Alexander Pistoletov - I am a Russian New Pirate

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  1. Alexander Pistoletov - I am a Russian New Pirate
  2. Lyrics
  3. (Original: )
  5. - - -
  6. Continuation of adventures
  7. Of the battles between yachts
  8. All began day after the storm,
  9. That is how I met my frigate.
  11. Let the guests of the sea
  12. Know the might of the pirate.
  13. That which rules the entire sea,
  14. Such pirate is a true pirate.
  16. Banging cannons, whistling case-shot
  17. Battle suddenly begins.
  18. Sound of metal, bullets and swords,
  19. This is how a deathly battle goes.
  21. Two frigates met
  22. In a blueish hell of sea.
  23. Our Pirate ship
  24. Became your trouble.
  26. Our Pirate ship
  27. Became your trouble, your trouble
  29. (Chorus:)
  31. Not Somalian
  32. And not Caribbean
  33. I am a Russian new pirate.
  34. And not Brazilian,
  35. And not Indian,
  36. I am a Russian new pirate.
  37. Yes that's who I am, I am a new pirate.
  40. It appeared to us from the sea
  41. Suddenly, a sea monster,
  42. To our ship it gripped
  43. A giant octopus.
  45. It threw everyone off board
  46. And sawed off our anchor
  47. So the frigate fell apart
  48. And sank all the way to the bottom.
  50. But our crew was alright,
  51. And got to a nearby island
  52. Where they built a new ship,
  53. Much stronger and faster.
  55. And so we set out to sea
  56. And found that octopus
  57. Shot him up with our cannons,
  58. Till there was nothing left but bones.
  60. (Jump kicks the guy off the rope)
  62. On the internet, quite like the sea,
  63. We are rocked, and we rock  
  64. #[translators note: rock = load, so hes saying that "we get rocked by waves, we rock the waves" which has the double meaning of "they download us, we download too", an allusion to computer piracy]
  65. And download our rights
  66. To ships without decks.
  68. If you wrote something
  69. or you came up with something,
  70. Your intellectual property
  71. You hold it in your arms.
  73. Similar to the tentacles of octopus
  74. Your IP rights are being strangled.
  75. [You are] So called, like on the sea
  76. An intruder - a pirate.
  78. Pirates, just like citizens
  79. Follow their rules,
  80. Nobody will be laughing
  81. If they get punished.
  83. - - -
  85. love,
  86. anon
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