(AiE) Scootaloo's Favor *clop*

Jan 24th, 2013
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  1. >How could you go and do that? Break a Pinkie Promise? They warned you about what would happen, and yet you did it anyway. The previous week has been a fine definition of torture. Forced to endure party after party, putting in hours at the bakery alongside the pink ball of chaotic energy, and playing butler. That last one cut you deep. You couldn't keep up with her, follow her 100 words a second directions, or think on your feet fast enough for her. You just know the other girls were laughing at you the whole time, even your best bro.
  2. >The only human in Equestria has finally served his punishment. You are that human, and your name is Anonymous. The gods have finally shown mercy upon your troubled soul, and let you walk away from the Pink one with some sense of humanity left within. She tested your resolve, and you came out victorious. You're totally not playing this up, that shit was for the birds.
  3. >They would probably call you over dramatic about this introduction, but there's only so much Pinkie one individual can handle in a day. You've been here for 4 years, and you're still not used to everything she's capable of. It took you two whole days to figure out her Pinkie sense isn't a joke. Damn potted plants.
  4. >You're roused from your thoughts by some laughter to your left. You'd know that laugh anywhere as it belongs to your loyal pal.
  5. "Care to explain what's so funny now?" You raise an eyebrow at her.
  8. >"The pffft look on your face Anon; it was hilarious. Lookin all serious and stuff."
  9. "And that's funny how?"
  10. >"Face it Anon, it's weird seeing somep0ny like you in deep thought like that."
  11. "I can't be a deep thinker?"
  12. >"You broke a Pinkie Promise."
  13. "...You win this time bluefast."
  14. >"Hehe, come on. You had a lapse of judgement and paid for it. I'm just tryin to lighten the mood, and you're kinda killin it." She nudges you on the arm with her hoof.
  15. "Scuse me for reflecting on my week of torture."
  16. >"Week of torture? pfffthahahaha" She falls off your couch and starts beating her hoof on the wood floor in laughter. "It couldn't have been -that- bad."
  17. "You weren't there..." you trail off, looking into empty space like a war veteran.
  18. >This only gets her laughing harder as she rolls to her back and holds her front hooves to her stomach. Yeah, you're a real comedian. "Well, maybe you'll learn to take those promises seriously next time."
  19. "You act like I'm joking. How do you girls even keep up with her?"
  20. >"Anon, you can't be serious. She just had you do a week of chores for her," Dash sits up with an arched brow.
  21. "You forget the part where I served as her butler. Not only that, she said the punishment gets worse for repeat offenders."
  22. >"I'm not even going to comment on the butler part, but are we talking about the same party pony? You can't honestly think she'd go all kooky on you for breaking a second promise," she makes some googly eyes as she talks. "Sure, you shouldn't break them in the first place, but accidents happen on occasion."
  25. "I'm not going to risk it. Serving as her butler for just one week was beyond horrifying. The only other pinkie promise I've made is to Scootaloo, and I'm not making any more."
  26. >She stifles a giggle for a second before asking, "you made a pinkie promise to Scootaloo?"
  27. "She helped me out here and there during my sentence. Afterwards, I promised to do her one favor, and it can be anything she wants."
  28. >"You promised the squirt something like that!?" Dash's eyes could serve a three course dinner with how wide they are.
  29. "Again, you weren't there," you respond flatly.
  30. >"I dunno Anon. You could be in for some serious trouble, especially if she asks you for help with her crusader stuff. You know what kind of crazy things those three get into."
  31. "Hmph, her help was worth more than just a promise like that."
  32. >"Are you saying you'd become -her- butler," she snickers.
  33. >You visibly shudder at the word 'butler' for a moment. Her smirk vanishes as she takes in the look you're now giving her. She didn't get punished; there's no way she could know how bad it was. Pinkie may be a good friend, but she doesn't take punishments lightly.
  34. >"You're... actually serious?" Dash adopts a sympathetic look for once. This was a rare sight because there was never a need for it. The two of you were always hanging out and playing games. Fun times all around. You dare to think she was interested in you, but she hasn't made a move.
  37. "Never again Dash. I just couldn't handle another week of that," you reply, casting your gaze out the living room window.
  38. >The view of Ponyville does little to comfort you.
  39. >"Well, I'd say the mood has been officially spoiled. I'm only joking, but you shouldn't take it that seriously. So you learned an important lesson; it's not the end of the world."
  40. "I can only hope Scootaloo doesn't ask for something too wild."
  41. >"Nah, you'll be fine. Worst case: she makes you fix her scooter or something."
  42. "You weren't saying that a few moments ago."
  43. >"I'm teaching her to be as awesome as me. With my help, I guarantee she'll be able to handle all sorts of trouble herself," Dash strikes a prideful pose. "Anyway, I got weather duty in a bit. You gonna be alright without me?"
  44. "How will I ever manage without you? Honestly, I just need some time to recover. I'll probably be back to my old self after a day or so, and I'll have gotten over it I hope."
  45. >"I thought it was a joke, but don't hold out on me. That's what bros are for right? You listened to me rant about Thunderlane last month; the least I could do is let you give me an earful. Fair is fair. I'll catch you tomorrow though alright?" she holds out her hoof for a sacred ritual after opening the door.
  46. >You bump her hoof with your fist after getting up and walking over to her. She grins, nods, and takes off into the sky after exiting your abode. Her colorful trail streaks behind her as you watch from the doorway.
  49. >Much to your credit, you don't start wallowing in despair about the previous week. You had actually spent the rest of the day catching up on some light reading. This Daring Do stuff isn't that bad actually. You admit to being skeptical since Dash recommended it, but it has its charm.
  50. >The evening rolls around, and you're putting dishes away. Small and simple dinners were always your preference. The fancier things got; the more expensive they became, and you definitely don't have the bits to be eating like you live in Canterlot.
  51. >A little later, You're settled into bed with your book when a knock catches your attention. That knock sounds too light to be one of the girls. Disgruntled because you were comfortable, you begrudgingly get out of bed to see who it is. The knocking continues until you announce that you're coming.
  52. >After unlocking and opening the door, you're met with an interesting sight to say the least. Scootaloo sits on your doorstep staring up at you.
  53. "Is there something I can help you with?" you ask curiously.
  54. >"Hey Anon, is Rainbow Dash here?"
  55. "Uhh no she isn't. I think she should be home by now."
  56. >"She isn't? Okay good. Mind if I come in?" She sounds a little relieved by your reply.
  57. "You're going to have to explain to me what this is about first."
  58. >"Your promise," that little grin has to be modeled after Dash's.
  59. "It's nearly bedtime for fillies like you. Can't we discuss this tomorrow?"
  60. >"It'll probably be too late then," her face falls as she decides to stare at the ground.
  63. >Now you're even more curious. Sighing in defeat, you usher her inside. She takes a seat on the chair that sits adjacent to your sofa. You ask her if she wants something to drink, but she declines. She also looks a little nervous.
  64. >"Okay, let's get down to business Anon. You have a promise to keep, and I'm here to collect," she sounds serious.
  65. "So you're calling in your favor now? Why will it be too late tomorrow?"
  66. >"How long have you and Rainbow Dash been hanging out?" She doesn't even acknowledge your questions.
  67. "Nearly four years I think. We didn't hit it off right away, but she eventually warmed up to me. Why?"
  68. >"Almost four?" she asks in surprise. She then starts mumbling to herself.
  69. "Is there a problem?"
  70. >"Not once has she said anything to you?"
  71. "I'm going to assume your favor is 20 questions about me and Rainbow Dash. I'll answer them, but this is getting to be a bit much."
  72. >"I'm getting to the favor. I just need to know before I ask," she's fidgeting in her seat. It's like she's mustering every ounce of courage stored in that little body.
  73. "And just what was she supposed to say?"
  74. >"It's nothing," she looks away, "I promised I wouldn't say anything." The word 'promise' makes your eye twitch for a second.
  75. "Look Scootaloo, can we just take care of this before your parents get worried?"
  76. >"Heh, they think I'm with Sweetie Belle and Applebloom. We're going to stay the night at the clubhouse, and I'll be going there once I'm done here." She seems proud of that as she grins at you.
  79. "Well, if you get in trouble, you didn't come here. I'm not catching heat from your parents for this. It's late, you're not where you said you'd be, and I'm not going to mention the other reason."
  80. >"Fine, so can we get to the favor?"
  81. "I thought you'd never ask," you roll your eyes at her.
  82. >"You said it could be anything I wanted right? Nothing out of bounds?"
  83. "I'm starting to regret that, but I guess a promise is a promise."
  84. >"Good. We're gonna rut," she states calmly.
  85. "Excuse me?" you believe you know what you heard, but better safe than sorry.
  86. >She better not have said what you think she just said.
  87. >"We're going to rut." It sounds like she has a steel resolve when she says that, but you can still see her shaking just a tad.
  88. "Do you even know what that word means?"
  89. >"It means you put that," she points a hoof at your junk, "in here." She points to her own organ between her hind legs when she finishes. She actually has to sit back to do this, and you get an eyeful of NOPE.
  90. "Whoa, Scootaloo," you cover your eyes, "that's not something you go showing everyp0ny."
  91. >You try to sound like you're reprimanding her, but you're more concerned with a bigger problem. That mental image is burning itself into your mind!
  92. >"It's okay if you see it right? You're going to be doing more to it anyway," she actually sounds confused by your reaction.
  93. "Oh no I'm not."
  94. >"But you promised," she sounds a little offended, but there's also a hint of worry.
  97. "There's a whole list of reasons why I can't do anything like that Scootaloo," you're not risking looking at her again.
  98. >That image is still scarring your eyes, and you're not about to make it stronger.
  99. >"So, you're saying you're going to break another Pinkie Promise?"
  100. >You flinch when she mentions a pinkie promise. This is a problem; a big problem. She's backing you into a corner with no way out.
  101. >"You said any favor I came to you with. This is my favor: I want you to rut me Anonymous," she's glaring at you. Did she catch your flinch? Is she even aware of the implications for that matter?
  102. "Scootaloo, you can't be serious. It's illegal for starters," your eyes have to betray your fear.
  103. >"And who's going to find out? I won't be telling anyp0ny."
  104. "Scootal-" she cuts you off.
  105. >"NO! I want to do this. I have to do this!" she stamps her forehooves on the chair. This has your full attention as you stare at her with surprise.
  106. "Why?" is all you can manage.
  107. >"I wasn't supposed to say anything, but Rainbow Dash said she wanted to rut you. She also said she was too afraid to tell you. Something about 'bros' and stuff."
  108. "Rainbow wants to... with me?" you're still processing the entirety of the situation before you.
  109. >You're about to ask how it involves her, but it seems Scootaloo is one step ahead.
  110. >"I just want her to respect me. I thought she would think I had a lot courage if I could do something even she was afraid to do," she looks down at her hooves.
  113. "You don't have to do that Scootaloo. She has already taken you under her wing. She even said that she's grooming you to be as tough as she is," you walk over and kneel before the filly.
  114. >You try to put a hand on her shoulder, but she slaps it off. A determined, scared, and angry look pierces your own.
  115. >"I'm not backing down. I'm not changing my mind. Besides, even if I don't tell Rainbow Dash about this, I'll have still gained enough courage to face anything she throws at me."
  116. "Scootaloo, plea-" cut off again.
  117. >"NO! Either you rut me," the anger of the gods sits within your living room, "or I tell Pinkie you won't uphold your end of the pinkie promise."
  118. >Time seems to stop at that sentence. Did she just say that? There are no more ways out. If she breathes even a word to Pinkie, you're done for. There's no way Pinkie would believe you if you told her that Scootaloo's favor was for you to rut her. What sane individual would believe that? You can't break another promise; you can't go through that again!
  119. >"Oh yeah," she rouses you from your internal panic, "you have to do it like you love me. I heard it's much better if your partner loves you for some reason. Not sure why you would do something like that with somep0ny you don't love."
  120. "Scootaloo, I care too much about you to do something like that to you. It would be your first time, and that's supposed to be special."
  123. >"It will be special," that grin returns once again, "for me. I'll be just as brave, if not braver, than Rainbow Dash. Not only that, but you can't tell me you're not interested either." She turns around and shakes her rump at you, tail cast aside. "Heh, I know what that bulge in your pants means."
  124. >You're torn from the sight of her flank by drawing your attention down stairs. Oh no, how could you? It actually is standing at attention. That mental image has finally won; you're aroused at the sight of the little orange filly's lower lips. You can't develop a rational thought anymore. The game is over, and you've lost. Even if she backs down, you'll have to live with the fact that you've mentally raped her with your eyes. Just getting hard was bad enough to condemn you in your eyes.
  125. >"Well," she finally turns around and turns her grin into her usually adorable smile, "are you going to rut me, or do I have to tell Pinkie?"
  126. "Alright," your defeated tone returns much the same as it was the previous week, "you win Scootaloo. If I do this for you, I want a promise of my own."
  127. >"What is it?" she tilts her head in confusion.
  128. "Nop0ny is allowed to find out about this. Under no circumstances are you to tell a soul; not even the crusaders. This stays between you and me. Just having to live with this feels like punishment enough..." you look away as you trail off.
  129. >"Well duh," this catches you by surprise, "Rarity always says a lady doesn't kiss and tell. I figure we're going to be doing more than kissing, so my lips are sealed if yours are." Didn't she want to tell Dash about this earlier?
  132. "What about telling Dash?"
  133. >"I promised I wouldn't tell you about her wanting you. We'll keep each other's secrets; crusader's honor." She extends a hoof to you much in the same fashion as the sacred ritual. One final promise. If it breaks, both of you lose. You have no choice but to live with this.
  134. "Very well then. Tonight's events get buried in secret and are never spoken of again. This pact will follow us to our graves, or our crusader's honor is tarnished forever," you bump her hoof with your fist once you finish.
  135. >"That was pretty cheesy Anon."
  136. "Deal with it squirt. Lets just get this over with since I have stuff to do tomorrow."
  137. >Beg the gods for forgiveness, curl up and cry like a baby in bed, or maybe even stick an actual cupcake in your eye. That part of Pinkie's punishment wasn't so bad, but you wish she hadn't been so literal. The look on her face when she watched you do it as per instructions was eerie to say the least.
  138. >Disposing of the distracting thoughts, you prepare yourself to commit blasphemy. You're a broken man afraid of breaking a Pinkie Promise, and your new promise is to make sweet love to this little filly. That thought would send you into a screaming fit if you didn't feel like you were at her mercy. Fuck it, you'll cry about it tomorrow.
  139. >Scooping her into your arms, you ascend your stairs in route to fulfill your promise. She had asked where you were going, and you explained that this stuff is best done in the bedroom. Accepting your answer, she just snuggled into you and whispered "thanks".
  142. "Did you really just thank me," you ask, looking down after having stopped before your bedroom door.
  143. >"It's finally happening. I was scared you'd turn me away like Rainbow Dash said you would turn her away," she looks up at you with a grateful smile, "but we're actually going to do this. I can prove to myself how brave I am, and I can also make you okay with rutting Rainbow Dash. She said humans had some sort of thing about only being with other humans."
  144. "You can't expect me to believe you had planned that second part," you stare in disbelief.
  145. >4 years is long enough to make almost anything look good. You can't say for sure if you would have turned Dash down, but you would have given her a chance to pour her heart out.
  146. "Either way, it's something that young fillies shouldn't be worrying about."
  147. >"It's a little too late for that. You're going to be rutting me."
  148. "I still wish you would choose another favor. There's still time."
  149. >"I told you that this is what I want. If Rainbow Dash confesses tomorrow, I'll have missed my chance. Besides, Pinkie should still be awake."
  150. "You're evil you know."
  151. >"Please Anon," she sniffles a little as her ears fall, "it's the only thing Rainbow Dash is really afraid of. If I can overcome even her fears, then I know I can make her proud."
  152. "She has to have other fears since nop0ny is perfect. I find it hard to believe she'd only be afraid of confessing to me."
  155. >"Rainbow Dash?" Her ears perked up at that. "Not likely. I mean, you've seen how much of a daredevil she is. If she had other fears, she must have already conquered them." Figures Scootaloo would have such a view of her idol. To her, Dash is everything she wants to be.
  156. "Your heart is set on having me commit this gravest of sins huh?"
  157. >"You're being cheesy again," she giggles and wipes away a tear, "but Rainbow Dash thinks you're worth it. Like you said, let's get this over with." Her giggles would be heart stopping if she wasn't making you rut her.
  158. >With another defeated sigh, you open the door to what used to be your sanctuary. After tonight, it's going to be defiled forever. You've tried to find different ways to talk her out of it, but she's determined to see this through. There's nothing left to do except see your promise through. Breaking it is -not- an option.
  159. "Alright squirt," you sit her gently on the bed, "just do everything I say. We should be able to get through this without too much incident."
  160. >"Right," she appears determined again, "it doesn't stop until you put your baby stuff inside me." There went the first of your backup plans. You were going to stick to foreplay and hope she didn't find out until she could rationalize why you did it that way.
  161. "How much do you know," you ask, taking a seat next to her.
  162. >"Uhh, do you remember what I said earlier?"
  163. "About the places between our legs, or hind legs in your case?"
  164. >"Yeah that. I know you do that, and then the stallion shoots some stuff into the mare and it makes a baby. Although, I'm supposed to be too young for that for some reason."
  167. "That's another reason why you shouldn't be doing this."
  168. >"Can it Anon," she puffs her cheeks at you.
  169. "Fine," you raise your hands in surrender, "anything else?"
  170. >"It's supposed to feel real good. You have to 'come' or something." Typical kid naivety.
  171. "Okay," you sigh, "it seems I'll have to do a little teaching along the way. I'm guessing you won't feel satisfied until I make you 'come' right?"
  172. >"You can make me feel good?"
  173. "I'll just have to try. A Pinkie Promise is on the line."
  174. >She nods, and you decide it's time to get started. Standing up, you promptly undress. She watches you closely, and gasps when your boner reveals its presence to the world.
  175. "Something wrong?" you arch an eyebrow at her.
  176. >"I've never seen one of those before..." she trails off while staring.
  177. >You sit down next to her, but she doesn't take her gaze off it. She's so fixated like it was the most interesting thing in the world.
  178. >"So that's what's going inside me?" she looks like she wants to reach out and play with it.
  179. "Yeah, that's the plan."
  180. >"Will it even fit?" she finally looks up at you.
  181. "Backing down?" Please back down!
  182. >"No no," she directs her gaze back to your boner, "I just..." Dammit!
  183. "Just let me do most of the work okay? You tell me when it hurts once I put it in."
  184. >She nods, stands up, and moves to the center of the bed. She then turns her backside to you and moves her tail. After that, she looks back at you expectantly, but still nervous.
  187. "Oh no," you shake your head.
  188. >"What's wrong?"
  189. "We're not doing this dry. It'll hurt way too much."
  190. >"Dry?" Totally clueless.
  191. >You scoot further on the bed, pick her up, and lay her on her back with her head on the pillow. You then take up a position over her. She stares up at you like she was your prey. You almost came to your senses with that thought, but a quick image of Pinkie set you crooked again.
  192. >Do this for the promise Anon.
  193. >You lean down to kiss her and her eyes go wide. She almost struggles at first, but then tries to give back. She pushes into it a bit, and you decide to surprise her by coaxing her mouth open with your tongue. Not surprisingly though, she freely accepts your direction. You run your tongue all over the insides of her mouth as if marking territory.
  194. >Not knowing what to do, she tries to wrangle your tongue with her own.
  195. >You finally break it and look at her. She's panting a bit, but you assume she's just a little out of breath. She told you to do this like you loved her. It's a bit difficult, but you have to manage.
  196. "How was that," you run a hand to her cheek.
  197. >"Is that how couples kiss?" she still looks a bit dazed. That must've been her first kiss.
  198. "That was how two lovers kiss," you cringe internally for a moment, "you did ask me to rut you as if I loved you that way right?"
  199. >"It was weird and scary at first," she pants for a moment, "but it kinda felt good."
  200. "Time to make a correction to that dry thing I talked about."
  203. >You begin to pepper kisses on her cheek and start trailing down her body. The promise is the only thing keeping you going. She gasps for a second when you reach near her lower stomach, but you push on. You feel more of yourself die on the inside when she spreads her legs.
  204. >Despair turns to horror as you take in the sight of her nethers. This little filly is actually wet. Was the kiss that good?
  205. >"W-Why are you staring," she sounds uncomfortable. You don't want to, but you better reassure her.
  206. "It's nothing," it certainly is something, "you're just wet is all. It... surprised me."
  207. >"Wet," she looks down at you in surprise, "I didn't... pee did I?"
  208. "No no," you wish she had, "it happens to girls when they're about to have sex. They begin leaking fluids for lubrication I think."
  209. >Why the hell are you telling her this!?
  210. >"Oh," she doesn't get it, "does this mean we can rut now?"
  211. "Not yet, you need to get a bit more wet."
  212. >"How? Do I need to do anything?"
  213. "I'll take care of it. Just lay back and try to relax."
  214. >She nods and lays her head back on the pillow. You return your gaze to the horrifying sight before you. Despite glistening in the light of your room, her little slit appears pristine. It looks so clean and pure, but you promised to take care of that. Because of your fear, you're about to spoil this forbidden fruit.
  215. >Taking the plunge, you apply a test lick to her folds. You wish this remained a secret, but her taste is sweet and fruity. It reminds you of tangerines.
  218. >Before you finish, she yelps in surprise and her legs try to snap shut on your head. You look up and see a pair of wide eyes staring down at you.
  219. >"D-Did you just... lick me?"
  220. >Still looking at her, you run your tongue along her slit again in response. She lets out a squeak, and one of her hind legs kicks. Shortly after that, she lets her legs fall back down to the bed.
  221. >"That felt kinda good, but are you sure it's okay to lick me down there? That's where I pee from you know."
  222. "It's one of the things lovers do for each other during love-making. If you were older, I could let you do the same to me. For now, we just need to make you wet enough."
  223. >"Do I taste good?" She would ask that.
  224. "Yes Scootaloo," your tone has a hint of annoyance, "it doesn't taste like pee or anything like that. You have a wonderful taste."
  225. >You would say that too you filthy heretic.
  226. >"I won-" she sounded like she was contemplating something, but you cut her off.
  227. "You better not be thinking of doing something like this with anyp0ny else. I'm only doing this because you left me no choice, but you really should wait until you're a mare."
  228. >"Hmph, you're no fun," she crosses her forelegs and pouts at you.
  229. "I'm serious Scootaloo. Besides, you'll break your promise to me. In order to show the other crusaders, you'd have to tell them where you learned about it. You would have to tell them about tonight."
  230. >"Fine," she grumbles before laying back down.
  233. >Satisfied that you prevented that disaster, you return your attention to the forbidden folds. She squeaks at the feeling of your tongue once more as you coat her with saliva. Up, down, and all around. You make sure she's nice and wet before preparing for the next stage.
  234. >Without retracting your tongue, you let it worm its way into her. She doesn't squeak or gasp, but she does let out a cute "unnnh~" noise. Well, it would be cute if you weren't fucking her with your tongue right now. Her back arches a bit as you probe deeper within. Her walls squeeze a little, so you gently massage them with light strokes.
  235. >Another groan escapes her body when you press against one side with a bit more force. Her legs kick a bit, more groaning, and she squirms with your motions. Placing a hand on her belly to hold her, your tongue seeks to claim every square millimeter of territory within her.
  236. >You begin emitting slurping noises as you gobble her little nub, but that may have been a mistake. She makes a loud squeak, and her legs collide with your head much harder than previously.
  237. >It hurt a bit, but not enough to stop you. You flick it with your tongue again, and you get another squeak in response. It's hardened now, so you find yourself teasing it.
  238. >"Anooon," she moans, "That ungh~ feels unf~ w-weird."
  239. >The next moan is of higher volume when you dive back into her depths. Separating her walls as much as possible, you continue your search for her release. She might be young, but you're betting she's old enough to experience one at least. Zero fucks is all you give to that lack of information.
  242. >You're about to get your answer though as her walls are contracting more and more. Her back arches higher, the groaning and moaning increases in volume, and you can see her little wings fluttering crazily. Even her ears are responding by flatting against her head.
  243. >"Anon," she struggles, "what's happening? It's starting to feel unnnh~ too good."
  244. >She's actually nearing a peak it seems. Time to bring this to a conclusion; you speed up your tongue to a flurry of licks, slurps, and caresses that make her start bucking a bit. She's squirming hard, but your hand still holds her down.
  245. >Suddenly, she stops moving, but then shudders. "Anon!" She cries out your name as juices impact your tongue and then cover your face like a liquidy beard. You keep up the assault as she convulses under your hand. Her cry dies down quickly, and she slumps into the bed. A weak moan is heard when you retract your tongue, but it's followed by panting.
  246. "Well Scootaloo," you pull your head up away from her slit, "how was that? You came."
  247. >You involuntarily begin licking your lips. Despite being sexual release from a filly, you're licking it up as if it were delicious. Sadly, you actually do find it delicious. "It's a lost cause Anon," you think to yourself.
  248. >"I... came?" She wants to say more it seems, but she's panting too much.
  251. "That was the 'come' thing you were talking about. I don't want to explain more, but it meant that you enjoyed my tongue," your inner self is weeping as you say that.
  252. >First the filly's juices, and now the realization that you brought said filly to orgasm.
  253. >"It... felt," she speaks between pants, "so... amazing. Like that time... Rainbow Dash took... me flying."
  254. "Something like floating on air?"
  255. >She nods, but you don't say a word. You really want this punishment to be over and done with. It's just one night compared to another week, or even two weeks, of the Pink Enforcer. This is the rationalization that pervades your mind. You're damned either way, so why not shorten it as much as possible?
  256. >"Are you gonna," she gulps for a moment, "put the baby stuff in me now?"
  257. "Nervous? It's not to-" once more with the cut off.
  258. >"Anon! Yeah, I'm scared, but I can't quit now. Not when I'm so close." You would commend her bravery if she wasn't talking about you laying pipe in her.
  259. "Alright then, but it's going to be much different this time. I can't guarantee if it will hurt or not."
  260. >"I'll be brave. Rainbow Dash hasn't gotten this far, but I'm going all the way." So much determination.
  261. "If it gets to be too much," your tone is serious, "don't be afraid to back down. We'll go as far as you can take, but no further."
  262. >This is it. With another nod, she lays back down and spreads her legs as wide as possible. You can't do this in that position. Not even from behind would it be okay. It would certainly make you look like the monster you are, but you can think of a better way.
  265. "Not that way Scootaloo."
  266. >She doesn't have a chance to react to your words as you pick her up by the sides. She wants to say something, but you're too busy shifting positions. You sit with your back to the headboard, and hold her above you as if you were about to sit her on your lap. Your treacherous boner acts as if it can smell her slit nearby with a few twitches.
  267. >"Is this how humans do it?" she asks, looking down towards the throbbing rod threatening to skewer her.
  268. "For humans, we had many different positions to use."
  269. >"Why?"
  270. "Doing things the same way over and over again gets stale doesn't it?"
  271. >"Rutting can get stale?" she tilts her head.
  272. "Don't worry too much about it now. Besides, this will make it easier on the both of us. Especially me," you mumble that last part.
  273. >She doesn't need to know you'd feel like a monster crouched over her like that.
  274. >You're shamefully ready, and so is she if the juices dripping from her are any indication. It's time to commit heresy in order to fulfill a promise. She looks down once more and back up to you; a gulp and a nod is her response to your silent question.
  275. >Slowly, you begin to lower her towards the head. You're also using this position to control and manage any mishaps along the way. If something does go wrong, you can pick up on it faster. She's not very light, but it's all the more easier to do it this way. For that reason, and the not feeling like a monster part. You're already a monster, but this softens the blow a bit.
  278. >The tip makes contact and she squeaks. Her squeak turns into a light moan as the head struggles to separate the folds. A little more force, and you break through. This gets an instant reaction from her. Her ears stand straight up, wings freeze at full mast, head tosses back, and she stiffens with a sharp gasp. Those pupils of hers shrink, but the eyes themselves widen drastically.
  279. "You okay?" you hold her in place.
  280. >No more lowering, but you don't pull her off.
  281. >"Y-Yeah," she doesn't move, "j-just give me a-a moment."
  282. "Let me know when you're ready. We're not through yet."
  283. >The head of your length sticks inside of her, and you can feel squeezing every other moment. There's a little pulling, but there's also the feeling that her body is trying to open wide. It's trying its hardest to accommodate the new intruder. You mentally reprimand yourself for the pleasure you're feeling as her insides practically tug on the tip.
  284. >"Anon," her body finally relaxes enough for her to look at you, "it feels... different."
  285. "Than my tongue?"
  286. >"Yeah. I think I'm okay now." Her wings flutter a little, and her hind legs fall limp again.
  287. "You sure?"
  288. >"Uh huh, just take it slow please?"
  289. "I wouldn't dare try any other way."
  290. >She makes a weak giggle at your comment.
  291. >You begin the process of trying to lower her further. She's a very tight squeeze which threatens to elicit a grunt from you. Her walls keep grabbing and rubbing your length like a massage. It would feel heavenly were it not coming from a filly's nethers.
  294. >Along your journey inside, you begin to wonder why you haven't reached a certain wall. Surely these ponies had hymens. You don't meet such a wall as you nearly bottom out within her. A different particular wall is what you find instead.
  295. >"Ow," she looks down, "I think you hit something."
  296. "I should've hit something before that," you tell her, pulling her up just a little.
  297. >"Like?" She grunts a little as you feel your length throb for a moment.
  298. "There should have been a hymen. It's usually broken during your first time like this."
  299. >"Hymen? I already lost mine," she looks to the side, not wanting to meet your gaze.
  300. "You did?"
  301. >"Uh huh. After an accident on my scooter, I heard a doctor tell my mom that. He said that my accident was just enough to break it or something."
  302. >Her uneasy expression disappears, and she's looking you in the eye again.
  303. "I imagine it hurt quite a bit. It would've definitely hurt if I was the one breaking it tonight."
  304. >"I hurt all over that day since it wasn't a smooth landing. I didn't break anything else, but it hurt like I did. I couldn't really tell where all the pain was coming from. Felt like everywhere."
  305. "Sounds nasty. How do you feel now?"
  306. >"I feel stretched and almost full. It kinda feels good, except for when you bumped something."
  307. >It just had to feel good didn't it?
  308. "Well, I'm gonna start moving alright?"
  309. >"Moving?" She looks a little surprised.
  310. "Yeah, I move in and out. After some time, my body reacts like yours did earlier. Once that happens, I release the 'baby stuff' inside of you."
  313. >"Oh," sounds like she didn't know this part, "I thought you just put it inside and..." That last bit comes out as a mumble.
  314. "And what? I couldn't hear you."
  315. >"I thought you just peed in me or something." A blush of embarrassment forms on her face as she turns away.
  316. "It sort of works that way," you tell her uneasily, "I will still be shooting the stuff out in you, but it won't be with my pee or anything. The stuff that came out of you earlier wasn't pee. Almost the same thing, but mine is different in that it's supposed to produce a baby."
  317. >"So only when you 'come' and stuff, right?"
  318. "Yeah. When I move in and out, it makes me feel real good. Once I feel good enough, my body releases that stuff."
  319. >"I think I understand now. So, are you going to start?"
  320. >You answer by pulling her up a little. A groan escapes you as her insides begin squeezing. Another cute "ohhhh~" emanates from her as your length scrapes her angry walls. They appear to be upset about your retreat. The slow extraction is almost agonizing because it was tight enough before she started squeezing.
  321. >"I can feel it rubbing inside me," she stops to moan. "It's big, but it feels good as it moves. Keep going." Is she getting into this?
  322. >Just about pulled out, you let her down onto you again. You slide in a little easier this time, but it still feels like she's getting used to you. Each contraction is the tightest massage you've ever felt. Not even your most furious jerking sessions felt like this.
  325. >You stop advancing into her when you just about reach her cervix again. Her little rump was actually close enough to touch your testicles, and that light touch makes you throb once more inside her. Another groan from you, but she also chimes in with a groan of her own.
  326. >The piston motions settle into a nice rhythm of you sliding in and out of her velvety depths. Each thrust elicits a moan from her, and a few grunts from you. As terrible as it sounds, you're actually starting to enjoy the pleasure.
  327. >"Unnnh~ it feels good, Anon." She locks onto your eyes as you move her, "So much better than your tongue."
  328. >She -is- getting into this!
  329. "Scootaloo," you try to speak, but you moan from her squeezing.
  330. >"Does it unh~ feel good for unh~ you too Anon?" Her eyes are half closed as she stares into your own.
  331. "Yeah, it feels great," you regretfully respond.
  332. >You don't want to admit it, but it really does.
  333. >Some squelching sounds catch your attention as it seems she's getting wetter. Her insides were firing up much like earlier, and you knew what that meant. She was approaching her peak faster than you. Her ears fall, and her eyes squint shut.
  334. >"Anon, I'm feeling good again," it sounded a little like a warning.
  335. "Go ahead Scootaloo, let it all go," you command.
  336. >Her body freezes, and you stop pumping her. A shudder, and she expels more juices onto you. It traces down your inner thighs and testicles. Her walls spasm around your member, her legs jerk, and her wings buzz a little. Fortunately, you're buried a bit inside her as this goes on. You don't have to really hold her, so you give her a moment.
  339. >"I... did it again," she says between pants.
  340. "Ready to continue? I'm not done yet."
  341. >"Yeah," she responds breathlessly.
  342. >Once her breathing returns to normal, you start moving her again. Each time you bury yourself, her tail swishes and tickles your leg as well as your sack. Both of you begin making noises once more as you increase the pace. The warmth of her depths, the massaging feeling, and the tight squeezing is propelling you towards your own peak. By the gods, it's amazing!
  343. "So good," you accidentally blurt out.
  344. >"You feel unh~ good too unh~ Anon?" She tries to look at you as she's repeatedly impaled.
  345. "Yeah," you groan, "it's amazing Scootaloo."
  346. >It's time to abandon hope because you're enjoying the fact you're plowing the orange filly now. The pleasure is too much for rational thought.
  347. >"Do it Anon," both of you lock eyes, "shoot the baby stuff in me."
  348. >You pick up the pace once more, and her moans escalate. Her wings are now beating in sync with each thrust. That tail starts flicking more and more along your legs. All of this creates a tingle in the sperm factory, and you know time is almost up. She's approaching another climax herself since you can feel those same signs returning.
  349. "I'm gonna fill you up Scootaloo," your teeth are clenching.
  350. >"Do it!"
  351. "Get ready," your eyes have shut tight.
  352. >A few more thrusts, and the both of you cry out. Her walls squeeze tight against you, and your length lets loose with a torrent of reproductive fluid. Her eyes open real wide, ears stand up, wings buzz, and her tail stops.
  355. >"It's hot!" she cries.
  356. >You pump a bit more as your seed continues spewing out. Her head tosses side to side as she orgasms along with you. It takes a few moments before you both start settling down. Your seed actually begins to drip out of her folds and down along your length.
  357. >A few more spurts, and you can feel yourself slowly going limp.
  358. >"So full," she pants.
  359. "Did you... enjoy it... Scootaloo?" you ask between exhausted breaths.
  360. >Pulling her off your length, you lay her on your chest as you recline. She just looks at you while she pants, but you can see a slight smile forming on her face. Her eyes are full of gratitude.
  361. >"It felt... really... good, Anon."
  362. "It didn't... hurt?"
  363. >"A little at first, but then it felt awesome!"
  364. "I don't want to admit it, but you felt great too."
  365. >"I did? Wait, why wouldn't you want to admit it?" She tilts her head.
  366. "1: yes, it felt amazing. 2: you're still a filly, remember?"
  367. >"Not anymore," she grins.
  368. "Don't get smart."
  369. >"No fun at all..." she shakes her head in jest.
  370. "We should probably get you cleaned up," you tell her, feeling her nethers with a finger.
  371. >She moans a little as you do so.
  372. >She doesn't say a word as you get up and head to the bathroom with her in your arms. A few minutes later, you both walk out of the bathroom and head downstairs. You made sure she wouldn't leak any more of your seed, and she didn't look as though she went for a ride.
  375. "Alright Scootaloo," you get her attention at the front door, "remember our promise."
  376. >"Right," she nods, "I wasn't here, and we didn't do anything."
  377. "What will you tell your friends about the favor?"
  378. >"You could fix my scooter?" She looks at you expectantly.
  379. "Bring it by tomorrow. Now get outta here you little scamp," you chuckle.
  380. >"Thanks Anon!" she shouts before blowing you a raspberry and taking off.
  381. >You watch her run off in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres. As soon as she's out of sight, you close the door and lock it. Finally alone, it all hits you at once. You rutted a filly, and you enjoyed it. It was the best sex you've ever had, but it was with a filly. She better have found that courage she was looking for.
  382. >Thoughts of what you're going to do tomorrow cloud your mind as you return to your bed. Try to please the gods with a sacrifice? Curl up in a ball and weep? Perhaps giving Dash a chance would ease your troubled soul since she isn't a filly. You're certainly not thinking about Scootaloo and her plot...
  384. >Right?
  386. Fin~
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