GreentextSavant - Trixie's Valentine

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >Trixie's face turns red as she pulls out the little note from her hat.
  2. >She never saw someone stick it in there.
  3. >And with that, Trixie has no idea who it was who stuck the love letter into her hat on the week before Valentine's Day.
  4. >She takes it home and tries to analyze the handwriting, but can't recognize a thing.
  5. >Trying to convince herself to be angry that someone would try to force her to celebrate such a mushy holiday.
  6. >Trixie has never celebrated Valentine's Day before out of spite.
  7. >She tries to crumple the paper up in her hand, but somehow can't find the strength to do so.
  8. >She sits down in her room and reads it over and over again.
  9. >Secretly enjoying the message it says, picturing the most handsome guy she can imagine saying it to her.
  10. >Creeping up when she's not looking and slipping it into her hat with a slight of hand only Trixie could be familiar with.
  11. >This guy was similar to Trixie in more ways the girl could have possibly conceived of.
  12. >And she's... she's not feeling the way on the inside that she intended to.
  13. >Trixie does the best she can to resist the butterflies in her stomach, but ultimately fails at the next day at school when rumor about her having a secret admirer spreads.
  14. >With her heart pounding in her chest, Trixie begins to be a lot more vocal around the other students.
  15. >Very interested in what everyone's talking about one hundred percent of the time.
  16. >Hoping to find hints and clues about her secret admirer.
  17. >It comes to the point where Trixie's excitement drives her to start singing and dancing in the hallways when she practices her performances.
  18. >Getting the extra energy out.
  19. >Days go by, and Trixie only feels more and more jittery as Valentine's Day creeps up around the corner.
  20. >Trixie questions everyone about the note, but no one officially comes forward, and it's tantalizing Trixie in a way where she doesn't want to admit that she's desperate for the answer.
  21. >This feeling is shaking her down, making her knees weak and her palms sweaty.
  22. >She spends most of her time at home wondering who it was instead of practicing her performances.
  23. >It's getting the best of her, that's the confession she needs to make.
  24. >She's someone's fool.
  25. >Someone who knows her at school.
  26. >Someone who thinks Trixie is really cool.
  27. >Maybe more than cool.
  28. >The notion itself plagues Trixie's head and the girls can't stop moving around. The feeling is just too much.
  29. >Trixie grunts to herself as she lies on the couch, trying to watch TV to distract herself.
  30. >Feeling the moment sink in, the sweet heat of the moment.
  31. >She twists and turns, starting to giggle at every commercial that would come on. Inserting more than enough character in to her commentary of everything she was watching, sort of making her life more like a sitcom where she's the most hilarious and versatile character that will crush this thing that happened at school.
  32. >Trixie's going to crush this crush that she totally doesn't have on this person whom she doesn't even know the identity of.
  33. >There's no way someone got under her skin that easily.
  34. >Trixie races over to the kitchen and makes herself a giant bowl of cereal. In one of the mixing bowls, adds a shit ton of sugar to it and everything.
  35. >Isn't this girl outrageous? Her life is just going so crazy right now, she's totally out of this person's league.
  36. >Trixie starts jumping around with the bowl on cereal.
  37. >It's spilling all over the carpet, but Trixie is too much of a cold hearted bitch to care. She's not swayed by feelings.
  38. >Not at all.
  39. >These bowls of cereal become far too common for Trixie.
  40. >She can't find the patience within herself to make anything else; the girl goes through box after box of cereal with thoughts buzzing around in her head.
  41. >Her life... everything about it, has become a highlight.
  42. >There's someone out there who needs to be made known, almost like the catalyst to an adventure.
  43. >Now that the next day is warmer, Trixie takes a walk outside and goes around the block several times. Imagining the scenery being the setting to the beginning of a movie that just so happens to be her life literally right now lmao.
  44. >Trixie starts imitating movie music to herself and imagining beginning credit sequences all around her, going so far to imagine the prestige of this imaginary movie in her head.
  45. >The Tale of The Great And Powerful Trixie part 1: The Secret Admirer. This is the beginning of a twisting and turning adventure with bizarre attributes.
  46. >Trixie lays out all of the characters in the movie's plot as she imagines the words "Executive Producer - Trixie Lulamoon" and "Director of Photography" on the side of the house on the corner of the block.
  47. >She hums in a higher tone to immerse her mind into the flutes, violins, violas, piccolos and clarinets playing.
  48. >Why has this become so interesting?
  49. >On her way back to her house, Trixie notices a paper flying with the wind right across her path.
  50. >It's sudden position and apparent presence is so poignant to Trixie that she simply has to pick it up.
  51. >And it's as though someone perfectly planned this, sonething that deeply impresses Trixie.
  52. >[Thingking bout me?] Says the message on the paper.
  53. >Trixie gets light headed and damn near falls to her knees with a heavy blush invading her face.
  54. >This movie just won all of the oscars for her.
  55. >Trixie begins to tremble, letting the paper shake in her hand.
  56. >Her heart races, her eyes go glazed with bliss.
  57. >The girl shudders and visible shivers as she stands there.
  58. >Stands there for only a second.
  59. >Trixie can't stop her legs from giving way; she drops to her knees.
  60. >Biting her lip and making quiet grunting sounds to herself.
  61. >Shivers assault her spine, her fingers still tremble with some sort of overwhelming delight.
  62. >She NEEDS to know who this person is.
  63. >Trixie lies down on the ground, and in a fit of playful excitement, she crawls all the way back over to her house and up to her room. Staying on the floor.
  64. >Rolls around on the carpet with her arms and legs stretched out.
  65. >Trixie sniffs the paper several times, sighing loudly in a low voice.
  66. >She hugs herself and imagines someone with that super versatile stealth doing it.
  67. >She doesn't even know whether or not this person is actually hugging her.
  68. >These levels of stealth are unheard of; Trixie didn't see a SINGLE person outside.
  69. >This thought is what makes Trixie's body heat up, her mind swim and her heart thunder in her chest.
  70. >This is already the best Valentine's day she's ever had, and the holiday itself hasn't even come yet.
  71. >At least not outside of Trixie's fluffy little world right now, the one where she brushed herself up against the carpet and feels the softness of her arms hold herself.
  72. >After a few minutes, Trixie makes it up to her bed and starts to think up poems to herself.
  73. >What if this person is making her poems right now?
  74. >Trixie knows that they might as well know everything about her. She squeals at the thought.
  75. >Getting under the covers and closing her eyes, even though it's the middle of the afternoon and she should be at school right now.
  76. >Trixie hears a noise in her room.
  77. >Could it be?
  78. >Trixie lies down, peeking out of the covers, wondering how this secret admirer could have followed her home so easily.
  79. >How they even found a way into her house after she locked the door.
  80. >this person is good; REALLY good.
  81. >Trixie is absolutely flattered that they have such an interest in her. Maybe they can teach her their secrets after a little... fun time.
  82. >Maybe even during it.
  83. >A few excited giggles escape Trixie as she peers around her room.
  84. >No one is to be seen, but they're definitely in here. Trixie feels herself becoming enamored.
  85. >Very... VERY... enamored.
  86. >The intensity of the moment radiates through her body, shaking Trixie out of the covers with a goofy smile on her face.
  87. >She slinks out of the bed and creeps around her room in a cartoonish fashion, searching for the welcomed intruder.
  88. >"Trixie heard you were stalking her." Trixie begins in a breathy, expressive voice. "You have a skill only a fellow illusionist like Trixie can recognize. She applauds your skill. She... admires your skill."
  89. >Trixie's breathing starts to become shaky, and she continues creeping around her room humming more music to herself.
  90. >Pretending this is the best scene of the movie.
  91. >The scene where she meets her... lover. Even though she's totally not taken in by their charming abilities at all. No, not at all!
  92. >Trixie's simply... impressed.
  93. >Really really impressed.
  94. >This secret admirer remains hidden from view. Trixie can't find anyone anywhere.
  95. >Only becoming more and more enthusiastic with the current chain of events.
  96. >Until...
  97. >Trixie's secret admirer makes herself VERY apparent to the girl.
  98. >Standing right in front of her.
  99. >Now exchanging nervous, blushing glances with her admirer, Trixie gazes straight into the mirror.
  100. >Gazing into those beautiful purple eyes.
  101. >The eyes of a girl who snuck that note to her, went home with her, followed her every entranced twist and turn all the way up to this musing moment.
  102. >"Hey there, sweetheart."
  103. >Trixie smiles at her reflection that smiles back.
  104. >Feeling the warmth radiating back at her, the love in that stare.
  105. >Those eyes of her lover really are something to get lost into.
  106. >Especially with that desiring look in them, they're very affectionate for Trixie.
  107. >"So... you wanted to ask Trixie something, she presumes?" Trixie waltzes over to her bed and reaches under.
  108. >"Why, yes. Trixie happened to hide something in here a couple of days ago without you knowing."
  109. >"What is it?"
  110. >"Reach under your bed."
  111. >The sly grin on Trixie's admirer's face is all the girl needed to know just how good she is at making things work.
  112. >She has no idea how she managed to get something in here, let alone sneak in to begin with, but the very thought of someone so... cunning is a must keep in Trixie's mind.
  113. >"What's this?" Trixie pulls out a box from under the bed.
  114. >"An early Valentine's day present. Trixie made it especially for you."
  115. >"Do you want Trixie to open it now?"
  116. >Trixie's admirer nods from the mirror, and Trixie opens the little red box, which hadn't even been wrapped before.
  117. >She pulls out a half of a tiny heart figurine, carefully carved out of wood and painted a deep pink.
  118. >It's almost shaped like a rain drop.
  119. >Or a tear drop.
  120. >"Oh..." Trixie instantly admires the handy skills it must have taken to make this, then go the extra mile to somehow hide it in her room. "You've gone so far out of your way... but... where's the other half?"
  121. >Trixie looks over to her admirer, who is already holding the other half in her hand. It looks exactly identical to the half Trixie holds.
  122. >"I've had it with me, waiting for you to discover your half." The admirer says with a wide grin.
  123. >Trixie slowly steps up to the mirror, lost in the eyes of her admirer who steps closer to her as well.
  124. >They do their best to embrace one another. Trixie sniffling as she presses her forehead against the forehead of her admirer.
  125. >"Trixie made this just for you." Trixie's admirer holds her half of the heart figurine up to its symmetrical counterpart.
  126. >The two halves clack together with the hands of each girl holding their side.
  127. >It fits together perfectly no matter how nervously twitchy Trixie's hand gets.
  128. >Making a perfect heart.
  129. >Trixie tries to hold her admirer even tighter now, fogging up the mirror with her shuddering breathing.
  130. >"Will you be Trixie's Valentine this year?"
  131. >"Yes. Trixie would love to."
  132. >Trixie lets out a stuttered sigh, looking down as her eyes cloud up.
  133. >"Trixie promises you won't be alone this year. I promise with my whole heart."
  134. >"I promise with my whole heart."
  136. The End.
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