SilentPatch 1.1 (build 7) Vice City - Inglés

Matias_Montanna Feb 1st, 2017 2 Never
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  1. GTA VC: (last update: 27.07.2016)
  3. Fixed an issue where installing the game on A or B drive made the game ask for the CD
  4. Mouse should not lock up randomly when exiting the menu on newer systems anymore
  5. Mouse will not go beyond the game rect now, allowing to play the game on multimonitor setups without problems
  6. Mouse vertical axis sensitivity now matches horizontal axis sensitivity
  7. Mouse vertical axis does not lock during camera fadeins now
  8. More precise frame limiter, reducing lag spikes a bit when playing with Frame Limiter on
  9. Rosenberg's lines which play when player is Busted work correctly now (just like with Rosie's Audio Fix)
  10. Game now performs a bit better on high FPS. It doesn't freeze on fadeouts anymore, although it still has issues with car physics, gravity and sounds. Therefore it's still recommended to play with Frame Limiter set to ON
  11. Wet road reflections render properly again (just like with Road Reflections Fix)
  12. Reintroduced light glows under weapon/health/armour pickups, bribes, hidden packages and money pickups - they showed only on PS2 due to a bug in all PC versions
  13. All texts now have proper shadows (depending on chosen resolution, without the fix they'd appear thinner etc.
  14. Free resprays will not carry on a New Game now
  15. Fixed ambulance and firetruck dispatch timers - they reset on New Game now
  16. Corrected crime codes for police dispatch audio - police dispatch now refers to player crimes correctly
  17. Fixed a bug causing cheat-spawned melee weapons to be forcibly replaced by other melee weapons upon walking into a pickup
  18. Some props in Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel and Pole Position Club have been restored; more environment shows outside when player is in interior too (just like on PS2)
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