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Nov 13th, 2018
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  1. hot potato abilities/miscellaneous
  2. If no specification, assume standard immunities
  3. Aroma Veil
  4. Big Pecks
  5. Clear Body
  6. Comatose
  7. Competitive (Will raise stats if passed a stat debuff)
  8. Contrary (Still inverts stat drops)
  9. Corrosion (Poisons a target if passes Poison/Badly Poison to Steel or Poison type)
  10. Defiant (Will raise stats if passed a stat debuff)
  11. Full Metal Body
  12. Hyper Cutter
  13. Immunity
  14. Infiltrator (Passing bypasses Sub)
  15. Insomnia
  16. Keen Eye
  17. Leaf Guard
  18. Limber
  19. Magic Bounce (Since passing is associated with attack, Magic Bounce does not prevent passing)
  20. Merciless (If you are passing poison through an attack that is not yet poisoned, it will NOT crit that turn, as the attack happens before the pass)
  21. Oblivious
  22. Own Tempo
  23. Sheer Force (Passing is conceptually not being treated as a secondary effect, rather as a new mechanic of the game. Sheer Force will not remove the effects of passing, since it only affects secondary effects)
  24. Shield Dust (Since passing is not a secondary effect, but a separate mechanic, Shield Dust should not block any type of pass)
  25. Sweet Veil
  26. Synchronize (Passing a burn, poison, or paralysis to a mon with Synchronize will activate the ability)
  27. Tangled Feet (If Confusion is passed to a tangled feet mon, Tangled Feet will activate)
  28. Tangling Hair (Since this activates before the secondary effect of a move, the speed drop will be passed, the order going 1. Move deals damage 2. tangling hair activates 3. Secondary effect activates 4. Passes effects)
  29. Vital Spirit
  30. Water Bubble
  31. Water Veil
  32. White Smoke
  35. Misty Terrain/Electric Terrain will not stop a pass from happening, just from it affecting the Pokemon it is passed to (Koko switches in on a sleeping Pokemon, activating its electric terrain. The Sleeping Pokemon uses sleep talk, hitting Koko. The Sleep is passed away from the sleeping Pokemon, but Koko does not fall asleep)
  37. Forests Curse/Trick or treat: Ideally this would also be coded to be passed, since it falls under the category of “Status move that targets the opponent” but idk how simple this would be.
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