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  1. Subaru-kun, please tell me what happened."
  2. Subaru shakes his neck in denial. Impossible. If he does that, Rem will die.
  3. "If you cant say it, then trust Rem. Rem will do something about it."
  4. Subaru shakes his neck. Impossible. If you do that, you will die.
  5. "... Lets return now at least. If we return and think about it, probably we will find the answer to the problem."
  6. Subaru shakes his neck. Impossible. Wasting time like that will make everybody dies.
  7. " I already doubt it. I tought it. Suffered... for that, i give up."
  8. Nobody believed in Subaru.
  9. Nobody expect nothing from Subaru.
  10. Subaru thinks about what they told to him, and for ignore that he realized that he doesnt win anything and reached this place.
  11. That time, that wear of his heart, for Subaru-
  12. "Give up is easy."
  13. Rem expresses her opposition to Subaru.
  14. Subaru despairs and shouts to Rem that he will not allow that she tell him that given up is easy because he had to suffer too much for accept his defeat against destiny. Die ten times.
  15. Rem keep talking.
  16. "Give up is easy"
  17. "..."
  18. "But, does not fit to Subaru-kun"
  19. Rem overstimate Subaru. Subaru tell her that he isn't the kind of people that she belive.Rem mentions to Subaru that he laught when speak about the future that he want to get, and fot that she cannot acept his proposal.
  20. Rem denying Subaru's words makes him to reach his limit.
  21. "You!! What you...! What you can know about me?!
  22. Subaru hit the wall alongside him with his fist, shattering it and spilled blood on the wall.
  23. " I am this kind of man! I have no power but my wishes are huge, i am not smart but i pursue impossible dreams, i can do nothing but i keep pushing myself in vane...!!!
  24. Everyone had something good and they used that for reach their goals. However, Natsuki Subaru doesn't have anything like that but he wished so much.
  25. "I...! I... I hate myself!!"
  26. Act like a clown and face nothing, while he avoided all with a fake smile.
  27. This is the place where finally Subare face his true being.
  28. Natsuki Subaru hates himself, more than anyone.
  29. Subaru describes how always he was good for complain but bad for trying to do something about it, how he wanted to make fall others for protect his ridiculous pride by his hollow attitude.
  30. "Hollow. I am hollow inside"
  31. Subaru asks to Rem if she had any idea about what he did before coming to this world.
  32. "I did nothing"
  33. Subaru tells Rem that he wasted all his life time and is for that he cant expect achieve nothing now.
  34. "The result of doing nothing is what killed them, him and her."
  35. Subaru tells Rem that he was a rotten person to the core was true even after coming here, because Wilhelm noticed that from Subaru when he refused to train someone who had no intentions of getting stronger. That time Subaru pretended not understood what he said, but inside he clearly know.
  36. Subaru mention what he only pretends deceive himself about make an effort, but is only that , a deceive for justify himself.
  37. Always blame others, hide his true being, making excuses.
  38. " I am the worst. ... I, hate myself"
  39. Subaru thinks that even after have said all what he had inside him even before coming this world, he doesn't fell any better."
  40. He cant do anything about it, Subaru is that kind of human.
  41. However, Rem-
  42. "Rem know it"
  43. "-"
  44. "That Subaru-kun is a person with the enough courage to keep going even in a endless darkness."
  45. Rem anyway, chose to not give up on Subaru.
  46. -
  47. Rem look Subaru with a expression full of love, even after all he said and start to tell him about all the thing that she like from him.
  48. -Rem says that she like when he give headpats to her, because she feel that is the way in which they communicate.
  49. -Rem says that she likes his voice because every time she heard it her heart gets warm.
  50. -Rem says that she likes his eyes because even if they dont appear friendly, when he looked someone with kindness they were very friendly.
  51. -Rem says that she likes his hands, despite of being a man. Also that she felt safe when he held her hand.
  52. -Rem says that she likes his way of walking, being kind when walking alongside of someone, turning back to keep the rhythm.
  53. Subaru's heart yells inside with every word of Rem, but she keep talking.
  54. -Rem says that she likes his face when he sleep, defenceless like a baby.
  55. -Res says that she likes to touch his lips without him noticing while he sleep, also that she likes when her heart hurts a little when she does.
  56. "Why...?"
  57. Rem says to Subaru that she wanted to tell about all his good things.
  58. Subaru says to Rem that all was an illusion and deceiving and that him is not like that.That she can't know him better than himself. Rem shouts in reply saying that Subaru can't know the Subaru that she knows better than her.
  59. Subaru surprises by the reaction of Rem and she keeps in silence. Subaru understand that what he said had hurt Rem, even so she chose to believe in Subaru.
  60. Subaru asks to Rem why she still believing in him, despite that he only want to run away always. Subaru wonder why she can believe in him so much even when he doesn't.
  61. "... Because, you are my hero Subaru-kun."
  62. Subaru understand everything in that moment. Understands his big misinterpretation until now, that in what always had mistaken. Subaru thought that Rem was the only person that will accept everything about himself and his complaints while  console his attitude .
  63. But he was wrong. Rem was the only one, by contrary, that will never forgive him for his hollow attitude.
  64. Everyone said to him to do nothing and nobody expected nothing from him. However, Rem was the only one that  constantly continued denying Subaru to fall in that tentation. The only one who kept saying stand up, to not give up, to save everyone.
  65. Nobody expect nothing from Subaru. To the Subaru that everyone had left, to he Subaru that even had abandoned himself, Rem was the only one that always kept in his side, the only one that will trust in him forever.
  66. -That was the curse that Natsuki Subaru had give to this girl.
  67. Rem mentions the number of curses that he has give to her.
  68. -The time that he went to save her when she didnt know what was correct, in the forest.
  69. -The time that he was to sacrifice himself to save her and ram, using magic even knowing that he had no chances of win.
  70. -The time that he returned to her arms alive and smiled to her.
  71. -The words that Rem wanted to hear, in the moment that she wanted,  from the person that she wanted , that morning in the mansion.
  72. Rem says to Subaru that him probably doesn't know how much he saved her that morning where he had been stuck. For that Rem says that it doesn't really matters if nobody believe in him , even himself, she will always believe in Subaru.
  73. Rem approaches to Subaru and put her arms on his neck, pulling it to her chest.
  74. " The Subaru-kun that saved me, he is really a hero to my."
  75. Subaru has a warm sensation in his forehead. That sensation spread along of his body and making something raise inside him.
  76. His extremities regain warm and blood. The screams and noise in his head vanish.
  77. "I could not save anyone no matter how much i tried."
  78. "Here's Rem. Rem will hear every word from Subaru-kun. I want to hear  all.
  79. "Nobody expect nothing from me. Nobody believe in me. ... I, hate myself."
  80. "Rem loves you"
  81. The full of love expression from Rem. The palm of Rem full of warm, with their eyes full tears and kindness.
  82. "You don't care to be....with someone like me?"
  83. Subaru asks himself if is good to be with a person that haven't achieved anything and can't protect anyone even after trying so many times.
  84. "Subaru-kun is good"
  85. "-"
  86. "I don't want anyone else that is not Subaru-kun."
  87. Subaru asks himself if it's good fight again, face the destiny once more if is there in this world that still believing in him.
  88. Rem says to him that they should start again here and now, like he moved from that morning, Rem will move forward Subaru from here.
  89. Subaru tried to bow before him in the past, who surrendered and lived day to day doing nothing, always the same. Rem smiles at that Subaru and
  90. "Let's start from here. From the beginning... no, from Zero!"
  91. Rem says to Subaru that if is hard to walk alone, she will help him and  she will be forever with him, like he said to her that morning.
  92. "Please, show me your best, Subaru-kun."
  93. Subaru feels that it was because he showed to her his worst side and for put on her so many curses,that  he have the obligation to tell her the truth.
  94. "... Rem"
  95. "Yes."
  96. Rem respond quietly to the call from Subaru.
  97. Subaru raises his head and look forward, to Rem's eyes.
  98. Rem wait calm and kindly the answer from Subaru.
  99. Is why Subaru, wanting to stay like the Natsuki Subaru that she love,
  100. "-I love Emilia"
  101. "-Yes"
  102. Rem keeps smiling with a comprehensive smile front Subaru's statement
  103. Subaru follows, even understanding that it was cruel for the kind and the smile of Rem.
  104. "I want to see the smile of Emilia. I want to help her to get a future. Even if she say that i am a nuisance, even if she don't want me close to her... i want to stay always by her side."
  105. Subaru check again inside him, the feelings haven't changed even after receive Rem's feelings.
  106. But, those fiery feelings were different from before.
  107. " Expect to understand everything and wish something in exchange of my love to her.. is very prideful from me."
  108. "..."
  109. "It doesn't matter if she don't understand. Now i only want to help Emilia. I want to retrieve Emilia from that painful future that awaits her and take her to a place where everybody smile."
  110. that's why,
  111. "Would you help me do it?"
  112. Subaru stretches his hand toward to Rem.
  113. Subaru mentions to Rem that he is too weak to move alone without help and if she could be with him to help from now on, so do not miss himself.
  114. Rem asks Subaru if it that the attitude to show off to a girl who had reject, Subaru mentions that he did not want to also say that in front of the girl who made his first declaration of love in his life.
  115. Both laugh. Rem firmly stan up  and answers:
  116. "I'll do it with pleasure. If making it Subaru-kun - My hero can smile while he receives the future."
  117. "That's right. Watch me well, from your special seat."
  118. Rem takes the hand of Subaru and this pull towards him, pulling the girl he just exchange a promise.
  119. Involuntarily, Rem ends in the arms of Subaru. After thanking inside the soft and gentle existence of the girl who came to love him.
  120. "Look carefully as the man whom you fell in love becomes the best and coolest of the heroes!"
  121. Subaru's chest was hot.
  122. The Rem into the arms of Subaru pressed his face against his chest, hiding her expression of his face.
  123. His breath was warm. His forehead and face as well.
  124. Probably the tears out of his eyes were even warmer.
  125. -Even now Subaru could not get to like himself. He still hate himself
  126. But it is for this girl who said she wanted that Subaru.
  127. Because despite being that kind of person, Subaru had a girl that he wanted her to love him in the same way that he does.
  128. -Because I watch Emilia. For Rem who is watching me. I can not stay behind.
  129. "-"
  130. Let's start everything from Zero here and now.
  131. Let's start the true story of Natsuki Subaru.
  132. -A life in another world starting from zero.
  134. Sorry if it had some mistakes!
  135. Thanks for the Jap>Esp translation made by Naka.Stray
  137. RST
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