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  1. Hello people,
  3. Please read this massage very carefully to stop your wrong
  4. dealings before you end up bankrupt like I was In the hands of
  5. scammers, PLEASE do NOT respond to any ONE contacting to tell you
  7. BANK,…… PLEASE NOTE ALL ARE FAKE,  I am Alexius McClain, my
  8. address 421 Tolbert Court apartment f Spring lake North Carolina
  9. 28390, in case you want to verify, I am a living testimony,
  11. It’s clear we don’t know each other but out of JOY I had to let
  12. the world know this before our people deeply got defrauded, For
  13. the past Eight years I was trying to get my victim payment and
  14. all my entire effort was feeding scammers thinking I was helping
  15. myself, I lost all I had labored all my life including my house
  16. and cars, but thank God for my pay check that keeps me going
  17. until this very God visited me weeks ago through a woman from
  18. Honolulu Hawaii, she emailed me to contact a barrister in Nigeria
  19. to claim my fund, and also advised me to stop dealing with those
  20. contacting, honestly I overlooked it because I thought she could
  21. be one of those scammers, but when this very God want’s to bless
  22. noting withhold, a week latter I got another email from a Man
  23. telling me to contact same barrister, Immediately I decided to
  24. make a step of faith to see if this Barrister were for real or
  25. like other criminals, but the outcome proof me wrong,
  27. Through this barrister I finally received my long over due victim
  28. payment which I never believe I would get, for the past eight
  29. horrible years I started this and got absolutely NOTHING but
  30. being defrauded, but today I am a happy Man which is why I had
  31. decided to share this massage to save lives, I promised myself I
  32. will share this news if finally I receive my fund and here am I,
  33. Plz people you need to contact this barrister to claim yours if
  34. you have not yet contacted, I lost to a different scammers over
  35. $210,000.00 the money i realized after selling my house and Cars
  36. yet GOT NOTHING FROM THEM, But through this Barrister I only paid
  37. $420 to obtain my fund permit and my fund was wired which I
  38. confirmed in less than 48 hours,
  40. I live below the barrister contact email if you have not claim
  41. yours, Email (, she is a honest Woman, all
  42. thanks to her for making me leave a good life even more than I
  43. was,
  45. Yours Sincerely
  46. Alexius McClain
  47. 421 Tolbert Court apartment f
  48. Spring lake North Carolina 28390
  49. USA
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