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  1. Basic Rules:
  2.  - Do not harass anyone
  3.  - Do not discriminate anyone by age, sex, race
  4.  - No bullying
  5.  - Do not be racist
  6.  - No griefing like as 079 killing fellow SCPs by overcharging a tesla gate or opening SCP 106,s containment zone (If there
  7.    is a SCP 106). Also closing doors on your team mates as a human or SCP counts as griefing
  8.  - Do not stall the round if you do not know you are stalling the round a staff will tell you
  9.  - Do not hack/cheat
  10.  - follow mic rules
  11.  - follow teaming rules
  13. Teaming Rules:
  14.  - D class and Scientists can team with anyone as long as it does not stall the round
  15.  - SCP,s can team with anyone as long as it benefits them like asking a facility guard to open 914 but after the benefit is
  16.    over the two opposing teams must become enemies again.
  17.  - MTF and Chaos insurgency can team as long as it benefits them like teaming up to kill the SCPs but after the benefit is
  18.    teams must become enemies again.
  20. Mic rules:
  21.  - Do not spam anything into your mic
  22.  - playing songs in spectator or intercom is allowed as long as it is not loud/ear rape
  25. If you need to contact me my email is
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