Normal Norman - A token of Gratitude(unf)

Jun 20th, 2013
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  1. (Continued from The Pet and it's side story)
  3. Being Fluttershy
  5. >Almost a week has passed since Norman helped me find Angel
  6. >I haven't yet thanked him as I should. I haven't even spoken to him during the whole week
  7. >I've decided that to thank him, I'll give him something he really likes
  8. >But... What does he like? I know next to nothing about Norman
  9. >So, I will observe him to find out what is the thing he likes the most
  10. >Prepare yourself Norman, soon you will be thanked
  12. Being Norman
  14. >A chill runs through my back
  16. Being Fluttershy
  18. >I follow Norman almost everywhere, without being noticed of course, he'll soon show his weakness to me and I'll be able to fully show him my gratitude
  19. >Norman's daily routine is, coming to school, hanging out with Twilight, getting in trouble, solving his trouble somehow but being ridiculed by our school mates, and going back to his home
  20. >I can't get any information from that, so I'm going to have to interrogate some people
  22. Being Twilight
  24. >"Hi Fluttershy" I greet her as she approaches me
  25. >"You are coming with me" what? why is she being so forceful "if you don't mind" okay, scratch that
  26. >Fluttershy takes me to a cafeteria
  27. >"So, why are we here?" I ask her as I'm still confused by her sudden invitation
  28. >"Norman" she answered
  30. >"Norman? what did he do now? I swear he's always getting in trouble for some reason" I really wonder, why is he always in trouble?
  31. >"He,... he, Norman" she stutters
  32. >"Yes?" I say
  33. >"He helped me find my Angel Bunny" she says with a smile on her face
  34. >"Fluttershy," I say "you do know that I was there, right?"
  35. >"Yes, that's why I'm asking you for help" she replied "I want to fully thank Norman for helping me the other day"
  36. >"You already gave him your thanks that day, I'm sure that was enough for him. He was quite happy after hearing your thanks" I remember seeing him smile and blush a little
  37. >"That's not enough, I made him stand there alone yelling at the crowd" she says "I feel so guilty that I can't stop thinking about him standing there. specially after seeing that poster they made"
  38. >"Well, he could have chosen not to yell at the crowd and not looking for Angel's owner. What I mean is that doing a good action is a reward in and of itself and Norman being Norman just chose to do the right thing" I say
  39. >"I know, but I still want to give him a reward for his actions, so I want to ask you" she says "what's the thing Norman likes the most?"
  40. >What should I tell her? I dont think I should tell her that what Norman likes the most is Rarity
  41. >"He likes videogames a lot" I say, this is actually true though
  42. >"So video games then" Fluttershy says "Thanks Twilight, now I know how to thank him"
  43. >She then pays the bill and goes away
  44. >If I didn't know better I'd say she's trying to make Norman like her. But I know her enough to see that she actually just wants to thank him in her own way
  46. Being Norman
  48. >I have been feeling some weird chills runing through my back this whole week, I wonder if Purple is secretly pranking me with her magic
  50. Being Fluttershy
  52. >Hahahaha, Norman, preapare your hands, cause soon you'll be thanked by me
  53. >I have the perfect thank you gift for him thanks to Twilight, I just need to go and give it to him
  54. >But another week has passed and I haven't been able to talk to him. What should I do?
  56. Being Norman
  58. >Yellow has been very strange these past two weeks. Well, she never speaks to me that much, but it seems she wants to tell me something
  59. >But when I look at her, she immediatly cowers. That'd be annoying if she wasn't so cute while doing so
  60. >Calm down Norman, let's not fantasise about other girl. your heart's already taken by the Aryan Beauty
  61. >Yeah, she mmay be cute and kind but you're already in love
  62. >I'm lost in my thoughts on my way out of school
  63. >Suddenly, a bear?
  64. >I hide behind a bench. How come there's no one screaming at the sight of the beast. the other students just stayed inside the builing as if nothing was happening at all. what's wrong with this city?
  66. Being Fluttershy
  68. >Oh no, Norman's going back home again and I didn't get to give him his gift
  69. >I watch him on his way to the school's gate. Why can't I just go and give him his present
  70. >Suddenly, Norman runs and ducks besides a bench. What could have made him run like that?
  71. >I look at the gate and see the reason to his reaction
  72. >Mister Beary Big followed me to school again. Oh, silly Norman, so you can be shy too? that's so cute, Beary won't do anything to you
  73. >As soon as Beary sees me he runs towards me I can't wait to pet his furry coat
  74. >I open my arms as I wait for him to get near me.
  75. >But then a ball hits Beary in his face. Who could be so mean as to throw a ball towards a defenseless animal like Beary
  76. >I look in the direction of the shot, and I see that the perpetrator was Norman. I thought he was a good person, now I'm disappointed
  77. >"Run away Yellow!" Norman yells
  78. >Why would I run away from beary? but when I looked at Norman I notice how his knees are shaking
  79. >That made me remember that bears are scary to everyone but me
  80. >Norman, you are so brave, even though you didn't need to do this, you're still fighting your fears to save me.
  81. >Yet, I'm here not being able to give you my thank you gift
  82. >While I'm lost in my thoughts, Norman is over there trying to atract the attention of Mr Beary Big away from me
  83. >It's working
  85. Being Norman
  87. >I cant believe I'm picking a fight with a bear
  88. >"Damn it Yellow run away!" I yell but she doesn't respond, she must be paralyzed in fear, my only choice is to drive the bear away from her
  89. >As I already threw the ball I brought with me to class today, which I hadn't mentioned before. I throw my bag at the bear, and I start secreaming and flailing my arms; I'm so dead
  90. >"Over here stupid bear" I say as the beast comes towards me. If I die, I die a hero, though I'm not planning to die today
  91. >Now I'm running, being chased by a bear, because of a girl, not even the one I like the most, just a friend
  92. >At least I'm being a hero by running like a fucking coward
  93. >Finally I've been chased into a corner. I was good to be alive; thanks to that I could witness the miracle that is the Aryan Beauty
  94. >My only regret is that I never told her that she's my one and only love
  95. >I'm not dying today
  96. >The bear tries to hit me with a blow of its claws, luckily all those years of dodgeball helped me avoid the attack, but I don't think I'll get to dodge the one that's coming right now
  97. >I just close my eyes and accept my fate
  98. >The bear growled and I heard it's paw moving through the air
  99. >But the claw didn't hit me
  100. >When I opened my eyes, I saw Yellow. She was hugging the bear as if it was a teddy bear, she looked like an angel, and she certainly was my savior
  101. >then she just told the bear to go back home and everything was solved
  102. >I was unable to stand as I was completely dumbfounded
  103. >Yellow came near me
  104. >"Are you okay Norman?" she asked with that soft voice of hers
  105. >The Sun shines behind her back creating a halo around her
  106. >Wind blows in my direction, it makes her hair move in such a way that it looks like wings
  107. >I'm truly witnessing a vision of heaven
  108. >She then leans towards me and offers me her hand
  109. >"Everything's allright Norman, just take my hand and I'll help you up" my hand slowly moved to reach hers
  110. >Her soothing voice and the warm of her hand made me instantly regain my composture
  111. >I stood up not wanting to let go of her hand
  112. >Being with her makes me feel safe
  114. Being Fluttershy
  116. >Seeing Norman confront Mr. Beary Big gave me the courage to face my own fears
  117. >Once I helped Norman up
  118. >He wasn't able to let go of my hand, so he must be still scared.
  119. >Seeing him like this, reminds me of the animals that live at my home
  120. >Even though he was so brave while trying to save me,
  121. >I guess my present is not enough to thank him now, but I will give it to him anyways.
  123. Being Norman
  125. >Take me my heroine make me yours
  126. >Wait, what the hell am I thinking?
  128. Being Fluttershy
  130. >I feel as if I could do anything right now
  131. >I might as well give him his reward for helping me
  132. >"Norman, during this two weeks I have been trying to thank you for helping me find my Angel Bunny"
  133. >"Why? you already thanked me on that same day" He says
  134. >"That wasn't enough, Angel is almost like a little brother to me. So I wanted to give you this gift"
  135. >"You shouldn't have" he says
  136. >"No, you deserve it"
  137. >I finally hand him Norman gift, but after seeing him trying to save me, I really want to do something else for him and get to know him better
  138. >"Well then Norman," I say "Mr. Beary Big is waiting for me, see you later"
  139. >I walk away with happiness due to finally having enough courage to thank him
  140. >Though that is also thanks to Norman. Noes, I guess I'll have to thank him all over again
  142. Being Norman
  144. >As I watch my saviour ride into the sunset, (yes, she's riding the bear) I can only think about how ephemeral is life
  145. >I'm definitely asking the Aryan Beauty out tomorrow
  146. >I recover my ball and my bag and make my way home
  147. >Now I guess I can add -Fought a bear- to the list of things I've done in this place
  148. >As I neared the school's gate I could see the place had repopulated
  149. >"Look, there's the racist" "That faggot was to afreaid to play with a teddy bear.""I would have beaten the shit out of that bear" "Even that shy girl could stop that little bear cub"
  150. >Yeah right, as if you'd have done anything at all in my position
  151. >I go back home in the middle of a sea of laughter. Not that I care though
  153. Pinkie here
  155. >I saw something great. Norman would even fight a bear for us
  156. >And Fluttershy gave him a present despite being so shy, she's taking the lead. I wonder what will Rarity think about this whe she gets to know, she's her best friend afterall
  157. >oooh, I must let Normsn parents know about this, they are so fun, I'm sure they'll make jokes about this
  158. >I run as fast as I can towards Norman's home, taking a different way than Norman obviously
  160. Being Norman
  162. >When I get home, mom was there with a pink wig
  163. >Then suddenlly
  164. >"Rawr I'm a huge bear" Pink's voce comes from a gummy bear costume
  165. >Mom opens her arms as if to hug the bear
  166. >Then a ball of socks hits the costumed Pink's head
  167. >"You won't lay a paw in my dad's favorite girl for me" my dad says
  168. >Pink turns towards dad, then he assumes a fetal position "Not the face" he says
  169. >Mom then hugs Pink and says "go home my dear"
  170. >Pink gets out of the scene, mom offers her hand to my dad and he says
  171. >"Take me my heroine, make me yours"
  172. >How do they know what I was thinking at that moment?
  173. >The three of them take each other's hands and bow to me
  174. >"So," dad says "did you like our representation of your adventure?"
  175. >"Ha, Ha, it was really acurate" I say
  176. >Damn you Pink, how come you have better chemistry with my parents than me?
  177. >The rest of the day goes as usual
  178. >Before going to sleep, I open Yellow's present, I was one of those chinese tetris handhelds
  179. >Not my cup of tea, but I'm still grateful for it, maye I could give something to her too
  181. Being Norman
  183. >Yellow gave me a present as a token of gratitude, I think I should do the same, because she saved my life
  184. >She likes bunnies, so I guess a plushie will do
  186. Being Fluttershy
  188. >Norman
  189. >He jumped in to save my life, the present I gave him won't be enough to thank him for that
  190. >But I've already got the perfect gift in my mind, one so great that he'll be entertained and thanking me for the rest of his life
  191. >Prepare yourself Norman, because next time I'm blowing your mind up
  193. Being Rarity
  195. >Phew, all this work after the fashion show has left me with almost no time to spend with my friends
  196. >Today is different though, I'm free so I guess I'll hang with Fluttershy
  197. >I wonder where she is.
  198. >As I look for Fluttershy, I notice Norman, he's carrying a plushie bunny
  199. >That's so cute, I wonder who is it for, can it be for me?
  200. >Yeah right, as if
  201. >I so want to know who's the bunny for, but I wanted to hang with Fluttershy
  202. >Decision, decisions
  203. >I guess Fluttershy can wait this time
  204. >I hope that`plush is not for that Norma, she's no good at all
  205. >I do my best to follow him without being noticed
  206. >Suddenly Pinkie appears in front of me
  207. >"Hello there Rarity, how's everything going? are you free? it's good to see you free. Ever since your fashion show you've got loads of work so seeing you here makes me very happy. Wanna hang out?" Pinkie blurts a barrage of words
  208. >"Sorry Pinkie I don't have time right now" I say but it was too late, I had already lost sight of Norman. Let's just look for Fluttershy
  210. Being Fluttershy
  212. >Oh there's Norman, I was looking for him
  213. >"Hi Norman how are you?" I say
  214. >After what happened with Mr. Beary Big the other day, I feel very confident when talking to him
  215. >"Oooh, that bunny's so cute" I couldn't help but say that when I saw the plushie he had in his hands
  216. >"It's for you, to thank you for the present you gave me and for saving my life, I know it's not too much, but please accept it" he says
  217. >"Gladly" I say as I receive the stuffed doll
  219. Being Norman
  221. >After giving her my gift, I feel we're even. I don't want to feel as if I owed something to her
  222. >"Oh, Norman I have a gift for you too, for trying to save me the other day" did she really need to add trying?
  223. >Anyways, I now she didn't say it with I'll intentions, that's just what happened
  224. >Wait what? Another present? If this goes on I'll never get even with her
  225. >But I can't help but accept, she puts so much effort in giving me a present how could I not take it
  226. >"Thanks so much Fluttershy, I know I'll enjoy it as much as your previous present" I don't really play tetris that much but as it was a gift from a girl like her, it is my little treasure
  227. >This time I opened my present in front of her; it was one of those polystation cartridges which contains like 1000 old games
  228. >Old games must be shitty also I don't have the console to play them, but as she was the one who gave it to me I'll treasure it
  229. >After the exchange we spent some time chatting
  230. >Our conversation confirmed to me that the bear was hers and that she was never in danger
  231. >I'd say I risked my life for nothing if it weren't for the fact that seeing me standing up to a bear gave her the courage to confront her fears and talk to me
  232. >I could say that my prize for fighting a bear is gaining her as a friend. I'd fight even bigger things for her
  233. >For some reason she makes me feel safe and at home
  234. >I wonder if this is the feeling her animals experiment when she's near, I'd really like to know
  235. >Anyways, once we were done talking we parted ways and went home
  236. >I think I have a good place in my room's rack for my new game cartridge
  237. >What should I give her next time so we get even? I can only wonder
  239. Pinkie here
  241. >Phew, I can't let Rarity see this yet
  242. >Not until I know what Fluttershy's intentions with Norman are
  243. >I can't have my ship sinking beacause Flutters wants him as a friend
  244. >Now if she like likes him it'd be fair game, though I know Rarity would step down if it was like that
  245. >I can't have Norman's heart being broken just because he's a nice guy
  246. >So I must discover what Fluttershy thinks of Norman. In any case she would be good for him too
  247. >"Detective Pinkie to the rescue!" I yelled not caring about who may hear me
  248. >I look around for a bit and I see her. Pink hair, yellow skin; a pretty girl with a modest heart
  249. >There she is, saying good bye to a young man in a hat
  250. >What kind of interest could she possibly have on this man? I'm here to find it out
  251. >My gaze placed itself on her arms. She had it, the evidence of a previous exchange of goods which could mean the sinking of a ship
  252. >The stuffed beast attracted my attention, so I had to interrogate the suspect about it
  253. >"What a cute bunny! Where did you get it?" I already knew the answer to that question. But I knew the where would soon take me to the why
  254. >"Ooh, this? Norman gave it to me, isn't it cute?" the quiet girl seemed very talkative lately, I must use this chance to go deeper on the issue
  255. >"Oooh yeah, It's almost as cute as Angel Bunny" I said as I prepared my question "How come he's giving you presents? you barely talked to each other before"
  256. >"Well that's because..." she told me her story and now I was sure that she wasn't a menace to Rarity, but still I wanted to obtain a tiny bit more of information
  257. >"So, what present did you give Norman this time?" I pierced her mind with my sudden question
  258. >"I gave him a most wonderful present, it's a video game which contains many games in just one cartridge. He looked delighted when he saw it"
  259. >"You know he needs the console to play with that cartridge, right?" from my constant visits to the other suspect's house I knew he hasn't got the equipment to enjoy his gift
  260. >"Oops, oh poor Norman, I swear I'll get him the console" She says as she starts moving away from me "thanks Pinkie, bye"
  261. >Now it's time to the other suspect's place, I need his version of the facts, and I need the commisioners to authoryze a little surveillance project
  263. Being Norman
  265. >Before going home, I decided to go downtown for a bit
  266. >I want to get even with Yellow, I hate feeling indebted
  267. >This time I'll get her chocolates, girls love them
  268. >Strangely enough, the only chocolates worth for a present came in a heartshaped box
  269. >I guess there won't be any problem, she's just a friend afterall
  270. >So I bought the chocolates and went back home
  271. >"Hi Norman, bye!" says Pink as she comes out of my place
  272. >"Bye Pink" I say as I enter my house and close the door
  273. >What? I guess she's coming here so much that I'm getting used to her being here, though she normally announces herself before coming
  274. >Something's fishy
  275. >"What was Pink doing here?" I asked my parents
  276. >"She wanted to install some cameras in order to prank you" my mom says
  277. >"Damnit Pink, what the fuck is wrong with her" I vented out, quite annoyed
  278. >"Don't worry sonny," dad says "we obviously wouldn't let her do that, a man deserves his privacy"
  279. >He said it with a pretty serious face, I guess I'll trust him
  280. >"Thanks, it's good to see that at least in my home I can rest from all the teasing" I say, relieved
  281. >After dining and talking a bit more to my parents, I go to my room and put the game cartridge on my cleanest rack, just besides my tetris
  282. >Tomorrow I'll get even with Fluttershy
  283. >I wonder if I'll get to see the aryan beauty, she's been very busy lately
  284. >These are my last thoughts before falling asleep
  286. Being Norman's dad
  288. >Once Norman goes to sleep, my wife and I have this little conversation
  289. >"We obviously wouldn't let that girl install surveillance cameras in our house" I say with a grin stuck on my face
  290. >"Of course dear, she wouldn't know where to put them so Norman doesn't notice" my beloved answers me with that melodious voice of hers
  291. >We share an evil smile
  292. >"That's why I love you honey!" I say as I move towards her to share a passionate kiss
  293. >My phone vibrates, I answer it and a known voice signals me to start working "Code November Oscar Romeo Mike Alfa November"
  295. Pinkie here
  297. >Norman's parents and me work silently so as to not wake Norman up
  298. >I know something's going to happen and I want to see it, we already bought pop corn to watch what ever will happen between him and Fluttershy
  299. >I'll do it not for personal reasons, it's not like I wanna tease Norman about being a dame in distress falling in love with prince charming or anything. I'm doing this for Rarity's and Norman's sake, I dont want them to be broken hearted just because of good friendship
  300. >After a few hours, we were done installing the cameras
  301. >We put them in all the rooms so no angle would escape our sight
  302. >I must say that I can't watch whenever I want though, we set it up so the cameras can only be activated from Norman's place, so I can watch only when his parents want to
  303. >Once we were done with the cameras, Norman's dad took me back home; but, before going away, I took a chance to check on Norman's sleeping face. He looked so defenseless that I couldn't resist doing something
  304. >Then I went back home
  306. Being Norman
  308. >I wake up, go to the toilet look into the mirror
  309. >-Pinkie was here- was written on my forehead
  310. >"DAAAD! why the hell was Pink in here?" I yell in anger
  311. >"Oh, that?" he replies "I wrote that there, you were surprised about the cameras thing yesterday that I just had to tease you"
  312. >"Oh, okay" I say and proceed to wash my forhead
  313. >My dad mutters something "~Oh Norman, why are you so gullible~" but I can't hear him well
  314. >I get ready and make my way to school
  315. >The day then goes as usual, troubles due to purple, some guys calling me racist, Brad being Brad; you know, the usual
  316. >The school day ends
  317. >It's time to get even with Yellow, today this ends
  318. >I look for her and there she is, it looks as if she was waiting for me
  319. >Better like that, it eases my job
  320. >"Hi Yellow" I greet her "I've got something for you"
  321. >I check my bag and realize that I didn't bring the chocolates. Fuck damnit
  322. >"Nevermind, how are you?" I say trying to divert her attention from my failure
  323. >"Speaking about that Norman, I've got a present for you" Oh no, now I'm going to be even more indebted
  324. >"A little birdie told me that you need this" she gives me a box she brought.
  325. >I look at the box and read it "Polystation" come on Yellow you don't want me to actually play this shit
  326. >However this gives me the chance to not be doubly indebted
  327. >"Say Yellow, how about we go to my place and try the games you've given me?" taking her to my home will give me the chance to get even
  328. >"But, I don't want to impose on you" she says while covering her mouth and looking away from me
  329. >"Please Yellow it'd be a pleasure for me to invite you to my place" I say
  330. >"Well, If it's OK with you I'll go" she replies with a smile
  331. >"Well then, let's go" I signal her to come with me using my hand
  333. Being Rarity
  335. >Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
  336. >Did Fluttershy just casually give a present to Norman?
  337. >Did he really just invited her to his home?
  338. >He has never taken me to go to his place, well, there was that time at his birthday but everyone was there so it doesn't count
  339. >What could have happened when I wasn't looking
  340. >I stand there watching as Norman and Fluttershy walk towards the door speaking as if they had known each other during their whole lives
  341. >I guess Fluttershy finally found someone whom she can talk to confidently, apart form us
  342. >Maybe I shouldn't step between thm, they look so happy
  343. >Slowly they get out of my sight and I sigh as they walk away from me
  344. >"Rarity, why so sad?" Pinkie's voice resonates inside my head "Wanna go watch a movie? I've got popcorn"
  345. >"I'm not in the mood" I replied, I just want to go and lie on my bed
  346. >"Believe me, you really want to watch this movie" She drags me by my arm but I don't feel like struggling
  347. >While dragging me she takes her phone and says "Code November Oscar Romeo Mike Alfa November"
  348. >"Acknowledged" The phone's speaker lets out, what does that mean?
  350. Being Norman
  352. >Talking to Yellow is so easy and relaxing. I didn't even notice the way back home was over
  353. >Before I knocked the door, my dad opened it
  354. >"Dad, you're home early" I said
  355. >"Yeah, I got home early because your mom and me are going to visit a friend, so you'll be home alone" he says "Or you'd be if you weren't with such a pretty girl" he looks at Yellow and she blushes
  356. >"Don't do anything naughty" he whispers to my ear
  357. >"Dad, she's a friend" the hell is wrong with him?
  358. >"Just saying" he replies
  359. >Then he takes his phone and starts talking "Diane we're going now, turn it on and have popcorn ready"
  360. >After that, mom and dad go out and say good bye to me and Yellow. She acts with them as she did with me before the bear incident, I had already forgotten she was like this. She's so cute
  361. >Once my parents are gone, we go to my room right away
  362. >"It's time to play!" I say
  363. >"Yay!" she says with an almost inaudible happiness
  365. Being Rarity
  367. >I'm now at Pinkie's place in the living-room with a huge TV conected to a computer in front of me
  368. >"What are we going to watch?" I ask, she told me we're watching a movie, but she hasn't told me which one
  369. >"You just wait and see" she says with a huge grin on her face
  370. >I just wanna go home
  371. >I recline on the sofa not caring about what Pinkie might think of me loolikg so uncouth
  372. >My mind is focused on just one thought. Norman & Fluttershy
  373. >Pinkie's phone rings
  374. >"Okay then, I'm starting the show. Will do" she hangs the phone and starts a program in the computer
  375. >"Call me if something juicy happens" she says "I'll be making popcorn"
  376. >"Okay" I say unmotivated
  377. >The TV showed many rooms on it's screen. Among them, there was a familiar one
  378. >It was Norman's living room. Is that his house?
  379. >A pink spot then is caught by the corner of my eye "Fluttershy!"
  380. >"Pinkie why are you stalking Norman!" I yell. I'm sure this is a crime and she's making me her accomplice
  381. >"Don't worry, I've got perrmission to do that" she says "popcorn ready"
  382. >"Who in their right state of mind would permit you to rig their house with cameras?" as soon as I finish saying that the doorbell rings
  383. >Pinkie goes and gets the door
  384. >"Hi Pinkie, we came as fast as we could did we miss anything" the sound of that voice made me sit correctly in an instant. Norman's parents are here and I don't want to look bad in front of them
  385. >"Oh, Rarity" Norman's mother says "are you here to spy on my son too? I thought you were above that kind of childish behavior"
  386. >Her serious face and tone of voice only show disapointment. I look down in shame and say "I'm sorry, I didn't know we were going to do this, if I had known I'd never have let Pinkie drag me here"
  387. >Norman's mother raises an eyebrow and says "Oh dear, can't you notice when someone is joking?" while smiling
  388. >I blush even more ashamed than before, Pinkie justs laughs saying "you should have seen the face you just shown"
  389. >Anyways, we sit on the sofa, I'm in between Pinkie and Norman's mom, the later looks very annoyeed while her husband spots a very wide smile
  390. >"Those 20 bucks are mine" he said
  391. >I don't get what he's talking about.
  392. >Then we started watching my friends' adventure
  393. >Are they in his room?
  395. Being Norman
  397. >Polystation unpacked and plugged, TV turned on, I'm ready to torture Yellow with these shitty games
  398. >"I haven't played videogames, I've been told that they're violent" she said a bit worried
  399. >"Don't worry, some games may be violent, but no one really get's hurt" I say
  400. >Wow I don't know any of these games, let's look for something I know she may like
  401. >Pacman, this game I know and it's perfect for her
  402. >"Look Yellow this game is about feeding the critter and making sure it doesn't die" I need to bait her before we check the other shitty games
  403. >I let her play for a bit while I look for some sodas and snacks
  404. >When I'm back she's still at it
  405. >"This is really hard" she says "but very fun" she smiles in glee
  406. >"Let's try some other games, just for variety"
  407. >"Okay" she says
  408. >Man, pacman sure is boring but it can't be the worst here. Let's go and check the lame games now
  409. >As I predicted, there are lots of shitty games, most of them are repeated games and some don't even work
  410. >But then, Tank City, Bomberman, Contra. "where were these games during my whole life" I would have cried if I wasn't having so much fun
  411. >"Thank you so much Yellow, this is one of the best presents I've ever received" I say while looking as a child inside of a toy store
  413. Being Fluttershy
  415. >Finally, this is the smile I wanted him to show. I can be at ease now
  416. >"I'm glad you liked it. I'm really liking these games too" I say "they are so much fun"
  417. >"I don't just like them, I love'em," he says "and it's thanks to you that get to play them, I can't thank you enough"
  418. >Well done Fluttershy, you've made your friend happy
  420. Being Rarity
  422. >"See! they're just playing videogames, it's no different than when Twilight visits" Norman's mom says
  423. >"But look at him, he looks so happy" his dad replies
  424. >This feels so wrong, why did I let Pinkie drag me into this?
  425. >At least I see they're just friends, I'm sort of relieved. I'm also happy because I'll get to hang out with Norman and Fluttershy without her shying away
  426. >This went better than expected. A triumphant smile appears on my face
  427. >"Norman's standing up!" Pinkie says
  428. >"We should've installed some microphones too" says Norman's mother
  430. Being Norman
  432. >It's time to show my gratitude
  433. >"Yellow, Ive got a present for you too, close your eyes" I stand up and go get the chocolates
  434. >I put the heart shaped chocolate box between me and Yellow
  435. >"You can open your eyes now" I say
  436. >"Ooh Norman I love chocolates thanks" she gives me a hug
  437. >Her warm embrace brings peace and quiet to my mind, no wonder she can stop a bear with these
  438. >It's good to see her so happy with what she got
  439. >But I still owe her a gift
  442. Being Rarity
  444. >"Son of a tiger!" Norman's dad says "It's over ladies, time to pay"
  445. >His wife and Pinkie give him 10 dollars each
  446. >"Lucky bastard" Norman's mom tells her husband "I still prefer the farm girl"
  447. >"You'll be paying me back soon, you just wait" says Pinkie
  448. >I don't even want to know what kind of bet they were making, I just want to go home
  449. >As Norman's dad said, it seems it's over; at least for me
  450. >I just sit there watching how my best friend spends time with that boy I kinda like
  451. >I don't want to watch but I can't move my eyes away from them, specially from him
  452. >After a while of watching them eat chocolate and play video games, they finally stand up and start preparing to leave, it seems
  453. >Knowing Norman, I'm sure he'll see her off to her door, then she'll grab him by her sleeve, saying "I don't want you to leave" then he'll say "don't worry Yellow, I'll always be by your side even if I'm away, after all you're always in my heart. I just hope to be always in yours as well." Then she will pull his sleeve and steal a kiss from his lips and during their embrace she'll confess "I love you" to which he'll answer "I love you too Rarity"
  454. >"Rarity, Rarity, RARITY!" Norman's voice shifts into Pinkie's
  455. >"Rarity we're going out" she says
  456. >I just follow her and Norman's parent's into their car "where are we going?" I ask
  457. >"We have no cameras on the streets, so we're following my sonny" Norman's dad says
  458. >"I don't want to continue this charade! can I, please, go home?" I say. Tears start obscuring my vision, but I wont let them fall
  459. >"But Rarity, don't you want to see how this ends?" Pinkie says "this isn't over yet" despite her words she sounded a bit worried
  460. >"Let her be Pinkie," Norman's mom says "sometimes we have know when to stop teasing"
  461. >"But I'm not teasing her" Pinkie says "it's just that"
  462. >"Hush my little girl, let me do the talking this time" Norman's mom says "please dont be upset Rarity"
  463. >"We'll take you back home" says Norman's dad
  464. >"Listen dear, you're a girl with a lot of talent and beauty, so don't let this bring you down, you'll be okay in no time" It seems Norman's mom is trying to comfort me
  465. >They then leave me at my home and go away
  466. >I just want to go to bed
  468. Being Pinkie Pie
  470. (You're not doing your usual presentation?)
  471. >I'm not in the mood
  472. (Oh, okay)
  473. >After leaving Rarity at her place an air of defeat surrounded the car. Even Norman's dad, who likes the idea of his son possibly dating Fluttershy, can't help but remain silent
  474. >We're still seeing this to the end, I need to know if our lovebirds are actually in love, I don't want Rarity to be so broken hearted
  475. >The silence is broken by Norman's mom "I thought you were joking when you told us she liked him back" she covers her face with her hands "what have we done?"
  476. >My thoughts exactly
  477. >"Just tell me how to get to Fluttershy's place so we can get over with this" says Norman's oldman
  478. >His face was unable to show his usual grin, Instead his face showed no emotion
  479. >I guide the father to my friend's house, and there they are
  480. >Norman and Fluttershy walking side by side, their faces show gleeful smiles as the talk to each other, showing no care for the world as they don't know what just happened
  481. >This continues until they get to the girl's door
  482. >The three of us in the car are expecting to see how would they send each other off
  483. >The atmosphere is perfect, two teenagers under the moonlight In front of the lady's door and ready to bid their farewells
  484. >They smile and look at each other's eyes. It's time for them to part ways
  485. >They stop their smile to open their mouths once again
  486. >And then they share a high five before saying good bye
  487. >We all become disconcerted at the sight
  488. >At the same time the ones in the car blurt out "WE SHOULD HAVE FORCED HER TO COME WITH US"
  489. >Goddamnit Norman
  491. Being Norman
  493. >Today was a great day, I had lots of fun
  494. >After saying good bye to Yellow, I notice my parent's car, so I get on it
  495. >"Hi everyone, how did your visit to your friend go?" I say "Why are you here Pink?
  496. >My questions are left unanswered, but seeing everyone so down makes me not want to ask
  497. >We leave Pink at her home. She doesn't even say good bye
  498. >And when we get home, my parents go straight to their beds
  499. >I think I heard them sob a bit but I don't think I should ask, not today at least
  501. Being Norman
  503. >A few days pass since Yellow went to my home
  504. >Something is very wrong, The Aryan Beauty has been avoiding me for some reason
  505. >This is weird because no mater the rumors she has never avoided me since we became friends
  506. >I can't even get near her because when I approach her she just goes away
  507. >It seems I used all of my luck to become one of Yellow's close friends
  508. >That reminds me that I got her a present, her own polystation, she has been asking me to go play again at my home but I didn't have the time because of trying to get my beloved's attention
  509. >Today however I don't have the energy to try to gain The Arian Beauty's attention, I'm totally drained so I'll give Yellow her present and go home
  510. >Finally we'll get even and we can have a normal friendship without worrying about feeling indebted
  512. Being Fluttershy
  514. >Rarity has been very weird lately, she has been avoiding Norman despite always being so willing to talk to him
  515. >I wonder if they got into a fight. I must get to the bottom of this and help my friends make up
  516. >First I'll look for Norman and ask him about what happened
  517. >And speaking about him, there he comes
  518. >"Yellow, I was looking for you" he says looking very sad
  519. >"Norman, what's goi-" before I can finish he speaks to me again
  520. >"I got you a present" he smiles but his eyes can't lie, he doesn't feel like talking right now but he still made the effort to go and bring me this
  521. >"It's your own polystation" the revelation of the gift fills my heart with happiness, but I'm still worried about him and Rarity
  522. >"Great, next time we can play in may house," I'm definitely using this chance to make them spend time together "why don't we go today?"
  523. >"Sorry Yellow, I don't feel like gaming today" he confesses the feelings I had already noticed
  524. >"Good bye, see you tomorrow" he seems very down, I shouldn't bother him
  525. >"See you Norman have a nice day" That's the only thing I can say after seeing him so sad
  526. >I guess I should try my luck with Rarity first
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