Jan 17th, 2022
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  1. Some changes have been made regarding FreeLeech rules and about which kind of torrents can be sticky.
  2. You cand read here: [url=]Rules[/url]
  3. Read carefully. Questions related to those changes can be dropped here.
  5. [b]New rules about[/b] [b][color=red]FREELEECH[/color][/b]
  6. [*] Any internal (playHD, playSD, playBD, playTV, playWEB, playMUSIC);
  7. [*] 1080p/ i and 2160p Blu-ray Discs;
  8. [*] WEB-DL / WEBrip 2160p if their size is larger than 20GB;
  9. [*] Seasons 720p and 1080p/i;
  10. [*] Documentaries and educational content(Lynda, Plurasight, etc), if they have a size larger than 5GB;
  11. [*] XXX / Adult content is excluded from freeleech;
  13. [b]New rules about[/b] [b][color=red]STICKY[/color][/b]
  14. [*] Any torrent in the Movie category (only P2P);
  15. [*] Any torrent in the TV-Series category (only season pack);
  16. [*] Any torrent in the PC / Console Games category;
  17. [*] Any torrent in the Anime category (only season pack). Only one Anime torrent is allowed to be sticky at the same time;
  18. [*] Any torrent in the Cartoon(Desene) category.
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