Sayaka Miki's Magical Girl Story 3

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  1. Sayaka Miki's Magical Girl Story
  2. translation by Minunlike
  4. Chapter 3: Heart of a Magical Girl
  6. Part 1
  7. ------
  9. Sayaka: 'And just like that, the day I promised to spend with Kyosuke has arrived!'
  10. ------------
  11. Sayaka: "Aah, I'm so nervous. My hands are all sweaty..."
  12. ------------
  13. Sayaka: 'We bought a CD today... and after we'd wandered around for a while, he sent me something...'
  14. ------------
  15. Sayaka: "Ah, a message came in. It's from Kyousuke."
  16. Sayaka: "Nnn, what's this now?"
  17. Kyousuke: [Sorry, Sayaka.]
  18. Sayaka: “... Huh!?”
  19. Kyousuke: [The train is running on a huge delay and it’ll probably be late by an hour or more.]
  20. Sayaka: “... Aah, no way… if that’s the case, um…”
  21. Sayaka: “[Got it, no need to worry. I’ll be waiting right here, so don’t come too frazzled.]”
  22. Sayaka: “... Aand that should do it. Sending!”
  23. Sayaka: “Now then, what the heck am I gonna do? I’ve got an entire hour to myself.”
  24. Sayaka: “For now, I guess I’ll just check out the cafe and get myself some tea to drink…”
  25. Sayaka: “......!?”
  26. Sayaka: “Is this a witch’s presence!?”
  27. Sayaka: “My soul gem, too… it’s reacting! So I was right, it’s somewhere nearby.”
  28. Sayaka: “What do I do… Kyousuke’s on his way, and I can’t call Madoka and the others for help…”
  29. Sayaka: “...Gh! I’ll just take care of it before Kyousuke gets here!”
  30. Sayaka: “............”
  31. Sayaka: “Okay! Over here!”
  32. ------------
  33. Sayaka: “Where… where is it…”
  34. [barrier appears]
  35. Sayaka: “Found it! The Witch’s Barrier!”
  36. Sayaka: “No time to hesitate. I’ll take you down by myself!”
  37. ------------
  38. Sayaka: “Now where’s the witch…?”
  39. Kokoro: “Now where’s the witch…?”
  40. Sayaka: “Huh!?”
  41. Kokoro: “Hueh!?”
  42. Kokoro: “Are you by chance, a magical girl…?”
  43. Sayaka: “Ah, yeah, that’s right. And you are… too, huh?”
  44. Kokoro: “Yes, I am Kokoro Awane. Pleasure to be working with you.”
  45. Sayaka: “I’m Sayaka Miki. Same here, nice to meet you!”
  46. Sayaka: “Man, thank goodness there’s another Magical girl here to help out!”
  47. Kokoro: “Thank goodness?”
  48. Sayaka: “You could say I was a little anxious about fighting this thing alone…”
  49. Sayaka: “Since I’m used to fighting them with my friends all the time, I guess that helped me relax…”
  50. Sayaka: “Aah! Sorry for dumping this stuff on you out of nowhere!”
  51. Kokoro: “Not at all, it’s a relief for me as well. So let’s fight it together!”
  52. Sayaka: “Yeah! Absolutely!”
  54. Part 2
  55. ------
  57. Sayaka: “Ngaaaaaaaah!”
  58. Kokoro: “Nice one, Sayaka!”
  59. Kokoro: “I’ve got your back, so finish it off immediately!”
  60. Sayaka: “Roger that! Here comes the finishing blow!”
  61. Kokoro: “Now, Sayaka!”
  62. Sayaka: “Take thaaaaaaat!”
  63. Witch: ‘.........!’
  64. ------------
  65. Sayaka: “All right, we beat it.”
  66. Kokoro: “Good work…! You did it!”
  67. Sayaka: “Yep! Well, I had some pretty strong competition.”
  68. Kokoro: “It probably would have been much more difficult alone. For both of us…”
  69. Sayaka: “Right… ah, a Grief Seed.”
  70. Sayaka: “... Here you go!”
  71. Kokoro: “Huh!? Uh, but, we both earned…”
  72. Sayaka: “Truth is, after this I’ve got plans to meet up with a very special person.”
  73. Sayaka: “No matter what, I just had to get rid of that witch before then.”
  74. Sayaka: “And thanks to your help… I was able to do that, so…”
  75. Sayaka: “So here! This is my thanks! Please take it and don’t be modest about it!”
  76. Kokoro: “I see… well then, I’ll take it without reservation.”
  77. Kokoro: “Thank you.”
  78. Sayaka: “Same here! Thanks for all your help!”
  79. Sayaka: “Alright then, I’ve gotta go back and meet up with that person.”
  80. Sayaka: “...well, I say that, but I actually have another hour to kill before then.”
  81. Kokoro: “If that’s the case, would you be alright with going out for tea or something?”
  82. Kokoro: “It’ll be my treat, so if you need to kill time, how about it?”
  83. Sayaka: “Eh, but! I couldn’t…”
  84. Kokoro: “It’s my thanks for the Grief Seed.”
  85. Sayaka: “Alright! “Well then, why not! Maybe I’ll order something super expensive.”
  86. Kokoro: “Eeh!?”
  87. Sayaka: “Hahaha, I’m just joking!”
  90. Part 3
  91. ------
  93. Kokoro: “... Eh!?”
  94. Kokoro: “You became a magical girl to heal the injury of someone you loved!?”
  95. Sayaka: “Ssh! You’re a little loud!”
  96. Kokoro: “Ah… sorry. That just shocked me, is all…”
  97. Sayaka: “Well, I guess it is shocking… It wasn’t something I wanted just for my own sake.”
  98. Sayaka: “Sometimes I wondered if things would really be okay like this…”
  99. Sayaka: “But then I saw him playing the violin, and…”
  100. Sayaka: “From the bottom of my heart, I felt that yeah, this was how everything should be.”
  101. Kokoro: “How wonderful…”
  102. Kokoro: “And this person is the one you’re meeting today?”
  103. Sayaka: “Yeah, we’re going out together to buy a violin music CD.”
  104. Kokoro: “You really have a deep love for music, huh.”
  105. Kokoro: “Heheh. Sayaka-chan, do your best out there.”
  106. Sayaka: “Of course!”
  107. Sayaka: “So hey, Kokoro-chan… what did you wish for when you became a magical girl?”
  108. Kokoro: “I… My wish was to bring my family together again.”
  109. Kokoro: “I wanted my broken family to come back together so we could all live happily again.”
  110. Sayaka: “... I see. So then, would you say you’re happy now?”
  111. Kokoro: “... To be honest, I don’t know. When I think about it, maybe I’m not happy.”
  112. Sayaka: “Huh?”
  113. Kokoro: “Because even after bringing my family back together, there were still more enormous problems that got in the way…”
  114. Kokoro: “People’s hearts aren’t things you can manipulate any way you want, are they…”
  115. Sayaka: “... Yeah, you’re right. I think so too.”
  116. Kokoro: “But right now, I’m okay with that.”
  117. Sayaka: “Really?”
  118. Kokoro: “Yes. In the past, I would always worry and mope over it…”
  119. Kokoro: “I felt that perhaps my wish had been a mistake, and other such things.”
  120. Kokoro: “But I’ve already said farewell to that past me.”
  121. Kokoro: “I won’t allow my wish to be in vain. I’ll bring my family’s hearts together too.”
  122. Kokoro: “That’s what I’ve decided.”
  123. Sayaka: “... That’s incredible. You’re really strong, Kokoro-chan.”
  124. Kokoro: “N-No I’m not! I spent a whole lot of time sulking over everything!”
  125. Kokoro: “Just recently, I decided to finally step up and start thinking positive, is all…”
  126. Sayaka: “Thanks to you, I feel like I can think more positively too from here on out.”
  127. Sayaka: “With your own power, you can change another person’s heart!”
  128. Kokoro: “Yes, that’s it! That’s exactly it! That’s what I… believe in.”
  129. Sayaka: “Thanks so much! Somehow I feel way more courageous!”
  130. Sayaka: “I’ll also treasure the wish I made, and I’ll believe in the me who became a magical girl!”
  131. Kokoro: “Yeah, that’s the spirit! Make your date today a super success!”
  132. Sayaka: “... You bet!”
  135. Part 4
  136. ------
  138. Sayaka: “Ah, I got an e-mail.”
  139. Sayaka: “It’s Kyousuke, looks like he’s gonna be there soon! Well then, I should get going!”
  140. Kokoro: “Yeah, I got it. It was fun talking about these things with you.”
  141. Sayaka: “Yeah, I had a blast too!”
  142. Sayaka: “We should go for tea again someday soon! Next time it’ll be under
  143. more peaceful circumstances…”
  144. Kokoro: “Yeah, definitely! We’ll make plans the next time you come to Kamihama!”
  145. Sayaka: “Of course!”
  146. Kokoro: “Ah, by the way though, that perfume smells incredibly nice.”
  147. Sayaka: “For real!? Thanks!”
  148. Sayaka: “I got it from a magical girl. I’m really taking a liking to it myself~.”
  149. Kokoro: “I see! It’s a very refreshing and wonderful scent.”
  150. Kokoro: “It’ll level up your first impression stat, without a doubt.”
  151. Sayaka: “Ahaha, wouldn’t that be nice. We’re talking about a guy whose only passion is music.”
  152. Sayaka: “Pffhahaha…”
  153. Kokoro: “Once you and that person get done buying your CD together, what do you plan on doing after that?”
  154. Sayaka: “After that, huh…”
  155. Sayaka: “Actually, another magical girl taught me something for that too…”
  156. Sayaka: “There’s a scenic spot where you can catch a perfect, unobstructed glimpse of Kamihama’s nighttime skyline.”
  157. Sayaka: “I’m gonna go there and bring that person along, is the basic plan, or something.”
  158. Sayaka: “Though how that’s gonna make the mood more romantic, I really have no clue.”
  159. Kokoro: “... beautiful. I think that’s absolutely beautiful!”
  160. Sayaka: “Yeah, thanks.”
  161. Sayaka: “Ah, it really looks like he’s gonna be here any minute. Well, I’m gonna head for the station!”
  162. Kokoro: “Yeah!”
  163. Kokoro: “If it’s Sayaka-chan, it’ll all turn out okay.”
  164. Kokoro: “Since you’re working with this much charm, beauty, and all-around cuteness.“
  165. Kokoro: “Any boy you meet from here on out, without a doubt! They’ll fall head-over-heels for Sayaka-chan!”
  166. Sayaka: “Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice…”
  167. Kokoro: “Huh?”
  168. Sayaka: “... Ah, sorry! Nothing, it's nothing!”
  170. Sayaka: “Aaaalrighty, I'm gonna give it my best shot! Well, see ya later!”
  171. Kokoro: “Yeah, see you later…”
  172. ------
  173. Sayaka: ‘Dashing out of the cafe, I run toward the station.’
  174. Sayaka: ‘My legs feel light as air. Somehow, today…’
  175. Sayaka: ‘Feels like it’s gonna have good things in store!’
  176. ------
  177. Sayaka: “Alriiiiight, for just this one day, I’m gonna have the time of my life---!”
  178. ------
  179. Sayaka: “It’s a surprising feeling, seeing my magical girl life turn out like this.”
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