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bose soundtouch telnet help 1/4/15

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Jan 4th, 2015
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  1. ->help
  2. ? : ? [List available commands( same as help )]
  3. abl
  4. baud : abl baud <baudrate> [Sets baudrate]
  5. key : abl key <key code> [Send the corresponding key]
  6. mute : abl mute [int|user] [Sets the internal or user mute]
  7. off : abl off [ timeout ms] [Turns off the boselink power supply]
  8. query : abl query <cmd> [Sends a query speaker info command]
  9. rdsend : abl rdsend [status|ttag|state]
  10. [Sends the remote display data to the VFD]
  11. rdsendimage : abl rdsendimage <servicetype> <timeout> <imagefile> [Sets the remote display information for triode and sends it]
  12. rdset : abl rdset <field> < param1> <param2> [Defines and sets remote display data]
  13. sim
  14. update-not-required : abl sim update-not-required [get out of software version mismatch critical error state]
  15. update-required : abl sim update-required [simulate software version mismatch critical error state]
  16. speaker : abl speaker [on|off] [Tells the speaker to turn on|off]
  17. stage : abl stage <stageID> [Sends a repo stage message]
  18. start : abl start [Restarts ABL]
  19. status : abl status [''|a|c|d|s]
  20. [Displays the abl server status information]
  21. stop : abl stop [Stops ABL]
  22. unmute : abl unmute [int|user] [Sets the internal/ user unmute]
  23. update : abl update [ start|stop ] <path to update file> [Repository Server- Upgrade disc available]
  24. vol : abl vol <volume in 0-100> [Sets the volume of the speaker package]
  25. airplay
  26. activate : airplay activate [Activate the airplay source as if it had been triggered remotely from iTunes. This forces the switching of the audio path to airplay.]
  27. advance
  28. config
  29. profile : airplay advance config profile <IP Addres> <Mask> <Gateway> <Proxy> <Proxy Port> <DNS1> <DNS2> [Set static network settings for the current profile]
  30. allow : airplay allow [Allow Airplay source switch]
  31. async : airplay async <on/off> [Enable/Disable asynchronous responses from the airplay stack]
  32. bco
  33. status : airplay bco status [show airplay bco status register]
  34. boot
  35. into
  36. bsl : airplay boot into bsl [Boot BCO into the BSL]
  37. clear
  38. profile : airplay clear profile [Clears the current wifi profile and resets BCO.]
  39. wifi
  40. profiles : airplay clear wifi profiles [Clear all the wifi profiles on BCO and the SCM.]
  41. cne
  42. pr : airplay cne pr [Preserve the CNE settings to flash - used pre-update]
  43. read : airplay execute cne read <path> [This command returns a CNE setting's value. The response will come back asyncronously. The path can be any CNE setting minus the /cne part such as: Networking/DrvCfg/WlanCfg/Profile1/SSID]
  44. rs : airplay cne rs [Restore the CNE settings from flash - used post update]
  45. mfg : airplay cne rs mfg [Restore BCO settings from mfgdata - this normally happens on every bootto make sure the settings are correct.]
  46. write : airplay execute cne write <path> <value> [Write the specified value to the path specified.The path can be any CNE setting minus the /cne part such as: Networking/DrvCfg/WlanCfg/Profile1/SSID]
  47. device
  48. name : airplay device name [show airplay device name]
  49. set : airplay set device name <name> [Set the airplay device name]
  50. dhcp
  51. off : airplay dhcp off [Turn off dhcp]
  52. on : airplay dhcp on [Turn on dhcp]
  53. disable
  54. profile
  55. manager : airplay disable profile manager [Disable the WIFI Profile Manager (for debugging only).]
  56. enable : airplay enable [Enable the speaker to play airplay]
  57. profile
  58. manager : airplay enable profile manager [Enable the WIFI Profile Manager (for debugging only).]
  59. factorydefault : airplay factorydefault [Factory default for BCO only]
  60. get
  61. active
  62. profile : airplay get active profile [Returns the active profile number. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  63. audio
  64. delay : airplay get audio delay [Get the airplay latency setting. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  65. bco
  66. dhcp : airplay get bco dhcp [Get the current DHCP setting. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  67. ip
  68. address : airplay get bco ip address [Get BCO's IP address. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  69. versions : airplay get bco versions [Get the BCO versions. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  70. connection
  71. state : airplay get connection state [Get the current network status state. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  72. type : airplay get connection type [Get the current network connection type. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  73. host
  74. ip
  75. address : airplay get host ip address [Returns the IP address set if set statically (which isn't supportedon shelby). The response will come back asyncronously.]
  76. mac : airplay get host mac [Get the host mac address. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  77. ip
  78. profile : airplay get ip profile [Prints out the static network settings for the current profile. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  79. status : airplay get ip status [Get the current IP address status. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  80. profile
  81. count : airplay get profile count [Get the profile count. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  82. rssi
  83. level : airplay get rssi level [Get the RSSI level.]
  84. ssid : airplay get SSID [Get the current SSID. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  85. wpa
  86. cipher : airplay get wpa cipher [Get the current Cipher setting. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  87. graceful
  88. shutdown : airplay graceful shutdown [Exectute an airplay graceful shutdown to prevent AirPlay from being activated.]
  89. mac : airplay mac [Show airplay mac address. This is a good cmd to make sure SPI is working]
  90. mute : airplay mute [Mute airplay.]
  91. network
  92. status : airplay network status [show airplay network status]
  93. next : airplay next [Send next command]
  94. pause : airplay pause [Send pause command]
  95. per
  96. pr : airplay per pr [Preserve the persistence settings to flash - used pre-update]
  97. rs : airplay per rs [Restore the persistence settings from flash - used post update]
  98. play : airplay play [Send play command]
  99. prev : airplay prev [Send previous command]
  100. prevent : airplay prevent [Prevent Airplay source switch]
  101. print
  102. wifi
  103. profiles : airplay print wifi profiles [Prints all the data for all the wifi profiles out to syslog INFO level.]
  104. psm
  105. enter : airplay psm enter [Put BCO in power save mode]
  106. exit : airplay psm exit [Take BCO out of power save mode]
  107. radio
  108. off : airplay radio off [Turn the wifi radio on. This is the equivalent to holding 3 & Vol -when the radio is on]
  109. on : airplay radio on [Turn the wifi radio on. This is the equivalent to holding 3 & Vol - when the radio is off]
  110. rate
  111. adaptation : airplay rate adaptation <enable/disable> [Enable/Disable rate adaptation]
  112. read
  113. persistent
  114. setting : airplay read persistent setting <setting> [Read persistent settings from the BCO persistence partition. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  115. reset : airplay reset [Reset bco module]
  116. cne
  117. settings : airplay reset cne settings [Tell BCO to reset thier cne settings to the factory defaults via the SPI message]
  118. setupap : airplay reset setupap [Force exit of SetupAP if we are in SetupAP by resetting the SetupAP CNE settings.]
  119. restart
  120. bco
  121. mdns : airplay restart bco service <service number> [Restart the bco mdns service.]
  122. restore
  123. factory
  124. defaults : airplay restore factory defaults [Restores the BCO system to factory defaults]
  125. set
  126. audio
  127. delay : airplay set audio delay <delay> [Set the airplay latency setting]
  128. host
  129. ip
  130. address : airplay set host ip address <address> [Set a static IP address (Note you still have to turn off DHCP)]
  131. mac : airplay set host mac <address> [Set the host mac address.]
  132. shell
  133. uart1 : airplay set shell uart1 [If you have the BCO Telnet build installed this will set the shell back to UART1 so it can be used from]
  134. spotify
  135. name : airplay set spotify name <device name> [Sets the Spotify device name.]
  136. utf8
  137. cne
  138. name : airplay set utf8 cne name <device Name> [Set the device name to a UTF8 test name if no args or the name specified.]
  139. volume : airplay set volume <volume> [Send the volume to BCO to test if iTunes gets it.]
  140. setupap
  141. enter : airplay enter setupap [Enter SetupAP via SPI cmd]
  142. exit : airplay setupap exit [Exit SetupAP via SPI cmd]
  143. site
  144. survey : airplay site survey [Execute a site survey on BCO. The response will come back asyncronously.]
  145. spi
  146. req : airplay spi req [show airplay bco spi request line values]
  147. start
  148. bco
  149. mdns : airplay start bco service <service number> [Start the bco mdns service.]
  150. state : airplay state [Report the states of the airplay state machines that support this]
  151. status : airplay status [show airplay status]
  152. stop
  153. bco
  154. mdns : airplay stop bco service <service number> [Stop the bco mdns service.]
  155. unmute : airplay unmute [Un-mute airplay.]
  156. wep
  157. profile : airplay wep profile <SSID> <Key> [Write the specificed WEP profile to the current profile (ensure system not in setupap first using "sys setupap disable"]
  158. wifi
  159. profile : airplay wifi profile <SSID> [Write the specificed no security profile to the current profile (ensure system not in setupap first using "sys setupap disable"]
  160. wmm
  161. off : airplay wmm off [Turns off the CNE setting cneGroup/WMM and resets BCO after 5 seconds.]
  162. on : airplay wmm on [Turns on the CNE setting cneGroup/WMM and resets BCO after 5 seconds.]
  163. wpa
  164. profile : airplay wpa profile <SSID> <Cipher> <Passphrase> [Write the specificed WPA profile to the current profile (ensure system not in setupap first using "sys setupap disable"]
  165. write
  166. persistent
  167. setting : airplay write persistent setting <setting> <value> [Write persistent settings to the BCO persistence partition. Make sure youknow what you are writing here, bad settings can make the system unbootable.]
  168. amp_eeprom : amp_eeprom [l | r | s | t | c]
  169. no arg. checks if eeprom present
  170. l : left amp gain
  171. r : right amp gain
  172. s : board serial #
  173. t : AMP TEST status value
  174. c : clear EEPROM contents
  175. NOTE THAT device CANNOT be written by software! It musy be in a
  176. test fixture, s.t. WC_L can be pulled low via test point TPF416 [Taigan amp-board EEPROM access commands]
  177. async_responses : async_responses [on | off] [send asynchronous responses to this session]
  178. audiopath
  179. dbglevel : audiopath dbglevel <critical | error | warning | info | debug | verbose | insane> [Set APServer log level]
  180. geturl : audiopath geturl [Obtain current audiopath url]
  181. playstate : audiopath playstate [Obtain current audiopath playstate]
  182. ba : ba [0..9 | a | p | c [e|d|i|r] | n | s | = dd]
  183. 0 : voltage
  184. 1 : temp.
  185. 2 : current
  186. 3 : status
  187. 4 : DC present
  188. p : DC present
  189. 5 : build date
  190. 6 : serial #
  191. 7 : s/w version
  192. 8 : RSOC
  193. 9 : Fault code
  194. c [e|d|i|r]: Charger - status('ba c')|enable|disable|invert|restore default
  195. a : ATMEL temp. (0x15)
  196. n : Manufacturer name
  197. s : place battery in SHIP mode; it always forces it, even if DC is plugged in
  198. = dd : arb. 16-bit register (dec.) [Battery chip access commands]
  199. sim
  200. extremetemp : ba sim extremetemp {on|off} [simulate Temp.Out-Of-Range (fault) state]
  201. precharge : ba sim precharge {on|off} [simulate pre-charge (fault) state]
  202. shiptime : ba sim shiptime DD [How long before deep sleep puts battery in SHIP mode (in minutes;def.=8 days)]
  203. sleeptime : ba sim sleeptime DD [Change period of deep sleep (in minutes;def.=30)]
  204. bdsp : bdsp [<bdspid> <subcommand>] [Access BDSP xmodel properties]
  205. bn : bn <cmd> [args]
  206. echo [on|off] : echo keys to TAP as received; MUST run 'async_responses on' TAP cmd
  207. in order to see the output
  208. ignore [key] [on|off] : ignore a key (don't send events to the app). [Console Button commands]
  209. btle : btle rem <dest> <cmd> [args]: dest can be scmbt, lsbt, or ls
  210. reset : reset the radio
  211. erase : erase application
  212. lpb <dest> <numPackets> <pktSize>: dest can be scmbt, lsbt, or ls
  213. trace on | async | off : change log level; display BTle packets sent in a tap session
  214. stats : Dump local radio statistics [Bluetooth LE commands]
  215. deezer
  216. dev : deezer dev [Set the Deezer Client URLs to point to the Deezer development servers]
  217. dump
  218. playqueue : deezer dump playqueue <user> [display the contents of the accounts playqueue]
  219. geturl : deezer getURL [get the value of Deezer URL]
  220. inject
  221. inerror : deezer inject inerror <user> <module> <code> [<count>] [inject inbound service error code]
  222. outerror : deezer inject outerror <user> <module> [<count>] [inject outbound access error]
  223. reqdelay : deezer inject reqdelay <user> <module> <seconds> [delay sending http request]
  224. respdelay : deezer inject respdelay <user> <module> <seconds> [delay http response]
  225. loglevel : deezer loglevel [<0-7>] or loglevel [critical | error | warning | info | debug | test | verbose | insane] [set logging level]
  226. prod : deezer prod [Set the Deezer Client URLs to point to the Deezer production servers]
  227. reseturl : deezer resetURL [reset the value of Deezer URL to the default]
  228. seturl : deezer setURL <url> [set the value of Deezer URL]
  229. demo
  230. abl : demo abl [on|off|info] [Turn a BoseLink speaker package on or off, or get info about the speaker package]
  231. ae : demo ae [Set echo state for inputs such as keys]
  232. create
  233. source : demo create source <source name> [iconUrl] [Adds a source and optionally an icon URL (default URL used if not specified)]
  234. echo : demo echo [Provide an echo response based on input]
  235. enter : demo enter [Enter Demo Mode]
  236. exit : demo exit [Exit Demo Mode]
  237. ig : demo ig (<button> | <device> | <all>) <0,1> [Set ignore state for inputs such as keys]
  238. kp : demo kp [Simulate an input event such as key press]
  239. ps
  240. config : demo ps config <preset #> <source> <preset_name> <track_name> <album_name> <artist_name> <station> [Set data for a preset]
  241. standby : demo standby [Enter simulated demo standby]
  242. display : display [display demo]
  243. set
  244. countdown : display set countdown <msg> [upperCount] (default upperCount=5) [Set a countdown msg for OLED display]
  245. dm870 : dm870 get <register> | dm870 set <register> <value> [DM870 commands]
  246. envswitch
  247. accountid
  248. get : envswitch AccountId get [Retrieve AccountId from SystemConfiguration File]
  249. set : envswitch AccountId set <UUID> [Put AccountId for new Environment into SystemConfiguration File]
  250. boseurls
  251. set : envswitch boseurls set <BoseServerURL> <SoftwareUpdateURL> [Put new Bose Server Urls into /mnt/nv/OverrideConfigurationEFE.xml]
  252. newenviron
  253. activate : envswitch newenviron activate <EnvName> <UserAccountName> <AccountPassword> [Activate named environment on current server using named account ]
  254. define : envswitch newenviron define <EnvName> <BoseServerURL> <SoftwareUpdateURL> [Define a new named environment with Bose Server Urls ]
  255. select : envswitch newenviron select <EnvName> <ServerUrl> <UserAccountName> <AccountPassword> [Switch named environment on named account ]
  256. swupdateurl
  257. set : envswitch swupdateurl set <URL> [Put new SwUpdateUrl into /mnt/nv/OverrideConfigurationEFE.xml]
  258. testenvironments
  259. get : envswitch testenvironments get [Get Test Environments List from Marge]
  260. ext
  261. capabilities : ext capabilities search|sort [Check search/sort capabilities]
  262. conthist : ext conthist [list of contents]
  263. info : ext info [Check Track Info]
  264. list : ext list [contentid] [start_offset] [count] [List container of a Upnp Server]
  265. loglevel : ext loglevel [<level>] [Set level]
  266. next : ext next [Next track]
  267. pause : ext pause [Pause]
  268. play : ext play [contentid] [track|folder] [Play a track]
  269. prev : ext prev [Previous track]
  270. repeat : ext repeat [on|one|off] [Set repeat mode]
  271. search : ext search [contentid] [start_offset] [count] [search_type] [key_word] [Search a Upnp Server]
  272. select : ext select idx [select a stored music source]
  273. server : ext server | ext server server_uuid [check or set current server]
  274. servers : ext servers [List Upnp Servers]
  275. shuffle : ext shuffle [on|off] [Set shuffle mode]
  276. sources : ext sources [check stored music sources]
  277. status : ext status [Check Play Status]
  278. stop : ext stop [Stop]
  279. tracks : ext tracks [list of play_all tracks]
  280. force_battery : force_battery [force a battery device to be created, regardless of variant]
  281. getpdo : getpdo <pdo_name> [Get PDO data]
  282. getpdosize : getpdo [<pdo_name>] [Get PDO data size in bytes]
  283. gpio : gpio <number> to read, gpio <number> [on | off] to set [Read input GPIO value or set GPIO output value]
  284. help : help [List available commands( same as ? )]
  285. iheart
  286. corruptsessionid : iheart corruptsessionid <user> [Corrupt SessionID to test re-login]
  287. inject
  288. inerror : iheart inject inerror <user> <module> <code> [<count>] [inject inbound service error code]
  289. outerror : iheart inject outerror <user> <module> [<count>] [inject outbound access error]
  290. reqdelay : iheart inject reqdelay <user> <module> <seconds> [delay sending http request]
  291. respdelay : iheart inject respdelay <user> <module> <seconds> [delay http response]
  292. loglevel : iheart loglevel [<0-7>] or loglevel [critical | error | warning | info | debug | test | verbose | insane] [set logging level]
  293. relogin
  294. bad
  295. json : iheart relogin bad json <user> [Make relogin have a JSON parsing error]
  296. test : iheart relogin test <user> [Corrupt SessionID to test re-login]
  297. stagingserver : iheart stagingserver [on | off] [enable/disable use of the IHeart staging server (setting is persistent across reboots)]
  298. testautomationlogging : iheart testautomationlogging [on | off] [Turn on test automation logging]
  299. ir : ir <cmd> [args]
  300. echo [on|off] : echo keys to TAP as received; MUST run 'async_responses on' TAP cmd
  301. in order to see the output [IR Device commands]
  302. key : key [key_value (volume_up, volume_down, preset_1, ..., preset_6 [Simulate a key press and release]
  303. led
  304. apsetup : led apsetup [Set LED for AP Setup mode]
  305. ethernet : led ethernet connected [Set LED for ethernet connection]
  306. intensity : led intensity 0-100 [amber,white] [Light LED at given intensity]
  307. update
  308. downloading : led update downloading [Set LED for update downloading]
  309. installing : led update installing [Set LED for update installing]
  310. wifi
  311. connected : led wifi connected [Set LED for wifi connected while system on]
  312. connecting : led wifi connecting [Set LED for wifi connecting while system on]
  313. disconnected : led wifi disconnected [Set LED for wifi disconnected while system on]
  314. lightswitch
  315. dataitems : lightswitch dataitems [CLI command to Display LS data items]
  316. faststatus : lightswitch faststatus [lightswitch message to get faststatus request from Lisa eg. <lightswitch faststatus >]
  317. getfile : lightswitch getfile <id> [lightswitch message to get the file for an id]
  318. getfileid : lightswitch getfielid <Text> [CLI command to get file id for a text ]
  319. getinfo : lightswitch getinfo [Command to get LS ser no ,software version, peer address,]
  320. getstatus : lightswitch getstatus [lightswitch message to get the status request from Lisa eg. <lightswitch getstatus atmelSoftwareVersion cc2540softVersion serialno>]
  321. getstoredversions : lightswitch getstoredversions [Command to get stored software versions of Atmel and CC2540]
  322. infile : lightswitch infile <FileName> [Command to test file download ]
  323. nexttrack : lightswitch nexttrack command [lightswitch message to play next track]
  324. playpause : lightswitch playpause command [lightswitch message to play/pause the station]
  325. prevtrack : lightswitch prevtrack command [lightswitch message to play prev track]
  326. resetfiledownload : lightswitch resetfiledownload true [CLI command to set downloadbyLS1 field as true/false.If you provide an arg(true) it will set the file downloaded as true otherwise false]
  327. scmgostandby : lightswitch scmgostandby [lightswitch CLI message to go scm in network standby]
  328. selpreset : lightswitch select preset command [lightswitch message to select prreset]
  329. setinfo : lightswitch setinfo srno peerAddress softVersion [Command to set LS ser no ,software version, peer address,]
  330. setpreset : lightswitch set preset command [lightswitch message to set prreset]
  331. storegbuffer : lightswitch dumpgraphics true/false true/false [lightswitch CLI command to store graphics icon buffer into a file, pass second arg as true for COMPRESSED or false for UNCOMPRESSED]
  332. tapcmd : lightswitch tapcmd <tap command> [lightswitch tap command for local Radio]
  333. updatecheck : lightswitch updatecheck true/false [CLI command to check LS update, It need one arg if pass as false, scm will not check LS update. Default scm will check LS update]
  334. volumechange : lightswitch volumechange [lightswitch volume change message to increment and decrement the volume by some delta value]
  335. local_services : local_services on [turn on local services (persistent)]
  336. loglevel : loglevel [<level>] or loglevel [<facility> <on|off>] [Set level, set facility on/off (current status if no args)]
  337. logread : logread [on | off] [turn on logread (persistent)]
  338. flush : logread flush <usb/fs> [Flushes the contents of logread to USB or File System (/mnt/nv/BoseLog/)]
  339. net
  340. analysis : net analysis [Perform a network analysis]
  341. pandora
  342. autocomplete : Pandora autocomplete [<off|on>] [Disable/enable autocomplete search]
  343. explain : Pandora explain [explainTrack]
  344. inactivity : Pandora inactivity [<time in minutes>] [Set the inactivity timeout (in minutes)]
  345. list
  346. accounts : Pandora list accounts [List the available accounts]
  347. stations : Pandora list stations [<maximum stations>] [List the available stations]
  348. tracks : Pandora list tracks [List tracks for current station]
  349. logout : Pandora logout [Logout]
  350. maint : Pandora maint [<off|on>] [Set the maintenance mode]
  351. playstation : pandora playstation <station index> [Play a station]
  352. rate_enabled : Pandora rate_enabled [<true|false>] [Set the rate enabled/allowed for the current track]
  353. rating : Pandora rating [<DOWN|NONE|UP>] [Set the rating for the current track]
  354. restrict : Pandora restrict [<off|on>] [Set the Restriced License mode]
  355. select
  356. account : Pandora select [<account id>] [Select account]
  357. thumbs : Pandora thumbs up[down] [Thumbs up/down]
  358. rtc : rtc [gettime, getalarm, enablealarm, disablealarm, getwk, read, settime, setalarm yyyy - mm - dd hh : mm : ss, setwk yyyy - mm - dd hh : mm : ss 1( 0 )]
  359. scm
  360. exp : scm exp [scm experiments]
  361. kill : scm kill [kill a process]
  362. list : scm list [List processes scm manages]
  363. log
  364. purge : scm log purge [purge scm log file]
  365. read : scm log read [read back scm log file]
  366. per : scm per on|off [turn peripherals on or off]
  367. restart : scm restart [restart a process if it is restartable, otherwise, kill the process]
  368. restartnc : scm restartnc [restart noncore processes]
  369. sim
  370. amp-fault : scm sim amp-fault [simulate detected amp-fault condition]
  371. sleep : scm sleep [Go to sleep mode]
  372. start : scm start [start a process if it is not running, otherwise, no-op]
  373. termnc : scm termnc [terminate noncore processes]
  374. wakeup : scm wakeup 0|1 (0--reboot linux; 1-- resume apps) [set scm wakeup option (experimental)]
  375. set
  376. master : set master <IP address> [Performs a set master call to APServer with master IP as the address]
  377. spotify
  378. app
  379. next : Spotify app next [Simulate skip next being pressed in the spotify app]
  380. pause : Spotify app pause [Simulate pause being pressed in the spotify app]
  381. play : Spotify app play [Simulate play being pressed in the spotify app]
  382. prev : Spotify app prev [Simulate skip previous being pressed in the spotify app]
  383. audio
  384. pause : Spotify audio pause [Send a pause to audio path]
  385. play : Spotify audio play [Send a play to audio path]
  386. bitrate : Spotify bitrate [0(low) | 1(normal) | 2(high)] [Set the library's audio bitrate]
  387. connection : Spotify connection [none | wired | wireless | mobile] [Get or set the library's connection value]
  388. debug : Spotify
  389. get
  390. access
  391. token : Spotify get access token <refresh_token> [Use the specified refresh token to get an access token (asyncronous output)]
  392. position : Spotify get position [See what the library is reporting for the current track position]
  393. sdk : Spotify get sdk [Show the version of the Spotify SDK library]
  394. tokens : Spotify get tokens <code> [Using the specified code to get access and refresh tokens (asyncronous output)]
  395. user
  396. info : Spotify get user info <access_token> [Get user info with the specified access token (asyncronous output)]
  397. invalidate : Spotify invalidate [Invalidate the access token for all users for testing]
  398. logged
  399. in : Spotify logged in [Check to see if the the library is logged in]
  400. loglevel : Spotify loglevel [<0-7>] or loglevel [critical | error | warning | info | debug | test | verbose | insane] [set logging level]
  401. logout : Spotify logout [Log the current user out]
  402. next : Spotify next [Send next to spotify lib]
  403. oauthlogin : Spotify oauthlogin <access token> [Log the current user in using an OAuth access token]
  404. pause : Spotify pause [Send pause to spotify lib]
  405. play : Spotify play [Send play to spotify lib]
  406. prev : Spotify prev [Send previous to spotify lib]
  407. reset
  408. stream : Spotify reset stream [Reset the audio buffers and tell the AP to stop and reset the url]
  409. seek : Spotify seek [time in ms] [Seek to the specified position or if none specified to the last known position]
  410. selecteduser : Spotify selecteduser [Get the selected spotify user account]
  411. user : Spotify user [Show the last logged in user]
  412. users : Spotify users [Print the spotify user accounts]
  413. zeroconf
  414. vars : Spotify zeroconf vars [Get the current zeroconf vars from the library]
  415. swupdate
  416. abort : swupdate abort [Abort the software update operation]
  417. query : swupdate query [Request the software update server status. Use 'swupdate view' to see the results]
  418. start : swupdate start [Start the software update operation]
  419. view : swupdate view [Display the current software update status]
  420. syncout : syncout [<AM-freq> 0|1|2]
  421. no arg. dumps present value
  422. 0 == North America
  423. 1 == Europe
  424. 2 == Asia
  425. off - disable SYNC_OUT signal [Sync_out signal control]
  426. sys
  427. auxkey : sys auxkey [Set the aux button]
  428. broadcast : sys broadcast [test broadcast to external clients]
  429. mode : sys broadcast mode [test mode broadcast to external clients]
  430. presets : sys broadcast presets [send presets to external clients (both UI and Peers)]
  431. recents : sys broadcast recents (deprecated) [test recents broadcast to external clients]
  432. configuration : sys configuration <XMLTag> <Value> [Dynamically modify the current loaded configuration]
  433. factorydefault : sys factorydefault [Reset to Factory Default(It will remove device from Marge, clear the persistence, reset the SMSC cne settings and reboot the system)]
  434. iconurl : sys iconurl <SoundTouch Source Type name> <url> [Set source icon url for an STS source]
  435. list
  436. sources : sys list sources [List the current sources]
  437. pers : sys list sources [Lists source information from datastore/persistence]
  438. listdiscdev : sys listdiscdev [List the devices that have been discovered by UPnP]
  439. login : sys login pandora [<username> <password>] [login a source (provide username/password)]
  440. net
  441. down : sys net down [Simulate network down]
  442. up : sys net up [Simulate network up]
  443. next : sys next [select the next track]
  444. notify : sys notify [test notification to other Lisa devices]
  445. pause : sys pause [pause the current station]
  446. play : sys play [play the current station]
  447. playpause : sys playpause [play/pause the current station]
  448. power : sys power [issue the power key]
  449. presetkey : sys presetkey [<number> p|ph] (p=press&release, ph=press&hold) [Set a preset button]
  450. prev : sys prev [select the prev track]
  451. reboot : sys reboot [Reboot the system]
  452. remove : sys remove type name [Remove a source]
  453. select : sys select type name [Change to new source]
  454. selectslave : sys selectslave [Send a mesage to SysController to select the slave source]
  455. set
  456. language : sys set language [1-n] [Sets the system language. Displays languages if no parameters specified]
  457. setup : sys setup [transition to setup state]
  458. setupap : sys setupap <enable/disable> [Set whether setupap mode (auto/off)]
  459. standby : sys standby [ |lowpower|charging] [transition to standby, low power standby or to charging standby]
  460. stop : sys stop [stop the current station]
  461. syncmarge : sys syncMarge [Sync with Marge]
  462. timeout : sys timeout inactivity seconds|enable|disable or sys timeout onbattery seconds [Override the default timeout for testing purpose]
  463. ver : sys ver [output BoseApp build version]
  464. volume : sys volume [setvalue updateDisplay] [set or get the system volume, enable/disable display update]
  465. down : sys volume down [delta] [decrease the system volume]
  466. max : sys volume max [threshold] [set the system volume max threshold]
  467. min : sys volume min [threshold] [set the system volume min threshold]
  468. mute : sys volume mute (toggle|on|off) [mute the system volume]
  469. up : sys volume up [delta] [increase the system volume]
  470. zone : sys zone [off|on] [Set/Get zone state]
  471. test
  472. senderrornotify : test sendErrorNotify [Sends a test error notification message]
  473. vm
  474. btest : vm btest [picture] [Test VM bottom pict]
  475. btesttext : vm btesttext [text to display] [Test VM bottom text]
  476. ftest : vm ftest [picture] [Test VM full pict]
  477. lspict : vm lspict [width] [height] [picture_ID] [Test Light Switch Pict]
  478. lstext : vm lstext [max font] [min font] [width] [height] [text] [Test Light Switch Text]
  479. set
  480. battery : vm set battery [0-100] [Set the VM pdo battery level percentage]
  481. test
  482. string : vm test string <stringId> [Test a Multi-language string on the display]
  483. ttag
  484. cycletime : vm ttag cycletime <time_in_milliseconds> [Set the cycle time for displaying ttag data]
  485. ttest : vm ttest [picture] [Test VM top pict]
  486. vtuner
  487. geturls : vtuner geturls [display current vtuner urls]
  488. home : vtuner home [List the home menu items. If <printlines> is not given, then the response from vtuner server won't be printed]
  489. inject
  490. badtoken : vtuner inject badtoken [<number of command transactions to corrupt>] [vtuner corrupt command request with un-encrypted token]
  491. ipaddr : vtuner inject ipaddr [<ip address to inject>] [<number of login transactions with new ip address>] [vtuner augment login command with alternative ip address]
  492. logapi : vtuner inject logapi [<number of vTuner responses to send to log>] [vtuner send dump of vTunerAPI responses to TEST_AUTO port]
  493. naverr : vtuner inject naverr [<number of nav errors>] [set vtuner navigation error count]
  494. playurl : vtuner setplayurl [<play url>] [<number of set requests to modify, -1 = forever>] [vtuner override play url returned from vtuner]
  495. protohint : vtuner setprotohint [<ptoto hint>] [<number of set requests to modify, -1 = forever>] [vtuner override proto hint returned from vtuner]
  496. srchlang : vtuner inject srchlang [<ISO language code>] [<number of search requests to modify>] [vtuner augment search request to use spelling specified by language code]
  497. list
  498. dir : vtuner list dir [<printlines>] [list current vtuner directory. If <printlines> is given, then only specified # of lines will be printed]
  499. station : vtuner list station [list current vtuner station info]
  500. localebackupurl : vtuner localebackupurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner locale backup url]
  501. localeurl : vtuner localeurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner locale primary url]
  502. location : vtuner location [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner location to use for the solr search]
  503. loginbackupurl : vtuner loginbackupurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner login backup url]
  504. loginurl : vtuner loginurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner login primary url]
  505. logout : vtuner logout [logout of vtuner server]
  506. open : vtuner open <index_num>/previous [<printlines>/all] [Open an entry of current directory, or open 'home', or open 'previous'. If <printlines> is not given, then the response from vtuner server won't be printed]
  507. predictivesearchurl : vtuner prectivesearchurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner predictive search primary url]
  508. previous : vtuner previous [List the previous menu items.]
  509. search : vtuner search [search vtuner stations]
  510. searchbackupurl : vtuner searchbackupurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner search backup url]
  511. searchurl : vtuner searchurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner search primary url]
  512. solrsearchurl : vtuner solrsearchurl [<url>] [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner solr search url]
  513. status : vtuner status [show vtuner current station playback status]
  514. usesolrsearch : vtuner usesolrsearch [set or get (no argument gets) vtuner flag to force use of the solr search]
  515. webserver
  516. clients [Lists all connected clients via websockets]
  517. details [Lists all connected clients via websockets and all stats associated]
  518. devicelist [List all discovered devices]
  519. reqhist [Lists all last 100 requests]
  520. resphist [Lists all last 100 responses]
  521. stats [List all information regarding transactions going through webserver]
  522. ws
  523. acctmode
  524. get : ws AcctMode get [get AcctMode]
  525. set : ws AcctMode set <MODE> [set a new AcctMode]
  526. addpreset : ws AddPreset <SOURCE> <LOCATION> <LABEL> <SOURCEACCOUNT> <PRESETID> [NB: label may be quoted with " characters]
  527. getdeviceinfo : ws GetDeviceInfo
  528. getpresets : ws GetPresets [get presets]
  529. pairdevicewithmargeaccount : ws PairDeviceWithMargeAccount MARGEMAIL MARGEUUID PASSWORD
  530. removepreset : ws RemovePreset <PRESETID> [remove a preset]
  531. renamedevice : ws RenameDevice NEWDEVICENAME
  532. unpairdevicewithmargeaccount : ws UnPairDeviceWithMargeAccount
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