Faithful Service

Jan 8th, 2015
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  5. >be guard at royal Canterlot party with Celestia
  6. >see her standing stock still in her dress during the party, exchanging few words with anyone
  7. >a guard approaches her, worried
  8. >he sees that her face is tense, and that she's biting her lip, barely moving a muscle
  9. >she turns towards him slightly, looking almost panicked
  10. "You, g-guard, what is your lifting record at the royal a-academy?"
  11. >"er......your highness?"
  12. "Time is a factor! Tell me!"
  13. >"Er! 21 stone! But your highness, why do you need....."
  14. "Good, carry me. Now!"
  15. "Why? Is something w-"
  17. She coldly whispers: "I am standing in a 32000 bit dress and my foals won't stop pummeling my bladder."
  18. "Either you carry me to my master bathroom or I swear I'll have you cashiered."
  19. "Now MOVE!"
  20. >guard hesitates for a second, but dives under Celestia's legs and stands, hoisting her up
  21. >begins a swift trot out of the great hall
  22. > a few onlookers notice and approach
  23. "Princess Celestia, are you alr....."
  24. >"Her Highness is fine, she is just feeling a bit faint, now clear the way!"
  26. >guard hoofs it up to Celestia's room
  27. >she's about to burst, but can't take off the dress herself
  28. >guard has to help, while trying to remain professional
  29. >can't help but notice how fertile and feminine she looks, especially with her massively gravid belly
  30. >after what seemed like miles of long stone hallways, and a flight of stairs or two, the pair reach the door to Celestia's room
  31. >bending his legs a bit, the guard lets the Princess back on her feet
  32. >however, she doesn't move
  33. >"P....princess?"
  34. "I can't move."
  36. >for the first time, the guard notices Celestia making little huffs and gasps, and notices her face is now a bright shade of magenta, her eyes moving back and forth as if clamoring for the right words to say in her addled, desperate state
  37. >suddenly, she closed her eyes, and her blush became a deep shade of scarlet
  38. "I need you to help me take off my d-dress....."
  39. >the guard felt his ears burn, he couldn't refuse her, but such a personal request was beyond anything he'd ever been asked of Celestia
  40. >his mouth gaped open for a bit and closed, like a guppy deprived of water
  41. "Please..."
  42. >something in her tone of voice, the neediness, the desperation, willed his legs forward towards her
  44. >taking great care to not damage the expensive dress, the guard uncoupled, unbuttoned, and untied the various articles of clothing that made up the garment
  45. >one by one, pieces fell to the floor, revealing more and more of the princess's form to him
  46. >the guard couldn't help but gawk, the dressmaker's did a very good job concealing Celestia's now, for a lack of a better word, enormously gravid belly
  47. >with her mane flowing in the moonlight of the open window, he couldn't help but admire
  48. >she looked so feminine, so fertile...
  49. >Celestia suddenly squealed loudly, crossing her back legs and freezing like a statue
  50. >the guard stumbled backwards
  51. >if he wasn't so startled, he might have laughed at the absurdity of seeing the Princess of Equestria making such an uncharacteristic noise
  54. >at this point, a few hundred bits docked from his pay for ruining a piece of the dress or two was better than being sacked
  55. >at last, she stood in the middle of her bedroom, not wearing a single article, trembling her need was so great
  56. >the guard slid underneath her again and hoisted her up once more, sprinting towards the bathroom across the room
  57. >bursting into the bathroom and nearly skidding on the smooth tile, the guard found the prize, a shining porcelain throne fit for a Princess
  58. >however, Celestia suddenly let out a moan of despair, and a brief trickle and splash on tile suddenly emanated through the sparkling clean bathroom
  59. >the guard didn't even look over his shoulders to see what happened, instead, with adrenaline through his veins, he darted towards the toilet
  60. >wheeling around, he unceremoniously knelt back and dumped the Princess, hindquarters first, onto the white sparkling seat
  61. >however, in his haste, he tumbled right back with her, into her lap
  62. >Princess Celestia couldn't have cared less however
  64. >the bursting floodgates opened, and a loud hiss and ringing splashing were soon followed by a groan of relief
  65. >the guard, shellshocked, could barely think as the princess sat there, lost in her own little world of relief
  66. >here he was, sitting on the lap of the most powerful figure he had ever known in his life, while she relieved herself not only in his presence, but right below him
  67. >she shifted slightly, the massive girth of her belly forcing him off her lap and onto his hooves
  68. >not daring to turn around, the guard slowly started to walk out of the restroom
  69. "T....thank you."
  70. >a small flush soon followed, and the princess was suddenly alongside him
  71. "My apologies.....I'm sorry you had to.....see that."
  72. >the guard attempted to respond, only to find himself shaking
  73. >"It's my duty Princess, to d-do anything you call upon me to d-do."
  75. "I suppose that includes tending to a bloated old mare who can't even make it to her own bathroom...."
  76. >the guard looked at Celestia's face at last, and found tears in it
  77. >"That's not true."
  78. "W...what?"
  79. >"You are the most beautiful mare I have ever laid eyes on, and I say that not as a guard, but as a stallion. Please Princess.....don't ever say such things again."
  80. >maybe it was the fact that a mere guard had told her what to do
  81. >regardless, Celestia had no word, but for the first time that night, a small smile graced her lips
  82. "Come."
  84. >without another word, the guard followed Celestia to her massive four-poster bed, where she flopped down like a teenager
  85. "Do you really find me this?"
  86. >the guard didn't pause to think when a response left him, as he gazed at her pregnant tummy forcing her hind legs to splay apart
  87. >"You are absolutely beautiful."
  88. >the guard bit his lip, as if to try and snatch the response out of the air and take it back
  89. >such presumptuousness was unthinkable, especially for a Royal Guard
  90. >however, Celestia blushed and giggled, rolling over slightly as she pressed a hoof to her mouth to suppress her laughter
  91. "I don't suppose you'd mind.......proving it?"
  93. >the guard froze in genuine fright at the monumental request, did he just imagine what he thought he heard?
  94. "It's been so many months......I'd give anything for a stallion to rut me now. And you've shown yourself more than worthy....."
  95. >despite his fears, something about the way the princess rolled and jostled slightly in her bed, letting out short little giggly bursts
  96. >he felt his hesitations melt away, and unclasping his armor, slowly climbed into bed with his Princess
  97. >it took a second of thought, but the stallion spooned himself behind her, wrapping his hooves around her wide middle
  98. >her warmth enveloped him like a warm bath, and feeling her heavy body breathing against his own soon stirred his emotions
  99. >unable to help it, he felt himself stiffen to attention, his shaft squeezing between Celestia's hind legs and resting on the very rear of her tummy
  100. "I.....I've waited so long for this. Please don't make me b-beg."
  101. >without another second, the guard, arched back slightly, and with an initial bit of clumsiness, eased himself inside her soaking wet vulva
  102. >the guard felt himself drawn inside her almost against his will with how hard the Princess clenched against him, winking frantically against the base of his shaft
  103. >with a loud groan of pleasure, guttural as a rusted door kicked open, the princess shuddered in ecstacy as the stallion began to pump himself slowly, very soon picking up the pace
  105. >the lewd sounds of wet squelches and buttocks being smacked against hips echoed through the bedchambers, and the stallion held tighter onto the princess, caressing her swollen belly as a dragon would hold his treasure
  106. >the princess wailed as her body jarred, orgasm ripping powerfully through what one would have otherwise though a fragile form
  107. >the sounds and sensations were too much for him
  108. >grunting, and putting his head against her back, the stallion felt himself flare as he filled the Princess with his seed, holding on for dear life
  110. >it was probably only a few minutes, but it felt like ages that the two of them laid there
  111. >the stallion began to slowly ease himself out of Celestia
  112. "No! Please.......could you.........leave it in? For just a little while longer?"
  113. >the guard, not one to disobey a command from his princess, held onto his princess and remained where he was, a smile of content shining in the moonlight
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