Foreskin retraction

Aug 26th, 2015
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  3. shunterndAug 25 3:01 AM
  4. Hi All,
  5. I have a question regarding my 7 year old son. He is off to the pediatrician today, but I am not sure how knowledgeable she is about care of the uncircumcised penis, as we have not had problems to date.
  7. His foreskin had been nearly fully retracted (80-85%, I guess). Then earlier this summer, (with a trigger of camps, in and out of pools, in wet bathing suits) he said he had some pain on the tip of his penis, and his foreskin would not retract. He can urinate, but that is the extent of how far open it will come without discomfort.
  9. He had no recent antibiotics in the past year, but he did do 6 weeks of antibiotics last summer for having been bitten by a Lyme infected tick. We did lots of probiotics orally during the antibiotics and all year afterward, on and off.
  11. Originally, the glans looked red, but no significant exudate. The foreskin first looked red, then had a chapped look that I took as healing.
  13. I began putting oregon grape salve on it and it got a little better. I stopped too soon and it got worse again. Then I resumed when the pain came back. We are doing it twice a day. We also stopped soap and bubble bath and swam less and got out of we swim suits more quickly.
  15. I have read about but not tried using topical probiotic. I have not cultured, but perhaps I should, or perhaps the pediatrician will today. I assumed the oregon grape would work for yeast or bacteria.
  17. My assessment is that this is balanoposthitis. It could be balanitis. But not sure how worried to be about the foreskin not retracting and what to do about it. I have read the chapter in Dr. Yarnell's book on this topic. I realize I should have had him in to the doctor quite some time ago.
  19. Also, the salve we are using was made by a colleague of mine and it contains:
  20. Olive oil
  21. Calendula
  22. Oregon Grape Root
  23. Comfrey Root
  24. Plantain
  25. Echinacea
  26. Myrrh
  27. Beeswax
  28. Lavender Essential Oil.
  30. Currently, the foreskin can't be retracted at all due to pain when attempting to do so. No problems with urination.
  32. In addition to whatever the pediatrician may say, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  34. I thank you in advance for any advice you can provide.
  36. Sincerely,
  37. Sharon Hunter, ND
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