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  1. # Why do you want to be a staff member here, and how would you help or improve Hungry Games?
  2. #### I want to become staff because I am extremely passionate for survival games and the community that follows it meaning I will be sure to do my best as a staff member on this server for players and other staff alike.
  3.  I will also help improve the server by being available for help and answers nearly 24/7 and I will always be attentive in my effort to help players catch cheaters, rule breakers, or in general; extremely toxic behavior.
  4. In my mind, the players come first before me. I will always pay attention to players in chat and discord no matter the reputation they have. I never choose favorites and I am never biased, this goes for YouTubers, Streamers, Know players, or players with a bad reputation in the community; I will help everyone the same and provide my full attention to anyone in need of help, answers, or advice. Everyone is equal in my mind and deserve to be treated with due respect, kindness, and attention.
  5. I am very down to Earth but also take staffing seriously meaning I can crack jokes but have a fun time with other players all the while providing help for other people in need no matter how serious the matter is at the same time. I am able to multitask between different activities such as spectating for cheaters, and answering players in the same instance either in game, discord, or voice chat. I am very understanding and caring in terms of giving players the most enjoyable experience I possibly can while being friendly and understanding.
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