Zambia Meeting 5-7-20

May 7th, 2020
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  1. Zambia Meeting 5-7-20 - https://github.com/Shielkwamm/SituationA
  2. /x+☴?+ Zambia
  3. +☴ Admin
  6. Zambia: ||+☴, hey I'm just now finishing a meeting, give me 7 minutes.
  7. Admin: +☴
  8. ...
  9. Zambia: +☴, okay I'm back, I'm reviewing your github stuff now.
  10. Zambia: [+]☴, nice screenshot, looks like the features are in there, is this just css? When I try to run it locally I see theSituation with colors and nothing else.
  11. Admin: +☴, oh go to localhost:3000/backoffice and you can add things there
  12. ..
  13. Zambia: +☴, okay I'm there, do I create an account?
  14. Admin: -yeah-
  15. Zambia: -yeah-
  16. Admin: ⚘ Navigating Admin ⚘
  17. Click on situations and click the plus arrow on the top right }}
  18. Admin: ⚘ Oh a (🐛) ⚘
  19. Admin: +☴, Let me actually share my screen, this CMS tool is in beta
  20. Zambia: ☴, okay
  21. ..
  22. Zambia: +☴?+, okay, I'm in your meeting, I don't see anything yet... what do I do?
  23. ..
  24. Admin: +☴, okay
  25. ⚘⚘⚘ theSituation ⚘⚘⚘
  26. ⚘ Moodboard ⚘
  27. The orange arrows that are pointing left show different "mood boards", there are 3 different images. If we need to ‾concetrate‾ on concrete, we switch moodboards to concrete ::feels::.
  28. * scrolls down* -
  29. ⚘ moodboard input ⚘
  30. There is a form below the image where you can insert mood and moodboard url.
  31. So you input the mood with our system and paste an image link and it will load the image there in another moodboard.
  32. ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘
  33. Zambia: +☴, okay slow down, why do we need mood boards again?
  34. {{Admin}}
  35. Admin: _[+]☴, I'll explain that later
  36. Zambia: ☴, okay go on...
  37. ⚘⚘⚘
  38. On the right, there are trade requests, this has the mood of the trade request in orange and who it's from and the direction of the trade request, the creation time in grey and the last time it was updated in black.
  39. ..
  40. Below that is another form to add more trade deals, notice it's `mood` and `text` the newest ones will be up at the top.
  41. ..
  42. ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘
  44. Zambia: +✔, I get it now -yeah-, nice, and nice style too, lol.
  45. Admin: +✔, thanks.
  46. Zambia: +✔?+, Nice demo -yeah-, so where do we go from here? My first question is when is it going to be deployed?
  47. Admin: +✔?+, I'm trying to run it on free heroku and atlas servers, so far so good.. but I think the framework I'm using has a small issue about doing heroku deploys, I worked on it some this morning and plan to work on it some more soon.
  48. Zambia: +[_]✔?++, Any kind of date?
  49. Admin: +✔, let me first get it to the point where you can run it locally, I bet that might take me about 2 more hours, and then you can pull my code.
  50. Zambia: +_✔?+, do you think you can have it deployed by EOD today?
  51. Admin: +✔[-], let me work on this a little bit more, it will take me about an hour and I'll have your answer then, is that alright?
  52. Zambia: [+]✔+, okay sounds good
  53. ----
  54. Admin: +☴, okay I just pushed, that should get it working on your local.
  55. Zambia: ☴, okay I'll pull now.
  56. ..
  57. Zambia: +[+]✔✔+, looks good! I can show my people this today and get some of their thoughts together, do you think you'll be able to deploy this tomorrow?
  58. Admin: +✔☴?+, I'll try and get it up tomorrow, but no promises
  59. Zambia: +✔+, okay that's fine, I have enough to show some people
  60. Zambia: +✔?+, do you think you can have it up and running by Monday if my peeps want to pull the trigger on this?
  61. Admin: +✔, can I get back with you tomorrow, I'll be able to give you a better estimate.
  62. Zambia: +✔, what time tomorrow?
  63. ..
  64. Admin: ✔, I've got a few loose ends to tie up, I'll send you a status update before I go to bed
  65. Zambia: ✔, Sounds good! Talk to you =😊=😊= yesterday =😊=😊=
  66. =========================
  67. +✔ Expecations Managed +✔
  68. =========================
  69. [Followup]
  70. Admin: [-]✔☴+, Welp, I don't think we'll get to a deploy tomorrow, but I'll make sure that everything is cleaned up and works before you leave the office tomorrow. I spent the rest of my day adding some styles to this, after all, the style is the thing that connects so it needs to be strong.
  71. Here's my current list of stuff todo: https://github.com/Shielkwamm/SituationA/projects/1, should take me another business day to get to another iteration to you, so I'd wait on showing more people until maybe this weekend.
  72. If deploying is absolutely essential, mup will deploy this app just fine , but we'll need to get a digital ocean server, so if you get me a droplet, we can deploy it there.
  73. I'll hit you up when I wake up.
  75. Neobii
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