Iza 1 Skip Movement Timings

Devil6Lair Jul 15th, 2017 (edited) 58 Never
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  1. Current:
  2. Canon Warped To Howling Movement - 6.68
  3. Warp to CT starting as wolf - X
  4. City Done warp to Faron starting as human - Y
  6. Idea:
  7. Warp to CT starting as wolf - X
  8. City Done to howling movement (has transform that old route did with warp) - 5.44
  9. Warp to Faron starting as wolf - Y
  11. current = 6.68
  12. Idea = 5.44
  14. conclusion: saves 1.24s but pushes Iza 1 skip after city + slightly different map movement, doubt the map movement makes it not you really want to push iza 1 skip back for ~1s
  15. Extra transform yes but currently we combine transform with warp to faron
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