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attacking Israeli government

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Mar 12th, 2012
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  1. we are being ddosed and there are chances that the hosting company start playing games so here is goes as a paste let us know if the links are not available and spread them around filesharing hosts - bests
  2. -------------------------
  4. 5.for those of you who live far away from the issue , we advice you watch this movie . it gives you helpful insights to understand the truth . if you not into movies we've got something interesting for you . below is the list of all the Israeli government websites and networks and partially how they operate . in the past months we have gained access to a lot of these computers specially in subnet 147.237.72.* which hosts almost every sensitive Israeli online systems in one integrated network using one single home-made CMS :)
  6. we are analyzing data to put them in respective categories and later publish the details with social networks , phones and addresses . maybe debka wants to speculate we are a team of Chinese wizards or RBN . maybe BiBi make threats with guns he doesnt have . we dont care . "oh the wind the wind is blowing , through the graves the wind is blowing , freedom soon will come.."
  7. link-8:
  10. 4. Shalom Hartman Institute is one big Zionist complex to fund "Israeli-Jewish Identity" activities , or to put it simply , fat give money to conduct "thought R&D" for something they call an "Identity" . here we leak their webapp db containing names and passes . their webmail is owned as well and contains huge amount of communications between politicians ( even Mrs Clinton ) , media associates , academics and Jewish institutions with regard to projects on "Israeli-Jewish Identity" .
  12. we found it useless to just go on and publish the mails . they are being processed for a full social network graph . below you will find a small part of it . stay tuned for the rest . we got tweeter and facebook as well . follow and like us if you are bored :)
  14. we do not forget
  15. we do not forgive
  16. remember Emad
  18. link-6:DB
  19. link-7:hartman-socialnetwork-1
  21. 3.Ben Gurion University is Israel's most active and sophesticated academic environment in different fields including
  22. Nuclear engineering . following servers are owned :
  34. their webmail archives are downloaded and yes we make sure it will get into the righ hands . following is some dumps of
  35. their DBs including many names , emails and passwords . it also exposes the structure of their networks . we also have
  36. a huge load of pictures of academics who are involved in electric , fusion , nuclear and defense research centers . take
  37. a look while the whole package is being uploaded :)
  39. link-3: DB
  40. link-4: pix-1
  41. link-5: fun
  43. 2.plan is to publish rather interesting stuff about the Zionist regime's infrastructure . its going to be damaging . so let them see it coming slowly . here is a small teaser .
  44. link-2: deface
  46. 1.first msg goes to our bros @ sleeper cells . time to get up . decode the z-h release and contact us , we know who you are .
  47. let the game begin . our greetz fly to everyone involved in this specially anon ,antisec ,lulz and other standup guys who
  48. will not take shit anymore
  50. فمن يتوكل علي الله فهو حسبه
  51. link-1: decode
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