May 8th, 2017
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  2. Marvel cinematic part two
  3. It’s Strange +100 annoying and well worth 100 CP
  4. Nerd +100 like I don't anyway?
  5. Baskin-Robbins +100 . I wonder what happens if I buy them out?
  6. Sovereign +300 my civilization might be much smaller, but we have infinite theotech robots and every one of us is well above all but the highest MCU power levels
  7. -I’ve Come To Bargain +300 This is where things get tricky, fortunately I can't erase my own existence with time shenanigans.
  8. Tech Expert Free
  9. for the camera, free for Tech expert
  10. bring out Veronica -300 discount for Tech expert. Hey, I gotta get more of this kind of thing
  11. -Terrigenesis -300 too bad. This is mutually incompatible with the X gene samples. I already have
  12. Enlightenment -400 I really regret not buying the capstone booster last time
  13. -Sling Ring Free with Enlightenment
  14. -Chakra Books (Free with Enlightenment
  15. -Holotablets free for Tech expert
  16. -Terrigen Crystals -200 discounted with Terrigenesis so I can actually use that perk
  17. Iron Monger -200 . The great thing is I can just feed this to my driver belt armor
  18. outsourcing: import my driver belt armor free gotta do it.
  19. -Call Trisha this way both of them get upgraded free
  20. -Spinning Wheel of Arachne-200 oh, I've got lots of stuff to feed it.
  21. beyond the boundaries X3 Hellclaw Boots,Halo from madness combat and Hellstar Guitar free Asgardian TheoriesX3 import my sacred treasure, driver belt armor, motorcycle Free
  22. skilled in knowledge X6 -300 and now it's all getting upgraded.
  24. Iron Monger
  25. sonic canons -100 I need speakers in general
  26. -Aesthetical Upgrade: something more sharpy than industrial. -50 . I probably look like one of the Combatant Kuros from Ressha Sentai ToQger with this
  27. slim it down -50 yeah this thing is too big
  28. drone friend -200 handy trick
  29. -Svartálfar Enhancement -600 going to need that dark matter
  31. driver belt armor
  32. -HUD Helmet -100 it's been needing one of these
  33. additional thrusters -100 now it can actually fly.
  34. -Modular Construction -100 it's already pretty modular, given how it runs on modular gimmicks
  35. -Recall System -100 this is a great trick
  36. iron Legion -600 because I have have only a very rough idea how to build another one of these, These blueprints are very useful!
  39. Hellclaw Boots
  40. Hunter’s Sense: balance X2-200 practically a mountain goat
  41. Astral Sight -200 always a handy thing
  42. magic pads -300 walking on air
  43. Imbuement: their durability-300 I have plans for this now
  45. Halo from madness combat
  46. elemental manipulation: Earth -500
  47. elemental manipulation: wind-500 it already did lightning. This is more dramatic
  50. Hellstar Guitar
  51. glow of magic -50
  52. -Lyrical Assistance -50
  53. Imbuement: it's loudness -300 oh yeah, need this.
  54. spell amplifier -600
  56. sacred treasure
  57. glow of magic -50
  58. -Lyrical Assistance -50
  59. unity -50
  60. inerrant: a pimp cane -50
  61. fragmentation -300 it's going to keep on growing Now
  62. Imbuement: cut through anything -300 this is amazing
  63. Imbuement: powerful hellfire generation -150 discounted with the first purchase
  64. Imbuement: Rip holes in time-150 discounted with the first purchase
  66. driver belt armor
  67. Mark of Magic-100
  68. fragmentation -300
  69. -Spell Amplifier -600
  71. motorcycle
  72. Mark of Magic-100
  73. Imbuement: Spatial Manipulation-300
  74. Spatial Manipulation-600
  75. the plan:keep going, keep fighting Hydra, pay off Baskin-Robbins with stuff like access to exotic fruits , not of this world and purified fourth flavor concentrate
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