TomxAnonDaughter [MLO]

Mar 3rd, 2013
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  1. >I met her mom in a quarry.
  2. >Her mom was a beautiful gem of a rock, but her sedimentary nature meant she was always on the go.
  3. >I didn't care, I loved her, and we ended up having a beautiful pebble.
  4. >I knew it wouldn't last, and I was fine with that.
  5. >That was just her nature.
  6. >One day she left, when a rather strong burst of water came flowing through, and I knew she wasn't coming back.
  7. >That's alright, you enjoyed what you had, and your beautiful daughter reminded you of her every day.
  8. >I raised her alone, spoiled her outright, and she always stuck by you, daddy's little pebble.
  9. >But soon enough, she grew up, she wasn't a little pebble anymore, but she always stuck around you, never truly left your side.
  10. >Even when you thought she should be going out on her own, meeting new rocks, becoming her own boulder, she always stuck around you.
  11. >I began to worry, she never moved far from you, maybe she wasn't good with other rocks? Was she on crystals?
  12. >I decided to confront her one day, as she sat beside you, not moving an inch, like she normally did.
  13. Anon, why do you always hang around your boring old dad, you should be going out and meeting rocks your own age?
  14. >She gave you the look, the one she always used to get what she wanted, the one that always put me between a rock and a hard place.
  15. Don't give me that look, young missy, You're a sweet little stone, you should be rolling on your own, not sleeping on your old man's bedrock and acting like you're some little pebble!
  16. >Without dropping the look, she started whining.
  17. >"But Dad, I don't like the other rocks, they're all metamorphic and immature!"
  18. >"And you're so strong and inspiring, and you're my role model, why would I ever want to be around those other rocks? None of them will ever match up to you dad!"
  19. >"I guess what I'm saying is, Dad, I think I love you."
  20. >What?
  21. >My own daughter, my little pebble, a chip off the old rock, was coming onto me.
  22. >I had watched her grown into her own rock, and I couldn't fool myself into believe she was ugly.
  23. >She did look just like her mom, but in her own igneousiacious way.
  24. >I had raised her on my own, showered her with attention, how could I have not seen this coming?
  25. "I...I don't know what to say Anon."
  26. >"It's okay dad, I didn't expect you to see this coming, you were always stuck in-between your hard place."
  27. >She started rolling towards you.
  28. >I honestly had no idea what to do next.
  29. >Anon rolled close to you, whispering to you in a gneiss sweet voice of her's.
  30. >"Let's start with a kiss Dad, and see where it goes."
  31. >I was shocked, paralyzed into inaction.
  32. >She touched her lips to mine, clearly getting into it.
  33. >She awoke urges in me, urges that I hadn't have fulfilled since her mom left me.
  34. >I would of been lying if I said I wasn't rock hard.
  35. >She break the kiss, leaning back.
  36. >"You enjoyed that, didn't you dad. I know you think I'm beautiful, you say so all the time. And I know you haven't been with another boulder since mom left."
  37. "...Don't call me dad, call me Tom."
  38. >With a sigh, she rocked forward, kissing me again.
  39. >I decided to play along with it, see where it went, because she was right, I loved her in my own way, and it had been a very long time.
  40. >She started kissing me, and I gave it right back to her.
  41. >I was really enjoying this, she was getting my rocks off pretty hard here.
  42. >I broke away from the kiss, panting.
  43. >"I..I love you Tom."
  44. "I love you too Anon."
  45. >"Lets take this to the bedrock, Tom."
  46. >I was in no position to disagree.
  47. >We both roll over to your bed, she beats me there though, positvely sliding the whole way there.
  48. >She lays down, making no mistake about hiding what she had.
  49. >"So Tom, are you going to rock my world?"
  50. "Just for that, I'm going to cobble you up."
  51. >With a slight movement, I was on top of her, sliding up and down, going for the erosionary techinque, breaking her down.
  52. >I may have gone without for awhile, but I'll be damned if I didn't know what I was doing anymore.
  53. >Her inexperience started showing, as she started moaning, clearly digging my technique.
  54. >Finally reaching her outcrop, I lined yourself up, taking great pleasure in her tremors, her clear excitment over what was to happen.
  55. >With a single thrust, I was inside her, her inside gripping me tighly, like a vice.
  56. >I began to work slowly, pacing her and myself, as I knew I wouldn't last long.
  57. >With a slow steady movement, I began thrusting in and out, trying to find her tectonic plate.
  58. >I find it soon enough, a gasp escaping from her.
  59. >I countine to thrust against her slowly, hitting the spot over and over again, feeling her tense under me.
  60. >Finally finding my pace, I decide to go rougher, pulling almost all the way out, feeling Anon qauke against me.
  61. >I finally slam home.
  62. >She can't help but be loud, just like her mom.
  63. >Soon enough, I realized, I'm not going to last much longer.
  64. >Picking up the pace, you lean over and tell her I'm close to erupting.
  65. "I'm close Anon!"
  66. >"Inside, I want to feel you pour your molten rock in me!"
  67. >I let go, losing all sense of pacing as I slam into her repeatedly, feeling my peak fast approaching.
  68. >With a gravelly grone, I blow, letting it all loose inside my precious Anon.
  69. >Panting heavily, I pull out you, before laying down beside her.
  70. "I bet you didn't see that cummingtonite."
  71. >"Oh Tom" she yelled, before playfully hitting you, a smile on both our faces.
  73. END
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