frozen treat (waifu of the month, lewd, comedy-ish)

Mar 27th, 2018
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  1. >your machiavelical laugh resonates throughout the classroom
  2. "SAY IT!"
  3. >"NOOOOO, please, stop, Anon--Ahn!"
  4. >she squirms and pleads for you to let go, but you don't
  5. "Say it, or else!"
  6. >"I'll never say tha--Eeeep!"
  7. >you cut her off by pressing the frozen treat against her lips, to show her you're not fucking around
  8. >"Aaaaa! Cold! Cold! Too cold! Aaahn!"
  9. >she tries to escape your grasp, to no avail, but you do pull the cone back to give her some reprieve
  10. >and to accentuate your next words, as you lean forward to bring your lips right next to her ear
  11. "Too cold? Aww, that's too bad... would you like something warm instead?"
  12. >she tries to squeeze her back legs together to try and rub the cold away, but you don't let her, and she lets out a submissive whine as her eyes find yours
  13. >"Y-yes, please, anything but the ice cream--"
  14. "Then just tell me, tell me which--"
  15. >"NO! Never!"
  16. "Never, huh? We'll see about that,"
  17. >and she tries yet again to escape your grasp as your hand slowly descends towards her flower once again, which only makes your grin wider
  18. >and pants tighter
  19. >"No wait--Aaaaa! It's too cold, too cooooold~!"
  20. "Yeah, kinda, it's c[spoiler]old__[/spoiler] ice-cream for a reason" [spoiler]I'm not sorry[/spoiler]
  21. >"Y-you're a monster!"
  22. "A monster? Nah, I see myself as more of a... a businessman, yeah, that's it, I'm proposing you a deal--"
  23. >"T-that's not fair--Ahhhhh!"
  24. "Oh but it is, I'm only asking for a few words in exchange of what it is you crave right now,"
  25. >"I-I don't, it's-ah-!"
  26. "Just imagine how it'd feel if I were to replace this cold ice cream with my lips,"
  27. >her eyes open wide in surprise and you can even see a shiver run down her spine as her back arches ever so slightly at the very thought
  28. >"Y-you lips?"
  29. >that's it
  30. >you got her
  32. "Yes, my lips..."
  33. >you close the distance and press them against her neck, which extorts yet another whine from her throat as her front hooves flail around for a bit before gripping at whatever it is she can find to hold on for dear life
  34. "Even my tongue,"
  35. >and she moans as your tongue licks its way up her jawline, and her eyes even flutter for a fraction of a second as you end your journey by giving her a quick peck on the lips
  36. "Feel how warm and wet it is? Wouldn't that feel soooo much better than this mean, awful, terrible ice-cone?"
  37. >"Nnnh, Ahnon, please!"
  38. "Come on, you know what I want to hear,"
  39. >"I-I can't! That'd be, I-I just..."
  40. "Oh? Well, too bad then, guess I'll just have to..."
  41. >her eyes go wide and she gives out a small squeak in fear as your doom device approach her treasure once more
  42. >but she stops you right before you make contact
  43. >"No! Wait! I-I'll say it, I'll tell you!"
  44. "There you go, isn't that better?"
  45. >but she still gives a last, desperate attempt at freeing herself before finally accepting her defeat
  46. >"ⱽ-ⱽᵃᶰᶦᶫᶫᵃ ᶦˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵉˢᵗ ᶠᶫᵃᵛᵒʳ ᵃᶰᵈ ᶜʰᵒᶜᵒᶫᵃᵗᵉ ᶦˢ--"
  47. "I can't hear it~,"
  48. >she throws you a deathglare, and squeaks as you drop your hand just a couple inches closer to--
  49. >"Vanilla is the best flavor and chocolate is disgusting! T-there! I said it!"
  50. "There it is! Isn't that better?"
  51. >"N-now..."
  52. "What?"
  53. >"You know what! You've got to honor your part of the deal!"
  54. "Oh, that... well, I still have this whole vanilla cone, and I really don't feel like wasting it, so I hope you won't mind me eating it at the same time~,"
  55. >"N-no wait, Anon, it's--Ahn~!"
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