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  1. # Why do you want to join SWAT? (Minimum 200 words.)
  2. #### I want to join swat beacuse i witness and am the victim to some. And want to stop those criminals, druglords, ect. And want to make this server safe for new players who dont know how to call 911, and players who cant call 911 beacuse of the criminals who know when they are calling 911 and know when they are droping guns. And the players who think they can protect them self, who wont call 911 beacuse they have too much self confidence that they are skilled enough to pull out a gun while being robbed and kill the robber while being pointed in the head with a gun. Also i will never kill/taser or destroy someones car for no reasone, and will always listen to higher commanding swat members unless they are trying to get me to do something illegal or bannable beacuse i am loyal to the police force and have never done nothing illegal or plan to do it, and i will always stand loyal to the police force who will always serve this server and i only ask from it to not betray me or the server. And i want to save those who need help. (Sorry if i have bad formating im typing this on phone).
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