Statement for MyBB.com - UGNazi

May 30th, 2012
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  1. __ __ _______ ____ __ __
  2. | | | |/ _____| \ | | ______ _______(__)
  3. | | | | / __| \| |/ __ |___ __| |
  4. | |__| | |___\ \ |\ | (__| |___/ /_| |
  5. \________/\_______/__| \___|\____/_|_______|__|
  6. ============================|Twitter.com/UG|=======================
  8. ---> Joshthegod > MrOsama > Cosmo > CyberZeist <---
  11. "Fuck With The Best , Die Like The Rest"
  13. Twitter.com/Ug
  14. Twitter.com/Joshthegod
  15. Twitter.com/Cosmothegod
  16. Twitter.com/le4ky
  18. ==============================================================================
  20. #UGNazi #Mybb #UGNaziwhmcs #Whmcs #fuckskids #hack #joshthegod #UG #Cosmothegod #MrOsama #dox
  22. ==============================================================================
  24. MyBB has a relatively low-risk security record. Personal information needs to be secure. If we can acces it, so can terrorists. The truth is buried under lies and false promises. We tried to bring the truth to light, and we were ignored.
  26. We aksed you all before to open your eyes, have you done it? Have you seen that only you can keep yourself safe? Have you realized that only you are responsible for yourself? Have you opened your eyes to the fact that https:// does not mean that your information is safe? Or are you still being a sheep? Have you taken responsibility for believing lies?
  28. We have, and will continue to cause destruction. Are you mad? We have given you warnings and shown you examples of what we can do. If these companies do not secure their sites properly, data will be leaked. It is as simple as that.
  30. "hackforums.net" uses the forum software MyBB, We are tired of all the skids who claim they are hackers. As a personal note: we just don't like you, Jesse Labrocca.
  32. For those who think that people shouldn't enter places unauthorized: remove your information. Your morals and legal jargon will not stop these things from happening. If you don't want people to have access to it, don't give them the opportunity. There is risk in every endeavor, you are all painfully unaware of the risk these databases hold. Don't despair, for we are watching, and will continue to be watching.
  34. “There will always be something to ruin our lives, it all depends on what or which finds us first. We are always ripe and ready to be taken.” ~Charles Bukowski
  36. - UGNazi
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