But this means he came by this way earlier...
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