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  2. Real and In-Game Name? Samantha (IGN: SammiKay)
  3. Current Age? 18
  4. Current Time-Zone? (In terms of GMT: ex. GMT - 5) figureitout
  5. What times are you available? Erratic schedule. Most days I play for an hour or two anywhere between 12pm to 10pm
  6. Your Discord username: Sammi#7290
  7. Why do you want to join the Snapcraft Build Team? Mostly for more freedom with WorldEdit. Alec and I work well as a team and sometimes we come across bursts of inspiration that end up becoming fairly unique projects and snapcraft could make
  8. use of the combined motivation on many occasions. It's boring to work alone, y'know?
  9. I've been a part of SnapCraft for a very long time and recently I've been building much more. I've had ideas for builds in many of these servers and can certainly see them come to life if I'm feeling the process.
  10. Terraforming is my strongest aspect. I work well with brushes and am fairly knowledgeable about how to use/implement them in different situations. It's fun to mess around with new brushes and use them in different ways than typically thought of.
  11. I haven't made many organics but I'm definitely more capable than the average person. It could take some learning and I might focus on improving there one day but who knows.
  12. Structure wise I'm decent. I can make many supporting assets such as houses, trees, small organics (fruit, greenery, etc) and whatever other things you'd normally come across. I at least know the difference between over-detailing and the typical
  13. medieval style you see around and purposeful/more simplistic styles that are easier on the eyes/look more professional. That's certainly one aspect about me that I feel differentiates me from the rest, I've got a good eye for discerning bad from good and will call out anything that distracts from the build.
  15. Anyways, add a few sentences of whatever you want here.
  16. Have you ever been on any notable build teams? (BlockWorks, Everbloom, goCreative, etc.) None notable.
  17. Have you ever been banned or muted? If so, please briefly explain.
  18. VERY IMPORTANT: Attach an Imgur link to pictures of at least TWO of your builds that you built on your own.
  19. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and anything else you would like us to know.
  20. idk man, stuff here.
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