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  1. First of all, it's good to see that you've noticed the fans of the channel. Personally I've been subscribed to wrestletalk for a long time, and actually unsubscribed this week.
  4. My reasons for cancelling my subscription were:
  5. - Constant community posts with click bait headlines
  6. - Video's having click bait titles
  7. - Video's being 10-15 minutes at a minimum these days
  8. - Content within the video's being dragged out
  11. Here are my idea's on how you could improve WrestleTalk as a whole
  12. 1. Minimise the amount of community posts. Maybe make a daily wrestling update post on the website containing all the stories of that day, and make a community post with a link to that post.
  14. 2. When making a community post, don't use headlines such as "Did Randy orton just bla bla bla?" or "Chris Jericho just made a huge announcement!". This is the type of shit sites like buzzfeed do. I get that clicks are important but I'd argue quality traffic is a lot more beneficial. Headlines need to be a brief description of the story. Nothing more, nothing less.
  16. 3. Idea no2 should be used for video titles as well. Describe the story, don't use click bait to pull viewers in. Viewers will fall for it because we trusted you, but after a few months of constant click bait titles that trust won't be there any more.
  20. 4. Cut the video's into multiple video's. Reviews of wrestling shows should be a whole seperate video. Same goes for wrestling news. I know Youtube's algorithm is a b*tch and likes longer video's, but your viewers don't! Stick with the shorter (4-5 mins or around there) video's and you'll be golden.
  24. 5. In your video's, be presice, accurate, to the point and DO NOT drag things out. Most of the news stories in video's can be told in a few sentences, and even though that's not what you or we want, it doesn't need to be 4 minutes a piece.
  27. Anyhow, to conclude my comment, it's good to see that you care about the community you've created. Much love from a long time fan, who just subscribed to you again :)
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