Selection Sort - Ruby

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  1. #! /usr/bin/env ruby
  3. # just input, ignore
  4. puts "give me a string"
  5. str = gets.chomp.split('')
  6. strlen = str.length
  7. # end of input section, stop ignoring
  9. # begin sorting
  10. for i in 0...strlen
  11.     min_pos = i # assume the min element is the first element in the unsorted section of str
  13.     for j in i+1...strlen # now loop through str, starting from i+1 since there is no need to reevaluate str[i]
  14.         min_pos = j if (str[j] < str[min_pos]) # update min_pos if we find a smaller element
  15.     end
  17.     # now we swap them IF AND ONLY IF the smallest element in the unsorted portion of the array is not in its place yet
  18.     # below you'll see the Ruby syntax for swapping two variables' values... it might look strange, but it actually
  19.     # makes it stupidly simple
  20.     str[i] , str[min_pos] = str[min_pos] , str[i] if min_pos != i
  21. end
  23. puts str.join('')
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