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  1. Starting this Friday, February 28th...
  2. ```Star Wars EA in collaboration with the 327th Star Corps presents:```
  4. __**The Bad Batch Competition**__
  6. To commemorate the release of the first arc of the Season 7 Clone Wars, we will be hosting a 2 week long tournament starting February 28th and ending March 13th.
  8. The objective of the tournament is to team up with 3 other players to form a 4 person commando squad. Your squad must be the most skilled squad to win.
  10. The winning squad members will each receive **15$ Amazon gift card**. An added bonus will be a permanent "Clone Force 99" role given in the EA Star Wars server in addition to all the legions partnered with us. **If Players from at least 2 different legions join up, such as 3 104th members teaming up with 1 327th, and they win, each person in that team will win 20$ Amazon gift card rather than 15.**
  12. This tournament and it's winnings will be sponsored and payed for by the 327th Star Corps.
  14. There will be 2 phases to the tournament. You must pass phase 1 in order to get to phase 2.   __**THIS TOURNAMENT IS OPEN TO ALL CONSOLES**__
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  18. **Phase 1**: Competition Stage. February 28th - March 6th.
  20. Pick your team's and get playing! Pick a team leader, and have him/her confirm your team in the sponsored channel inside of the 327th. We are doing the logistics in that server as they are sponsoring and paying for the entire event.
  22. Once your team is confirmed, start playing Galactic Assault, (nothing else), and try your best to be in the top 4 of the game.
  23. Your end game scoreboard is what you need to record.
  25. You may only send one picture of one match, per team. Any additional screenshots will be disregarded and can potentially get you disqualified. So make sure you are not sending any screenshots until you are confident it is your best.
  27. You may play any class you want.
  29. We are looking for highest combined eliminations.(not score, not killstreaks) Bot farming is prohibited, so you may only play GA.
  31. The top 6 teams of the entire competition(2 PS4, 2 Xbox, 2 PC) will be chosen to proceed into phase 2.
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  35. **Phase 2**: Tournament Stage. March 7th - 13th.
  37. The 2 teams from each console will coordinate a time to group up, and will play 2 matches. (these matches must be played on the attacking team, and cannot be on Geonosis. (since atte OP) TANKS ARE AND HEROS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THESE MATCHES.
  39. They will be on the same in-game team, and will compete to get the highest total eliminations.
  41. After the 2 matches, each teams total eliminations will be added up and a winning team will be decided from the 6 total teams.
  43. There is only 1 winning team, not 3. (regardless of console, the final elimination score will be compared across console.)
  45. The Bad Batch Tournament Ends once the winner is decided.
  47. To participate in the tournament you must join the 327th server and go to the Welcome channel, and react with the double swords emoji. **Being in the 327th server does not make you part of the legion, unless you directly specify otherwise. So do not worry about being penalized in your current legion if you are in one.**
  49. 327th Invite link:
  52. DM me if you have any questions.
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