WU,AH: Game 7 (DM: Egg) Session 1

Jan 20th, 2013
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  1. Jan 19 20:43:49 <Egg_Discord> It seemed like an interesting idea. An amusement park where people could take their pets so that both man and animal could enjoy a theme park. The marketing had been announcing the grand opening for months and they even announced half price for the first week for a full 7 day trip. The pet attractions still needed to be tweaked, but half off for a theme park, especially one as awesome as this, wasn't that bad of
  2. Jan 19 20:43:49 <Egg_Discord> a deal. After spending the whole day at the theme park, you all went to your respective homes and hotels to get some rest for the rest of the theme park tomorrow. How exciting! All that changed, however, when you would wake up that morning in a strange hotel room, big enough for a family of four to sleep in, with four complete strangers. Your adventure begins with you waking u in this strange hotel room.
  3. Jan 19 20:44:59 <Writefag4> Woken by anything in particular?
  4. Jan 19 20:45:13 <Egg_Discord> Nope
  5. Jan 19 20:45:16 <starlite> *Fritz begins to stir, trying to pull a blanket over his head and go back to sleep*
  6. Jan 19 20:45:35 <Egg_Discord> You may all wake up at your own convenience
  7. Jan 19 20:45:53 <BC92> (I'm a heavy sleeper so... lets see what happens)
  8. Jan 19 20:46:22 <Globebutt> (...Are we all sleeping in beds, or, um... Where are we waking up?)
  9. Jan 19 20:46:32 <Aurora_> Günther yawns and stretches, bumping his hand against a wall he didn't think was there. His eyes open and he sits up awake. Blinking and rubbing his eyes as he sees others in his hotel room...And then noticing it's not his room.
  10. Jan 19 20:46:43 <Egg_Discord> (four of you are sleeping on beds, one on a pull out couch
  11. Jan 19 20:47:12 <BC92> (dibs on the couch =P)
  12. Jan 19 20:47:39 <starlite> "Ugh... Be a bit more quiet, would you? Some of us are still trying to sleep..."
  13. Jan 19 20:47:43 <Globebutt> I pull down the covers and sit up in bed.
  14. Jan 19 20:48:09 <Globebutt> ...Wait. Wh... I turn my head toward the voice. Who's in my room?
  15. Jan 19 20:48:18 <Globebutt> ...Whose room am I in!?
  16. Jan 19 20:48:20 <Egg_Discord> Günther, that's not all you notice. Something doesn't seem quite right with some of these people In fact, some of them look like... Well, circus freaks. Or goth punks, whichever is more visually disgusting to you
  17. Jan 19 20:48:23 <Writefag4> Wait. Voices aren't usual for room.
  18. Jan 19 20:48:33 <BC92> B.C. rolls over and grumbles a bit, still deep in dreamland.
  19. Jan 19 20:49:23 * Writefag4 Bolts up almost immediately alert. Laziness is one thing but this is something entirely diffrenet?
  20. Jan 19 20:49:41 <Writefag4> (Are we sharing beds or does each have his own?)
  21. Jan 19 20:49:48 <Egg_Discord> (To each their own)
  22. Jan 19 20:50:01 <Writefag4> (Clothing status?)
  23. Jan 19 20:50:21 <Globebutt> (Waiting for a description of what I see when I turn toward starlite. Mind, anything too far away's pretty blurry without my glasses.)
  24. Jan 19 20:50:28 <Aurora_> "Who are you people? Why you in my room?" With that, Günther looks for his trusty bottle of vodka, only to find it to be gone
  25. Jan 19 20:50:35 <Egg_Discord> That's a good question, Laura. One person bolted upright, and another's already up. Maybe you should try talking to them.
  26. Jan 19 20:50:41 <starlite> (Keep in mind, Fritz pulled a blanket partially over his head, Globe)
  27. Jan 19 20:50:48 <BC92> (id assume normal sleepwear, i'll say this time i fell asleep with my glasses on)
  28. Jan 19 20:51:20 <Aurora_> (Günther wears an exceptionally tight speedo)
  29. Jan 19 20:51:25 <Writefag4> Clutches his blanket to himself. "Who are you people?"
  30. Jan 19 20:51:26 <Globebutt> (Lovely.)
  31. Jan 19 20:51:30 <BC92> (lol wat?)
  32. Jan 19 20:51:36 <Globebutt> "Is this your room? I don't know how I got here!" I frantically look around for my glasses.
  33. Jan 19 20:51:45 <Egg_Discord> Your clothing and organs are still fully intact, Write. You at least are glad to know that you are not in a tub of ice with mysterious stitches
  34. Jan 19 20:51:45 <Globebutt> Is there a nightstand? Are they on the nightstand?
  35. Jan 19 20:51:56 <BC92> BC rolls over again, a troubled expression on his face yet his eyes still closed.
  36. Jan 19 20:52:08 <Egg_Discord> Glasses are nect to you, Globe
  37. Jan 19 20:52:13 <Egg_Discord> Er, Laura
  38. Jan 19 20:52:14 <Globebutt> Oh, good.
  39. Jan 19 20:52:18 <starlite> "All right, all right, if you aren't gonna be quiet, I'm getting up!"
  40. Jan 19 20:52:27 <Globebutt> I move to put my glasses on.
  41. Jan 19 20:53:08 <Aurora_> "Wait. This not my room. My room was small, for one person. Where am I?" Günther gets out of bed, taking a good look at the others there.
  42. Jan 19 20:53:16 <Writefag4> (So I'm wearing more than I went to sleep with? Or what I usually went to sleep with?)
  43. Jan 19 20:53:18 <Egg_Discord> That's when you notice something wrong with your voice, Fritz. It doesn't sound normal. In fact, it sounds feminine
  44. Jan 19 20:53:24 <Globebutt> (For the record, I'm probably wearing an off-white nightgown. Or a long t-shirt. Something like that.)
  45. Jan 19 20:53:41 <BC92> (i sleep in boxer briefs.)
  46. Jan 19 20:53:43 <starlite> *Fritz coughs trying to clear his throat, heading to the bathroom for a shower*
  47. Jan 19 20:53:48 <Egg_Discord> (What you usually sleep with)
  48. Jan 19 20:54:18 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, is it just you or is everything in this room abnormally tall?
  49. Jan 19 20:54:45 <starlite> *Fritz stumbles slightly at the disorientation* "Ow, what did I drink last night?"
  50. Jan 19 20:54:46 <Writefag4> Wraps the sheet around his body. 'Why am I waking up in a room full of strangers?'
  51. Jan 19 20:54:52 <Globebutt> (Do I encounter any difficulties in donning my glasses?)
  52. Jan 19 20:55:05 <Globebutt> "I don't know! I don't even know who you are!"
  53. Jan 19 20:55:06 <Aurora_> Günther looks around for the minibar
  54. Jan 19 20:55:32 <BC92> (blissfully unaware still, make some noise, wake me up =U)
  55. Jan 19 20:55:40 <starlite> *Fritz looks over at everyone else* "I'll admit, I don't remember much about last night, but what are you all doing in my room?"
  56. Jan 19 20:55:46 <Writefag4> (Globe is shouting.)
  57. Jan 19 20:55:53 <Writefag4> "This is your room?"
  58. Jan 19 20:56:04 <Egg_Discord> The mini bar is in the kitchen. There's probably not enough drinks in there to really get oyu drunk, Gunther
  59. Jan 19 20:56:06 <BC92> (well then... I suppose I should probably wake up if there is shouting)
  60. Jan 19 20:56:20 <starlite> *Fritz looks around* "Wait, no, this looks nothing like my room. And everything's way too big, anyway. Just how tall are you all?"
  61. Jan 19 20:56:49 <Aurora_> As he finds the mini bar to be sorely lacking in proper drinks, he settles for whatever he can get his hands on. With all the commotion around him, he's going to need a drink.
  62. Jan 19 20:56:55 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, you are looking up at everyone. It's a bit harder to see with your brown hair covering your left eye
  63. Jan 19 20:57:20 <BC92> BC grumbles and rubs his eyes, bumping his glasses out of the way. "the hell...? wha...?" he mumbles blearily as he sees he isn't where he remembered falling asleep.
  64. Jan 19 20:57:23 <Globebutt> With my glasses on, I look around the room again.
  65. Jan 19 20:57:28 <Egg_Discord> There is at least one cheap beer and a mini bottle of wine inside, Gunther
  66. Jan 19 20:57:50 <starlite> *Fritz moves to push his hair out of his eye, confused. He had dyed it blond just last week. It shouldn't be brown again already*
  67. Jan 19 20:58:28 <Writefag4> "I guess. Something a little above 5 foot?"
  68. Jan 19 20:58:39 <Egg_Discord> What a strange sight to behold, Laura. A strange bulky man is in the kitchen getting drunk, an average looking guy is getting out of bed and...
  69. Jan 19 20:58:45 <Egg_Discord> Wait a minute...
  70. Jan 19 20:58:47 <Writefag4> Does Fritz look particuarly migety?
  71. Jan 19 20:58:58 <Egg_Discord> Is that a brown pony walking around?
  72. Jan 19 20:59:08 <Globebutt> I blink.
  73. Jan 19 20:59:24 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, you notice that when you move your hair out of your eyes, you hand is missing its fingers
  74. Jan 19 20:59:33 <Globebutt> I take off my glasses, turn them around, and look for smudges and scratches.
  75. Jan 19 20:59:37 <Egg_Discord> In fact, it looks more like a hoof
  76. Jan 19 20:59:45 <BC92> BC sits up and shakes his head to wake himself up some more, still not noticing much around him.
  77. Jan 19 21:00:00 <starlite> *Fritz stares at his hand, shocked. It was not only misshapen, but brown.* "Oh, real funny."
  78. Jan 19 21:00:01 <Aurora_> Günther drinks down the beer over the course of a few seconds before looking back to the room. Upon noticing the pony, he sets the beer down, blinks in disbelief, and begins with the wine
  79. Jan 19 21:00:23 <Egg_Discord> Why don't these people shut up, BC? You just want some sleep.
  80. Jan 19 21:00:33 <Globebutt> I put my glasses back on and look toward the pony.
  81. Jan 19 21:00:41 <Writefag4> "Ppppony?" I stammer. Was the pony the thing that was talking?
  82. Jan 19 21:00:43 <starlite> *Fritz tries to continue to the bathroom, struggling to stand on his two legs*
  83. Jan 19 21:00:54 <Globebutt> Or whatever that... person? Animal? Thing is?
  84. Jan 19 21:01:15 <Egg_Discord> You attempt to stand up on two legs, but you find it impossible, simply falling over every time
  85. Jan 19 21:01:21 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, that is
  86. Jan 19 21:01:37 <BC92> bc pauses for a moment before jumping up, "where am I and who..." he stops again as he sees the strange sight before him. "ok, I'm dreaming aren't I...." he shakes his head.
  87. Jan 19 21:01:37 <Aurora_> As soon as he's done with his drink, Günther makes his way to the normal fridge, assuming there is one, taking a look inside to see what's available for breakfast.
  88. Jan 19 21:01:39 <starlite> "Okay, I *definitely* drank too much last night. Can't even stand up"
  89. Jan 19 21:02:09 <Globebutt> "...I..."
  90. Jan 19 21:02:12 <starlite> *Fritz tries again to clear his throat after hearing his softened voice, biting his hand to pull the misshapen glove off of it*
  91. Jan 19 21:02:19 * Writefag4 slides out of bed. Breifs and a t-shirt. Normaly I'd be to modest but this.
  92. Jan 19 21:02:22 <Egg_Discord> You find a few things here and there in the fridge. Eggs, cream, milk, vegetables... No meat for some reason...
  93. Jan 19 21:02:25 <Writefag4> "Uhhhhm."
  94. Jan 19 21:02:38 * Writefag4 reaches out a hand and touches the pony.
  95. Jan 19 21:03:00 <starlite> *Fritz stumbles back at the touch* "Hey, hands to yourself!"
  96. Jan 19 21:03:03 <Globebutt> I blink slowly.
  97. Jan 19 21:03:19 <Writefag4> Its solid right? Or am I halucinating.
  98. Jan 19 21:03:30 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, not only does the glove not come off, you can feel yourself biting said glove. It may be entirely possible that this isn't a glove at all...
  99. Jan 19 21:03:45 <Writefag4> "Oh... you're real."
  100. Jan 19 21:04:08 <starlite> *Fritz stops biting at the glove and turns to the giant before him* "Of course I'm real! What, did you never see a German before?"
  101. Jan 19 21:04:20 * BC92 pokes himself a few times before slapping himself across the face, "...ow... not dreaming..." he looks back at the group before him. "what the hell is going on...?" he says, a worried expression on his face.
  102. Jan 19 21:04:23 <Aurora_> Günther takes a piece of lettuce from the fridge and rolls up a newspaper before heading back to the room he woke up in, standing back to look at how the others interact with the miniature horse. "German horse? What breed?"
  103. Jan 19 21:04:30 <Writefag4> "A German? A german what?"
  104. Jan 19 21:04:39 <starlite> "German hor- What are you talking about?"
  105. Jan 19 21:05:17 <Globebutt> I look to the voice on the couch. "I think I'm dreaming."
  106. Jan 19 21:05:31 <starlite> *Fritz makes efforts in vain to push his hair away from his eyes every few seconds*
  107. Jan 19 21:05:53 <Writefag4> "You don't? Huh?" stares confused at the pony.
  108. Jan 19 21:05:56 <Aurora_> Günther kneels by the pony, holding out the lettuce a short distance in front of Fritz's face. "No need talk as horse. Who here ventriloquisht?"
  109. Jan 19 21:06:18 <Egg_Discord> There's too much hair there, Fritz. Your efforts to remove it are in vain
  110. Jan 19 21:06:33 <Globebutt> (What do I see on the pull out couch?)
  111. Jan 19 21:06:41 <BC92> (me =U)
  112. Jan 19 21:07:07 <starlite> *Fritz stares at the lettuce blankly, looking into the eyes of the person holding it out* "What exactly is your problem with me?"
  113. Jan 19 21:07:32 <Writefag4> "I think he thinks you're a horse. I think I think you're a horse. You kind of look like one."
  114. Jan 19 21:07:46 <starlite> "Alright, now that's just insulting."
  115. Jan 19 21:07:52 <Egg_Discord> Laura, you see a fat guy sitting there with brown hair and teal eyes.
  116. Jan 19 21:07:59 <Globebutt> That's... okay.
  117. Jan 19 21:08:04 <starlite> *Fritz again tries to remove the awful gloves with his teeth*
  118. Jan 19 21:08:04 <Egg_Discord> Starlite, roll fortitude
  119. Jan 19 21:08:09 <BC92> (im not that fat... =/)
  120. Jan 19 21:08:17 <starlite> roll 3 of 10
  121. Jan 19 21:08:17 <Egg_Discord> (The way rolling fort works is you roll a d10 die
  122. Jan 19 21:08:30 <Writefag4> "Well either you are one or its the most convincing costume I've seen. Sorry."
  123. Jan 19 21:08:54 <Globebutt> "You do look like a horse," I say, turning away from the man on the couch and moving to get out of bed.
  124. Jan 19 21:08:54 <Aurora_> Günther pushes the lettuce leaf in front of Fritz' mouth. "Little horse confused. Stop trying eat hooves, eat vegetable instead."
  125. Jan 19 21:08:59 <Egg_Discord> (If you get a roll lower than your fortitude, you pass. If it's equal or higher, you fail and start doing pony things)
  126. Jan 19 21:08:59 * BC92 runs a hand through his hair, "there is a fricken talking pony, how can this not be a dream..."
  127. Jan 19 21:09:24 <Egg_Discord> The lettuce does look appetizing, but you shake the thought off, focusing on this weird guy with a strange accent
  128. Jan 19 21:09:36 <starlite> *Fritz bites at Gunther's fingers* "Everyone, stop treating me like a horse!"
  129. Jan 19 21:09:43 <Writefag4> "Why do you keep pulling at your hooves anyway?"
  130. Jan 19 21:09:57 <Aurora_> Günther pulls his hand back and bops Fritz on the nose with the rolled up newspaper.
  131. Jan 19 21:10:02 <Egg_Discord> This time, Fritz, you actually feel some pain. This is not a glove. Your fingers are gone
  132. Jan 19 21:10:18 <starlite> *Fritz recoils after the newspaper strike* "Agh, stop that!"
  133. Jan 19 21:10:51 <Aurora_> (Can I reasonable pick up and carry a pony?)
  134. Jan 19 21:11:19 <starlite> *Fritz examines the odd appendage where his hand should be* "What did you all do to me? Surgery? Is this some kind of twisted sense of justice?"
  135. Jan 19 21:11:46 <Egg_Discord> (Yes, Aurora)
  136. Jan 19 21:11:47 <Writefag4> "So you're not an alien? I'm a little lost myself."
  137. Jan 19 21:12:01 <starlite> "No, I'm not an alien! I've told you already, I'm a German man!"
  138. Jan 19 21:12:13 <Globebutt> I stand up and look around the room. Can I see my suitcase? Or a way to get to the bathroom without disturbing... whatever that is going on over there?
  139. Jan 19 21:12:24 <Aurora_> The big, hairy German in a speedo shakes his head. He then gets up again, standing next to Fritz as he tries to pick him up, for a trip to the bathroom mirror. "Come little horse. I think maybe not other person talk as ventiloli..distance talking."
  140. Jan 19 21:12:29 <Writefag4> (Is there a TV in the room?)
  141. Jan 19 21:12:39 <Egg_Discord> Globe, you just noticed that you feel a little fuzzy all over
  142. Jan 19 21:12:43 * BC92 glances own at himself, "where are my clothes...?" a slight tone of panic in his voice as he looks around near the bed he woke up on for his outfit from yesterday.
  143. Jan 19 21:12:59 <starlite> *Fritz tries to run from Gunter, but is still unable to get up onto two legs, and merely scrambles weakly*
  144. Jan 19 21:13:00 <Globebutt> I'd... rather just try to wake up. Or come to my senses. Maybe just forget about it all.
  145. Jan 19 21:13:22 <Egg_Discord> BC, , more importantly, why is your hair so much longer and colored Pink, orange and yellow?
  146. Jan 19 21:14:02 * Writefag4 moves to block the speedo German from the Pony alien.
  147. Jan 19 21:14:10 <Writefag4> "Hey, what are you doing?"
  148. Jan 19 21:14:11 <Egg_Discord> (I am now imagining Gunther as Borat, Aurora)
  149. Jan 19 21:14:21 <Globebutt> ...Fuzzy... Hrm. Razor? Is my razor around here?
  150. Jan 19 21:14:24 <Aurora_> (A blonde, aryan Borat is about right)
  151. Jan 19 21:14:27 <Globebutt> (Very nice.)
  152. Jan 19 21:14:50 * BC92 pulls a lock of hair in front of his eyes to look better, "...what!? Is this a wig or something?" he attempts to pull it off.
  153. Jan 19 21:15:10 <Egg_Discord> It does not appear so, Globe. By the way, What's that on your back?
  154. Jan 19 21:15:16 <Aurora_> (How does it go with picking up the pony? Does it work? Does he scramble away in time? Does the blocking work?)
  155. Jan 19 21:15:26 <Egg_Discord> Ouch! That hurts BC! Definitely not a wig
  156. Jan 19 21:15:29 <starlite> (I imagine I get caught)
  157. Jan 19 21:15:29 <Globebutt> How should I know? I can't reach back there.
  158. Jan 19 21:15:32 <Globebutt> (And wasn't BC'
  159. Jan 19 21:15:42 <Globebutt> (BC's hair brown just a couple moments ago?)
  160. Jan 19 21:15:42 <Aurora_> (I would assume so, animal trainer after all)
  161. Jan 19 21:15:50 <Egg_Discord> Gunther, you pick up the weird brown pony wih little difficulty
  162. Jan 19 21:16:08 <starlite> (Is BC's character male or female?)
  163. Jan 19 21:16:16 <Globebutt> (Yes.)
  164. Jan 19 21:16:23 <starlite> (...)
  165. Jan 19 21:16:38 <Globebutt> (...Ahem. Male. He was last described to me as a "fat, brown-haired man with teal eyes".)
  166. Jan 19 21:16:40 <Aurora_> "I am take horse to mirror. It is confused, does not know it is horse." Günther answers before trying to push through to the bathroom, intending to show Fritz the mirror.
  167. Jan 19 21:17:02 <Egg_Discord> (I goofed with the hair. Looked at the wrong pony, Globe)
  168. Jan 19 21:17:12 <Egg_Discord> (His hair is pink, red and orange with blue eyes)
  169. Jan 19 21:17:32 * BC92 sits back down on the couch bed, "I am so confuuuuuuuuuuused!" he moans in anguish.
  170. Jan 19 21:17:34 <Writefag4> "I uh. Maybe. If..."
  171. Jan 19 21:17:37 <starlite> *Fritz still struggles in Gunther's arms, vainly trying to escape his grip* "What is wrong with all of you? Whatever you're going to do to me for whatever I did, I'm sorry!"
  172. Jan 19 21:18:22 <Writefag4> Turns to the punk rocker on the couch. "Something wrong?"
  173. Jan 19 21:19:07 <Egg_Discord> Laura, it feels like there's something coming from your back. Like... Wings?
  174. Jan 19 21:19:19 <Writefag4> "Other than we all woke up in a strange room with a strange speedo man and a pony who claims to be a German?"
  175. Jan 19 21:19:30 * BC92 looks over at the voice that seems to be addressing him, "yes. there is something wrong. I don't know where I am, where my clothes are, who you people are, or why my hair is suddenly long and colourful..."
  176. Jan 19 21:19:35 <Globebutt> What? Why wou... That's silly.
  177. Jan 19 21:20:13 <Aurora_> In the bathroom, Günther holds the pony up to the mirror, letting the thing look at itself in there.
  178. Jan 19 21:20:21 <Egg_Discord> Is it, Laura? What about your milk chocolate fur? How about your dark brown hair and tail?
  179. Jan 19 21:20:22 * BC92 distractedly pulls at his hair, looking at it in a dazed and groggy confusion.
  180. Jan 19 21:20:49 <Writefag4> "Um. Well maybe you could get a haircut? I mean maybe we should call the police?"
  181. Jan 19 21:21:06 <Globebutt> Wh, uh... Huh?
  182. Jan 19 21:21:28 <starlite> *Fritz looks at his reflection dumbly for a moment. He looks down from his hoof to his reflection several times before waving them around to ensure the pony in the mirror is actually him before letting out a high-pitched shriek*
  183. Jan 19 21:21:48 <Globebutt> "I..."
  184. Jan 19 21:21:54 <Egg_Discord> JESUS CHRIST! THAT SCREAM! IT HuRTS SO MUCH!
  185. Jan 19 21:21:56 <Globebutt> I look to the bathroom.
  186. Jan 19 21:21:59 <BC92> "police... yes... maybe.." he stops talking and cringes at the shriek coming from the pony.
  187. Jan 19 21:22:06 <Globebutt> That sounds about how I feel.
  188. Jan 19 21:22:19 <Aurora_> (Scream hurts everyone?)
  189. Jan 19 21:22:21 <starlite> *Fritz desparately tries to scramble from Gunther's arms, still screaming*
  190. Jan 19 21:22:44 * Writefag4 runs to the bathroom.
  191. Jan 19 21:23:16 <starlite> "Get away from me! What kind of twisted experiment did you freaks do to me?"
  192. Jan 19 21:23:32 <Writefag4> "What are you doing? Put her down!"
  193. Jan 19 21:23:39 <Egg_Discord> (Yes. it is that loud)
  194. Jan 19 21:23:57 <Aurora_> Günther has the presence of mind to position Fritz close to the floor so he will fall on all fours before stepping back
  195. Jan 19 21:24:34 <starlite> *Fritz runs as soon as he hits the ground, out into the main room. Assuming the door is shut, he backs into a corner, shifting his gaze onto anyone and everyone nearby*
  196. Jan 19 21:24:53 <Aurora_> "Ow ow ow. Stop screaming. I show horse mirror, it screamed."
  197. Jan 19 21:25:29 <Globebutt> "I don't know what to do. I'm. This isn't."
  198. Jan 19 21:25:59 * Writefag4 scowls at the large man before turning back to the main room and sitting on one of the beds where he can keep an eye on the pony.
  199. Jan 19 21:26:00 <Egg_Discord> Better look at yourself in the mirror, Laura to confirm your fears
  200. Jan 19 21:26:03 <Aurora_> "Why you care about what happens to horse? Who are you anyway?"
  201. Jan 19 21:26:52 <Aurora_> Günther returns to the kitchen to see if he can find some more alcohol. From everything he has seen here, he's going to need it.
  202. Jan 19 21:27:15 <starlite> "Look, what exactly do you want with me? I'm sorry, okay! Just give me my real body back"
  203. Jan 19 21:27:48 * Writefag4 shakes his head. "I don't know whats going on either. Think we should call the police or a hospital or something?"
  204. Jan 19 21:28:05 <Egg_Discord> The beer and wine was all the alcohol in the room. No luck for you today, Gunther.
  205. Jan 19 21:28:23 <BC92> "is there even a phone here? I don't know where my belongings are..."
  206. Jan 19 21:28:23 <Globebutt> "I... would anyone mind if I just took a shower?"
  207. Jan 19 21:28:46 <Egg_Discord> There is a phone in the room.
  208. Jan 19 21:29:39 <Writefag4> I turn to the one person. "I guess it doesn't matter..."
  209. Jan 19 21:29:48 <Aurora_> "Scheiße." Günther mumbles before looking through the fridge again, taking a small pack of carrots and snacking on them as breakfast as he returns to the bedroom, sitting down on the bed he woke up on to eat his snack.
  210. Jan 19 21:30:05 <Writefag4> "Okay which do you think. Police, hospital or just 911?"
  211. Jan 19 21:30:12 <Globebutt> "I'd... Yeah. This looks like a hotel room. Call the front desk."
  212. Jan 19 21:30:33 <starlite> Call the police! I want whoever did this to me to get the electric chair!
  213. Jan 19 21:30:36 <Egg_Discord> Aurora, roll fort
  214. Jan 19 21:30:36 * BC92 looks around the bed again to see if his clothes are nearby... "someone else do that.... I... I don't know what to say really..."
  215. Jan 19 21:30:56 <Aurora_> (Fort was a ...What 1d6? or a 10?)
  216. Jan 19 21:31:02 <starlite> (d10)
  217. Jan 19 21:31:10 <Egg_Discord> There is only one set of clothes for each of you nearby. not that it will do Fritz much good
  218. Jan 19 21:31:14 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 8
  219. Jan 19 21:31:59 <Writefag4> "What would we tell the front desk? That we'd like room service? That theres too many ponies in the room for our liking?"
  220. Jan 19 21:32:07 <Writefag4> Is there a phone book with the phone?
  221. Jan 19 21:32:12 <Egg_Discord> You find that these are probably the best damn carrots you've ever had. Holy crap are these good. Since when have carrots tastes this delicious? Roll PON
  222. Jan 19 21:32:20 <Aurora_> (Another 1d10?)
  223. Jan 19 21:32:20 <Writefag4> (Or this is a theme park. Could we call a park security.)
  224. Jan 19 21:32:33 <Globebutt> I head toward the bathroom. "Ask where we are. Then look in the yellow pages for the Knight's Inn. Ask if anyone checked out from Room 117 last night."
  225. Jan 19 21:32:37 <Egg_Discord> (If you fail a fort roll, you may sometimes have to roll a d10 to determine how much more of a pony you will become)
  226. Jan 19 21:33:04 <Writefag4> (Does this seem to be the same Hotel?)
  227. Jan 19 21:33:10 <Aurora_> "Tell them we need more alcohol in room. I think we all need a drink after seeing talking horse."
  228. Jan 19 21:33:11 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 8
  229. Jan 19 21:33:37 <Aurora_> Günther digs into the carrots. Now those are really good carrots. They're gone before he even notices
  230. Jan 19 21:33:38 * BC92 grabs the clothes that seem to be his and hurriedly dresses himself. "what the living hell is going on here..." he mumbles to himself.
  231. Jan 19 21:34:06 * Writefag4 slips into the pants provided near his bed.
  232. Jan 19 21:34:11 <Egg_Discord> (Current Pone Level-1.8-No changes at all. Not yet at least)
  233. Jan 19 21:34:31 <Globebutt> I head into the bathroom, close and lock the door, and then take off my nightshirt. Nightgown. Whatever it is I'm wearing.
  234. Jan 19 21:34:52 <Egg_Discord> Phone book is in the room
  235. Jan 19 21:36:32 <Globebutt> I step into the shower, close the curtain and turn on the faucet.
  236. Jan 19 21:36:44 <Egg_Discord> As you look upon your body, Laura, you find that you look like some sort of were wolf/pegasus thing. You're covered in milk chocolate fur with a dark brown mane and tail. You have milk chocolate wings growing out of your back and... Why are your eyes teal?
  237. Jan 19 21:37:15 * Writefag4 keeps staring at the phone wondering who to call.
  238. Jan 19 21:37:16 <Egg_Discord> Hold on. Where are your breasts? Oh wait, there they are, right above your vagina and a bit smaller. Wait, what?!
  239. Jan 19 21:37:31 <Globebutt> ...What? Fuck. No.
  240. Jan 19 21:37:41 <Globebutt> Cold shower. Take a cold shower.
  241. Jan 19 21:38:05 <Aurora_> "I think we should have introduction. My name is Günther. Who are you all? And what is name of little pony?"
  242. Jan 19 21:38:13 <Egg_Discord> They're not big enough that it hampers your walking, but there are a pair of small teats right above yoru vagina
  243. Jan 19 21:38:45 <Egg_Discord> Hey. Hey Fritz
  244. Jan 19 21:38:47 <Writefag4> "Write."
  245. Jan 19 21:38:51 <Egg_Discord> Hey Fritz
  246. Jan 19 21:38:56 <starlite> *Fritz dons a morbid grin* "Preparing a file for the test subject, I see?"
  247. Jan 19 21:38:57 <Egg_Discord> Where's your dick?
  248. Jan 19 21:39:39 <Writefag4> Is there anything to indicate the hotel this is on the Nightstand? Failing that is the decor at least similar to the Hotel I was staying at?
  249. Jan 19 21:39:42 <Aurora_> "I not know of tests. If I knew of tests, I would be in big room with white coat."
  250. Jan 19 21:40:00 <starlite> *A sinking feeling fills Fritz's chest as he hears his feminine voice again and puts two and two together. He spreads his rear legs slightly and peers down through them*
  251. Jan 19 21:40:50 * BC92 is zoning out on the edge of the couch bed, lost in a dazed and confused train of thought.
  252. Jan 19 21:41:02 <Egg_Discord> There is no dick. You are now a female horse.
  253. Jan 19 21:41:19 <Aurora_> Günther waves over to BC, "Little man, who are you? What is your name and how can you sleep through meeting little talking horse?"
  254. Jan 19 21:41:37 <Egg_Discord> A light brown horse with a brown mane who has a cup of coffee etched onto your butt
  255. Jan 19 21:41:47 <Aurora_> (Imagine this with a thick German accent)
  256. Jan 19 21:42:03 <starlite> *Fritz nearly passes out at the sight* "Branding and castration? Now that is way too far! This isn't even funny anymore! This is way worse than what the Nazis did!"
  257. Jan 19 21:42:37 * BC92 shakes his head, "huh what? oh me? um... most people just call me BC... I'm a bit of a heavy sleeper..." he looks over at the strange talking pony... "this however..." he trails off again and becomes quiet.
  258. Jan 19 21:43:21 <Egg_Discord> There is a piece of paper on the night stand with numbers for use in the hotel and the hotel's name: Black Horse Hotel
  259. Jan 19 21:43:31 <Writefag4> "Look. Whatever your name is. I don't think any of us did this to you. At least I know I didn't do anything. We've got a phone here but I'm not sure who to try and call. I mean what would I even tell the police?"
  260. Jan 19 21:44:02 <starlite> "Tell them some freak took my brain from my body and put it into a mare's body!"
  261. Jan 19 21:44:18 <Writefag4> "Yeah see. I would say that but I think they wouldn't even show up."
  262. Jan 19 21:44:29 <Globebutt> You can hear the shower running now in the bathroom.
  263. Jan 19 21:44:37 <starlite> "Fine! Let's go out and show them!"
  264. Jan 19 21:45:06 <Writefag4> "You're okay with that?"
  265. Jan 19 21:45:19 <Aurora_> Günther picks up the lettuce leaf and drops it closer to the pony. "Little horse, calm down. This not normal but does not seem our doing. We tell police we have captured robber, and when they show up, we show horse."
  266. Jan 19 21:45:42 <Globebutt> (...Brilliant.)
  267. Jan 19 21:45:53 <Egg_Discord> Laura, the doughnut tattoo on your butt is somehow visible through your fur
  268. Jan 19 21:46:04 <starlite> *Fritz looks up at Gunther, partially seeing the wisdom in his suggestion, partially wanting to fight the man purely through his condescending words* "... Fine..."
  269. Jan 19 21:46:14 * BC92 mumbles something along the lines of mentioning we've been kidnapped to the police.
  270. Jan 19 21:46:59 <starlite> *Fritz realizes he still hasn't had breakfast and half-heartedly begins to munch at the lettuce leaf*
  271. Jan 19 21:47:14 * Writefag4 leafs through the phone book to look for something like a non dire but still urgent emergency number.
  272. Jan 19 21:47:19 <Globebutt> A tattoo on my butt? I... like those ponies I played with back when I was a kid? When I wasn't busy with legos or whatever building toy had my fancy that year.
  273. Jan 19 21:47:50 <Egg_Discord> Looks like it, Laura
  274. Jan 19 21:48:03 <Egg_Discord> Roll fort again, Star
  275. Jan 19 21:48:06 * BC92 shakes his head and stands up. "coffee... is there a coffee machine around here somewhere?" he looks around to see if he can find one to make himself a cup.
  276. Jan 19 21:48:42 <Globebutt> (Somewhere, a cream-coated mare whinnies.)
  277. Jan 19 21:48:45 <Egg_Discord> Coffee... That sounds good. maybe you should ask for a cup, Fritz
  278. Jan 19 21:48:46 <Globebutt> Weird.
  279. Jan 19 21:48:53 <starlite> roll 10 of 10
  280. Jan 19 21:48:56 <starlite> (Of course)
  281. Jan 19 21:49:13 <starlite> roll 1 of 10
  282. Jan 19 21:49:22 <Globebutt> (Extreme!)
  283. Jan 19 21:49:33 <Aurora_> Günther goes on to look for the exit door. Time to go out and find a bar.
  284. Jan 19 21:49:36 <Egg_Discord> Holy shit this lettuce tastes good. You have to eat all of it. And you know what would go good with this lettuce? Coffee! Roll Fort again
  285. Jan 19 21:49:53 <starlite> (...)
  286. Jan 19 21:49:55 <Egg_Discord> (ignoring the current pone roll for now)
  287. Jan 19 21:49:55 <starlite> roll 10 of 10
  288. Jan 19 21:50:01 <Aurora_> (pfft)
  289. Jan 19 21:50:08 * Writefag4 dials a local emergency number.
  290. Jan 19 21:50:10 <starlite> (I swear, this always happens to me)
  291. Jan 19 21:50:16 <Aurora_> (You really ran out of luck there, didn't you?)
  292. Jan 19 21:50:44 <Globebutt> I... Well. I'm all wet now. And it feels like I'm covered in fur. Shit.
  293. Jan 19 21:50:46 <Egg_Discord> You need some coffee to go with this lettuce. That would make this the best freaking morning ever, wouldn't it?
  294. Jan 19 21:50:59 <BC92> (Do I find a coffee maker?)
  295. Jan 19 21:51:12 <starlite> *Fritz devours the lettuce quickly. Must've been hungrier than he'd thought. Now he just needed something to wash it down... Maybe some coffee! Strange, he'd never drank coffee before... But then again, he was never a little pony before either, he thought grimly*
  296. Jan 19 21:51:21 <Egg_Discord> (I'll count your pone score for now, but next time, wait until I say roll pony before you roll for PONE)
  297. Jan 19 21:51:37 <Egg_Discord> (Current Pone level-6.1)
  298. Jan 19 21:52:09 <Egg_Discord> (There is a coffee maker in here.)
  299. Jan 19 21:52:41 <Egg_Discord> Coffee does sound good Fritz. It's never too early to try something new
  300. Jan 19 21:53:17 * BC92 approaches the coffee maker and starts to brew enough for a few cups in case anyone else wants some. "cheap hotel coffee probably... better than nothing I suppose..." he mumbles as he watches the brew drip.
  301. Jan 19 21:53:25 <Globebutt> I don't still feel those "tail" and "wings", do I?
  302. Jan 19 21:53:30 <Aurora_> (Is the exit door to the room unlocked? Günther trying to go outside)
  303. Jan 19 21:53:39 <starlite> *Fritz takes a few deep breaths. Maybe these people really don't want to hurt him. They might even help him, come to think about it. He heads towards the kitchen, hoping to find some coffee there*
  304. Jan 19 21:53:52 <Egg_Discord> They're still there, Laura. Clearly visible too
  305. Jan 19 21:54:01 * BC92 stares intently at the brewing joe.
  306. Jan 19 21:54:02 <Globebutt> ...Fuck. I.
  307. Jan 19 21:54:19 <Globebutt> You wash skin with soap. Hair with shampoo. Feathers!?
  308. Jan 19 21:54:29 <Writefag4> (Also any luck with the phone.)
  309. Jan 19 21:54:45 <starlite> *Fritz licks his lips as he sees the coffee brewing, pacing back and forth as he waits for it to finish*
  310. Jan 19 21:55:15 <Egg_Discord> You find a poison emergency hotline, a psychiatrist, even a lawyer's number, but nothing in particular seems helpful, Write
  311. Jan 19 21:55:45 <Globebutt> I don't wash feathers. I'm... I pour some shampoo out onto a wash cloth and bring it to a lather, then just rub it everywhere. Fuck.
  312. Jan 19 21:56:05 <Writefag4> How about a general police line?
  313. Jan 19 21:56:10 <Aurora_> (Is there even a door that seems to lead outside?)
  314. Jan 19 21:56:18 <Egg_Discord> You can always try 911, Write
  315. Jan 19 21:56:47 <Egg_Discord> Of course there's a door. The question is if you really want to go out looking like this.
  316. Jan 19 21:56:53 * BC92 glances over at the pony pacing near him. "... You want coffee...?" a bemused grin on his face.
  317. Jan 19 21:56:59 <Writefag4> 911 it is then.
  318. Jan 19 21:57:10 <Aurora_> Looking like what?
  319. Jan 19 21:57:17 <starlite> *Fritz nods wildly* "Absolutely! Black, too!"
  320. Jan 19 21:57:34 <Writefag4> Is there a hotel brocure anywhere on the nightstand?
  321. Jan 19 21:57:50 <Egg_Discord> Black? NO no no, if you're gonna drink coffee, you need some caramel creamer in there
  322. Jan 19 21:58:11 <Aurora_> (Oh, derp. Just a speedo.)
  323. Jan 19 21:58:19 <Egg_Discord> The brocure is still on the nightstand.
  324. Jan 19 21:58:24 <starlite> *Fritz shakes his head, hearing a soft voice in his mind* "No, wait... Caramel! I need caramel creamer in my coffee!"
  325. Jan 19 21:58:37 <Aurora_> Günther blinks as he reaches the door. Gears turning until he decides to get dressed before going out.
  326. Jan 19 21:58:41 <Writefag4> Is the room number on the phone?
  327. Jan 19 21:59:12 * BC92 shakes his head, "still can't get over a freakin talking pony." he grabs a couple of mugs from next to the coffee machine and pours them each some coffee. "creamer is probably a good idea, hotel coffee in my experience tastes... not so great black..."
  328. Jan 19 21:59:24 <Egg_Discord> You may be a strong German man, Gunther, but going out in just a speedo may land you in jail for indecent exposure
  329. Jan 19 21:59:55 <Egg_Discord> The number on the phone reads "514", Write
  330. Jan 19 22:00:04 <starlite> *Fritz struggles to climb onto the chair before giving up* "Can you just set the cup on the ground?"
  331. Jan 19 22:00:07 <Aurora_> Is there clothing for Günther to wear?
  332. Jan 19 22:00:08 <Writefag4> Okay. We'll dial 911 then.
  333. Jan 19 22:00:34 <Egg_Discord> One set of clothing for everyone. Hope one of you knows how to wash clothes.
  334. Jan 19 22:00:37 <Aurora_> Oh, right, there was
  335. Jan 19 22:00:50 * BC92 pours some creamer in both of their mugs and sets the pony's mug on the ground. "don't burn yourself now, that's still pretty hot..." he leans back against the counter to observe the pony.
  336. Jan 19 22:01:07 <starlite> *Fritz attempts to drink coffee from a mug as a pony*
  337. Jan 19 22:01:19 <Globebutt> I wash off the suds from my... shower-thing. I can't really call it a shower. Life's still surreal, and... fuck. Washing feathers. How do you wash feathers? Hair's not too greasy, anyway. Doesn't matter.
  338. Jan 19 22:01:20 <Aurora_> Günther puts on his set of clothing, wondering where his luggage went as he does so.
  339. Jan 19 22:01:33 <Globebutt> I step out of the shower and just try to dry off. (With a towel, of course.)
  340. Jan 19 22:01:38 <Egg_Discord> The coffee smells heavenly. You could just die and go to heaven from the smell of it. Although lapping it up from the floor isn't dignified, you feel like you could live this way comfortably. Roll fort
  341. Jan 19 22:01:52 <starlite> roll 6 of 10
  342. Jan 19 22:03:03 <Egg_Discord> This doesn't just feel good, this feels right. For some reason you feel like you should be drinking it from a bowl, though. Roll PONE
  343. Jan 19 22:03:18 <starlite> roll 10 of 10
  344. Jan 19 22:03:26 <starlite> (I flip the table and go home)
  345. Jan 19 22:03:46 <Egg_Discord> (Shit, Star. Get it together)
  346. Jan 19 22:04:27 <Egg_Discord> This coffee is delicious, Caramel Roast. You're lucky to have such a loving master who will give you coffee and caramel cream whenever you want
  347. Jan 19 22:04:55 <Egg_Discord> (Pone level 7.1-You start to forget things about yourself)
  348. Jan 19 22:05:02 <Egg_Discord> (Forget what I said abotu master, though)
  349. Jan 19 22:05:24 <Globebutt> I drape the towel over a shoulder and look at myself in the mirror again. I try making a face, to make sure it's me.
  350. Jan 19 22:05:48 <starlite> *Caramel laps up a bit of the coffee from the mug, loving the taste of the hot brew. The sweet caramel perfectly accents the warm, bitter taste. But she can't help but feel odd drinking like this. Mugs are for humans, not ponies!* "Uh, excuse me? Could I get a bowl to drink this from, please?"
  351. Jan 19 22:05:49 <Globebutt> 'Cuz it really doesn't look like me.
  352. Jan 19 22:05:57 <Writefag4> Any luck dialing 911?
  353. Jan 19 22:06:35 <Egg_Discord> Yes! You've gotten through, Write
  354. Jan 19 22:06:52 <Egg_Discord> "911, what's your emergency?"
  355. Jan 19 22:07:40 <Egg_Discord> It's still your face, Laura. If your face was covered with fur, had a muzzle, big teal eyes and pony ears.
  356. Jan 19 22:07:56 * BC92 sips his coffee before responding. "uh... sure, hold on." he glances about before finding a bowl nearby, he puts it down next to the mug and pours the mug into the bowl. "there. better?"
  357. Jan 19 22:08:19 <Globebutt> How did... How were my glasses staying on? I pick them up off the sink where I set them down and try donning them again.
  358. Jan 19 22:08:20 <Writefag4> "Yes. Thank you." Tries to think of what to say.
  359. Jan 19 22:08:22 <starlite> "Much, thank you!" *Caramel begins to greedily dig into the nectar of the gods, careful not to burn herself*
  360. Jan 19 22:08:55 <Aurora_> Günther is finally trying to leave the room when he remembers to check for a wallet. No point in going out to buy alcohol without any money to buy it with.
  361. Jan 19 22:09:16 * BC92 sips his coffee some more, fascinated by the strange talking horse.
  362. Jan 19 22:09:20 <Egg_Discord> You're such a good little pony Caramel. You're lucky you found such nice new friends who care about you! It makes yuo want to dance, you're so excited
  363. Jan 19 22:10:38 <starlite> *Caramel feels the jolt of energy as the coffee begins to take effect. Ah, this was her favorite part of drinking it! She starts to rock on her hooves gently before breaking into a full dance*
  364. Jan 19 22:11:27 <Egg_Discord> When you're done, you should start singing abotu how much you love coffee. Maybe get everyone else to start singing too.
  365. Jan 19 22:11:43 <Egg_Discord> So many friends to sing and dance and have fun with
  366. Jan 19 22:11:53 <Globebutt> Are... are my glasses just resting on my nose or something? Huh.
  367. Jan 19 22:12:03 * BC92 finishes off his mug of coffee and sets it down on the counter, "strange little thing, aren't you..."
  368. Jan 19 22:12:36 <Writefag4> Racks his brain for a moment before changing the story that Gunther had suggested. "My friend isn't doing so well. He fell and hit his head on the air conditioning unit and now he's just staring at the ceiling shaking."
  369. Jan 19 22:12:46 <starlite> *Caramel begins to sing while she dances, loud enough to be heard in the other room* "Coffee is so sweet, it's my favorite morning treat! I love caramel and cream, it fills my every dream! Come on, join in everyone!"
  370. Jan 19 22:12:57 <Egg_Discord> Beats me, Laura. In fact, it seems like you don't need them anymore. Strange
  371. Jan 19 22:13:26 <Writefag4> Eyes dart about the room as he tries to sound alarmed "I think he might have said something about seizures in the past but I have no idea what to do!"
  372. Jan 19 22:13:39 <Globebutt> Oh. Well. That's, um. I guess I don't have to worry about what to do with them when I go on coasters now, then. If I go back to the park, that is.
  373. Jan 19 22:13:51 * BC92 cups his face with his hand, Stifling a small chuckle as the pony begins to sing and dance.
  374. Jan 19 22:14:05 <Egg_Discord> "Alright, we'll send an ambulance to your location. Where are you located, sir?"
  375. Jan 19 22:14:33 <Writefag4> (What is the hotel again?)
  376. Jan 19 22:14:44 <Egg_Discord> (Black Horse Hotel, room 514)
  377. Jan 19 22:14:48 <starlite> "Tasty nectar of the gods, put the caramel in quick! Drink it while it's hot; come and join me, have a sip!"
  378. Jan 19 22:14:56 <Writefag4> "Black Horse Hotel, room 514."
  379. Jan 19 22:15:14 <Writefag4> "Please hurry. Is there anything I should do until you get here?"
  380. Jan 19 22:15:53 <Globebutt> I set my glasses on the sink and then pause for a moment as I remember I have no idea where my clothes are.
  381. Jan 19 22:16:09 <Globebutt> Isn't this an awkward situation.
  382. Jan 19 22:16:16 <Aurora_> (I'm going to just do everything in first person like the rest)
  383. Jan 19 22:16:42 <BC92> (i'm sticking to third person, its easier for me for some reason.)
  384. Jan 19 22:16:49 <Egg_Discord> "Try to keep him still, sir. It'll take an hour to reach your current location."
  385. Jan 19 22:16:56 <Aurora_> I'll just check everything for a wallet, and if I don't find one, I'll head back to the kitchen for a snack.
  386. Jan 19 22:17:35 <Writefag4> "An hour!?.. okay."
  387. Jan 19 22:17:41 <Egg_Discord> Your wallet is indeed in your pants, Gunther. At least they were nice enough to do that for you, whoever brought you here
  388. Jan 19 22:17:48 <Aurora_> Oh, good
  389. Jan 19 22:17:55 <Egg_Discord> "Thank you for calling us sir. Good bye"
  390. Jan 19 22:18:19 <Aurora_> Time for Günther to go out and find a bar then. I'll make sure to memorise the way back to the room, and just assume it's fine to keep the door unlocked
  391. Jan 19 22:18:39 <Egg_Discord> You are such a friendly and silly little pony, Caramel, aren't you? Wait, have you always been this cheerful and friendly?
  392. Jan 19 22:19:13 * Writefag4 hangs up the phone.
  393. Jan 19 22:19:28 <Egg_Discord> Better tell the others where you're headed Gunther, in case they need you.
  394. Jan 19 22:19:31 <Writefag4> "Okay. Ambulance will be here in an hour."
  395. Jan 19 22:19:52 <Globebutt> I wrap the towel on my shoulder around my waist and knock on the bathroom door. "Um. Does anybody see any... um... Could someone find me a change of clothes?"
  396. Jan 19 22:20:15 <Aurora_> "Everyone! I am going to get drinks. I think we should all have a big glass of alcohol when we're waking up from this. Will be back in few minutes."
  397. Jan 19 22:20:34 * Writefag4 eyes Gunther.
  398. Jan 19 22:20:38 <starlite> *Caramel stops singing for a second and frowns, something feeling off. She had her morning coffee already, so that can't be it... Admittedly, it has been almost five minutes since she had any coffee, but that shouldn't be long enough to send these odd feelings of resentment and hatred of others in her head. She grabs her head in pain as she tries to sort out her thoughts*
  399. Jan 19 22:20:40 <Writefag4> "Okay. Fine."
  400. Jan 19 22:21:16 <Writefag4> Searches around for a change of clothes for the person in the bathroom. Is there a set more ladylike or are they all kind of unisex?
  401. Jan 19 22:22:01 <BC92> "alcohol is the last thing i need right now i think..." he mumbles before heading back to the couch bed he woke up on and sitting back down on it.
  402. Jan 19 22:22:09 <Globebutt> (My clothes wouldn't be too girly, anyway. Jeans might be a tighter fit or something, but a t-shirt suits Laura just fine.)
  403. Jan 19 22:22:11 <Egg_Discord> The clothes are all one set of your own personal clothes
  404. Jan 19 22:22:32 <Writefag4> Grabs one of the two untouched piles and knocks on the doorway.
  405. Jan 19 22:22:42 <Writefag4> (Bleh. Bathroom door.)
  406. Jan 19 22:23:01 <Globebutt> (Roll 1d2 to see if it's mine? One no, two yes.)
  407. Jan 19 22:23:23 <Egg_Discord> Now that you think about it, Caramel, this is a bit too cheerful. You're usually so bitter and rude. But that doesn't seem very nice. Oh, this is confusing
  408. Jan 19 22:23:47 <Egg_Discord> If you're usually bitter and rude, why are you dancing and singing so happily?
  409. Jan 19 22:24:16 <Aurora_> (Please just let me know when Günther returns with booze)
  410. Jan 19 22:24:47 * Writefag4 knocks on the door again. "Can I just hand this to you?"
  411. Jan 19 22:25:01 <Egg_Discord> (Alright. You can just act out your character going down for booze, Aurora)
  412. Jan 19 22:25:21 <starlite> *Caramel starts shaking her head, trying to rid her mind of the conflicting thoughts. Something is wrong... doesn't she hate singing and dancing? No, she loves it, right? Or... She screams loudly and rushes back to the bowl, drinking the last drops of coffee to try and distract herself and collect her thoughts*
  413. Jan 19 22:25:24 <Aurora_> (For convenience, I'll assume there's a liquor store right next door)
  414. Jan 19 22:25:49 <Globebutt> I unlock the door and then pull the curtain out from the shower and hide behind it (though my wings and tail are likely still visible). "You can just leave them on the back of the toilet, or something."
  415. Jan 19 22:26:43 <Aurora_> Making my way out of the hotel, the first thing in sight is the thing I was looking for. I'll casually walk into the store and begin browsing their inventory
  416. Jan 19 22:27:03 <Globebutt> (Second thought: ignore the 1d2 to see if they're my clothes or not. Too tedious to act out going for the other set.)
  417. Jan 19 22:27:12 * BC92 gets back up and heads towards the window of the room, he looks out of it to see their location.
  418. Jan 19 22:27:32 * Writefag4 steps in and sets the clothing down. Something seems really odd about this silloute but maybe its just the wrap of the curtain. I step back out and close the door behind me.
  419. Jan 19 22:28:24 <Egg_Discord> They have a wide variety of wine and booze, Gunther. You should get the strongest drinks
  420. Jan 19 22:28:42 <starlite> *Caramel finishes her coffee and sits down, confused. She doesn't like singing, right? She's not usually happy? Alright, she thinks, I guess I'll just act mean and grumpy and maybe then I'll remember more! She trots into the main room, frowning as strongly as she can*
  421. Jan 19 22:29:19 <Aurora_> Without a doubt. I'll grab some vodka, and some rum, beer and wine aren't that strong so I'll skip those. I'd grab 3 bottles of rum, and 3 vodka
  422. Jan 19 22:30:09 <Globebutt> "Thanks," I say, loudly enough that it ought to be audible beyond the door. I move to put on my underwear, first. ...If they'll fit over my breasts.
  423. Jan 19 22:30:19 <Egg_Discord> You start thinking back to more of these thoughts. That's right, you're not a friendly little pony. In fect, you used to be human. An Aryan, in fact. A proud member of the master race. Whoever did this to you not only messed with your body, they fucked with your head too
  424. Jan 19 22:30:40 <starlite> (Do I remember my name or that I was a man?)
  425. Jan 19 22:30:52 <Egg_Discord> The underwear does fit, Laura
  426. Jan 19 22:31:02 <Egg_Discord> (Maybe if you start thinking harder)
  427. Jan 19 22:31:28 <BC92> (still looking out the window)
  428. Jan 19 22:31:35 <Aurora_> I'll thank the store clerk and head on back to the hotel room. I may not know them, but these other people seem like they could use a drink. Might as well treat them to one.
  429. Jan 19 22:31:47 <Egg_Discord> The man at the counter looks at Gunther and says in a bored fashion "You don't plan on driving tonight, do you, Sir?"
  430. Jan 19 22:32:06 <Globebutt> Well, that's a relief. I pull my jeans up over them, then, and stuff my tail (my *tail*!) down a pantsleg. Now, my shirt...
  431. Jan 19 22:32:14 <Writefag4> "You two holding up alright?"
  432. Jan 19 22:32:15 <Aurora_> (Sorry, I went ahead too fast apparently)
  433. Jan 19 22:32:40 <Globebutt> I look at the... feathery things on my back. How big are they, again?
  434. Jan 19 22:32:48 <Aurora_> "Of course not. Is just for a party with friends. I am not even allowed to drive car after run over too many people."
  435. Jan 19 22:33:08 <Egg_Discord> They are big enough that a shirt may barely cover them. Better wear a jacket too just to be safe
  436. Jan 19 22:33:15 <starlite> *Caramel strains her brain as much as she can. This isn't right at all. She shouldn't be a pathetic pony, she should be standing high on the shoulders of her fallen brethren! Wait... His fallen brethren? Yes, that sounds right. Someone was trying to take his memory and body away, to surpress the fourth Reich! Well, he won't stand for that! He turns to BC and accusingly points a hoof forward* "You! What did you do to me?"
  437. Jan 19 22:33:46 <Egg_Discord> It all comes back to you, Fritz.
  438. Jan 19 22:33:57 <Globebutt> I'm not worried about covering my wings. I'm worried about covering my chest. ...Hmm.
  439. Jan 19 22:34:07 <Egg_Discord> THis is wrong and you needs answers. -3 Pone score, Star
  440. Jan 19 22:34:25 <starlite> "My God... You turned me into a pony! What the hell is your problem, you freaks! What are you trying to do to me?"
  441. Jan 19 22:34:52 <Egg_Discord> Your chest is flat, Laura. People may just assume you're simply a flat chested girm
  442. Jan 19 22:34:56 * BC92 turns aways from the window and faces the pony, "hmm? me do something to you?" he shakes his head, "hell I don't even know how I got here. I mean look at my hair, this ain't normal."
  443. Jan 19 22:34:57 <Egg_Discord> *girl
  444. Jan 19 22:35:25 <Aurora_> (I'm kinda lost as to where I am. Walking back yet? Back already? Still at the store?)
  445. Jan 19 22:35:34 <Globebutt> I put on my bra before my shirt, stuffing the cups liberally with toilet paper. Pretend nothing's wrong.
  446. Jan 19 22:35:50 <Globebutt> I mean. I want to at least pretend there's something to cover there still.
  447. Jan 19 22:36:03 <Writefag4> "I don't think it was him who did this. Look. I called an ambulance. They'll be here in an hour."
  448. Jan 19 22:36:18 <Egg_Discord> (You are in the elevator now, Aurora, for convenience)
  449. Jan 19 22:36:29 <Aurora_> (Okay)
  450. Jan 19 22:36:36 <starlite> "An ambul- You're in on it too, aren't you? You're going to... To dissect me, or take my brain out again!"
  451. Jan 19 22:36:42 * Aurora_ whistles the pre-WW2 German national anthem
  452. Jan 19 22:36:48 <Egg_Discord> (I love you for that last line, though, Aurora. I think I'm gonna love Fritz)
  453. Jan 19 22:37:11 <Egg_Discord> (I mean Gunther)
  454. Jan 19 22:37:18 <starlite> (Fritz feels unloved)
  455. Jan 19 22:37:46 <Writefag4> "If you like we could go out in public when they come by. That way you'll be out in the open."
  456. Jan 19 22:37:54 <Egg_Discord> (All I know is there's a Neo Nazi and a German man working together. Shit is gonna go down)
  457. Jan 19 22:38:01 <Writefag4> "But yeah. I'd be panicking too."
  458. Jan 19 22:38:09 <Aurora_> (Fritz is a tiny horse. Make him get all friendly with Günther and maybe he will lovingly call you his little Apfelstrudel )
  459. Jan 19 22:38:14 <BC92> "Just curious, why do you think we are here... why us? do we have anything in common?
  460. Jan 19 22:38:31 <starlite> "Okay... okay... but you're all walking in front of me! I'm not trusting you to watch my back! Probably drugged my coffee, too..."
  461. Jan 19 22:39:13 <Writefag4> "Sure. I'll agree to that."
  462. Jan 19 22:39:27 <BC92> "I drank the same coffee as you, you even watched me pour it for you... doubt it was drugged... unless it was drugged without me knowing it..."
  463. Jan 19 22:39:45 <starlite> "It must've been! That stuff definitely screwed with my head"
  464. Jan 19 22:39:57 <Writefag4> "Screwed with your head?
  465. Jan 19 22:40:07 <Globebutt> Fully clothed (except for the abandoned glasses,) I open the door and walk out of the bathroom, and notice that everyone seems to be in the kitchen.
  466. Jan 19 22:40:08 * BC92 scratches his head, "perhaps it wasn't smart to start eating things in a strange hotel room..." he frowns.
  467. Jan 19 22:40:25 <BC92> (i thought i was by the window =U)
  468. Jan 19 22:40:34 <starlite> "What, did you not hear me dancing and singing like a crazy fag on broadway?"
  469. Jan 19 22:40:34 <Egg_Discord> The doors open on your floor Fritz and you walk towards your room with the booze
  470. Jan 19 22:40:43 <Aurora_> (Wrong German)
  471. Jan 19 22:40:50 <Writefag4> "I was talking to the dispatcher."
  472. Jan 19 22:41:00 <Globebutt> (Eh, you're close enough to it. :V)
  473. Jan 19 22:41:17 <Globebutt> "...Hey." I walk toward the others.
  474. Jan 19 22:41:27 <Egg_Discord> (Damn it)
  475. Jan 19 22:41:39 <Egg_Discord> (This is gonna take some getting used to)
  476. Jan 19 22:41:44 <starlite> *Fritz backs away from everyone into the corner again*
  477. Jan 19 22:41:55 <Aurora_> Günther returns to the hotel room with a big bag with the bottles of alcohol in it, now just humming "..Deutschland, Deutschland über alles..", finishing the line before speaking out. "Everyone, I've brought drinks. They're on me."
  478. Jan 19 22:41:57 * Writefag4 turns to the new arrival.
  479. Jan 19 22:42:06 <Writefag4> "What... happened to you?"
  480. Jan 19 22:42:39 <Globebutt> I blink. "...I took a shower. Thanks for getting me my clothes, by the way."
  481. Jan 19 22:43:03 <Writefag4> "I mean the..." gestures to his face. "Fur and ears."
  482. Jan 19 22:43:11 <starlite> *Fritz looks at Gunther with only slight distrust* "Do you have any vodka?"
  483. Jan 19 22:43:14 * BC92 looks over at the person(?) fresh from their shower, "he...uh... um... YOu look a bit strange..."
  484. Jan 19 22:43:24 <Globebutt> "...Oh. Right. I don't have a clue."
  485. Jan 19 22:44:22 * Writefag4 rubs his face with his hand.
  486. Jan 19 22:44:36 <Writefag4> "Well. The ambulance is on its way. Should be here in less than an hour."
  487. Jan 19 22:44:46 <Aurora_> I'll take out a bottle of vodka from the bag, open it, and puts it on the ground by the pony. "Of course, little pony. I think you may need this more than we do!" I'll then look to Laura, and take out a bottle of rum for myself, opening it and bottoms up right away.
  488. Jan 19 22:45:01 <Globebutt> "Just woke up this morning, same as any morning. Saw the horse over there trotting about. Realized I had a tail."
  489. Jan 19 22:45:31 <starlite> *Fritz looks at the sealed bottle of vodka, willing it to open with his mind* "Can I get a glass, maybe?"
  490. Jan 19 22:46:01 <starlite> (Willing and failing, I meant)
  491. Jan 19 22:46:05 <Globebutt> "That's great. But did you call the Knight's Inn? I've got a whole suitcase I can't see sitting around here anywhere." I sit down on my bed.
  492. Jan 19 22:46:40 <Writefag4> "We could I suppose. This is the Dark Horse Hotel."
  493. Jan 19 22:47:11 <Globebutt> That's sure not where I checked in last night.
  494. Jan 19 22:47:52 <BC92> "definitely not where i was, definitely an upgrade though maybe comfort wise... cheap motels aren't very comfortable"
  495. Jan 19 22:48:04 <Aurora_> Günther looks at the little horse standing by the bottle, putting the bag of booze down by his bed and his own bottle of rum on his nightstand. "I'll open it for you, little horse." He says before he opens the vodka bottle, waits a moment, and then starts slightly tilting it. "Just put mouth against bottle. Drink like a real man."
  496. Jan 19 22:48:18 <Globebutt> I nod at BC.
  497. Jan 19 22:48:52 <Writefag4> "Do you think thats the best idea?"
  498. Jan 19 22:48:59 <starlite> *Fritz rolls his eyes before wrapping his mouth around the head of the bottle, drinking the vodka*
  499. Jan 19 22:49:32 <Aurora_> I'll star to slowly tilt the bottle more to let Fritz continue chugging
  500. Jan 19 22:49:35 <Aurora_> Start*
  501. Jan 19 22:50:44 <BC92> "i really don't think getting drunk is in our best interests right now..."
  502. Jan 19 22:51:22 <starlite> *Fritz begins to drink the vodka, but soon pulls away choking as it tilts towards him* "Agh, too much!"
  503. Jan 19 22:51:26 * Left_Elba (~Booper@687C6C39.7EAEB19A.AF91919B.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  504. Jan 19 22:51:46 <Aurora_> "Wake up, small horse in room, three strangers. One with horsehead. I think getting drunk best thing we can do right now." Günther tilts the bottle back upward to prevent spilling
  505. Jan 19 22:52:02 * Zoomerik ( has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  506. Jan 19 22:52:34 <BC92> "personally I think finding out why we are here would be a better course of action." BC says folding his arms.
  507. Jan 19 22:52:51 * MrJared ( has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  508. Jan 19 22:52:56 <Writefag4> "Well any ideas? I wouldn't even know where to start."
  509. Jan 19 22:53:07 <BC92> (whats with all these people coming in?)
  510. Jan 19 22:53:10 <Globebutt> "...Introductions?"
  511. Jan 19 22:53:12 <Egg_Discord> (No idea)
  512. Jan 19 22:53:16 <starlite> "Hello? Why don't we call the cops? They're paid to do this stuff!"
  513. Jan 19 22:53:32 <Aurora_> "My name is Günther."
  514. Jan 19 22:53:39 <Globebutt> (Left wanted to watch, and so did Jared. Mea culpa there. Not sure about Zoomerik.)
  515. Jan 19 22:53:50 <BC92> "i think this guy here called the cops already, and people tend to call me BC."
  516. Jan 19 22:54:03 <Globebutt> "Well, I'm Laura."
  517. Jan 19 22:54:07 <Writefag4> "I'm still not sure what to tell them."
  518. Jan 19 22:54:27 <Writefag4> "I thought about the theif in the room idea but they'd probably tell us to call the front desk."
  519. Jan 19 22:55:09 <starlite> "My name used to be David, but everyone calls me 'Fritz' now. So let's just wait for the police to get here, and everyone stay where I can see you!"
  520. Jan 19 22:55:28 <Writefag4> "I said it before briefly. Write."
  521. Jan 19 22:55:51 <Zoomerik> (I'm a friend of Aurora, I think. Don't mind me, just watching the game)
  522. Jan 19 22:56:10 <Aurora_> (Yeah, Zoom asked to watch)
  523. Jan 19 22:56:15 <Globebutt> I nod. "Well, anyway, then." I get up off my bed and head over to the phone and phone book, looking up the number for the Knight's Inn.
  524. Jan 19 22:56:36 <BC92> "well now we all know each other, now to find out why we are here. do we have anything in common? why would we specifically be picked to... whatever this is?"
  525. Jan 19 22:56:50 <Globebutt> ...And then I dial it.
  526. Jan 19 22:57:07 <Aurora_> "I am animal trainer. One of us is horse. One of us is almost horse. I think there is connection here."
  527. Jan 19 22:57:21 <Globebutt> Come on, pick up...
  528. Jan 19 22:57:35 <Globebutt> I ignore the conversation in the room, listening only to the phone.
  529. Jan 19 22:57:36 <Egg_Discord> "Thank you for calling the Knight's Inn. How may I help you?"
  530. Jan 19 22:57:38 <starlite> "Well, all I can remember from yesterday is drinking with my friends and planning to go to that new theme park"
  531. Jan 19 22:58:07 <BC92> "well I'm an artist, not sure how that factors in.... theme park? you mean that new one thats animal themed or something?"
  532. Jan 19 22:58:09 <Writefag4> (Its a big park right. With hotels on the premisis right?)
  533. Jan 19 22:58:52 <starlite> "Yeah, I though it'd be a nice waste of time. So what?"
  534. Jan 19 22:59:10 <Egg_Discord> (Yep)
  535. Jan 19 22:59:12 <Globebutt> "Yes, um. This is going to sound a bit strange, but I checked into room 117 last night, and woke up somewhere else. Could I just ask you to hold maid service for today? I'm booked for a couple more days, I think."
  536. Jan 19 22:59:29 <BC92> "I got a week ticket for that park half off... hmm..."
  537. Jan 19 22:59:57 <Aurora_> "Park sounded like fun, so I decided to take a look."
  538. Jan 19 22:59:57 <Egg_Discord> "Sure thing. We'll only add the one night of service to the bill."
  539. Jan 19 23:00:16 <Aurora_> Günther takes some time to look at the little pony in the room.
  540. Jan 19 23:00:25 <Writefag4> "So? We all happen to be in the park?"
  541. Jan 19 23:00:36 <starlite> "Well, looks like that's a connection between us... What are you looking at?"
  542. Jan 19 23:00:41 <Aurora_> "Maybe they need test subject for rides?"
  543. Jan 19 23:01:09 <starlite> "A test- Oh, HELL NO! You, Laura, hang up NOW!"
  544. Jan 19 23:01:17 <Globebutt> "Thanks." I'll have to pick my stuff up later.
  545. Jan 19 23:01:18 * BC92 sits back down on the edge of his bed, an expression of deep thought on his face.
  546. Jan 19 23:01:22 <Writefag4> "What? That doesn't even make sense."
  547. Jan 19 23:01:32 <Globebutt> Now, what the... what's that horse shouting about?
  548. Jan 19 23:01:46 <Globebutt> "Fritz?"
  549. Jan 19 23:01:48 <starlite> "The hotel is in on it! It's all a huge plot against me!"
  550. Jan 19 23:02:04 <Globebutt> I blink a couple times in confusion.
  551. Jan 19 23:02:10 <BC92> "against you? what makes you so special?"
  552. Jan 19 23:02:34 <Aurora_> "Fritzpony, stay calm. You're not the only one being made into horse." Günther gestures to Laura's face, and BC's hair
  553. Jan 19 23:02:45 <starlite> "Excuse me, are any of you walking around on four legs? No? Then don't act like you're being targeted here!"
  554. Jan 19 23:03:20 <Writefag4> "Why take us all then?"
  555. Jan 19 23:03:24 <Globebutt> I check my back pocket for my wallet, and presuming it's there, take it out. Everything's still in there, right?
  556. Jan 19 23:03:25 <BC92> "uh... really?" BC gestures towards the half pony winged thing.
  557. Jan 19 23:03:44 <Egg_Discord> "You're welcome, ma'am. Have a nice day"
  558. Jan 19 23:03:56 <starlite> "They put something in my coffee! They must have it out for me!"
  559. Jan 19 23:04:15 <Egg_Discord> Yep. You're wallet's still there.
  560. Jan 19 23:04:17 <Writefag4> How would they know you'd even drink it?
  561. Jan 19 23:04:23 <BC92> "again with the coffee, if it was drugged I would be drugged too woudn't I?"
  562. Jan 19 23:04:23 <Writefag4> ""
  563. Jan 19 23:04:41 <Egg_Discord> The coffee's still there too, if anyone's curious
  564. Jan 19 23:04:51 <starlite> *Fritz ignores the comments, pacing back and forth* "They're never gonna let the cops come up here! We need to escape, and fast!"
  565. Jan 19 23:05:32 <BC92> "well if gunther's booze run is any indication, we can leave freely..."
  566. Jan 19 23:06:08 <Aurora_> "No, we need to find out why we turning into horses. Maybe we can find way to turn back human?"
  567. Jan 19 23:06:16 <starlite> "Maybe he can, but they're gonna attack me if I try to escape. They don't want their test subject to run away..."
  568. Jan 19 23:06:54 <Writefag4> "Why would they even turn somone into a horse."
  569. Jan 19 23:07:05 <BC92> "well it IS an animal themed park..."
  570. Jan 19 23:07:37 <BC92> "and you have to admit, a talking colourful pony is pretty adorable."
  571. Jan 19 23:07:38 <Aurora_> Günther stands up and walks off to the kitchen. "We need breakfast. Alcohol is better with food in stomach."
  572. Jan 19 23:07:39 <Writefag4> "I think they'd have trouble convincing somone to work here against their will."
  573. Jan 19 23:07:57 <Globebutt> On a whim, I look to see Fritz's flank. Is there a... what did they call them? One of them tattoo things there?
  574. Jan 19 23:08:06 <Egg_Discord> Maybe you can make something with the food in the fridge
  575. Jan 19 23:08:15 <starlite> "This goes over out heads! They chose us specifically! I don't know about the rest of you, but Gunther and I were obviously chosen to halt our progress rebuilding the German empire!"
  576. Jan 19 23:08:32 <Egg_Discord> There is, indeed, a cutie mark in the shape of a cup of coffee
  577. Jan 19 23:08:44 <Globebutt> ...And what fresh shit did coffeeass just spit out?
  578. Jan 19 23:09:06 <Aurora_> Günther, in his half-awake, half-drunken state just grabs a pack of milk, a bunch of vegetables, and some plates and mugs. That's it, breakfast is milk and whatever vegetables are available.
  579. Jan 19 23:09:24 <Writefag4> "What?"
  580. Jan 19 23:09:31 <Globebutt> I give Fritz the strangest look.
  581. Jan 19 23:09:44 <starlite> *Fritz is still pacing, ignoring the others in the room*
  582. Jan 19 23:10:34 * BC92 checks his pockets for his wallet. (assuming its there like the rest) "right then, I'm heading out. going to get myself some cheap breakfast at mc'D's or something..."
  583. Jan 19 23:10:38 <Egg_Discord> Gunther, don't those vegetables look absolutely delicious?
  584. Jan 19 23:10:49 <Egg_Discord> I mean, they look REALLY fucking good right now.
  585. Jan 19 23:10:59 <Egg_Discord> Maybe even better than Vodka
  586. Jan 19 23:11:00 <Globebutt> "Could I come along?"
  587. Jan 19 23:11:07 <Aurora_> They do, but I'll put them on plates for the rest as well.
  588. Jan 19 23:11:24 <Aurora_> Günther walks into the room with three plates of vegetables, and some mugs of milk
  589. Jan 19 23:11:24 <BC92> (losing track of who is who...)
  590. Jan 19 23:11:36 <Aurora_> "We have breakfast here. No need to go out and buy"
  591. Jan 19 23:12:02 <Globebutt> "I want to get my luggage." This wasn't the shirt I was gonna wear today.
  592. Jan 19 23:12:02 <Egg_Discord> (Aurora is Gunther, Globe is Laura, Star is Fritz and Write is WRite
  593. Jan 19 23:12:07 * BC92 looks up at gunther, "forgive me if i don't trust the food that is here..."
  594. Jan 19 23:12:11 * Egg_Discord gives voice to Aurora_
  595. Jan 19 23:12:16 * Egg_Discord gives voice to BC92
  596. Jan 19 23:12:26 <Globebutt> Of course, I wasn't planning on having horse ears today, either, but...
  597. Jan 19 23:12:30 * Egg_Discord gives voice to Globebutt
  598. Jan 19 23:12:41 <starlite> (You can give multiple voices at once by pressing +vvv for three people, etc)
  599. Jan 19 23:12:50 <Aurora_> "I have eaten little bits. Is very good food." Günther puts down one plate on the ground for Fritz, one by BC on the couch, and sits down with one on his bed
  600. Jan 19 23:12:50 <Writefag4> "Look. Lets just stay here until the ambulance shows up."
  601. Jan 19 23:13:15 <starlite> *Fritz sniffs the food suspiciously*
  602. Jan 19 23:13:26 <Egg_Discord> (Shit, accidentallly ignored globe. Try saying something real quick, Globe)
  603. Jan 19 23:13:26 <BC92> "I'll abstain... I suppose food can wait until after the ambulance arrives though..."
  604. Jan 19 23:13:36 * Egg_Discord gives voice to starlite
  605. Jan 19 23:13:42 <Globebutt> (words)
  606. Jan 19 23:13:48 <Egg_Discord> (Okay, good. Fixed it)
  607. Jan 19 23:13:54 * Egg_Discord gives voice to Writefag4
  608. Jan 19 23:14:10 <Writefag4> "Just vegitables? I suppose."
  609. Jan 19 23:14:21 <Globebutt> "...I'll just grab a bite now."
  610. Jan 19 23:14:23 <BC92> (what is voice anyways?)
  611. Jan 19 23:14:27 <Writefag4> "I'm not sure what I'm going to tell them. I said one of you was having a seizure."
  612. Jan 19 23:14:38 <Egg_Discord> The food smells fuckign delicious, Fritz
  613. Jan 19 23:14:47 <Aurora_> "Vegetables and milk. More in kitchen." Günther first drinks his milk, the whole mug, and then starts eating his vegetables. They're gone before he even notices
  614. Jan 19 23:15:03 <Globebutt> I head over to the kitchen and see what's there for the taking.
  615. Jan 19 23:15:24 <starlite> *Fritz sniffs at the food again. It smells delicious, but then again, so did the coffee... He takes a tentative bite of a carrot, or broccoli, or whatever veggies these are*
  616. Jan 19 23:15:37 <Egg_Discord> Roll fort, Fritz
  617. Jan 19 23:15:52 <starlite> roll 7 of 10
  618. Jan 19 23:15:56 <Egg_Discord> Hell, everyone who eats the veggies, roll fort
  619. Jan 19 23:15:57 <starlite> (Negligibly better)
  620. Jan 19 23:16:09 <Aurora_> (Even if I rolled for them already last time?)
  621. Jan 19 23:16:15 <BC92> (not a single roll this session =U)
  622. Jan 19 23:16:20 <Writefag4> Would it have hurt him to cut it? I stare at the celery stalk on my plate. I snap it in half and take a bite.
  623. Jan 19 23:16:23 <Egg_Discord> The food tastes amazing, Fritz. Better eat it up like a good pony.
  624. Jan 19 23:16:28 <Globebutt> (Not eating; just looking at whatever's in the kitchen for now.)
  625. Jan 19 23:16:47 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 1
  626. Jan 19 23:16:54 <Egg_Discord> (Yes, Aurora. This is the last time I'll make you roll for the veggies)
  627. Jan 19 23:17:09 <starlite> *Fritz can't help himself. This food is so good, there's no way it could be drugged! He cleans the entire plate within a minute, licking it for any remains*
  628. Jan 19 23:17:28 <Globebutt> (Ask Jared about squeaky carrots.)
  629. Jan 19 23:17:40 <Egg_Discord> Gunther, you eat the vegetables, nothing that they don't taste as good as the carrots frmo before
  630. Jan 19 23:18:05 <Egg_Discord> Fritz, you catch yourself licking the plate. What do?
  631. Jan 19 23:19:12 <starlite> *Wait, licking the plate? For vegetables? Normally, there's nothing wrong with that, but he's even eating from the floor! Fritz takes a step away from the plate in embarrassment, still licking his lips in memory of the delicious food*
  632. Jan 19 23:19:20 <Globebutt> (What's in the kitchen?)
  633. Jan 19 23:20:25 <Aurora_> "So little Fritz horse. What did you do before coming here?"
  634. Jan 19 23:20:50 <Egg_Discord> (Eggs, butter, veggies... Pretty much the basics save for a notable lack of meat)
  635. Jan 19 23:21:14 <starlite> "I work in a supermarket. Not great money, but at least I have a lot of free time"
  636. Jan 19 23:21:23 <Globebutt> Then I'm having bread and jam. Who the hell eats veggies for breakfast?
  637. Jan 19 23:21:44 <MrJared> (real men do)
  638. Jan 19 23:21:48 <Globebutt> (Boysenberry, if there is any. Otherwise, grape.)
  639. Jan 19 23:22:29 <Writefag4> Well its celery all right. I head into the kitchen to see if the other people have found anything.
  640. Jan 19 23:22:36 <Writefag4> If there's eggs is there a frying pan?
  641. Jan 19 23:22:49 <Globebutt> (You're not looking; are you? :V)
  642. Jan 19 23:22:53 <Aurora_> "Sounds like boring job. Any hobby?"
  643. Jan 19 23:22:59 <Egg_Discord> There is a frying pan.
  644. Jan 19 23:23:17 <starlite> "I read a lot. Mein Kampf opened my eyes to the world"
  645. Jan 19 23:23:33 <BC92> (some fancy ass hotel man, never been to one with an actual kitchen =U)
  646. Jan 19 23:23:56 <starlite> (Clearly you're going to the wrong hotels)
  647. Jan 19 23:24:07 <BC92> (well I am poor)
  648. Jan 19 23:24:11 <Aurora_> "Literature fan. Interesting topics."
  649. Jan 19 23:24:11 <Globebutt> (Not *that* fancy; I was at one in Forks that had a kitchenette and exterior corridors.)
  650. Jan 19 23:24:38 <starlite> "What about you, Gunther?"
  651. Jan 19 23:24:45 <BC92> (i had to share a two bedroom motel room with the entire chess team of my highschool once...)
  652. Jan 19 23:24:57 <Globebutt> (I'm so sorry.)
  653. Jan 19 23:25:20 <BC92> (someone actually slept in the bathtub =U)
  654. Jan 19 23:25:49 <Egg_Discord> (DId anyone wake them up by turning the water on?)
  655. Jan 19 23:26:07 <Globebutt> I walk back out to the main room, having conveniently tuned out Fritz's exposition. I take a bite of my bread.
  656. Jan 19 23:26:08 <Writefag4> Looks around and what's available. Any cheese in the fridge? I could make an omlette.
  657. Jan 19 23:26:22 <BC92> (no but the two guys on the other bed were spooning when I woke up)
  658. Jan 19 23:26:32 <Egg_Discord> Cheese is in good supply, Write
  659. Jan 19 23:26:33 <Aurora_> "Training attack dogs for military. They pay once, then you can go off find new job. Animal training is not easy job."
  660. Jan 19 23:26:45 <Egg_Discord> (Wow.)
  661. Jan 19 23:27:09 <starlite> "Cool! Dogs are pretty awesome"
  662. Jan 19 23:27:09 <Writefag4> "Okay. I think there's enough here is anyone else would like an Omelette. Anyone?
  663. Jan 19 23:27:17 <Globebutt> "...Hmm."
  664. Jan 19 23:27:31 <starlite> *Fritz calls out to Write* "I ate already, I'm good!*
  665. Jan 19 23:27:39 <BC92> "still waiting on the ambulance to get here so i can go get food that isn't possibly drugged"
  666. Jan 19 23:27:46 <Globebutt> I swallow, and look to the kitchen. "Hmm? I'm good; thanks."
  667. Jan 19 23:28:07 <Egg_Discord> There's a knock at the door
  668. Jan 19 23:28:26 <Aurora_> Günther takes a swig of his bottle of rum and stands up, making his way to the door
  669. Jan 19 23:28:37 <starlite> *Fritz hears the knock and rushes to hide behind the bed*
  670. Jan 19 23:29:09 <Aurora_> (Guys, it's 5:30 AM here. How much longer will we go today?)
  671. Jan 19 23:29:29 <starlite> (Forever)
  672. Jan 19 23:29:47 * Writefag4 sets down the eggs right before he cracks one open.
  673. Jan 19 23:29:58 <BC92> (i've been awake about 25 hours now)
  674. Jan 19 23:30:02 <Aurora_> (Im actually okay with that if you get me some time to get some caffeine)
  675. Jan 19 23:30:21 <Egg_Discord> (Alright, you guys wanna pause for a few minutes?)
  676. Jan 19 23:30:33 <starlite> (Sure)
  677. Jan 19 23:30:45 <Writefag4> (Sure)
  678. Jan 19 23:30:56 <BC92> (sure, I can check on a second dinner... perhaps i can go for 48 hours =U)
  679. Jan 19 23:30:59 <Globebutt> (I just came back from a potty break, but, um. Yeah, I'm down. I'll make some spaghettios.)
  680. Jan 19 23:31:24 <starlite> (I'll... start a game of mahjong since I have no food except raisins)
  681. Jan 19 23:31:27 <Egg_Discord> (SOunds good to me too)
  682. Jan 19 23:31:33 <Globebutt> (Don't you dare, BC. These things run on consecutive days more often than not, it seems.)
  683. Jan 19 23:31:52 <Globebutt> (Go for like. 40 at most.)
  684. Jan 19 23:32:07 <Egg_Discord> (He's right, BC)
  685. Jan 19 23:32:24 <BC92> (I've stayed up 72 hours once, started hallucinating.)
  686. Jan 19 23:32:50 <Globebutt> (And I'm saying we don't need you imagining you have hooves IRL. :V Sleep before the next session.)
  687. Jan 19 23:32:59 <Globebutt> (It'll be easier to type if you do.)
  688. Jan 19 23:33:08 <BC92> (probably will crash after this one ends.)
  689. Jan 19 23:33:44 <Egg_Discord> Sounds like a good idea, BC
  690. Jan 19 23:38:23 <BC92> my eyes are sore from staring at a computer screen for most of 24 hours lol.
  691. Jan 19 23:38:23 <Egg_Discord> (Sound off whenever you're ready folks)
  692. Jan 19 23:38:48 <starlite> (Ready whenever)
  693. Jan 19 23:39:07 <BC92> (food is being cooked by someone else, i can probably eat it here when its done though.)
  694. Jan 19 23:39:18 <BC92> (until then I am good i suppose)
  695. Jan 19 23:40:00 <Writefag4> (I'm ready.)
  696. Jan 19 23:40:37 <Aurora_> (Back)
  697. Jan 19 23:42:22 <Globebutt> (Spaghettios still have time in the microwave, but I think you can start.)
  698. Jan 19 23:43:27 <Egg_Discord> ALrighty then
  699. Jan 19 23:43:38 <Egg_Discord> THere was a knock at the door
  700. Jan 19 23:43:46 <starlite> *Fritz hid behind the bed*
  701. Jan 19 23:43:53 <Aurora_> Günther went to the door
  702. Jan 19 23:44:22 <Globebutt> I continue to sit on the bed.
  703. Jan 19 23:45:16 * BC92 sits on his bed as well, idly messing with his strange hair.
  704. Jan 19 23:45:27 <Egg_Discord> When you open the door, two emergency response men are outside waiting
  705. Jan 19 23:46:06 <Egg_Discord> "Hello sir, is this where the person undergoing seizures is being kept?"
  706. Jan 19 23:46:33 <Aurora_> Günther looks back to the others
  707. Jan 19 23:46:39 <Aurora_> Confused look on his face
  708. Jan 19 23:47:04 * BC92 gestures to write.
  709. Jan 19 23:47:18 <Globebutt> (To, or at?)
  710. Jan 19 23:47:27 <BC92> (at)
  711. Jan 19 23:47:42 <Globebutt> (Are the beds visible from the door?)
  712. Jan 19 23:47:42 <BC92> (sleepbrain typing)
  713. Jan 19 23:47:56 <Egg_Discord> No they are not
  714. Jan 19 23:48:19 <BC92> (i don't know these things. poor man knows not of rich hotels)
  715. Jan 19 23:48:38 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs and keeps the door open. "Maybe in back room?"
  716. Jan 19 23:49:25 <Writefag4> Wait. The pony isn't going to show himself?
  717. Jan 19 23:49:41 <Egg_Discord> "Alright, thank you." THe two ER men, carrying a stretcher, head for the room where Fritz and Write are at
  718. Jan 19 23:50:01 <Globebutt> (The main/bed room? It's where all the rest of us are.)
  719. Jan 19 23:50:09 <starlite> *Assuming Fritz can see Write from behind the bed, he makes cutting motions over his neck with his hoof*
  720. Jan 19 23:50:11 <Egg_Discord> (Yeah, there)
  721. Jan 19 23:50:37 <Aurora_> Günther closes the door and follows them
  722. Jan 19 23:51:14 <Egg_Discord> "Excuse me, but where is the person with seizues?"
  723. Jan 19 23:51:34 <Globebutt> I say nothing as I look at the EMTs.
  724. Jan 19 23:51:43 <Writefag4> "Seizures?"
  725. Jan 19 23:52:21 * Writefag4 is sweating on the spot. Why does he now change his mind.
  726. Jan 19 23:52:26 <Writefag4> ?
  727. Jan 19 23:52:58 <Globebutt> I look at Write. Seizures? I raise an eyebrow in confusion, moreso than in doubt.
  728. Jan 19 23:52:59 <BC92> "I don't know about siezures, but I sure as hell am seeing some strange shit, perhaps hallucinations?"
  729. Jan 19 23:53:07 <Egg_Discord> "...Sir? There is an emergency, right?"
  730. Jan 19 23:53:24 <Egg_Discord> "You do realize that it's a crime to place a fake call to 911, right?"
  731. Jan 19 23:53:29 <Globebutt> "I... I think I'd do well to see a doctor."
  732. Jan 19 23:53:48 <Egg_Discord> The other EMT gives Globe a weird look
  733. Jan 19 23:53:57 <BC92> "I mean seriously, look at this person here... just look at her." he points at laura.
  734. Jan 19 23:54:03 <Egg_Discord> He seems nervous.
  735. Jan 19 23:54:22 <BC92> "am I hallucinating? or does she seem.... not human?"
  736. Jan 19 23:54:39 <Globebutt> I twiddle my thumbs and look down at my feet.
  737. Jan 19 23:54:44 <Writefag4> "I may have..." tries to think of the nice way of saying lied.
  738. Jan 19 23:55:12 <Egg_Discord> "Um... Well... What-what's wrong with her." The EMT is trying to act like there's nothing wrong. It's clear, though that he's nervous.
  739. Jan 19 23:55:47 <Aurora_> Günther is standing right behind the EMTs, standing in the doorway and blocking any traffic out.
  740. Jan 19 23:55:48 * BC92 stands up and approaches the emt. "you are acting awfully fishy..."
  741. Jan 19 23:56:18 <Writefag4> "Well either she's a werewolf or something strange happened to us."
  742. Jan 19 23:56:23 <Egg_Discord> "Fishy? No of course not. Standard stuff..."
  743. Jan 19 23:56:41 <Egg_Discord> They start edging their way towards the door
  744. Jan 19 23:56:50 <BC92> "also, I shit you not good sir, we have a talking, singing, dancing pony with a fucking coffee cup on its ass"
  745. Jan 19 23:57:03 <starlite> *Fritz freezes in place*
  746. Jan 19 23:57:35 <Egg_Discord> "T-t-talking ponies? Sir, you do realize that there's no s-such thing, right?"
  747. Jan 19 23:57:50 <BC92> "was kind of adorable honestly when it started singing... no such thing? I thought so as well..."
  748. Jan 19 23:57:53 <Aurora_> (I should mention that Günther is like a brick wall. They're not getting through that door)
  749. Jan 19 23:58:02 <Egg_Discord> (Indeed)
  750. Jan 19 23:58:10 <BC92> "but seriously, either i'm hallucinating or some wierd shit is going down"
  751. Jan 19 23:58:16 <Globebutt> I look up at the EMTs. What's...
  752. Jan 19 23:58:51 <Globebutt> "Could you at least... I don't know what you do. I'm in engineering, not medicine. Is there something you could do to see if I've been drugged, though?"
  753. Jan 19 23:58:58 <BC92> "I mean for fucks sakes, I didn't even check into this hotel, I was at some crappy motel six."
  754. Jan 19 23:59:21 <BC92> (oh boy, getting my character riled up should be fun)
  755. Jan 19 23:59:26 <Globebutt> "I woke up here when I went to bed at the Knight's Inn."
  756. Jan 19 23:59:32 <Egg_Discord> "W-w-well, I think everyth-thing looks okay here, nothing wrong. We'll just be going." The two of them have the misfortune of walking right into Gunther
  757. Jan 19 23:59:50 <Globebutt> (You are so tiny! Is funny to me.)
  758. Jan 20 00:00:02 <BC92> (brb food)
  759. Jan 20 00:00:06 <Writefag4> "I'm sorry about lying on the phone but I didn't think you'd send help if I said one of us had turned into a pony."
  760. Jan 20 00:00:07 <Egg_Discord> (k)
  761. Jan 20 00:00:09 <BC92> (going to bring it here)
  762. Jan 20 00:00:16 <Egg_Discord> "..."
  763. Jan 20 00:00:50 <Egg_Discord> After hearing what Write just said, there's a short pause before the two EMTs start trying to run like they were being chased by the hounds of hell.
  764. Jan 20 00:00:51 <Aurora_> "..."
  765. Jan 20 00:01:05 <Aurora_> Günther tries to grab them
  766. Jan 20 00:01:21 <Aurora_> Without moving away from his spot in the door
  767. Jan 20 00:01:24 <Egg_Discord> Gunther is stong man. HE manages to stop them from leaving
  768. Jan 20 00:01:30 <Aurora_> There's no other ways out, right?
  769. Jan 20 00:02:00 <Aurora_> (Unless they plan to jump out a window, I guess?)
  770. Jan 20 00:02:03 <Globebutt> (Not unless they grow wings and fly!)
  771. Jan 20 00:02:05 <Egg_Discord> "Oh god! Please let us go! We don't want to be next!" The two of them appear to be begging for their lives.
  772. Jan 20 00:02:18 <Globebutt> (And what are the odds of... Oh, wait.)
  773. Jan 20 00:02:18 <Writefag4> "Next? I don't think its contagious."
  774. Jan 20 00:02:23 <Aurora_> "You. Start explaining."
  775. Jan 20 00:02:41 <starlite> *Fritz walks out from behind the bed, glaring at them* " 'Next'?"
  776. Jan 20 00:04:14 <Egg_Discord> "Oh god! Okay! There's been a rumor going around town that some people who come back from the new theme park end up undergoing strange transformations. Weird hair, wings, hooves... Almost like they're turning into weird miniature horses. Anyone showign any signs of this, along with anyone seen associating with them ends up disappearing without a trace!"
  777. Jan 20 00:04:40 <Egg_Discord> "We didn't think it was true until now! Just let us go! We won't tell anyone, we promise!"
  778. Jan 20 00:04:43 <Globebutt> "..."
  779. Jan 20 00:04:59 <Egg_Discord> The EMTS are practically crying now
  780. Jan 20 00:05:02 <starlite> "Who's doing this?"
  781. Jan 20 00:05:13 <Egg_Discord> "I don't know! I'm just an EMT!"
  782. Jan 20 00:05:17 <Globebutt> News travels fast, I guess. Just not fast enough for me.
  783. Jan 20 00:05:43 <starlite> "Don't let them go! We can use them"
  784. Jan 20 00:05:54 <Writefag4> "Use them? They're not leverage."
  785. Jan 20 00:05:57 <BC92> (back)
  786. Jan 20 00:05:59 <Aurora_> Günther keeps standing in the doorway, silently
  787. Jan 20 00:06:01 <Egg_Discord> "I swear! We don't know anything other than what we've told you!"
  788. Jan 20 00:06:04 <Writefag4> "Look. Do you know who we might be able to talk to?"
  789. Jan 20 00:06:23 <Globebutt> I look down to Fritz with a look of upset concern.
  790. Jan 20 00:06:25 <starlite> *Fritz frowns at Write* "Hostages"
  791. Jan 20 00:06:48 * Writefag4 glares hard down at Fritz.
  792. Jan 20 00:06:55 <Writefag4> "You are a terrible person."
  793. Jan 20 00:07:01 <Egg_Discord> "The police have found no leads whatsoever and people who check into the hospital even go missing! Just let us go!"
  794. Jan 20 00:07:01 <Globebutt> Who stuck me in the room with this... terrorist!?
  795. Jan 20 00:07:12 <BC92> "I still stand by my opinion that we aren't being kept here, gunther went and got booze just fine.
  796. Jan 20 00:07:22 <starlite> "Oh, right, I'm sorry. I forgot, I should let these people go instead of trying to become human again. I forgot how great being an experiment is"
  797. Jan 20 00:07:41 <Globebutt> How close is Fritz to me right now?
  798. Jan 20 00:08:03 <Globebutt> No, no. Never miond that.
  799. Jan 20 00:08:03 <Egg_Discord> If you're sitting on the bed, Laura, pretty close. Feel free to hit him.
  800. Jan 20 00:08:16 <Globebutt> I get up and kick the awful pony.
  801. Jan 20 00:08:16 <Writefag4> "They don't know anything. They didn't do anything. I think we should let them go and they can try to pretend they got the wrong room number. Maybe take a vacation somewhere far away."
  802. Jan 20 00:08:42 <Egg_Discord> The EMTs start nodding their heads vigorously.
  803. Jan 20 00:08:48 <starlite> (How hard?)
  804. Jan 20 00:09:01 <Egg_Discord> (Up to globe)
  805. Jan 20 00:09:20 <Aurora_> "First thing first. You leave medical supplies. We maybe need for little horse."
  806. Jan 20 00:09:31 <Globebutt> (Average. Not trying to kill you. Might leave a bruise, depending on how tender you are.)
  807. Jan 20 00:09:40 <starlite> (Do I hit the opposite bed?)
  808. Jan 20 00:09:59 <Globebutt> (Maybe, but you wouldn't be flying.)
  809. Jan 20 00:10:00 <Egg_Discord> They immediately empty out their bags of everything. All they care about is getting out of here.
  810. Jan 20 00:10:24 <Aurora_> "Anyone objection to letting medic leave?"
  811. Jan 20 00:10:39 <Globebutt> (Medic is credit to team!)
  812. Jan 20 00:10:41 <starlite> *Fritz hits the opposite bed, letting out a groan of pain as he does, unable to object with the wind knocked out of him*
  813. Jan 20 00:11:03 <Egg_Discord> One of the EMTs has started praying
  814. Jan 20 00:11:04 <Writefag4> "None. Look. Get out of here and try and find some place you can go for a few days if you're worried.
  815. Jan 20 00:11:12 <Globebutt> "...I guess not. Not much they can do for me, it seems."
  816. Jan 20 00:11:22 <Aurora_> Günther stands aside and lets the EMTs out
  817. Jan 20 00:11:39 <Egg_Discord> "Thank you! We swear we won't tell anyone!" The EMTs then bolt out of the room, never to be seen again.
  818. Jan 20 00:11:43 <Globebutt> I walk over and go look out the window.
  819. Jan 20 00:11:46 <Egg_Discord> At least by your guys, anyway
  820. Jan 20 00:12:20 <starlite> *Fritz gingerly rubs his bruise with a hoof* "Don't think I'll forget that"
  821. Jan 20 00:12:54 <Globebutt> I ignore the whiny bitch. Err, mare.
  822. Jan 20 00:12:58 <Writefag4> "Don't think you didn't deserve it."
  823. Jan 20 00:13:03 <Aurora_> Günther is going to go over to Fritz to check him..Her..for injuries
  824. Jan 20 00:13:09 <Globebutt> What's outside the window?
  825. Jan 20 00:13:42 * BC92 sits back down on the bed and begin to rub my head, "ugh... what did i do to deserve being crammed into a hotel room with a nazi pony and a bunch of other people...."
  826. Jan 20 00:13:50 <starlite> *Fritz stands up and steps back* "Don't worry, it's just a bruise"
  827. Jan 20 00:14:54 <Egg_Discord> Not much is outside other than the usual view of the town. Hey, you can see the Theme park from here.
  828. Jan 20 00:15:15 <Writefag4> "Probably nothing. But what should we do. I mean just getting the hell out of here is an option."
  829. Jan 20 00:15:37 <Globebutt> ...Say, what time is it? I look for a clock.
  830. Jan 20 00:15:44 <Aurora_> "We could go to amusement park. Have some fun?"
  831. Jan 20 00:16:30 <Egg_Discord> It's about 9:45
  832. Jan 20 00:16:43 <Globebutt> When's the park open?
  833. Jan 20 00:18:28 <Egg_Discord> 9:00
  834. Jan 20 00:18:56 <Globebutt> I guess we... could try. "I don't have anything better to do."
  835. Jan 20 00:19:27 <Aurora_> "It is why we came here in the first place. Why not have some fun while at it?"
  836. Jan 20 00:19:29 <starlite> Wait, are you all serious?
  837. Jan 20 00:19:43 <starlite> "We're going to do exactly what they want?"
  838. Jan 20 00:19:46 <Globebutt> I took a long weekend for this trip, and... well. Already paid for admission. Not much I can do looking like this, anyway.
  839. Jan 20 00:20:15 * Writefag4 sighs.
  840. Jan 20 00:20:17 <Aurora_> "Do not worry little horse. They have rides fit for animal too."
  841. Jan 20 00:20:21 <starlite> "You're joking, right? I want to become human again, not a little pet plaything for this carnival!"
  842. Jan 20 00:20:39 <Writefag4> "Well. I think its your best shot. If you think they did it to you then its probably the place with answers."
  843. Jan 20 00:21:14 <starlite> *Fritz mulls about, pacing* "I can't just walk out into the park like this and expect everyone to think it's normal!"
  844. Jan 20 00:21:18 <BC92> "that actually sounds plausible..."
  845. Jan 20 00:21:40 <Globebutt> I give Fritz a deadpan glare.
  846. Jan 20 00:21:49 <Aurora_> "It is park for pets too. You should be able fit right in."
  847. Jan 20 00:22:10 <starlite> "I am a pony with a coffee cup brand on my ass! You call that 'fitting in'?"
  848. Jan 20 00:22:15 <Writefag4> "I'm not sure either but we don't exactly doesn't have the most options."
  849. Jan 20 00:22:25 <Globebutt> "Better than I will."
  850. Jan 20 00:22:35 <Writefag4> "Unless you just want to stay here and hope nobody comes looking for you."
  851. Jan 20 00:23:04 <starlite> *Fritz looks up at Write for a moment before sighing* "Fine, let's get going."
  852. Jan 20 00:23:04 <BC92> "wrap a sheet around you, you will look like a normal pony... in a sheet"
  853. Jan 20 00:23:46 <Aurora_> "If you have no better idea, you can sit at hotel room watching TV all day."
  854. Jan 20 00:24:07 <BC92> "if only I had a hat to hide this hair of mine..." BC mumbles as he messes with it some more.
  855. Jan 20 00:24:16 <starlite> "Fine, I'll go! But we're going for answers, not for fun!"
  856. Jan 20 00:24:33 <Writefag4> "Only for a measure of blending in."
  857. Jan 20 00:25:11 <starlite> *Fritz practices a small whinny*
  858. Jan 20 00:25:39 <BC92> "Perhaps we should group according to priorities... Coffeebutt and I want answers, what about you all?"
  859. Jan 20 00:25:55 <starlite> *Fritz glares at BC* "It's Fritz!"
  860. Jan 20 00:26:33 * BC92 waves dismissively at coffeebutt.
  861. Jan 20 00:26:38 <Aurora_> "I think we need to find out in pet park to see why we have little pony."
  862. Jan 20 00:26:38 <Egg_Discord> >Small Whinny
  863. Jan 20 00:26:41 <Egg_Discord> Roll fort
  864. Jan 20 00:26:44 <Writefag4> "If what they said is true then I should probably be looking either for a way to leave the contry or get to the bottom of this. Considering they managed to kidnap me in my sleep once already I don't feel too good about either option."
  865. Jan 20 00:26:51 <starlite> roll 7 of 10
  866. Jan 20 00:26:59 <Globebutt> "I just want to know what's going on, and... I'd really like to go on a few more rides, honestly."
  867. Jan 20 00:27:57 <Globebutt> Even just looking at some of the rides is always neat.
  868. Jan 20 00:28:01 <Aurora_> "I think we should just go to park. Then when there, sneak into administration building and look at documents."
  869. Jan 20 00:28:38 <Globebutt> And... I'm not sure how well those... wings of mine would fit inside a ride.
  870. Jan 20 00:28:41 <Writefag4> "Its a big park you know. Do we even know where to start."
  871. Jan 20 00:28:42 <Egg_Discord> Whinnying feels right for some reason. Maybe you should try it more often>
  872. Jan 20 00:29:14 <BC92> "is there any tall rides? perhaps get on one of those and use it as a vantage point?"
  873. Jan 20 00:29:25 <starlite> *Fritz coughs slightly. That whinny seemed right, but a little off. Maybe he should practice more... He whinnes a few more times*
  874. Jan 20 00:29:45 <Writefag4> "Or find a map... What are you doing?"
  875. Jan 20 00:30:16 <Egg_Discord> Oh yeah, that feels definitely right. You could just stop talking altogether and just whinny if you wanted too
  876. Jan 20 00:30:40 <Egg_Discord> But that would be counterproductive to the fourth reich's progress, wouldn't it?
  877. Jan 20 00:31:35 <BC92> "a map would be good, but what if there are unmarked things?"
  878. Jan 20 00:31:39 <starlite> *Fritz begins to explain to explain to Write that he's practicing, when he considers that that would ruin his practice. No, he can't whinny all the time. That's crazy! He grabs his head again as conflicting thoughts rush through* "Just... practicing..."
  879. Jan 20 00:32:49 <Globebutt> "...Why don't we just work it out on our way to the park? I mean, unless there's a car here for our use, it's gonna be quite a walk."
  880. Jan 20 00:32:50 <Egg_Discord> (Star, you've given me a most devilish idea.)
  881. Jan 20 00:33:00 <Globebutt> (Oh god.)
  882. Jan 20 00:33:02 <starlite> (That's ominous as ever)
  883. Jan 20 00:33:03 <Writefag4> "Practicing what?"
  884. Jan 20 00:33:16 <Egg_Discord> (But we'll see how things play out from here. Maybe you can divert that plan)
  885. Jan 20 00:33:18 <Writefag4> "Aren't there trams?"
  886. Jan 20 00:33:23 <starlite> "I'm not going to be walking around talking if I'm pretending to be a horse, am I?"
  887. Jan 20 00:33:27 <BC92> "being a pony, apparently"
  888. Jan 20 00:34:13 <Writefag4> "Why not?"
  889. Jan 20 00:34:28 <Writefag4> "I mean you don't exactly look like a horse to begin with."
  890. Jan 20 00:34:35 <starlite> "... You do know that horses don't speak English, right?"
  891. Jan 20 00:34:54 <starlite> "And that's why I thought we shouldn't go out there!"
  892. Jan 20 00:34:55 <Globebutt> (mfw nazicoffeehorse starts speaking german)
  893. Jan 20 00:35:21 <Egg_Discord> I dunno. Coffeebutt there could probably pull it off, given his colors
  894. Jan 20 00:35:47 <Globebutt> What're his colors, again?
  895. Jan 20 00:35:48 <starlite> (Ich bin ein Pferd, nicht ein Berliner)
  896. Jan 20 00:35:53 <BC92> (browns)
  897. Jan 20 00:35:58 <Egg_Discord> (Light brown coat, Dark brown mane)
  898. Jan 20 00:36:17 <Egg_Discord> (I'm sorry, Globe)
  899. Jan 20 00:36:27 <Globebutt> (So am I!)
  900. Jan 20 00:36:43 <Writefag4> "Fine. If you don't want to talk thats fine."
  901. Jan 20 00:36:49 <BC92> (what was my hair colours again?)
  902. Jan 20 00:37:00 <Egg_Discord> (Pink, orange and yellow, BC)
  903. Jan 20 00:37:11 <BC92> (good lord that probably looks hideous)
  904. Jan 20 00:37:25 <starlite> *Fritz whinnies again but catches himself and quickly stops*
  905. Jan 20 00:37:25 <BC92> (especially with my purple argyle sweater)
  906. Jan 20 00:37:45 <Egg_Discord> Maybe
  907. Jan 20 00:37:45 <Globebutt> (Purple argyle. You wot, m8?)
  908. Jan 20 00:37:53 <Globebutt> *Is* there a tram to the park, by the way? Or a shuttle? Couldn't stop by the Knight's Inn on a direct shuttle, but... I mean... They did leave socks and shoes here for me, right? Need those to get into the park. Don't need anything else to go around, really.
  909. Jan 20 00:38:13 <BC92> (i imagine myself wearing jeans, converse, a white dress shirt, and a purple argyle sweater)
  910. Jan 20 00:38:30 <Egg_Discord> There is a direct tram to the park. You can just hop aboard and head for Petopia immediately
  911. Jan 20 00:38:32 <Aurora_> Günther sits down with his bottle of rum. Trying to make sense of all of this is pretty difficult
  912. Jan 20 00:39:32 <Globebutt> At least, I can try. Might scare away the driver, judging by how those EMTs reacted.
  913. Jan 20 00:40:42 <Writefag4> "Look. Lets just go. We can figure it out on the way there."
  914. Jan 20 00:40:58 <starlite> *Fritz nods in agreement*
  915. Jan 20 00:42:21 <Globebutt> That's what I said! Damn.
  916. Jan 20 00:42:53 <Globebutt> "...So does anyone have a key to this room? Or are there any sitting around?"
  917. Jan 20 00:43:26 <Writefag4> Are there any room keys?
  918. Jan 20 00:43:54 <starlite> "Dunno, let me check my pockets. Oh wait, that's right."
  919. Jan 20 00:43:57 <Egg_Discord> Five for each of you in the living room
  920. Jan 20 00:44:25 <Globebutt> Then I guess I'm staying here. I grab mine and put... It's electronic, right? I put it in my wallet.
  921. Jan 20 00:44:30 <Writefag4> Anything else obvious in the room like a note left for us or anything? Just checking before we go.
  922. Jan 20 00:45:02 <Globebutt> (I still have the key cards from the hotels I stayed at for EFNW and CG in my wallet.)
  923. Jan 20 00:45:03 <Aurora_> I'll grab one key
  924. Jan 20 00:45:08 <Globebutt> (I need to clean it out more.)
  925. Jan 20 00:45:14 * BC92 grabs a couple of keys... not like coffeebutt can carry his...
  926. Jan 20 00:45:35 <Egg_Discord> Nothing too obvious
  927. Jan 20 00:45:55 <Egg_Discord> Just the regular thing you'd expect to see in a hotel room
  928. Jan 20 00:47:02 <Globebutt> "Shoulda seen that earlier," I say to myself.'
  929. Jan 20 00:47:33 <starlite> "So, are we going or just waiting around here all day?"
  930. Jan 20 00:48:01 * Writefag4 shakes his head. He had been thinking of sweeping the room for clues. But this isn't a crime drama.
  931. Jan 20 00:48:05 <Writefag4> "No lets go."
  932. Jan 20 00:48:05 <Globebutt> "I'll see you all in the lobby." I walk out the door and make toward the lobby.
  933. Jan 20 00:48:19 * Writefag4 follows after Lucy.
  934. Jan 20 00:48:20 <Aurora_> Günther shrugs and goes down to the lobby
  935. Jan 20 00:48:25 <Globebutt> (Laura.)
  936. Jan 20 00:48:29 <BC92> (race you there /me jumps out the window, jk)
  937. Jan 20 00:48:33 <starlite> *Fritz waits at the door for someone to open it*
  938. Jan 20 00:48:34 * Left_Elba is now known as L_E
  939. Jan 20 00:48:46 <Globebutt> (BC92 left a small crater.)
  940. Jan 20 00:48:57 <Writefag4> (Lucy, Gumper, Franz, and CB.)
  941. Jan 20 00:49:05 * BC92 goes to the door and holds it open for the pony.
  942. Jan 20 00:49:31 <starlite> *Fritz gives a small, greatful nod as he exits the room and begins trotting towards the lobby, keeping his head down*
  943. Jan 20 00:50:06 * BC92 exits the room after the pony, following along to help with any more doors.
  944. Jan 20 00:50:06 <Globebutt> So. Anyone giving reactions in the lobby, or are they trying to pretend there's nothing unusual going on, too?
  945. Jan 20 00:50:30 <Egg_Discord> It's like nothing happened in the lobby
  946. Jan 20 00:50:37 <Aurora_> Just trying to pretend nothing special is going on
  947. Jan 20 00:50:41 <Egg_Discord> Oh, the tram's just arrived
  948. Jan 20 00:50:44 <starlite> (Are other people there?)
  949. Jan 20 00:50:46 <BC92> (totally not acting suspicious in the lobby)
  950. Jan 20 00:50:48 <Aurora_> (Günther takes a bottle of rum with him)
  951. Jan 20 00:51:03 <BC92> (just me and a talking pony with coffee on its ass, nothing special)
  952. Jan 20 00:51:05 <Globebutt> Perfect! Is everyone else in the lobby, though?
  953. Jan 20 00:51:15 <BC92> (oh, i also have the hair of a clown)
  954. Jan 20 00:51:26 <starlite> *Fritz rushes towards the main doors, trying not to trip over his four feet*
  955. Jan 20 00:52:42 <Egg_Discord> They've just arrived in the lobby. Better hop aboard the tram
  956. Jan 20 00:52:47 <Globebutt> ...Looks like at least one of... I can't let that fucker get away. Yeah.
  957. Jan 20 00:52:55 <Aurora_> Hopping on
  958. Jan 20 00:52:59 <starlite> *Fritz leaps on*
  959. Jan 20 00:53:02 * Writefag4 runs after the others.
  960. Jan 20 00:53:07 <Globebutt> I board the tram. It's headed the right direction, right? It'll turn around eventually.
  961. Jan 20 00:53:15 * BC92 casually boards the tram.
  962. Jan 20 00:53:44 <Egg_Discord> "Everyone aboard?" The driver asks
  963. Jan 20 00:53:54 * BC92 shrugs.
  964. Jan 20 00:54:02 <Globebutt> I take a seat.
  965. Jan 20 00:54:20 * Writefag4 sits down.
  966. Jan 20 00:54:23 * BC92 holds a handhold
  967. Jan 20 00:54:33 <starlite> *Fritz stands awkwardly, not having any seats for ponies on the tram*
  968. Jan 20 00:54:53 <Egg_Discord> The door closes and the tram takes off.
  969. Jan 20 00:55:16 <Egg_Discord> *CUT TO THE THEME PARK*
  970. Jan 20 00:55:25 <Globebutt> (Unless we want to end for the night?)
  971. Jan 20 00:55:31 <Egg_Discord> (Oh yeah, true)
  972. Jan 20 00:55:37 <starlite> (I'm fine either way)
  973. Jan 20 00:55:39 <Egg_Discord> (You guys ready for the rest of this?)
  974. Jan 20 00:55:44 <Aurora_> I can play
  975. Jan 20 00:55:48 <Globebutt> (This would be a very smooth... how do you say, stopping point.)
  976. Jan 20 00:55:52 <Aurora_> (I can play, if the others can)
  977. Jan 20 00:55:53 <Globebutt> (I can keep going, though.)
  978. Jan 20 00:55:56 <MrJared> ( *Slowly claps his hands* )
  979. Jan 20 00:56:10 <Globebutt> (>implying hands)
  980. Jan 20 00:56:22 <Writefag4> (Yeah. I can keep going. Might grab a glass of water.)
  981. Jan 20 00:56:24 <Egg_Discord> (BC, Write, you two ready to keep playing?)
  982. Jan 20 00:56:29 <MrJared> (>Implying horse)
  983. Jan 20 00:56:45 <Globebutt> (>implying implications)
  984. Jan 20 00:56:46 <BC92> (i am fine with either continuing or stopping, just ate not too long ago so im going to be up for a while)
  985. Jan 20 00:57:17 <Globebutt> (>==>)
  986. Jan 20 00:57:37 <Egg_Discord> (Majority vote wins)
  987. Jan 20 00:57:50 <MrJared> (... fak u globebutt)
  988. Jan 20 00:58:00 <Globebutt> (<3)
  989. Jan 20 00:58:21 <Egg_Discord> The tram arrives at the theme park, and the bus driver holds the door open.
  990. Jan 20 00:58:50 * BC92 casually disembarks and takes a deep breath of the outside air.
  991. Jan 20 00:59:05 <starlite> *Fritz follows a bit unsteadily*
  992. Jan 20 01:00:17 <Globebutt> I hop off the bus and walk toward the entrance of the park.
  993. Jan 20 01:00:37 <starlite> (Are the pet and human entrances the same)
  994. Jan 20 01:00:44 <Aurora_> Günther steps out, takes a swig from his rum bottle and then looks to the others. "Now what?"
  995. Jan 20 01:00:51 <Globebutt> Might even get a little ahead of the others. I mean, lines. ...Are there lines?
  996. Jan 20 01:01:01 * Mr_Jared ( has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  997. Jan 20 01:01:13 <Globebutt> (Now you chug, because there's no liquor allowed in the park.)
  998. Jan 20 01:01:16 <Writefag4> "Well first you better hide that. They probably won't let you take it into the park.
  999. Jan 20 01:01:33 <starlite> (Are there many people nearby?)
  1000. Jan 20 01:01:37 * BC92 whispers aside to coffeebutt "If anyone asks, you are my pet." and begins to walk towards the appropriate entrance, slowing down to make sure fritz is following.
  1001. Jan 20 01:01:59 <Egg_Discord> (Yes they are the same)
  1002. Jan 20 01:02:03 <Writefag4> "I say we keep our eyes peeled for anyone like Franz."
  1003. Jan 20 01:02:05 <starlite> *Fritz follows BC, scowling slightly at the word 'pet'*
  1004. Jan 20 01:02:18 <Egg_Discord> There are lines at the entrance and in the rides
  1005. Jan 20 01:02:43 <BC92> (assuming since i have a pass I can bypass the entrance lines?)
  1006. Jan 20 01:02:45 <Egg_Discord> A lot of people, but one or two have their own pets with them, so it's cool
  1007. Jan 20 01:03:04 <starlite> (Any other odd ponies?)
  1008. Jan 20 01:03:09 <Aurora_> Günther starts drinking, time to clear out the rum before they reach the front of the lines
  1009. Jan 20 01:03:11 <Egg_Discord> What, you dislike the word pet, Fritz?
  1010. Jan 20 01:03:19 <Globebutt> Is there a fast line for people like me with returning day tickets? ...Or people with horse ears?
  1011. Jan 20 01:03:49 <Egg_Discord> The fast lane is still quite full, but not as bad as the main line
  1012. Jan 20 01:03:56 * MrJared has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  1013. Jan 20 01:03:57 <Egg_Discord> No one with horse ears so far
  1014. Jan 20 01:04:34 <Globebutt> Let's just hope nobody tries to tell me that the furry convention's in the other direction. I get in the fast lane.
  1015. Jan 20 01:04:54 * BC92 patiently waits in the fastlane, observing others around him and trying to pinpoint a possible map location.
  1016. Jan 20 01:05:02 <Writefag4> We're just getting in a line. I like it. What ride is this even?
  1017. Jan 20 01:05:11 <starlite> *Fritz follows alongside BC, keeping an eye out for any other ponies, or anyone who looks more official in the park*
  1018. Jan 20 01:05:34 <Egg_Discord> You're not in the park yet, Write
  1019. Jan 20 01:05:48 <Writefag4> Oh. Why are we standing in line then? We already have week passes don't we?
  1020. Jan 20 01:05:56 <Egg_Discord> The line moves pretty fast.
  1021. Jan 20 01:06:06 <Globebutt> (You ever been in a park, Write? You still gotta get in.)
  1022. Jan 20 01:06:14 <Globebutt> (They gotta validate your ticket.)
  1023. Jan 20 01:06:35 <Aurora_> I'll just leave the empty bottle on a bench
  1024. Jan 20 01:06:36 <Globebutt> (It's like going into a zoo with a family membership.)
  1025. Jan 20 01:06:48 <Egg_Discord> As you get up to the teller, the ticket lady looks at Fritz and says "Aw, what a cute little pony. Is it a boy or a girl?"
  1026. Jan 20 01:07:11 <Globebutt> (Assuming she makes no comment on me, then.)
  1027. Jan 20 01:07:19 <starlite> *Fritz opens his mouth to retort, but quickly turns it into a whinny*
  1028. Jan 20 01:07:21 <Writefag4> When I went to Didne Whrol I could just slide my card in a turntusle at the gate.
  1029. Jan 20 01:07:21 * BC92 blinks a few times, "uh... its a... girl... yes..."
  1030. Jan 20 01:07:36 <BC92> "sorry, just woke up" he grins sheepishly.
  1031. Jan 20 01:07:43 <Writefag4> (So its Oaks long lost sister?)
  1032. Jan 20 01:08:22 <Globebutt> (Didny Wohl is fancy. I'm talkin' Cedar Point, King's Island, Six Flags...)
  1033. Jan 20 01:08:25 <BC92> (totally not a suspicious answer)
  1034. Jan 20 01:09:24 <Egg_Discord> "She's so adorable! Hold on, I have just the thing for cute little ponies like her"
  1035. Jan 20 01:09:26 <starlite> *Fritz turns to glare at BC before remembering the worst part about the change and hanging his... her head*
  1036. Jan 20 01:09:43 <Globebutt> (inb4 squeaky carrot)
  1037. Jan 20 01:09:53 * BC92 grins nervously.
  1038. Jan 20 01:09:57 <starlite> (Egg is more original than that)
  1039. Jan 20 01:10:02 <starlite> (I say, terrified)
  1040. Jan 20 01:10:18 <Egg_Discord> The ticket lady pulls out a sugar cube for Fritz and hands it to BC along with his ticket. "I'm sure she'll just love it."
  1041. Jan 20 01:10:56 <Egg_Discord> "I know how much ponies love those, so don't hesitate to give it to her."
  1042. Jan 20 01:11:05 <Egg_Discord> EVERYONE! ROLL FORT!
  1043. Jan 20 01:11:14 * BC92 lets out a relieved breath, "thanks, I'm sure she will love it." he smiles and quickly tries to continue into the park.
  1044. Jan 20 01:11:23 <starlite> (You are kidding me)
  1045. Jan 20 01:11:24 <Writefag4> (Do I have to?)
  1046. Jan 20 01:11:26 <starlite> roll 10 of 10
  1047. Jan 20 01:11:28 <BC92> (everyone? oh joy first time =D
  1048. Jan 20 01:11:30 <Egg_Discord> (Yess)
  1049. Jan 20 01:11:38 <starlite> (I swear, something is wrong with my dice)
  1050. Jan 20 01:11:38 <Writefag4> (4)
  1051. Jan 20 01:11:40 <BC92> (10...)
  1052. Jan 20 01:11:46 <Egg_Discord> (I'll let you reroll this one time, Star)
  1053. Jan 20 01:11:52 <Aurora_> 1D10 => 7
  1054. Jan 20 01:11:59 <Egg_Discord> (Just because of your crappy luck)
  1055. Jan 20 01:12:12 <BC92> (Watch as the one with the pony turns into a pony as well)
  1056. Jan 20 01:12:12 <Globebutt> (3; narrate what happens as I'm presumably looking back)
  1057. Jan 20 01:12:15 <starlite> (No, I'm fine with this. It's funnier this way)
  1058. Jan 20 01:12:27 * Zoomerik has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  1059. Jan 20 01:12:32 <starlite> (Besides, I made a neonazi character to see his mind warp anyway)
  1060. Jan 20 01:13:20 <BC92> (neonazi doing a song and dance about coffee... something I never thought I would see =P)
  1061. Jan 20 01:13:22 <starlite> (Although, for the record, 55% of my rolls tonight were 10)
  1062. Jan 20 01:13:41 <BC92> (100% of my in game rolls were 10, i've only rolled once)
  1063. Jan 20 01:13:50 <Egg_Discord> (I insist, Star. It's too early to go pone.)
  1064. Jan 20 01:14:03 <starlite> roll 6 of 10
  1065. Jan 20 01:14:09 <starlite> (Almost hoping for a 10 again...)
  1066. Jan 20 01:14:34 <Globebutt> (Springtime~ for Hitler~ and Germany~)
  1067. Jan 20 01:15:46 <Egg_Discord> Everyone except for Laura, who has looked away, stares at the sugar cube, secretly wanting it. Write is the only one who can even think about asking for more sugar cubes
  1068. Jan 20 01:16:01 <Egg_Discord> The others are mesmerized
  1069. Jan 20 01:16:10 <Writefag4> "Could we get a couple more for the road?"
  1070. Jan 20 01:16:28 * Writefag4 I keep glancing back at it.
  1071. Jan 20 01:16:31 * L_E is now known as Left_Elba
  1072. Jan 20 01:16:46 <BC92> (assuming this negates my quick rush to get past the gate?)
  1073. Jan 20 01:17:43 <starlite> *Fritz stares dumbly at the sugarcube, thinking of nothing more than tasting the sweet treat. She tries to stand up higher to get at it*
  1074. Jan 20 01:17:45 <Writefag4> "She does like them."
  1075. Jan 20 01:18:34 <Writefag4> "We should probably just get her a box... They don't sell those here do they?"
  1076. Jan 20 01:18:40 <Writefag4> "I mean that would be..."
  1077. Jan 20 01:18:56 <Egg_Discord> "Sure thing!" The ticket lady pulls out a container with 20 sugar cubes inside "Don't let her eat them all at once, or the poor widdle thing will get a nasty tummy ache," she says in a baby talk manner. You all feel yourselves disgusted by this except for BC and Gunther, who find it enjoyable. BC and Gunther, roll pone
  1078. Jan 20 01:19:33 <Globebutt> I've presumably by this point looked back to see what the holdup is.
  1079. Jan 20 01:19:44 <BC92> (that is a d...6?)
  1080. Jan 20 01:19:47 <starlite> (d10)
  1081. Jan 20 01:19:49 <Aurora_> (Welp)
  1082. Jan 20 01:19:52 <Aurora_> (1D10 => 10)
  1083. Jan 20 01:20:00 <BC92> (9...)
  1084. Jan 20 01:20:01 <starlite> (...)
  1085. Jan 20 01:20:13 <BC92> (we be cursed i tells yas)
  1086. Jan 20 01:20:16 <Globebutt> (Past character creation, all rolls are on d10 unless otherwise marked.)
  1087. Jan 20 01:21:11 <BC92> (I wonder if my character's beard is this crazy technicolour mess as well)
  1088. Jan 20 01:21:30 <BC92> (friggin hilarious if it was =U)
  1089. Jan 20 01:21:44 <Globebutt> (>implying it's not)
  1090. Jan 20 01:21:57 <Egg_Discord> You don't experience any changes, BC. On the other hand, you can see Gunther's hair change into a plum/violet color. Did his eyes change to a dark purple too? Luckily, the ticket Lady's too busy looking at Write and Fritz to notice
  1091. Jan 20 01:22:20 <Egg_Discord> (BC-2.9, Gunther, 2.8)
  1092. Jan 20 01:22:51 <starlite> (What is Fritz now?)
  1093. Jan 20 01:23:16 <Globebutt> (He's a horse!)
  1094. Jan 20 01:23:21 <starlite> (...)
  1095. Jan 20 01:23:30 <Writefag4> "I think you have to get a stomachache from eating too much junk food at a park like this. But I suppose we'll go easy on it for now."
  1096. Jan 20 01:24:12 <starlite> *Fritz begins prodding at BC with her hoof, her eyes still trained on the sugarcube*
  1097. Jan 20 01:24:41 <BC92> (that sounds friggin adorable)
  1098. Jan 20 01:24:47 <Egg_Discord> (Fritz didn't change. She's still mesmerized by the sugar cube)
  1099. Jan 20 01:25:08 <starlite> (Just curious for my current level)
  1100. Jan 20 01:25:34 <Egg_Discord> "Alright, then. You folks have fun, especially you, you pwetty wittle girl. Yes you are! Yes you are."
  1101. Jan 20 01:26:01 * BC92 looks down at coffeebutt as she prods him for the cube, he smiles stupidly at the adorableness and holds it out for her to eat after he gets out of the way of the line.
  1102. Jan 20 01:26:02 <Egg_Discord> Even the nicest person would feel like punching this woman in the face for talking like that
  1103. Jan 20 01:26:12 <starlite> *Fritz resists the urge to roll her eyes, still staring at the sugarcube*
  1104. Jan 20 01:26:43 <Egg_Discord> Laura, they're moving
  1105. Jan 20 01:26:46 <starlite> *Fritz tentatively leans forward and takes the cube into her mouth*
  1106. Jan 20 01:26:51 <Writefag4> I suppose I get my ticket stamped and take the box to leave with the rest of the group.
  1107. Jan 20 01:27:18 <Globebutt> About time!
  1108. Jan 20 01:27:26 * BC92 scratches fritz behind the ears before standing back up and looking around for a map or something.
  1109. Jan 20 01:28:10 <Egg_Discord> Holy- OH MY GOD, THIS IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE VEGGIES! This shit is like if crack, weed, booze and meth were mixed together in one addictive as shit drug
  1110. Jan 20 01:28:38 <Egg_Discord> And the scratching! Oh man that felt good.
  1111. Jan 20 01:28:49 <Egg_Discord> You gotta have more of that scratching!
  1112. Jan 20 01:29:04 <starlite> *Fritz smiles despite herself and leans into the scratching*
  1113. Jan 20 01:29:13 <Egg_Discord> Roll fort again, Star
  1114. Jan 20 01:29:28 <Globebutt> Am I seeing this?
  1115. Jan 20 01:29:30 <starlite> ...
  1116. Jan 20 01:29:35 <BC92> (i'm totally not helping =P)
  1117. Jan 20 01:29:36 <starlite> (I swear, this isn't intentional)
  1118. Jan 20 01:29:41 <starlite> roll 10 of 10
  1119. Jan 20 01:29:49 <Aurora_> (wow)
  1120. Jan 20 01:29:52 <Egg_Discord> (I'm sorry that this keeps happening, but you guys keep setting yourselves up for this)
  1121. Jan 20 01:29:55 <starlite> (6 rolls out of 11)
  1122. Jan 20 01:30:04 <BC92> (shiieet son, dem be some loaded dice)
  1123. Jan 20 01:30:19 <starlite> (I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose)
  1124. Jan 20 01:30:28 <BC92> (I am =U)
  1125. Jan 20 01:30:31 <Egg_Discord> You REALLY like the scratching, Star. You lean into it more and love it
  1126. Jan 20 01:30:32 <Aurora_> Günther looks at the sugar cube until it gets eaten up. He blinks a few times, wondering just what was going through his mind. It's just sugar. That stuff is in the rum too. Why does it have such an effect on him?
  1127. Jan 20 01:30:35 <Egg_Discord> Roll Pone
  1128. Jan 20 01:30:44 <starlite> roll 5 of 10
  1129. Jan 20 01:31:02 <Egg_Discord> ( Here's another dice roller if you want to have better chances
  1130. Jan 20 01:32:04 <Egg_Discord> This feels great, Caramel Roast. You can tell that you are going to love today! But then again, you love every day because every day is so much fun!
  1131. Jan 20 01:32:30 * Left_Elba has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  1132. Jan 20 01:32:42 <Writefag4> So we entered the Park. I don't suppose anything stands out in a big 'go here' way.
  1133. Jan 20 01:32:53 <starlite> *Caramel smiles at the scratching, still tasting sugar on her lips. The smells in the air, the sights, the sounds... We're at a park, aren't we!*
  1134. Jan 20 01:33:20 <BC92> (do i see maps yet?)
  1135. Jan 20 01:33:57 <Egg_Discord> There are maps available at the entrance, which is a giant welcome sign that reads "WELCOME TO PETOPIA!"
  1136. Jan 20 01:34:20 <Egg_Discord> Yes you are, Caramel! Your new friends were nice enough to bring you here!
  1137. Jan 20 01:34:37 <Egg_Discord> You have such wonderful friends, Caramel
  1138. Jan 20 01:34:39 <Globebutt> (Friends!)
  1139. Jan 20 01:34:41 * BC92 goes and grabs a map and goes to the side out of the ways of the crowds.
  1140. Jan 20 01:34:43 <starlite> *Caramel smiles at the people around her* "Where are we going first?"
  1141. Jan 20 01:34:54 <Egg_Discord> (Daniel, get off the table)
  1142. Jan 20 01:35:02 <Globebutt> (:c)
  1143. Jan 20 01:35:14 <Globebutt> Fritz got real smiley all of a sudden. How strange.
  1144. Jan 20 01:35:27 <Globebutt> Eh. I'm not gonna question providence.
  1145. Jan 20 01:35:46 <BC92> (and did coffeebutt talk just now?)
  1146. Jan 20 01:36:04 <Egg_Discord> (Yep. She asked where you guys were going)
  1147. Jan 20 01:36:40 <Writefag4> The amount of Fucks I do not give would require an understanding of calculus to explain.
  1148. Jan 20 01:36:42 <Egg_Discord> (Also, this is a generic Disney world type theme park. Feel free to make up attractions)
  1149. Jan 20 01:37:16 <Globebutt> Hmm. Which coasters *didn't* I ride ye... which coasters could I ride without... Fuck.
  1150. Jan 20 01:37:17 * BC92 makes a shushing gesture to the pony, glances around to make sure nobody is paying too close attention, "ponies don't talk, coffeebutt"
  1151. Jan 20 01:37:37 <Globebutt> Can I ride any coasters without hurting those dumb feathery things on my back?
  1152. Jan 20 01:37:54 <Egg_Discord> Coffeebutt? What a silly head. YOu're Caramel Roast, the friendliest pony you know.
  1153. Jan 20 01:38:00 <starlite> *Caramel frowns at BC* My name isn't Coffeebutt! And of course ponies talk!
  1154. Jan 20 01:38:22 <Globebutt> (Was that spoken, or not?)
  1155. Jan 20 01:38:24 <Egg_Discord> Yeah, there are a few, Globe)
  1156. Jan 20 01:38:36 <starlite> (Spoken, sorry)
  1157. Jan 20 01:38:43 <Aurora_> Günther decides today was weird enough. He's going to go off to find a nice administrative building to break into
  1158. Jan 20 01:38:50 <Egg_Discord> (I love how Caramel is like the exact opposite of Fritz)
  1159. Jan 20 01:39:03 <starlite> (That's why I made Fritz how he is. Few ponies are like that)
  1160. Jan 20 01:39:04 * BC92 glances around nervously again, "how about we play the silent game, stay quiet while we are here and i'll give you more ear scratchies and sugar cubes."
  1161. Jan 20 01:39:22 <Globebutt> ...Ear scratches and sugar cubes?
  1162. Jan 20 01:39:28 <starlite> *Caramel beams and nods her head frantically*
  1163. Jan 20 01:39:38 <Globebutt> My ears perk up involuntarily.
  1164. Jan 20 01:39:38 <Egg_Discord> *GASP!* more ear scratchies and sugar cubes? That's the best!
  1165. Jan 20 01:39:56 <Egg_Discord> So who's going with who?
  1166. Jan 20 01:40:04 <BC92> "good girl, now shush." BC goes back to looking at the map
  1167. Jan 20 01:40:12 <Egg_Discord> I know BC and Caramel are a team, but what about the others
  1168. Jan 20 01:40:15 <Aurora_> Günther just sorta walks off on his own, or with whoever else follows him
  1169. Jan 20 01:40:31 <Writefag4> I suppose I'm more with Lilly.
  1170. Jan 20 01:41:01 <Egg_Discord> (Laura)
  1171. Jan 20 01:41:04 <Writefag4> "So what do you think we should be looking for."
  1172. Jan 20 01:41:11 <Globebutt> Then I guess Wraught and Lolo are on a team.
  1173. Jan 20 01:41:22 <Writefag4> (Its Right)
  1174. Jan 20 01:41:38 <Egg_Discord> (So it's Write and Laura, BC and Fritz/Caramel and Gunther)
  1175. Jan 20 01:41:58 <BC92> (so it seems)
  1176. Jan 20 01:42:04 <Egg_Discord> (Heaven help us when Gunther finds the exotic and savage carnivores exhibit)
  1177. Jan 20 01:42:10 <Writefag4> "Maybe after a few rides we should see if we can pull an Employee off to the side and see if we can get any information from them.
  1178. Jan 20 01:42:12 <Egg_Discord> (That's not really there, BTW)
  1179. Jan 20 01:42:17 <Globebutt> "...I'm mostly interested in riding the coasters, really. I don't know what to "look for.""
  1180. Jan 20 01:42:41 <starlite> *Caramel begins trotting in circles around BC, unable to stand still for more than a second*
  1181. Jan 20 01:43:28 <Writefag4> "Thats why I'm hoping someone does. Yeah. A few rides so our group doesn't look suspicious but maybe an employee has seen something."
  1182. Jan 20 01:43:53 * BC92 continues looking for a moment on the map before deciding to strike off in a direction he hopes would lead to either an administrative building or a tall ride to get a look at the entire park from up high.
  1183. Jan 20 01:44:09 <Egg_Discord> Gunther, you find what appears to be a gift shop. Maybe the clerk knows something
  1184. Jan 20 01:44:15 <BC92> (need to brb 10-15 maybe)
  1185. Jan 20 01:44:16 <starlite> *Caramel follows BC closely, pursing her lips*
  1186. Jan 20 01:44:22 <Globebutt> "Any of the coasters where..." I grimace and scratch an itch above a wing. "Any coasters I could still ride with these things--" I roll my shoulders-- "would be great."
  1187. Jan 20 01:44:31 * Left_Elba (~Booper@687C6C39.7EAEB19A.AF91919B.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1188. Jan 20 01:45:08 <Aurora_> The clerk? he won't need to know. Günther looks around the place to see if it has a back door or service entry.
  1189. Jan 20 01:45:48 <Egg_Discord> BC, you notice that there is a ferris wheel ride where pets and owners can ride together. This sounds like a good idea
  1190. Jan 20 01:45:50 <Writefag4> Well any coasters primarialy seated rides?
  1191. Jan 20 01:45:59 <Egg_Discord> (Clever guy, Aurora)
  1192. Jan 20 01:46:25 <Writefag4> Bleh. I mean are there any Roller coasters that seem to be mostly seated and hopefully wouldn't interfer with wings too much.
  1193. Jan 20 01:46:31 <Egg_Discord> There's the Log flume Ride, Mt. Splashy
  1194. Jan 20 01:48:32 * Writefag4 points out the ride.
  1195. Jan 20 01:48:37 <Writefag4> How about that one?
  1196. Jan 20 01:49:20 <Globebutt> "Hmm." A log flume. "Not my favorite kind of ride. Not a fan of getting all wet so early in the morning, either. Maybe after something else."
  1197. Jan 20 01:50:36 <Egg_Discord> The Loud Lightning Hill Express is another one. Sit in the back and no one will be the wiser
  1198. Jan 20 01:51:20 <BC92> (sorry back)
  1199. Jan 20 01:52:49 <Globebutt> Let's cut to the chase and say we both just head there. I'm not sitting in the back, though. But yeah. Let's get in line for that.
  1200. Jan 20 01:53:14 * BC92 turns to caramel, "lets go on that ferris wheel, should give us a good view of the park. come on." he gives a quick smirk before setting off to stand in line.
  1201. Jan 20 01:53:26 <starlite> *Caramel trots off behind BC eagerly*
  1202. Jan 20 01:54:15 <Writefag4> "Looks decent. And the line isn't too long."
  1203. Jan 20 01:54:30 <Egg_Discord> YOu see an Employees Only door in the gift shop, Aurora. The clerk doesn't look strong enough to stop you.
  1204. Jan 20 01:55:13 <starlite> (I realize have terrible GMs in other games I play because I half-expect her to pull a gun.)
  1205. Jan 20 01:55:42 <Aurora_> Günther decides to actually think for a bit, so he waits until the clerk is busy with someone before trying to push his way into the employee section
  1206. Jan 20 01:56:06 <Egg_Discord> You get in line with the other people and pets, BC and Caramel. They look happy enough as they are loaded onto the ride
  1207. Jan 20 01:56:53 <Egg_Discord> The Clerk sees you and is about to say something until he gets a good look at you, opting to keep his mouth shut rather than die over this minimum wage job
  1208. Jan 20 01:57:02 <Egg_Discord> To Gunther
  1209. Jan 20 01:57:48 <Egg_Discord> Loud Lightning Hill Express is a pretty long line, Write and Laura, so you two might as well get to know each other.
  1210. Jan 20 01:58:08 <Egg_Discord> Gunther, you get in with no problem
  1211. Jan 20 01:58:23 * BC92 looks at the others in line as he waits.
  1212. Jan 20 01:58:41 <starlite> *Caramel contents herself to keep running around BC in line*
  1213. Jan 20 01:59:08 <Aurora_> Time to look for documents! Is there anything interesting there? Any papers or dark tunnels?
  1214. Jan 20 01:59:32 <Globebutt> Looking at the line, all of a sudden. "I remember why I didn't ride this yesterday, now."
  1215. Jan 20 01:59:37 * starlite has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  1216. Jan 20 02:00:03 <Writefag4> "Yeah. Still. I bet its fun."
  1217. Jan 20 02:00:14 <Globebutt> "It definitely looks it!"
  1218. Jan 20 02:00:20 <Writefag4> "So do you really think the Park is behind this or is it just coincidence?"
  1219. Jan 20 02:00:28 <Egg_Discord> There is way into the underground tunnels, which span across the entire park, Gunther. Might as well follow it to wherever HG is
  1220. Jan 20 02:00:31 <Egg_Discord> *HQ
  1221. Jan 20 02:00:50 <Globebutt> (Read that as NG. It made no sense.)
  1222. Jan 20 02:01:01 * starlite (~starlite@E3FC06E0.B3C6DFA.4C4C9892.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1223. Jan 20 02:01:09 <Writefag4> "I mean it seems so nice on the surface."
  1224. Jan 20 02:01:11 <starlite> (Did I miss anything?)
  1225. Jan 20 02:01:20 <Egg_Discord> (Not really, Star)
  1226. Jan 20 02:01:29 <Globebutt> I rub a furry arm nervously. "I don't know. I'm still not sure I can believe any of this."
  1227. Jan 20 02:01:46 <Aurora_> Adventure awaits! Günther starts moving down to the tunnels. If there's info on this, it's in HQ.'
  1228. Jan 20 02:01:49 <Writefag4> "Not too much option unless you think this is a really drawn out dream.
  1229. Jan 20 02:02:21 <Globebutt> "Seems about as likely as the '
  1230. Jan 20 02:02:27 <Globebutt> 'obvious'."
  1231. Jan 20 02:02:49 * starlite has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  1232. Jan 20 02:02:55 <Egg_Discord> You go past a few chambers, which have some really strange names
  1233. Jan 20 02:02:59 <Writefag4> "Usually I can float around more in my dreams."
  1234. Jan 20 02:03:11 <BC92> (assuming I don't see anyone unusual in line with me and coffeebutt?
  1235. Jan 20 02:03:14 <Aurora_> Strange names? How so?
  1236. Jan 20 02:03:29 * starlite (~starlite@E3FC06E0.B3C6DFA.4C4C9892.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1237. Jan 20 02:03:32 <Egg_Discord> "Testing Chambers" "Experiment Holding Cells" "Rehabilitation Quarters."
  1238. Jan 20 02:03:34 * starlite has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  1239. Jan 20 02:03:38 <Globebutt> I feel my wings twitch at the word "float".
  1240. Jan 20 02:03:48 * starlite (~starlite@E3FC06E0.B3C6DFA.4C4C9892.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1241. Jan 20 02:04:04 <Egg_Discord> (Star, are you using Hexchat?)
  1242. Jan 20 02:04:14 <starlite> (Xchat? Yes)
  1243. Jan 20 02:04:31 <Egg_Discord> (Oh.)
  1244. Jan 20 02:04:38 <Egg_Discord> (What's going on with your connection)
  1245. Jan 20 02:04:51 <starlite> (Dunno. If it happens again, I'll try my mobile)
  1246. Jan 20 02:05:08 <Aurora_> Really now. Time to open a door. Experiment holding Cells seems like a good start
  1247. Jan 20 02:05:42 <Writefag4> "And usually people don't talk in my dreams. And this would be the first time I'd have to wait in line during a dream."
  1248. Jan 20 02:06:05 <Egg_Discord> Nothing. Just an empty room with cardboard boxes everywhere. Did you really expect it to be this easy?
  1249. Jan 20 02:06:46 <Aurora_> Why, yes. Yes I did. Time to check the next room. Testing chambers? Be sure to close the door again
  1250. Jan 20 02:07:03 <Globebutt> I shift nervously. "Well, they say you dream a lot more than you remember you do. And I don't imagine I'd remember any dreams about waiting in lines."
  1251. Jan 20 02:07:40 <Egg_Discord> Testing chambers is filled with a ton of costumes for meet and greet characters. You know, the kind that scar children like HTBK for life, causing them to wish they could burn down all theme parks)
  1252. Jan 20 02:08:04 <Egg_Discord> (Subtle, ain't I?)
  1253. Jan 20 02:08:14 <Aurora_> (Yep)
  1254. Jan 20 02:08:14 <Aurora_> ..Let's not touch those then. Going back out, closing door, rehabilitation quarters?
  1255. Jan 20 02:08:57 <Writefag4> "I suppose. A line seems to be a really boring thing to dream about."
  1256. Jan 20 02:09:07 <Egg_Discord> It's just a lounge. Looking at this place DOES look like an old science facility. Perhaps they just forgot to change the names of the rooms.
  1257. Jan 20 02:09:49 <Globebutt> "...So tell me about you."
  1258. Jan 20 02:10:05 <Egg_Discord> However, you notice something in the lounge that gets your interest, Gunther
  1259. Jan 20 02:10:08 <BC92> (so yeah assuming the line i am in is uninteresting.)
  1260. Jan 20 02:10:08 <Aurora_> Hmm. Interesting, but ultimately pretty useless. Out of the room again, close the door, and moving on
  1261. Jan 20 02:10:27 <Aurora_> (Belay what I said then, what is it in there?)
  1262. Jan 20 02:10:36 <Egg_Discord> A familiar smell, but not booze. The smell of tomatoes. Frsh ones too
  1263. Jan 20 02:10:36 <starlite> *Caramel just keeps smiling and trotting in circles*
  1264. Jan 20 02:11:21 <Writefag4> "Huh? Me? I don't know. I thought it might be fun to visit this park and got a real deal with the Tickets. Seems like we were gunnie pigs for a lot of the new rides."
  1265. Jan 20 02:12:21 <Globebutt> "Heh. Guinea pigs." I smile.
  1266. Jan 20 02:12:45 * Mr_Jared has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  1267. Jan 20 02:12:47 <Aurora_> That is very interesting, but Günther already ate breakfast just a while ago. It's a little too early to get to even more snacking. Going to go off to see where the tunnels lead next
  1268. Jan 20 02:14:36 <Globebutt> "Yeah. I mostly came 'cuz of the tickets, too. Not too far from home. Seemed like a good, short trip. Wouldn't miss too many classes."
  1269. Jan 20 02:18:11 * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
  1270. **** ENDING LOGGING AT Sun Jan 20 02:18:11 2013
  1272. **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sun Jan 20 02:18:25 2013
  1274. Jan 20 02:18:25 * Now talking on #AmusementParkNightmare
  1275. Jan 20 02:18:37 <Aurora_> (wb)
  1276. Jan 20 02:18:46 <star_lite> *Caramel frowns at BC for a moment* "I don't lose if I talk now, do I?"
  1277. Jan 20 02:18:46 * star_lite is now known as starlite
  1278. Jan 20 02:18:46 <Globebutt> (Did anything happen in the past four minutes? Rizon evicted me.)
  1279. Jan 20 02:18:50 <Egg_Discord> (You're good, Aurora for the tomatoes. You resisted)
  1280. Jan 20 02:18:57 <Writefag4> (Not really.)
  1281. Jan 20 02:19:10 <Egg_Discord> (Same for me, Globe)
  1282. Jan 20 02:19:26 <Globebutt> (If we all got kicked then, no problems. 's good,(
  1283. Jan 20 02:19:50 <BC92> (i didn't get kicked, still waiting on a response from caramel)
  1284. Jan 20 02:20:17 <starlite> (What's the rolz group name?)
  1285. Jan 20 02:20:24 <BC92> (now watch as I get kicked after i say that lol)
  1286. Jan 20 02:20:42 <Globebutt> (WU, AH)
  1287. Jan 20 02:21:36 <Aurora_> (Need me to repost my last action?)
  1288. Jan 20 02:21:46 <Egg_Discord> (Nah)
  1289. Jan 20 02:22:02 <Globebutt> (Just waiting on a response from Write, then. Or action from Egg.)
  1290. Jan 20 02:22:36 <Egg_Discord> You sneak into the admin building and follow the paths into a filing room. Time to investigate.
  1291. Jan 20 02:22:39 <Writefag4> "Huh? Me? I don't know. I thought it might be fun to visit this park and got a real deal with the Tickets. Seems like we were gunnie pigs for a lot of the new rides."
  1292. Jan 20 02:22:42 <BC92> (i'll give caramel a few more minutes before making a new action)
  1293. Jan 20 02:22:49 <Globebutt> "Heh. Guinea pigs." I smile.
  1294. Jan 20 02:22:57 <Globebutt> "Yeah. I mostly came 'cuz of the tickets, too. Not too far from home. Seemed like a good, short trip. Wouldn't miss too many classes."
  1295. Jan 20 02:22:59 <starlite> <star_lite> *Caramel frowns at BC for a moment* "I don't lose if I talk now, do I?"
  1296. Jan 20 02:23:11 <BC92> (didn't recieve that)
  1297. Jan 20 02:24:03 <Writefag4> "Well so to speak. Rides needed tweaking. Honestly though I'm not sure how well this park would do. Animals are a real liability."
  1298. Jan 20 02:24:28 <Aurora_> Aha! Documents! Time to look through all the files. Any of them well organised with interesting names?
  1299. Jan 20 02:24:36 <BC92> "not while we are alone, though if you talk while we are out with people you do. Though I advise keeping it fairly calm and quiet up here. anyways, yes, important or out of place buildings. use the height up here to get a good look"
  1300. Jan 20 02:25:05 * Globebutt shrugs
  1301. Jan 20 02:25:16 <Globebutt> (Err. I shrug. Laura shrugs.)
  1302. Jan 20 02:25:36 <Writefag4> "I guess if they had an attraction like talking ponies though it wouldn't matter."
  1303. Jan 20 02:26:39 <Globebutt> "No competition can match that."
  1304. Jan 20 02:27:02 <Globebutt> "Least, not if the ponies are real."
  1305. Jan 20 02:27:49 <Writefag4> "Wonder why they'd have to turn bystanders into ponies though. Why not hire people."
  1306. Jan 20 02:27:53 <starlite> (BC: Did you not get it yet?)
  1307. Jan 20 02:28:09 <BC92> (not seeing anything after my last post.
  1308. Jan 20 02:28:16 <starlite> "Sure thing! Do I get a sugarcube yet?"
  1309. Jan 20 02:28:19 <BC92> BC92 "not while we are alone, though if you talk while we are out with people you do. Though I advise keeping it fairly calm and quiet up here. anyways, yes, important or out of place buildings. use the height up here to get a good look"
  1310. Jan 20 02:28:29 <BC92> (that was my last post)
  1311. Jan 20 02:28:30 <Egg_Discord> Minter Charles is one name, Gunther. Always wanted a park where humans and pets coould enjoy rides side by side, but wanted to find a way to make pets behave themselves in the park. His Son, Graham Charles, inherited his wealth and started Petopia in his memory.
  1312. Jan 20 02:28:34 <Writefag4> (Unfortunately its me who has the Sugar Cuebs.)
  1313. Jan 20 02:29:05 <Globebutt> "Your guess is as good as mine."
  1314. Jan 20 02:29:14 <Globebutt> How close are we to the front of the line?
  1315. Jan 20 02:29:29 <Egg_Discord> You're three people away by this point, Globe
  1316. Jan 20 02:29:35 <starlite> <starlite> "Sure thing! Do I get a sugarcube yet?"
  1317. Jan 20 02:29:35 <Globebutt> Oh, good.
  1318. Jan 20 02:29:51 <starlite> (Is anyone seeing my posts?)
  1319. Jan 20 02:29:57 <Aurora_> (I am, Starlite)
  1320. Jan 20 02:30:03 <Egg_Discord> (I see them)
  1321. Jan 20 02:30:05 <Globebutt> (As am I.)
  1322. Jan 20 02:30:05 <Writefag4> (Yep.)
  1323. Jan 20 02:30:13 <BC92> (I saw that repost)
  1324. Jan 20 02:30:26 <Aurora_> I'll take that document then. Just quickly browsing their files for anything related to experiments
  1325. Jan 20 02:30:47 <Writefag4> "Heck. I bet a few weirdos might even voulenteer for it. Then they wouldn't have the legal hassle."
  1326. Jan 20 02:31:18 <Globebutt> ("But where would they find people like that?" "4chan." "...Hmm.")
  1327. Jan 20 02:31:21 <BC92> "no, not yet. But you can have some more scratches behind the ear i suppose for now." BC scratches Caramel behind the ears again, ruffling her mane a bit as he stops.
  1328. Jan 20 02:32:12 <Egg_Discord> You find one about Graham Charles using part of the money to buy out Erutepa Labs.
  1329. Jan 20 02:32:30 * star_lite (~starlite@E3FC06E0.B3C6DFA.4C4C9892.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1330. Jan 20 02:33:06 <star_lite> (God does not seem to want me to play this)
  1331. Jan 20 02:33:18 <Aurora_> ( )
  1332. Jan 20 02:33:22 <BC92> BC92 "no, not yet. But you can have some more scratches behind the ear i suppose for now." BC scratches Caramel behind the ears again, ruffling her mane a bit as he stops.
  1333. Jan 20 02:33:23 <Egg_Discord> "no, not yet. But you can have some more scratches behind the ear i suppose for now." BC scratches Caramel behind the ears again, ruffling her mane a bit as he stops. Repost
  1334. Jan 20 02:33:24 <Globebutt> "Not sure how much legal hassle anyone can make if they're..." ...Is that another train coming in now?
  1335. Jan 20 02:33:36 <Egg_Discord> That last post was BC's last post, Star
  1336. Jan 20 02:33:40 <Aurora_> Erutepa Labs then. I'll search for documents on that
  1337. Jan 20 02:34:12 <star_lite> *Caramel leans into BC's hands again, smiling at the touch as she stares out the front of the ferris wheel cart*
  1338. Jan 20 02:34:42 * starlite has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  1339. Jan 20 02:35:03 * star_lite is now known as starlite
  1340. Jan 20 02:35:20 <Egg_Discord> Erutepa Labs-A company that experimented in Genetic Engineering and High powered Technology
  1341. Jan 20 02:35:32 <Egg_Discord> You hear someone coming, Gunther. Better hide)
  1342. Jan 20 02:35:42 <Egg_Discord> Yes it is, Globe
  1343. Jan 20 02:36:02 <Aurora_> Hide? Screw that. I'm standing by the side of the door so I can whack them on the head when they walk in.
  1344. Jan 20 02:36:19 <Globebutt> Oh, good. I'll just sit wherever, then. Sit back and have some fun.
  1345. Jan 20 02:36:19 * BC92 looks out of the ferris wheel as he rises over the top of the circle, searching for the buildings he is looking for.
  1346. Jan 20 02:36:33 <Egg_Discord> You and Write should grab the back seats before someone else does, Laura
  1347. Jan 20 02:36:42 <Globebutt> But why?
  1348. Jan 20 02:36:55 <Egg_Discord> (Aurora, have I told you how much I love just how insane Gunther is)
  1349. Jan 20 02:37:01 <Egg_Discord> Wings, remember?
  1350. Jan 20 02:37:27 <Globebutt> I'm not worried about anyone *seeing* them. I'm worried about them getting squashed up against the seat.
  1351. Jan 20 02:37:51 <starlite> *Caramel looks out the window for any tall, official looking buildings, anxious to point them out to BC*
  1352. Jan 20 02:38:01 <Writefag4> I follow Laura to whatever seat she sits in.
  1353. Jan 20 02:38:09 <Globebutt> All that backwards force might hurt an awful lot.
  1354. Jan 20 02:38:19 <Globebutt> I'll sit in the next to last row, in any case.
  1355. Jan 20 02:38:28 <Egg_Discord> You hear one of the voices speaking "...And I'm telling you that we are not gonna let this get out of hand. By the time the whole park is officially open, we will be ready to sell pets as well as entertain them and their owners. Yes, I know what the risks are. I won't screw it up."
  1356. Jan 20 02:39:05 <Aurora_> Two of them? Stealthily staying by the door then.
  1357. Jan 20 02:39:20 <Egg_Discord> Caramel, you notice a nice tall building that looks like it could be what BC's looki-is that a coffee shop down there?
  1358. Jan 20 02:39:41 <starlite> "BC! BC!"
  1359. Jan 20 02:39:49 <Egg_Discord> You HAVE to fucking go to that coffee shop
  1360. Jan 20 02:40:00 <Egg_Discord> Fuck the building, coffee comes first
  1361. Jan 20 02:40:15 <starlite> "There's a coffee shop down there! Can we go, can we? Please please please?"
  1362. Jan 20 02:40:36 <Globebutt> I strap myself into the ride.
  1363. Jan 20 02:40:51 * BC92 jumps a bit at coffeebutt's sudden loudness, "shhshhshh yeah sure whatever, just keep an eye out for that building."
  1364. Jan 20 02:40:53 <Writefag4> I take the spot next to Globe and strap in.
  1365. Jan 20 02:41:01 <Writefag4> er Laura.
  1366. Jan 20 02:41:47 <starlite> "But I've found the building already! It's small and white and has a coffee cup on the sign outside!"
  1367. Jan 20 02:42:15 <Egg_Discord> "How much time do we have?" The other voice says. "We have about a week left before we lose our funding. If we can't prove to the boss that this place can do well, we're screwed."
  1368. Jan 20 02:42:25 <starlite> *Caramel begins running back and forth in the carriage*
  1369. Jan 20 02:42:46 * BC92 looks sternly at caramel and doing his best to maintain a straight face he says, "that is not the building you are looking for" as he does a hand gesture.
  1370. Jan 20 02:42:56 <Aurora_> Looking around the room to see if there's any easy metal pipes to use as weapon, but still staying by the door
  1371. Jan 20 02:43:09 <Egg_Discord> "I'll go punch in some numbers and figure things out. YOu go check the archives for into." The second voice says as he walks off. The first peson walks into the room, looking stressed out.
  1372. Jan 20 02:43:32 <starlite> *Caramel looks back at BC, stunned* "But... But look at it! It's a coffee shop!"
  1373. Jan 20 02:43:34 <Egg_Discord> But... Why is he disappointed in you, Caramel. You found a building.
  1374. Jan 20 02:43:43 <Egg_Discord> Doesn't he love you, Caramel?
  1375. Jan 20 02:44:00 <Egg_Discord> He does love you, doesn't he?
  1376. Jan 20 02:44:20 <BC92> "Look, we can get coffee later, but we have more important responsibilities to take care of. sound okay?"
  1377. Jan 20 02:44:24 <starlite> *Caramel's ears droop* "I... I thought you'd be proud of me..."
  1378. Jan 20 02:44:36 <Aurora_> (Quick look: How does first person look? Weak labcoat wearing nerd stereotype?)
  1379. Jan 20 02:45:10 <Egg_Discord> (He looks like a young business man in a suit. The pencil pusher would probably go down in one hit.)
  1380. Jan 20 02:45:18 <Globebutt> How does the coaster ride go?
  1381. Jan 20 02:45:22 <starlite> *Caramel quiets back down, saying nothing and staring blankly out the carriage, her eyes glazing over*
  1382. Jan 20 02:45:41 * BC92 frowns, "aw don't be so down. I promise to get you a grande caramel machiatto with extra syrup when this is all over."
  1383. Jan 20 02:46:13 <Aurora_> I'll grab him from behind. Neck hold, hand over his mouth so he doesn't scream. Then when the coast is clear, I'll start making my way out of the tunnels
  1384. Jan 20 02:46:14 <starlite> *Caramel wags her tail and nuzzles BC* "Thanks so much!"
  1385. Jan 20 02:46:55 * Left_Elba (~Booper@65ED5B57.9A217E2F.AF91919B.IP) has joined #AmusementParkNightmare
  1386. Jan 20 02:47:12 * BC92 smiles, relieved. "not a problem, now lets try and focus that energy on the task at hand shall we?"
  1387. Jan 20 02:47:24 <Egg_Discord> The ride is fucking amazing and wild. Weaving through the fake mountain, riding through the tunnels, all the hills and shit! IT's Fun! And you get a good view of the Admin building
  1388. Jan 20 02:47:30 <starlite> "Absolutely! ...What am I looking for again?"
  1389. Jan 20 02:48:03 <BC92> "we are looking for an important or out of place looking building, something like an administrative building."
  1390. Jan 20 02:48:19 <BC92> (I am looking myself as well, not just caramel)
  1391. Jan 20 02:48:42 <Egg_Discord> You grab him and he starts to scream like a little bitch. He's a squealer, but he knows something.
  1392. Jan 20 02:48:56 <Egg_Discord> Killing him is ill advised
  1393. Jan 20 02:49:00 <starlite> *Caramel tries to find the building again, slightly distracted by thoughts of a grande caramel machiatto with extra syrup*
  1394. Jan 20 02:49:20 <Aurora_> Not planning to kill him. Going to shake him a little until he calms down
  1395. Jan 20 02:49:37 <Aurora_> Maybe kick his legs a bit while telling him to shut up
  1396. Jan 20 02:50:00 <Globebutt> No wonder the line was so long.
  1397. Jan 20 02:50:13 <Egg_Discord> He stops screaming, but he looks close to pissing himself, Gunther.
  1398. Jan 20 02:51:05 <Egg_Discord> No such luck, Caramel. YOu're too busy thinking about your caramel machiatto that you miss the building again.
  1399. Jan 20 02:51:21 <Globebutt> So as we get off of the ride, where's that put us out at?
  1400. Jan 20 02:51:25 <Aurora_> "Hey, we going to walk outside now. You try to run, I break legs. Okay? For disguise. We pretend I old friend of yours. You give away, I break neck. Okay? I think we can be friends."
  1401. Jan 20 02:51:26 <BC92> (do I catch it during my searching?)
  1402. Jan 20 02:52:07 <Egg_Discord> You're close to Mt. Splashy, Laura.
  1403. Jan 20 02:52:16 <Egg_Discord> (No luck, BC)
  1404. Jan 20 02:52:22 <Writefag4> "Well whats next then?"
  1405. Jan 20 02:52:51 <Globebutt> I smile and walk up to get in line for Mt Splashy.
  1406. Jan 20 02:52:54 <BC92> (assuming we get off the wheel soon?)
  1407. Jan 20 02:53:01 <Egg_Discord> (Yep)
  1408. Jan 20 02:53:15 <starlite> *Once the ferris wheel approaches the ground, Caramel smiles* "That was fun, BC!" *She ensures to quiet up again before they reach earshot of anyone else*
  1409. Jan 20 02:53:21 <Writefag4> Sounds like a good choice.
  1410. Jan 20 02:54:04 <Egg_Discord> The business man starts nodding his head furiously.
  1411. Jan 20 02:54:54 <Aurora_> Günther moves his hand off him, but keeps an arm over the man's shoulder. "You try anything, you know what I do. Now we walk to exit and go to tram."
  1412. Jan 20 02:55:03 <Globebutt> Anything unusual happen as we're waiting in line for the log flume?
  1413. Jan 20 02:55:18 * BC92 smiles and quickly ruffles her mane a bit in response. he glances around before spotting a bit of a secluded area where they might be able to speak without attracting too much attention. he sets off towards the area and waits for caramel.
  1414. Jan 20 02:55:52 <Egg_Discord> Nothing in particular, but you should be able to see the building better from the top of the ride, Laura
  1415. Jan 20 02:56:10 <starlite> *Me takes a sad look over to where the coffee shop would've been before running off after BC*
  1416. Jan 20 02:56:23 <Globebutt> Eh. Building, schmilding. I know where it is. I just wanna go for a ride.
  1417. Jan 20 02:58:00 <Egg_Discord> The Business man goes along with you, Gunther, and you get out without any incidents. You notice that BC and Caramel are close by where you two came out.
  1418. Jan 20 02:58:09 * BC92 sits down on a nearby bench so he can speak quieter while still being heard by caramel, "so, any luck on finding that building, you can respond quietly here...hopefully." he glances nervously about.
  1419. Jan 20 02:58:38 <starlite> *Caramel shakes her head* "No, sorry... Oh, but I do remember something important!"
  1420. Jan 20 02:59:21 * BC92 sighs a bit disappointed, "oh well, what was it that you remember?"
  1421. Jan 20 02:59:48 <starlite> "You promised me *extra* syrup! Don't forget it!"
  1422. Jan 20 02:59:54 <Aurora_> Using his still free hand, Günther waves at BC. "We go talk to friends now. Don't say stupid things, little man." he says to the businessman. He then starts making his way to BC and the pony, forcefully bringing the businessman with him.
  1423. Jan 20 03:00:36 <starlite> *Caramel purses her lips as people approach*
  1424. Jan 20 03:00:43 * BC92 chuckles softly "yes, i suppose I did... oh?" he notices gunther approaching. "what is this?"
  1425. Jan 20 03:01:27 <Aurora_> "Is new friend. He can explain things when we go back to room."
  1426. Jan 20 03:01:48 <Globebutt> (We wanna stop in the next 45 minutes? And, um. Tell us when we get off the log flume, or something. Next interesting event. Getting tired.)
  1427. Jan 20 03:01:50 <Egg_Discord> The business man is sweating and crying at this point "Oh god, please help me."
  1428. Jan 20 03:02:07 <Aurora_> "Stop crying, silly man. You know what happen when blow cover."
  1429. Jan 20 03:02:09 <Writefag4> (I'm losing it too.)
  1430. Jan 20 03:02:16 <Egg_Discord> (Sure thing to the log flume. I'm cool with quitting)
  1431. Jan 20 03:02:19 <Egg_Discord> (Soon)
  1432. Jan 20 03:02:30 <BC92> "back to room?" BC glances down at coffeebutt, "I promised her a caramel machiatto..." (we can quit soon if you want.)
  1433. Jan 20 03:03:12 <starlite> *Caramel practically jumps at BC's words, ensuring not to make a sound*
  1434. Jan 20 03:04:05 <Aurora_> "Is okay. You tell others. I bring friend to room."
  1435. Jan 20 03:04:12 <Egg_Discord> The business man shuts up again. Meanwhile, Laura and Write are enjoying the log flume ride. You get to a room, though that's filled with black lights. Write is astounded by the neon colors. Write should Roll Fort
  1436. Jan 20 03:04:19 <BC92> "where is this room?"
  1437. Jan 20 03:04:45 <BC92> "also, I don't know where the others are..."
  1438. Jan 20 03:05:38 <Aurora_> "Our hotel room. You know. Where we woke up this morning? I am sure others will find you with little horse."
  1439. Jan 20 03:06:01 <BC92> "right, derp... minds on other things right now..."
  1440. Jan 20 03:06:31 <Aurora_> Günther is going to move to the exit to get this fine gentleman to the hotel room
  1441. Jan 20 03:07:14 <Egg_Discord> Gunther manages to get back to the exit without any trouble and waits for the bus to arrive.
  1442. Jan 20 03:07:23 * BC92 looks back down at caramel as gunther walks off, "well lets get you that caramel machhiatto with extra syrup and head back to the room, i'm sure the others will get back fine..."
  1443. Jan 20 03:07:44 <Egg_Discord> Writefag4, did you roll fort for the blacklight room?
  1444. Jan 20 03:08:00 <starlite> *Caramel beams and rushes off towards where the coffee shop was*
  1445. Jan 20 03:08:20 <Globebutt> (...Blacklight room?)
  1446. Jan 20 03:08:35 <Writefag4> (Huh?)
  1447. Jan 20 03:08:49 <Egg_Discord> (There's a room in the log flume ride that's lit up with black lights. Black lights relate to Write's Pony's special talent)
  1448. Jan 20 03:09:00 <Writefag4> (Sorry. Wasn't paying attention.)
  1449. Jan 20 03:09:09 <Writefag4> (6)
  1450. Jan 20 03:09:18 * BC92 follows at a decent pace to keep up, but not look like an idiot doing so. upon arriving at the coffee shop he pulls out his wallet and counts out the money to order what he promised for caramel.
  1451. Jan 20 03:09:45 <Egg_Discord> You gaze in awe and wonder at the black lights. Isn't this the most amazing thing you've ever seen? It's breathtaking. Roll Pone
  1452. Jan 20 03:10:05 <Writefag4> (4)
  1453. Jan 20 03:10:14 <starlite> *Caramel nuzzles BC again, thankful to have such a nice friend to buy her coffee*
  1454. Jan 20 03:10:24 <Egg_Discord> (no changes, Write)
  1455. Jan 20 03:10:47 <Aurora_> Günther waits for the bus, tram, thing. Time to bring him to the hotel room.
  1456. Jan 20 03:10:52 <Writefag4> (1 fort. Its going to be a wild ride.)
  1457. Jan 20 03:11:01 <Egg_Discord> Caramel, you are just so happy to have a macchiatto.
  1458. Jan 20 03:11:13 <Egg_Discord> (For you, Write, the ride never ends)
  1459. Jan 20 03:11:18 <Globebutt> (I want to go on Mr. Bones' next.)
  1460. Jan 20 03:11:44 <Egg_Discord> (there's an idea)
  1461. Jan 20 03:12:14 <starlite> (Does BC just give a coffee to a pony in the shop?)
  1462. Jan 20 03:12:30 * BC92 picks up the coffee from the counter, paying the cashier the required amount. instead of immediately giving caramel the coffee he crouches down and scratches behind her ears, he quickly whispers, "when we get back to the room, its a bit strange for a pony to drink coffee here"
  1463. Jan 20 03:12:38 <Egg_Discord> (Not right there, no, but in private)
  1464. Jan 20 03:13:06 <Egg_Discord> Something doesn't seem right about this, Caramel. You don't know why, but a small part of you says that this is all wrong. Roll Fort.
  1465. Jan 20 03:13:19 <starlite> (Finally)
  1466. Jan 20 03:13:21 <starlite> roll 1 of 10
  1467. Jan 20 03:15:02 <Globebutt> Anyway. We done with the log flume then? Think it had a pretty short line.
  1468. Jan 20 03:16:01 <Egg_Discord> This isn't right at all, Caramel. You're not a girl! Hell, you're not even a pony! You're a dude! A proud member of the superior race of man, and you need to start acting like it! Roll fort one more time
  1469. Jan 20 03:16:17 <starlite> roll 3 of 10
  1470. Jan 20 03:16:22 <BC92> (and now lets see all my work backfire on me =U)
  1471. Jan 20 03:16:26 <Egg_Discord> Write and Laura walk off the ride, feeling a bit happier with themselves
  1472. Jan 20 03:17:53 <Egg_Discord> You snap back into reality, Fritz. You realize what you had done and what was happening. You are about to panic before you shove your hoof into your mouth, stopping yourself from screaming in fear, confusion and anger.
  1473. Jan 20 03:18:40 <Globebutt> (...Just realized. I started a with a five and wound up hanging with Write back in NV, too.)
  1474. Jan 20 03:19:19 <Globebutt> And where in the park is the log flume's exit relative to the entrance/exit, the coffee shop, and Mr. Bones' W-- ahem.
  1475. Jan 20 03:19:21 <starlite> *Fritz barely keeps himself from screaming and cursing and runs to the door of the store, desparately wishing he still had the hands to open it. He had to remember, where was that building! No, wait... Didn't Gunther have a scientist with him? He needed to find Gunther, fast!*
  1476. Jan 20 03:20:36 <Egg_Discord> The ride's exit is close to the coffee shop, where you can see Fritz is having a mental breakdown
  1477. Jan 20 03:20:50 * BC92 stands up and walks over to coffeebutt, motioning for her to follow him, a look of concern on his face.
  1478. Jan 20 03:20:52 <Globebutt> That's... quite the sight.
  1479. Jan 20 03:21:08 <Globebutt> I approach BC.
  1480. Jan 20 03:21:24 <starlite> *Fritz begrudgingly follows BC*
  1481. Jan 20 03:22:06 * BC92 turns and sees the others, "oh, hello. we need to get back to the hotel. fast." he says before setting off towards the tram.
  1482. Jan 20 03:22:24 * BC92 sips the machiatto as he walks.
  1483. Jan 20 03:22:43 <starlite> *Fritz runs towards the tram, looking at BC in disgust as he does*
  1484. Jan 20 03:22:45 <Globebutt> "Oh, um. Okay," I say as I follow.
  1485. Jan 20 03:23:36 <Writefag4> (Sorry. Thats it. I'm done for the night.)
  1486. Jan 20 03:23:47 <Egg_Discord> (Good place to stop anyway)
  1487. Jan 20 03:23:51 <Globebutt> (We all just wanna call it here? ...Yeah.)
  1488. Jan 20 03:23:54 <BC92> (Dat ^)
  1489. Jan 20 03:23:58 <Aurora_> (Sounds like a plan then)
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