green bug dream

May 20th, 2013
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  1. In my dream last night:
  3. I would keep finding the same little green bug where I expected to find it.
  5. I could reach down into the grass and then pull my hand back up and there it would be, crawling around on my fingers. It was my pet.
  7. Then, in the dream I had that feeling that things were "changing". The wind felt different. I rushed out to the grass and reached and felt but I could not find the little green bug. What happened to it? I kept searching desperately.
  9. Somebody (I think they were my parents, but younger) either procurred a tin for me or suggested that I look in a tin. It was about the size of one of those circular special holiday cookie tins. I took off the lid and inside was a grey sand that was similiar to cigarette ash. Inside numerous insects crawled in and out of the sand. Big black beetles, fleshy grubs, and ants. But no little green bug. I kept staring at the inside of the tin and the dream was getting foggy, it was hard to keep looking, I saw a green dot but it was just a speck on the side of a large juicy grub, and I kept staring, and everything kept getting more foggy.
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