Sep 2nd, 2020
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  1. First, thanks to fsvgm777 for confirming sync.
  3. This may be the first time I've ever said this, but I THINK the optimization looks great...? The levels are solved so fast (and in some cases, offscreen) that it's actually hard to tell. It's definitely superhuman. Even watching the encode at 25% speed is still a little bit too fast to comprehend most of the time. This makes the longer levels an absolute treat to watch, with tons of things happening at once on screen, but the early parts of the run are a bit lacking in entertainment. It does lend to a really nice buildup over time, though, which is something I've always really liked in TASes, and in life in general.
  5. The main topic here is the branch. With Baba is You still being a relatively new game (or rather, Baba is New), I'm gonna go ahead and drop a spoiler warning here, which is a REALLY weird thing to say in a judgement notice on Tool Assisted Speedrun Videos Dot Org, now that I think about it.
  7. Baba is You has two separate endings: This one, which is this one, and the True Ending, which requires a lot more levels to be played. You may remember we recently had a case of a "bad ending getting rejected", as the ending was nothing more than a glorified game over screen telling you how to get the REAL ending. This run, to me, is not that. This is a legitimate ending to the game. It plays a credit sequence and everything! The route is also pretty different between this and a true ending run. I believe the final level of this run isn't even played in true ending, or at least it's not solved in the same way. As such, I find this to be an acceptable any%/fastest completion run.
  9. So that leaves... My nemesis: Judging the audience's reaction. This is a VERY on the fence run given the voting and the thread feedback, so I'm gonna do something a bit unorthodox: Look for feedback outside of TASvideos. I pooled together some feedback from Twitter and the YouTube encode and it's looking pretty positive. TASes don't usually get a lot of airplay/feedback outside of the site until after publication, so this was a nice opportunity to be able to know the general reaction in advance.
  11. I'm accepting this run to Moons.
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