Old NeverSink's lootfilter Changelogs

Sep 13th, 2016
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  1. 4.1 - check github changelog for all changes. Short list: updated uniques, reworked divination cards once again, changed appearance of jewels, made semi-strict less strict about chisel recipes and crafting material and more strict about rares, fixed some bugs, added crude bows for the SRS meta.
  3. 4.01 - fixed some wrong colors.
  5. 4.0 - massive filter rework, check github for patchnotes
  7. 3.3b - added 2.3.2 divination cards to the tier list. Added stacked decks, added special testing versions.
  8. 3.3a - fixed fated-able uniques not having dropsounds.
  10. 3.3 --
  11. "Fixed" the Slick and Personal version. Their settings were somewhat swapped.
  12. Added a fated unique tier list
  13. Reworked the unique tier list
  14. Reworked the divination card tier list
  15. Fixed several bugs
  16. Updated the repository file system, readme files etc
  17. Polishing
  19. 3.2 -- included prophecy items: (silver coins, keys, "blessing of the goddess", added ~20 divination cards to the tier list, updated unique tierlist, added SLICK VERSION, SWITCHED TO GITHUB! Several minor changes. Map fragments now have a red background.
  21. 3.12 -- economy updated. Repriced all divination cards/uniques. Restructured the chance list. Removed some obsolete entries.
  23. 3.11 -- improved leveling section, it filters items much more aggressively during the early levels (12-40), fixed a bug that caused magic jewelry to have no border while leveling, improved the appearance of labyrinth "trinkets".
  25. 3.1 -- refined EVERY aspect of the filter. Rewrote entire leveling section, refined rare classification. Small rares (2x2 or 1x3) have a grey background. Improved 83-84 crafting section, added ascendancy material, changed divination card colors, refined sizes and colors of a lot of items.
  27. 3.0 -- reworked: unique tier list, 83+ crafting list, chance list, improved rare rarity list, added whitish borders to good vendor recipe items (6s, small RGB's), lots and lots of polishing.
  28. 2.9 -- added sorcerer boots to the chancing list (skyforth), added a "high-detection" chance list (disabled by default), minor improvements.
  29. 2.8 -- fixed the way too harsh potion filtering (while leveling) bug, I introduced in 2.7, rare and unique talismans now give off sounds, minor adjustments to the divination card and unique tier list
  30. 2.71 -- fixed a bug where tabula rasa had no dropsound, removed dropsound from detonate mines and added chaos damage
  31. 2.7 -- added talismans, added 2.1 divination cards, improved color values, improved leveling, reshuffled the unique tiers and added a new medium tier. Tons of other minor tweaks.
  32. 2.6 -- included divination cards from 2.0.5 and 2.0.6. Re-evaluated the unique tiers list. Made the green/red highlight for endgame rares less bright and "neony" (feedback welcome). Did several fine adjustments to text font sizes. Changed the endgame rare evaluation algorithm to be more picky about the "very good" weapons. Added iron rings and rustic sashs to the craftable material list. Improved the leveling section of the filter. Utility flasks without quality won't be shown in 74+ maps. Cleaned up parts of the code and reworked several sections. Added experimental code for POE2.1 talismans (not enabled)
  33. 2.5 -- updated with new map names/divination cards from 2.0.3
  34. 2.4 -- "CRYSTAL version" - Improved colors and font sizes for rares, warband items and filtered out items. Added currency shards for transmog. tempests. Improved the unique/divination/map tier lists with material added in 2.0.1 and 2.0.2. Added a few rare items to the "recommend rares" category due to popular demand. More stuff I likely forgot.
  35. 2.3a -- changed the alertsounds from volume 100, to volume 300. Might be too loud, needs testing.
  36. 2.3 -- improved sounds. Unique drop sound is now used only for uniques and the very best drops. Completely reworked the unique tier list. Changed the color of some top tier drops. Fixed a saintly chainmail bug :). ADDED A MAGIC FIND VERSION OF THE FILTER. IT'S DESIGNED FOR MASSIVE MF (300%+) OR CULLING PARTIES.
  37. 2.2 -- tons of new features. Map tier list, unique tier list, divination cards tier list. Added and adjusted the sounds on some items. Rescaled font size in some cases. Added ilvl 83+ weapons/jewellery. Improved structure and reworked some sections.
  38. 2.1 -- improved jewel visibility. changed chancing material code. Made the filter a bit more strict. Added warband functionallity! Magic gloves/boots/helmets are still hidden (over 60), but if you display them, their font size is not reduced and you can see borders around them. The borders equal the type of the warband. (Pick up red magic items dropped from the fire warband, greenish from ice and blue from lightning). Made chance/alt/chrom/jeweler orbs a lil' bit more visible.
  39. 2.0 -- cleaned the code up! Added better entries for maraketh weapons, adjusted highlighting for chance and crafting bases a bit, added filtration support, optimized the filter all around. Added support for animate weapon builds. Can be enabled on line 1400. Split the filter into 4 version: regular, light, zero and zero-x. Ready for the 2.0 release!
  40. 1.91 -- fixed white socket corrupted whites bug
  41. 1.9 -- improved good/bad rarity highlights, improved divination card colors, improved the leveling filtering all over.
  42. 1.8 -- minor changes, divination cards added! Color might be temporary.
  43. 1.72 -- adjusted the font sizes of some gems, rare drops and improved the structure of a few sections
  44. 1.71 -- changed a few font sizes for white items, improved "tabula rasa detection", changed PlayAlertSound 3 to PlayAlertSound 1
  45. 1.7 -- major restructure, it's very easy to look up/jump to any part of the filter. Added and refined leveling part. Improved alert sounds. Improved white/blue item filtering. Added highlight colors for white and magic items. Added flask highlighting (kudos to Antnee). Tons of small other changes.
  46. 1.61 -- minor bugfix. White belts between level 12-20 are no longer filtered.
  47. 1.6 -- polishing work. Improved text sizes, minor adjustments to improve visibility, fixed a small bug with blue harbinger bows (not displaying RGB combos) and greatly improved the structure of the filter.
  48. 1.5 -- fixed a few bugs, improved filtering of several items, removed some white/blue bases, improved drop sounds, improved structure, made the regal rare color slightly less unique-y
  49. 1.4 -- added a lot of polishing work, based on my leveling/mapping experience in beta.
  50. 1.3 -- added font size (work in progress), improved high tier currency colors, fixed some bugs
  51. 1.2 -- added a better leveling script
  52. 1.1 -- tested and improved sounds, added beta version 1.2 (better leveling script)
  53. 1.0 -- fixed RGB bug
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