Wicked Rouge v.2.0 changelog

Nov 17th, 2019
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  1. 0.2.0
  3. Added touch support to sex training heart mini-game
  4. Added touch support to expanded dialogue choices
  5. Fixed map travel arrow keys leading to an empty list
  6. New event: Saka talks with the client (1 sex scene (2 animations/Anal scenes))
  7. New event: Talks about religion, unlocks Sacred shrine.
  8. New map: Sacred shrine
  9. New function: Pray for various buffs
  10. Added sex scene: Donate to the shrine to get sexy with shrine maidens (2sex scenes (4sex animations)). Additional content will be added later.
  11. Added 12 new animations to sex training.
  12. New event: Yura is bored
  13. New event: Fudeyo's asks Saka how she's doing
  14. New event: New sheets
  15. New event: Talk about reputation
  16. New event: Fudeyo's murderous brother
  17. New event: Saka&Yura at the beach
  18. New event: Dream
  19. New event: Yura's group sex
  20. New event: Talk with Fudeyo&Mei asks
  21. New event: Mei trips
  22. New event: Mei scolded
  23. New event: Umezou about finances&Mei start
  24. New event: Everyone finds out about Mei
  25. New event: Mei virginity check (1sex animation)
  26. New event: Choice [take Mei virginity yourself || sell her virginity to the client] (2 animations)
  27. Mei prostitution & training unlocked!
  28. New event: Mei&Yura interaction
  29. Small income balance
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