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Opera 22 launcher.exe command line switches

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Jul 3rd, 2014
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  1. Features available through command-line switches:
  2. --with-feature:accessible_panes : Enables keyboard navigation between various focusable panes (toolbar, tab bar, web content) by means of the shortcuts F6, Shift+F6, and F10. [Enabled by default: false]
  3. --with-feature:activation-order-tab-cycling : Enables tab cycling in activation order rather than tab strip order. [Enabled by default: false]
  4. --with-feature:allow-insecure-content : Enables insecure content within pages loaded over HTTPS. [Enabled by default: true]
  5. --with-feature:drag-tabs-to-quick-access-bar : Enables a tab to be dragged to the quick access bar [Enabled by default: true]
  6. --with-feature:encoding-menu : Enables encoding menu, which allows to override page encoding. [Enabled by default: true]
  7. --with-feature:enhanced-autofill : Enables enhanced autofill features. [Enabled by default: true]
  8. --with-feature:extended-lazy-session-loading : Changes mode of operation of lazy session loading so that all tabs are gradually loaded in the background. [Enabled by default: false]
  9. --with-feature:extended-toolbar-buttons-handling : Enable or disable additional actions for navigational toolbar buttons when used with key modifiers. [Enabled by default: false]
  10. --with-feature:extension-identity-api : Enable extension identity APIs [Enabled by default: true]
  11. --with-feature:extension-download-into-profile-dir : Extension packages downloaded from Opera Add-ons will be saved in the user's profile directory instead of the temp directory. [Enabled by default: true]
  12. --with-feature:extension-install-bubble : Enables bubble informing user that extension has been installed [Enabled by default: true]
  13. --with-feature:extension-one-click-install : Promote certain extensions by providing a one-click installation in a sliding toolbar. [Enabled by default: true]
  14. --with-feature:extension-speed-dial-compositing : Enables hardware accelerated compositing for speed dial extensions. [Enabled by default: false]
  15. --with-feature:find-pepper-flash-plugin : Automatically find and use Pepper Flash plug-in, if it is installed in the system. [Enabled by default: false]
  16. --with-feature:first-run-import : Enables import from the default browser on the first run. [Enabled by default: false]
  17. --with-feature:heart-menu : Enables a menu to add or remove the active page to or from Speed Dial, Stash or bookmark bar. [Enabled by default: false]
  18. --with-feature:hi-resolution-thumbnails : Enables support for HiDPI thumbnails in StartPage and Stash. Works only on HiDPI capable devices. [Enabled by default: false]
  19. --with-feature:hung-plugin-monitor : Detect and allow to terminate hung plugins. [Enabled by default: false]
  20. --with-feature:import-presto-profile : Enables profile import from a Presto-based version of Opera. Presto's profile location can be given explicitly by passing '--presto-small-prefs-dir=ROAMING_PROFILE_DIR' and --presto-large-prefs-dir=LOCAL_PROFILE_DIR to the command line. [Enabled by default: true]
  21. --with-feature:js-dialog-app-tab-modal : Enable tab and app modal javascript dialogs. [Enabled by default: true]
  22. --with-feature:lazy-session-loading : Enables lazy session loading. Only active tab will be fully loaded. [Enabled by default: false]
  23. --with-feature:media-capture : Enables media capture [Enabled by default: true]
  24. --with-feature:pin-tabs : Enables pinning of tabs [Enabled by default: true]
  25. --with-feature:restore-contenteditables-state : Enables restoration of contents of content editable elements when restoring session and when navigating in history. [Enabled by default: false]
  26. --with-feature:session-tabs-serialization : With this option enabled, all tabs are serialized on browser exit, and restored from the serialized content when the browser is restarted. [Enabled by default: false]
  27. --with-feature:show-full-url : Show full URL in combined search and address bar [Enabled by default: true]
  28. --with-feature:site-prefs : Enables site preferences read from the siteprefs.json file [Enabled by default: true]
  29. --with-feature:speed-dial-use-external-extensions-instalation : Enables external installation flow for extensions in the Speed Dial [Enabled by default: true]
  30. --with-feature:stash-suggestions : Enables stash suggestions in address bar [Enabled by default: false]
  31. --with-feature:sync : Enables synchronization [Enabled by default: false]
  32. --with-feature:sync-uses-test-servers : Makes Sync service use test servers. [Enabled by default: false]
  33. --with-feature:tab-hibernation : Enable tab hibernation. [Enabled by default: false]
  34. --with-feature:use-turbo2 : Uses second generation of Turbo server for better Opera Turbo mode. [Enabled by default: false]
  35. --with-feature:use-turbo2-video-compression : Ask Turbo server for video files optimized for size. [Enabled by default: false]
  36. --with-feature:webui-debug-mode : Enables WebUI debug mode for internal developers. [Enabled by default: false]
  37. --with-feature:addons-detailed-errors : Enables showing detailed error information on addons portal if one is available. [Enabled by default: false]
  38. --with-feature:delay-onload : Delay the onload event for a webpage until its tab is activated. [Enabled by default: false]
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