MagiReco Yachiyo Training Story

Jan 16th, 2018
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  1. Note: Occurs right after Main Story 6.7
  3. Part 1
  4. [gray screen]
  5. Yachiyo: *Iroha convinced me to give myself one last reprieve.*
  6. *Delaying my conclusion that my wish kills my friends...*
  7. *So right now, I must once more face head-on...*
  8. *What those girls have left behind...*
  9. [in Yachiyo's living room during the day]
  10. Yachiyo: (It's been a year since I last saw this box.)
  11. (Kanae and Meru...)
  12. (Everything they left behind I've collected together in this box...)
  13. (Although I never once opened it since then...)
  14. "..."
  15. [fade out and back in; now it's evening]
  16. Yachiyo: (Why can't I seem to open it...)
  17. "sigh..."
  18. ???: "...san."
  19. Yachiyo: "..."
  20. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san!"
  21. Yachiyo: "Uh, ah, Iroha..."
  22. Iroha: "What's wrong? You were spacing out there..."
  23. "...What's in that box?"
  24. Yachiyo: "You see, this is stuff that Kanae and Meru left behind."
  25. Iroha: "Kanae-san and Meru-chan?"
  26. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  27. "I decided to work through my feelings a little, so I took it out."
  28. "But as you can see, for some reason it's not opening..."
  29. Iroha: "Is that so..."
  30. "...Um, could I help out?"
  31. Yachiyo: "Hehe, there's not really anything to help out with."
  32. "It's just a problem of my feelings."
  33. "Oh, that's right, today we were going to go to the Adjuster's."
  34. Iroha: "Yeah, I was thinking it was about time to go."
  35. Yachiyo: "Then let's go."
  36. Iroha: "Uh, what about the box?"
  37. Yachiyo: "It's not like it's something I need to open urgently."
  38. "We can do it later."
  39. [at Mitama's]
  40. Mitama: "Kyaa!!"
  41. "Grief seeds and gems and all sorts of other things..."
  42. "I understand the situation..."
  43. "But is it okay to give all of this to me?"
  44. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  45. "In order to save Tsuruno and the others, I want to have more power."
  46. Iroha: "Also, there are all sorts of things we don't know about the Wings of Magius..."
  47. Mitama: "Yes, yes..."
  48. "In order to save your friends, you would challenge them even at your own risk..."
  49. "How wonderful."
  50. "The Adjuster here is going to try her very best!"
  51. Iroha: "Thank you so much!"
  52. Mitama: "However, I'm a little worried about Yachiyo-san..."
  53. Yachiyo: "Worried?"
  54. Mitama: "The belongings left by your friends that you mentioned before..."
  55. "Before you get adjusted, shouldn't you clear that up?"
  56. Yachiyo: "Could you stop putting your nose into people's personal business?"
  57. Mitama: "Ah, I'm sorry..."
  58. "But when you get adjusted, it's best for your heart to be as stable as possible."
  59. "In addition, I think it's best to proceed into the future only once you've straightened out the past."
  60. Yachiyo: "Mitama..."
  61. Mitama: "Do you understand?"
  62. Yachiyo: "Yes... I do..."
  63. "Mind your own business."
  64. Mitama: "Oh come on... You're just afraid..."
  65. Yachiyo: "I'm afraid? I'm not afraid of anything..."
  66. Mitama: "..."
  67. "If you say so, Yachiyo-san, then I'll believe you."
  68. "So..."
  69. "Today let's adjust both of you together."
  70. Iroha: "You can do that?"
  71. Mitama: "I don't usually, but this is special."
  72. Yachiyo: "..."
  74. Part 2
  75. [gray screen]
  76. Yachiyo: *I'm afraid?*
  77. *Afraid of dealing with the subject of Kanae and Meru?*
  78. [flashback to the witch labyrinth]
  79. Yachiyo: "Kanae!"
  80. Kanae: "Yachiyo..."
  81. "Take me... to the future..."
  82. "I have a feeling that you will be able to..."
  83. "Because... the team... needs you..."
  84. [flashback to the riverbank]
  85. Yachiyo: "Some lucky day this is... This is the worst..."
  86. [Meru perks up and smiles]
  87. Meru: "It is... lucky... because I... protected... Yachiyo-san..."
  88. "I'm... so glad... I protected... the leader... I look up to..."
  89. [fade to gray]
  90. Yachiyo: *I accept the past.*
  91. *Even if my wish was not the cause, I led them to their deaths.*
  92. *But...*
  93. *I'm...*
  94. [flashback to the living room in evening]
  95. Yachiyo: "sigh..."
  96. "..."
  97. [flashback to the Adjuster's]
  98. Mitama: "You're just afraid..."
  99. [gray screen with Yachiyo in the background]
  100. Yachiyo: *What are you saying I'm afraid of?*
  101. [gray foggy scene with dark Yachiyo]
  102. ???: "It's... scary... so scary..."
  103. "It's not obvious... the more you shake in fear, the more frightening it is..."
  104. Yachiyo: "Who are you?"
  105. ???: "I'm me..."
  106. "You are me... I am you... You should know that already."
  107. Yachiyo: "That's strange, though. I am not afraid..."
  108. "I thought I accepted all my fears and regrets."
  109. ???: "That's right, I accepted them..."
  110. "I kept on clipping those girls' tickets towards death..."
  111. "I guided them to the train heading for death..."
  112. "But... I'm scared..."
  113. Yachiyo: "Of what?"
  114. "Even though I accepted it, what am I frightened of?"
  115. ???: "The future..."
  116. "The future is scary..."
  117. Yachiyo: "The future?"
  118. ???: "Hey, try remembering back..."
  119. "What do you think I've been doing since the two of them died?"
  120. Yachiyo: "I've been..."
  121. "Stopping girls who looked like they might become magical girls..."
  122. "Saving magical girls who were in danger..."
  123. [flashback to her meeting Iroha in the alley]
  124. Yachiyo: "Right now, I'll chase you out of the city without hesitation."
  125. Iroha: "Chase me... out of the city?"
  126. Yachiyo: "Yes, you showed the proof right in front of me..."
  127. "That you do not have the strength to survive in this city."
  128. [back to the fog]
  129. Yachiyo: "In Kamihama, full of abnormalities..."
  130. "I frantically tried to stop any girls who tried to interfere..."
  131. ???: "That is all a lesson from the past..."
  132. "I was clumsy and selfish, believing that my wish would kill my friends..."
  133. "Afraid of my own wish, piercing through the solitude, involving the people around me..."
  134. "Clinging to my past with Mifuyu."
  135. Yachiyo: "But things are different now!"
  136. "Having given myself a reprieve, I must look forward!"
  137. ???: "However, you're at a standstill..."
  138. Yachiyo: "That's because I'm afraid of losing this chance, this reprieve!"
  139. "!?"
  140. ???: "See, it's scary..."
  141. "If I open that box, I'll glimpse the last words the two of them left for me..."
  142. Yachiyo: "Before, I thought I shouldn't look at their true thoughts..."
  143. "So I couldn't open it..."
  144. ???: "But now, what I see will bring closure for them."
  145. "And then, I'll have to keep moving forward..."
  146. "That's what's scary... Right?"
  147. Yachiyo: "..."
  148. ???: "But I think it's fine to be afraid..."
  149. Yachiyo: "Huh?"
  150. ???: "I'm the one being bound by the past, and I'm the one being bound by my wish..."
  151. Yachiyo: "And that's why I don't believe in the chance that Iroha gave me..."
  152. ???: "So let's clip it off..."
  153. Yachiyo: "What?"
  154. [white flashes]
  155. Yachiyo: "Kuh..."
  156. [insert image of Yachiyo's doppel]
  157. ???: *If you can't believe it, then in the end, the wish will kill everyone...*
  158. *Let's accept it, and together we'll clip their tickets...*
  159. *The tickets... towards death... Together, we'll... clip... clip their tickets...*
  160. [back to the fog]
  161. Yachiyo: "This is what I feel, huh..."
  162. "I can't believe in..."
  163. "My own future..."
  165. Part 3
  166. [insert image of Yachiyo's doppel]
  167. ???: *If I embrace my fear of the future, then from the very start I've had no reprieve at all...*
  168. *I might as well succumb to despair...*
  169. *And continue clipping tickets towards death...*
  170. *For all eternity...*
  171. [switch to the foggy scene]
  172. Yachiyo: "..."
  173. "Thank you..."
  174. "Thanks to you, I learned of my own fear..."
  175. "I was afraid of wasting my chance and clipping the tickets."
  176. "Once more, clipping the tickets that would bring my friends to their deaths..."
  177. [insert image of Yachiyo's doppel]
  178. ???: *That's right, keep clipping them. You might as well forget about it all...*
  179. *That way will be easier...*
  180. [back to the fog]
  181. Yachiyo: "No..."
  182. ???: "I am denying myself? Denying my fear of the future?
  183. Yachiyo: "Rather, I accepted it..."
  184. "Accepted that I'm afraid of wasting my chance..."
  185. "However, even if I accept my fear, I cannot give in to it."
  186. "After all..."
  187. [flashback to the Memory Museum]
  188. Iroha: "Won't you give yourself one more chance?"
  189. "That everyone is not going to die from your wish..."
  190. "From now on... I will be the leader!"
  191. [back to the fog]
  192. Yachiyo: "I can't waste the hope that Iroha has given me."
  193. "One day, that time might come..."
  194. "But until then, I won't give up."
  195. ???: "..."
  196. Yachiyo: "But don't worry, I won't deny myself."
  197. "I accept both that I let people die, and that I am afraid of the future."
  198. ???: "Yes, thank you... That's good enough for me..."
  199. "But then, what will I do?"
  200. Yachiyo: "If you're me, you should know already, right?"
  201. [fade to gray]
  202. Yachiyo & ???: *If it were me, I would once more cut Kanae and Meru's tickets, so that I can proceed onward.*
  203. [back to the fog]
  204. [there's a flash of white, and dark Yachiyo disappears]
  205. [Iroha appears]
  206. Iroha: "Is it alright for me to be here as well?"
  207. Yachiyo: "Iroha!?"
  208. "What... are you doing here..."
  209. Iroha: "It's probably... because we're being adjusted together?"
  210. "I'm sorry, I don't really get it..."
  211. Yachiyo: "Will you really stay with me?"
  212. Iroha: "Yes..."
  213. "Please let me see them off with you..."
  214. [Kanae and Meru show up]
  215. Kanae: "Yachiyo... Don't lose your way anymore..."
  216. Meru: "I want you to be cool, like the senpai I looked up to!"
  217. Kanae: "mm... Once more... farewell..."
  218. Meru: "And head out..."
  219. [fade to gray]
  220. Kanae & Meru: *Towards the future...*
  221. [back to the fog]
  222. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  223. [insert image of Yachiyo's doppel]
  224. Yachiyo: *Yes... thank you... both of you...*
  225. *I'm off... towards the future...*
  226. [fade to gray]
  227. *...*
  228. *...*
  229. *kachink*
  230. [battle]
  231. [back at the Adjuster's]
  232. Yachiyo: "Mitama..."
  233. Mitama: "What?"
  234. Yachiyo: "You knew from the beginning that I was afraid..."
  235. Mitama: "Of course I didn't."
  236. "The last time I adjusted you was quite a while ago."
  237. "I hadn't seen your memory of Iroha-chan becoming the leader."
  238. Yachiyo: "The unknown is so mysterious, huh."
  239. Mitama: "Yes, it really is. I apologize."
  240. Iroha: "But you adjusted both of us simultaneously to..."
  241. Mitama: "I'm sure it's exactly what you're thinking, Iroha-chan."
  242. "With the two of you together, if something happened to Yachiyo-san..."
  243. "I was sure you would save her."
  244. "However, it seems I was worried for nothing."
  245. "Hehe"
  246. Yachiyo: "But I'm glad you were looking out for me. Thank you."
  247. Mitama: "You're very welcome."
  248. Yachiyo: "Then, Iroha, I think it's time to go home."
  249. Iroha: "Yes!"
  250. Mitama: "Ah, wait up a bit."
  251. Yachiyo: "What?"
  252. Mitama: "I'd been hoping the team would reform, so I can give you a little service on the house."
  253. "If you'd like, stop by for an adjustment."
  254. Iroha: "Really!? Thank you so much!"
  255. Yachiyo: "Is it really okay to throw away your impartiality?"
  256. Mitama: "What I lend power to is everyone's bonds.
  257. Yachiyo: "Just don't cross any bridges that you don't have to."
  258. Mitama: "Hehe, I'll bear that in mind."
  259. [fade to gray]
  260. Yachiyo: *I stopped living in fear.*
  261. *Fearing the chance that Iroha gave me to proceed into the future.*
  262. *So I decided to take care of everything left over from the past.*
  263. *After all, I once more clipped their tickets...*
  264. [back in Yachiyo's living room]
  265. Yachiyo: "sigh..."
  266. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san... You don't have to open it if you don't want..."
  267. Yachiyo: "I'm not making myself. I won't hesitate anymore."
  268. (And also, I want to see the last words they left for me.)
  269. (I finally am able to proceed forward...)
  270. Iroha: "..."
  271. [she leaves]
  272. Yachiyo: "You can look too, if you want."
  273. [she comes back]
  274. Iroha: "But, I didn't actually know Kanae-san and Meru-chan..."
  275. Yachiyo: "They're like friends from the past."
  276. "Please, take a look."
  277. Iroha: "...Alright."
  278. Yachiyo: "..."
  279. Iroha: "..."
  280. Yachiyo: "This..."
  281. "Kanae left... a book of lyrics?"
  282. "It looks totally out of order though..."
  283. Iroha: "Meru-chan left her impressions from fortune telling..."
  284. [fade to black, with Kanae in the back]
  285. Kanae:
  286. *I am a point*
  287. *I stand alone in the world*
  288. *To pierce through, I sharply and plainly*
  289. *Dye these hands*
  291. *These dyed hands that pulled me up*
  292. *I rinse them off myself*
  293. *The words that strike me cause me to crumble*
  295. *One point stabs alone*
  296. *Two points slice together*
  297. *Three points begin to form an angle*
  298. *Aiming to be a circle, they become rounder*
  300. *I didn't think that*
  301. *Just by joining hands*
  302. *The journey to the future would feel so gentle*
  304. *Thank you*
  306. [now Meru]
  307. Meru: *The result of the near future*
  308. *When an unusual event occurs in Kamihama, a large change might arrive. However, there many points will gather, and draw a supple circle.*
  309. *This is probably a circle of people, a circle spun by us magical girls. This time is certain to be more dangerous than now, but together we will be full of gentleness.*
  310. *There is one star that creates the trigger. The star symbolizes a person. And it will fall near you, Yachiyo-san.*
  311. *I don't know if this person will be the cause or not, but I look forward to meeting her.*
  312. *If she falls near you, then that means I'll surely meet her as well.*
  313. [fade to gray with nobody]
  314. Meru: *The three points Kanae wrote about...*
  315. *I'm sure they are Mifuyu, Kanae, and me.*
  316. *The future I write of...*
  317. *I'm sure that it will visit us.*
  319. [back to the living room]
  320. Iroha: "Meru-chan..."
  321. Yachiyo: "sniff..."
  322. "Iroha..."
  323. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  324. "Let's head into that gentle future... Let's draw that circle together with everyone..."
  325. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  326. "In order to do that, first we need to get everyone back..."
  327. "Our three points..."
  328. Iroha: "Yes... yes..."
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