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  1. # Please explain your characters' training to justify you leveling up to the above level.  Please separate characters with 2 spaces inbetween their paragraphs.
  3. First character
  5. Second Character
  6. Etc.
  7. #### my first OC Jv had left off in Eythir's realm, he was training with Vados and eythir constantly everyday they bboth have god ki and it would make a LOT of sense for jv to obtain Atleast ssg (maybe even ssgss?) Also, jv would have been visiting home somewhat constantly for his son so he couldv'e also gotten a bit of spar time and time with his son before he would go back to training. also considering before I was over half way to level 36 so that could also be an addition to why I believe I could level up to this level. This Oc wasn't the only one undergoing things to. Tamaki (my second Oc) was residing with the owner of the oc that won the dragon fist contest.. there was probably a lot of training tamaki could have gone through and good sessions at that. Xin(My THIRD OC) is a demon prince (referring to his bbackstory) Im sure his father would be quite powerful and Xin was trained by his family.. besides Xin tends to get in a lot of fights as he got into 2 (you could say 3 cause he destroyed a restaurant) so his fighting could also contribute to the levels I want to gain and power leveling in general.
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