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  1. AyumiKuragari: Ayumi, a Vampire/Obyrith of the Abyss, with palish skin and armor black as the darkest night. Each piece of armor made from that of dragon bone, infused with metallic alloys from his own home land. As he looked over at the land with a deadly smirk. That seemed to cut through even the dense air that surrounded all around his ship, his hands on the steering wheel that was made from obsidian and his eyes made a luminous glow in a low toned crimson hue. He knew not to look at petty mortals due to the fact his eyesight alone could possibly kill them if they would of looked at him any longer than 10 seconds. He had a small short sword that was taken from the Crypts of Zalu's Treasure Vault. This blade was able to cut through even the strongest matter, increasing the density of what was hit by this blade making it a deadly force to be reckoned with. He only stood at 5'10" with red eyes that pierced the red foggy area the land naturally had. His eyes finding all sorts of aura's and heartbeats in a red haze thanks to the red lyrium aboard the Agro which enhanced all of his demonic powers tenfold. Ayumi was one of the new Demonic Lords of the Abyss, after having overthrown the elder ones from way before after the collapse of the ether of time and space. Therefore, leading his race into a civil war as the obyrith race took control of the abyss, assuming all control within that era of time. A mortal would be a full-hearted fool to board this mighty vessel and attack Ayumi - not mentioning getting past all the specifications it had with all the weaponry, and with the "Ultimate White Magic" or also known as WhiteMateria. When it's active it glows green, which would also enhance Ayumi to an almost demi-godish state of physical form and embodiment. Due to the simple fact that Red Lyrium thins the veil, making demons more infused with their own demonic abilities. Although, Ayumi did not use this power as much as he should of. Matter of fact he himself, was strong enough on his own without the use of the enhancements. But it was always good to have such a backup power at his fingertips. He left the steering wheel while yelling out, "Drop the anchor!" The anchor was then released from it's holding area as the sounds of chains and the splash could be heard for a resonating through the land before him to mortals for unknown reasons to them though Aymui knew it was because a spirit of an ocean lived in the ship and longed to see sea again as it had seen nothing but skies for years. The fog that surrounded the massive vessel was still thick and dense - the Agro itself actually created this screen of fog to remain undetected from unwanted attackers making this massive brig a ghost ship of mystery making this ship a force that could move onto a kingdom, into a fog bringing the war of fog a whole other meaning to it. Ayumi called this maneuver ‘The Mist of Death.' Since yes, the Agro was huge, but mixed with the fog that surrounded it, it would just make it look like a morning fog rolling in. The sweet and salty mist of the sea put him at ease as his own crew of thralls - one he had made from taking control on mortals turning them into horrific servants under his name. Their wails of agony brought pleasure to Ayumi's ears. From the very corruption on their souls and minds twisted them into nothing more than mindless fanatics who would just about rip anyone apart if they stepped onto the Agro. The Agro had runic drawings and carvings all over the ship's surfaces, mostly on the ship's sides and on the masts. Each set of runics glowing an almost reddish and black glow, causing Angelic or religious figures who dared to step foot upon the Agro to be reduced down to a mortal-like stage. However, these runics did not affect him because his race had no ties to anything religious. Matter of fact, his own race was nothing but warmongers and death bringers if and when provoked. While walking around the Agro, both of his hands behind his back clenched onto each others wrist as his head remained on a swivel, keeping watch of his crew, the land they just arrived upon and his ship. The anchor dug into land dead cent of the area finally hitting a rock and hooked on, Ayumi remained still as the ship came to a drastic stop. Most of its crew moved slightly from such a stop, but it didn't on him. But in honesty, it was a war ship ready to rain hell over everyone with the mortars crashing down onto the shores and fortifications anyone would have set up. The mortars would crash to the ground, superheating the arena and the air within in. The constant barrage would result in the ground below the ship flowing with streams of molten lava and 90 percent of the area covered in flames but what less could you expect from 5 150 mm mortar shells. This merely gave Ayumi the advantage as well as thanks to his Dragon-Slayer upbringing. He was impervious to flame and heat damage. He was also able to breathe and eat fire at as his training had genetically modified his lungs to be able to withstand extreme amounts of heat and the ability to hold flames without burning tissue. It also doubled every aspect of Ayumi's Physical fitness such as his Strength, his body's Density, Speed, Sence of smell, Touch and sight. Though there was more to it then just flame as he was the only remaining indivdual to have obtained all 7 Slayer magic's there was Flame,Moon,Sky He had learned most of this though of course not long ago 5-10 years as a round quick estimate and had spent about 5 years learning these magics and the stratagys that surrounded them and there individual fighting styles from each of the seven dragons each of them bestowing upon him there knowledge and experience as all who have extended knowledge of dragons knows there life spans are far more then that of a humans or relitivly any other creature of known exitence at this point in time at least in his home realm that is He had also heard along his journeys with these dragons that there was a mystical Cow one the bestowed these very magics upon the dragons themselves and had to power to bestow new magics onto new beings if found rightious and oure of heart. Though none have been able to find this cow as it had disappeared millenia ago after blessing the world with the gifts it gave the dragons. Tell them that one day a boy would emerge one worthy of the knowledge and the power and that the cow had picked then to protect these secrets till this boy emerged and earned his place among the world the dragons confused and unaware of how they were supoose the know the cow assured them that when the time came there would be sighns clear as the sun above there very heads to tell them the time had come and the boy had arrived in the world. Now equpided with this knowledge the dragons seperated into 7 seperate corners of the planet to lay in wait for there time to come and there purpose to come and pass. The cow once more promised when the destiny was full filled he would grant the dragons what no other creature possiably could. A final rest to the eternal walk and soothing to the pain a final sleep to there weary walk a gental and quick death. Not only this, he had the bloodline of his Uncle pumping through his veins. The proud race of the Zennorian's, they carried a set of abilities all it's own. ( c )
  3. AyumiKuragari: Armor and Formula: Already being dawned in armor forged from his own bodies dead skin with a scaled rating of twelve hundred armor upon the scale of the material, an armor value of 300 would reduce incoming damage by 300 ÷ 600 = 0.5 = 50%, so only half of the weapon's damage is inflicted in total. At 600, you receive only 33% (600 ÷ 900 = 0.67) of a weapon's outgoing damage. At 900 armor, the damage is divided by 4 (900 ÷ 1200 = 0.75), and so on. This armor reflected a slick fitted leather vest although it still guarded the full torso as if it had been enchanted simply do to his advanced technology with a chain appearing as that was really a collection of fingers cut down to the nub and painted. Croviex styled his pants in the same leather fashion the belt around the waist festered with bacteria causing direct damage to the fusiform gyrus of an opposer upon sight smell touch or thought do to the chemical and spiritual binding of the bacteria, after all, it was a rotting intestine of what use to be a Various creatures biological make-up: most organs were carried inside only complex nerve system and a series of data processors located in his index fingers, pinky toes and chest. Each one served equal to that of four times a human brains knowledge and perception without a separate state of awareness unless attacked making Croviex Fully Lucid to his surroundings and reality at all times as well as increasing his implicative thinking by five times that of most creatures. Muscles. His muscles functions came directly from the air via microscale pores in the skin which act as a vacuum to conduct sugars and carbs as well as living cells from the life that is or once was around him. These muscles came in several tightly compressed elastic structures, Resulting in the ability to change the time a force is extended over them and his limbs without changing relative location, Uncommon to most biological organisms his limbs sat on joints more similar axels in cross sections improving overall torque without offsetting shape blood. The blood so to speak of the creature took shape in a non-Newtonian Fluid allowing him to glide over low-pressure systems do to bouncy. the enzymes factored in the body as well with a genetic trait t restored the body by eight one-hundredths of its total mass every five mins the fluid was also Put under the constant stress of his weight increasing his body's defense. The additive property allowed this liquid known as Kuva to be injected or released into biological creatures via the pores in the body to obtain control over a victim's cerebral cortex.
  4. AyumiKuragari: spit What appeared to be his saliva carried chromosomes for horizontal DNA transfer flesh/sub flesh The internal sub flesh level of his body however housed one hundred times the external density and happened to be lined with a combo of Hydrofluoric acid and Antimony with each so-called veins lined in carbon.Biological powers. He also held powers of vast control over his own body's skeletal system with swarms of amoebas counteracting the limits of myostatin with advanced skills in repairing tissue, secondly, each holds the ability to push their cytoskeleton into the plasma of membranes they also provide biomedical data to central membranes. This tracks the medical condition of the Creature and triggers secondary actions when it registers critical damage through internal or external trauma. These modules of biological Evolution are implanted in Membrane tissue, the lymphatic system, and adrenal glands, and utilize micro-Photon energy charges and phase-released chemicals to stimulate the body's healing reaction. Added to this is a system that stimulates the production of blood vessels in all parts of the body, increasing the user's ability to withstand damage and simultaneously reducing the negative effects of an injury. It achieves this through internal production of custom-designed growth factors that trigger and support angiogenesis (the production of vascular tissue). These are circulated through the body via the what remained of the lymphatic system, resulting in an overall increase in the flow of Kuva to all parts of the body. The single cell organism also produces a small amount of inhibiting antibodies that prevent angiogenesis cascading, which can result in spontaneous tumor forming. after growing accustomed to the flow of synthetic and supportive growth factors, the Angiogenesis supporting Protein therapy and the spinning a poly fiber web of a spider silk-like substance capable of supporting one point seven five billion newtons per cross-sectional area residing in the maggots.
  5. AyumiKuragari: Skills/Powers Force manipulation up to three thousand Giga tesla in a burst with cooldowns of twenty seconds with a max duration of 30 seconds, Bunkai manipulation and sharpness manipulation
  6. AyumiKuragari: Weaknesses: Lack of air, injects of his pores. Water. Atop of all this was a few abilities he uncle had taught him and a very special device to aid him in battle. This Reactor that had been made for him was placed on his wrist and its purpose was as follows, transmuting and feeding off the natural protein factors in the body His reactor stimulated natural growth and hormone factors while strengthening the natural cross-sectional surface area of the muscles found along with the skeletal system. Each bit of the normal muscle functions have been replaced by these advancements allowing them to be contracted and repulsed using the brains electric in pulses with a one thousand percent increase over that of a normal organism that being said the variable for his strength would be (your normal weight lifting capacity ) with the one thousand percent increase given the average. the reactor rested providing more modifications effect to the aspects of his fighting each of them was known as the following. : Blood Driven: this allowed the wear To Draw blood through the sweat glands of those around him if water made contact with the out layer of flesh. Wicked rest: By channeling the natural chemical releases in long term torpor this modification reduces energetic consumption. : Monster of the night: the Given non-living organisms no longer needs to absorb chemicals only found in humans do to this Mod stimulating the natural production of PCDHY: PCDH11Y is a gene unique to human males that encodes Protocadherin 11Y, a protein that guides the development of nerve cells. PCDH11X, located on the X chromosome, is common, in both sexes, to humans and their nearest relative, the chimpanzee; however, PCDH11Y, located on the Y chromosome, is unique to males. Secondly, this allows for the chemical and it's building blocks to be drained from other undead organisms through direct or indirect physical contact. : Endurance reborn, Driven from factoring in his natural pattern processing skills this mod sends signals to the retina, exploiting the best possible opening for auxiliary attacks without the need for cognitive thinking. Finally, The Aura of this Reactor allowed those Aiding the Host to directly transmute biological data through Horizontal gene transfer for short periods of time leaving trace amounts of this Data behind after. Not to mention that the Reactor could control the entirety of his battleship on its own do to Ayumi having spent countless years building machines to operate the ship and connect through Bluetooth to his reactor and could do Ayumi needed through a neural interlink. And the final kick off of this man was the abilities he had gained from being in the Abyss himself for 200,000 years. Due to the Abyss's Immense Gravity compared to the gravity of a normal planet as such they were on allowed him to move quite a bit quicker 156,565 miles per hour to be exact. This also gave quite the boost in power as there wasn't as much strain on the muscles allowing him to hit with the force of 18 million pounds per square inch around the perimeter of his fist. Adding on top of that was his ability to control air and not just basic air the very molecules and atoms of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Argon, and Water Vapor. This allowed in many varieties of abilities. This also stacked on the ability of his 1/350 eyesight. This meant that what a human has seen at 1 foot away perfectly Ayumi could see at 300 feet away perfectly. The other interesting thing about his eyesight was an ability gifted to him by his father from the Obyrith gene. Ayumi had the ability to see things around him at 7x slower than any other known creature to date supernatural or otherwise. This paired nicely with his own special Obyrith ability where he had acquired the name "Wings of the Dragon" Ayumi had the ability to Not only speak Draconic but also call upon the aid of Dragons if he so saw fit in battle. which again paired nicely with an ability gifted to him through birth with his father known as Linear Dimensional jumping meaning that throughout his own history he could pick a specific point and time and jump to it at will Though this was a one time deal and took rather massive amounts of energy at that. All this being said Ayumi would then leap over the side of the ship and land with a thud and crunch as his feet crushed the snow. He would pull the Reactor up to his face and whisper something before the ship would pull itself to the ground with a loud thud the resulting effect would be rocks and whole boulders jutting up from the ground almost like waves in the ocean and splinter away. The force of said launch of rock would cause and almost shrapnel like effect that would surround the ship for a good 100-150 feet and from about 10 foot high to the flat ground.After the little Facade was done. He would then leap over the side hitting the ground with a loud thud his thick heavy boots digging into the busted up rock and durt and dust just outside the tower. He would then approach the tower quietly even after the rather loud racket he just caused before he would then knock on the wall softly before sliping his hand behind his back and stand in wait.-
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