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  3. GothGirl Demonia,
  5. A new post has been made to a topic to which you have subscribed on the Land Of NoR forums Forum
  7. Subject: Re:NOR Toxic Appeal?
  8. Forum: Sanction Appeals
  9. Posted by: Bizarre
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  12. URL: http://www.landofnor.com/forums/12-sanction-appeals/97019-nor-toxic-appeal#97864
  14. Message:
  15. -----
  16. [13:12]  Hailey Darkfire: you know Roth tells Ruin not to outnumber our enemy in a fight for better rp, you you talk to him and ask why
  17. [13:12]  Hailey Darkfire: theres none here over 20
  18. [13:12]  Evelyne Hax: i was  ganked  since days
  19. [13:13]  Evelyne Hax: 8 on me average
  20. [13:13]  Hailey Darkfire: so you think its ok to come at 4 under 20 ruins with 20 Crusaders most over 20?
  21. [13:13]  Evelyne Hax: it was equilibrate  now
  22. [13:14]  Hailey Darkfire: well done on such role play
  23. [13:19]  Hailey Darkfire: maybe its not illegal but for information i'm sending this IM to Bizarre
  24. [13:19]  Hailey Darkfire: retaliation ganking has no end
  25. [23:11:58] Bizarre Obscure:
  26. [14:10] Abe Tristan: Biz, I've that griefers posting shit about you, das and nor on our liderc site, want to see it?
  27. [14:10] Bizarre Obscure: yes please
  28. [14:10] Bizarre Obscure: if possible
  29. [14:10] Bizarre Obscure: got the IP?
  30. [14:10] Abe Tristan: yep
  31. [14:10] Abe Tristan: one sec
  32. [14:11] Bizarre Obscure: you know its gothgirl demonia don''t you
  33. [14:11] Abe Tristan: yes, Das explained me
  34. [23:12:04] Bizarre Obscure: Submitted on 2011/10/10 at 2:32 am
  35. @ DaSein Noyes, You, and your so called Queen Synphony Vayandar are nothing but griefers, and Copybotters. Your friend Synphony Vayandar Copybot hairs from Emotions, Truth Hawks, and other of our content developers in SL. Ergoth Ethaniel copybot Motorcycles from people I know.
  37. Why did you guys do this? To get my friend Goth banned from all of Nor without any damn reason, because of Synphony Vayandars personal Vendetta agaisnt this person, she was the one griefing obviously, and her and her Kinggoon buddies need to GTFO out of Second Life & Nor for asking others to grief simply to create problems for innocent personal.
  39. Why Bizarre Obscure immediately takes the side of DaSein is not known, but this is obvious bullshit to why administration would kiss DaSein’s ass, and point around false accusations towards Goth accusing them of being a Griefer & a Domestic Terrorist when they never did shit but try twice to make an appeal, and take responsibility for actions that I personally feel were not her fault in the first place all Syn’s fault for taking it so personal that they had to drag the issue into Nor, breaking the SL TOS & Community Standards in the process.
  41. Hell Nor violates the SL Community Standards by saying they are allowed to get involved in Im’s without consent of all users for admin purposes, while Norian staff has the right to do as they please on their own lands and anythign in local chat, they do not have the right, or the authority to deal with IM’s, or outside issues that are otherwise considered private.
  43. http://pastebin.com/Zk6WBTqh Read the debate here.
  45. Bizarre Obscure, an admin of management has admit to many things here which say exactly that Nor has many enemies, and demands names of the people griefing Nor in which we have given him the names many times we know, and he points even more accusations when all evidence points out to DaSeins group having griefers/copybots in his group, as in our opinion starting this whole thing.
  47. Hey maybe Goth did break some rules there I don’t know, but do they honestly deserve to be called a Griefer, and a Terrorist without proof, do you honestly expect her to Lie when people ask her have you ever RP at Nor before, what was your experience? Do you honestly expect good customer service ratings for Nor when they griefed her, gave her the run around never investergated shit.
  49. She may forgive, or try to be nice no matter how much someone does harm to her, but after we have been stolen from, and it is quite obvious that Norians are responsible for such and getting the griefers involved to begin with, we will not forgive…
  51. God may have mercy on you…
  53. We will not…
  55. -----
  56. Romrocks
  57. a6772461@nepwk.com
  59. -----
  61. Do not answer to this e-mail notification as it is a generated e-mail.
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