Aku rebels

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  1. [22:13] Aku says, "I'm gonna go on an adventure."
  2. [22:14] Clara Ultovex asks, "Wait, where to?"
  3. [22:14] Aku crossed his arms, saying the next line proudly, provoking the Ultovex to the greatest extent.
  5. "Outside of Dawn."
  6. (Aku)
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. [22:15] Clara Ultovex exclaims, ".... !"
  9. [22:16] Clara was truly at an impasse and she huffed,
  11. "... But where outside of Dawn?" She asked. Surely if she didn't go far, and surely if Sors didn't find out, she'd be okay, right?
  12. (Clara Ultovex)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [22:16] Aku says, "I don't know, but it'll be somewhere -awesome-."
  16. [22:16] Aku says, "Probably the secret kid tower."
  17. [22:17] Aldrah stares at Clara and Aku direction.
  18. (Aldrah)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. [22:17] Clara Ultovex exclaims, "I wanna go to the secret kid tower!"
  22. [22:17] Aku exclaims, "Well, I'm going!"
  23. [22:18] Clara moved to follow along behind Aku, sneaky like. Though how the small child of Sors Ultovex could be sneaky was the ultimate mystery, sadly.
  24. (Clara Ultovex)
  25. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [22:19] Aldrah says, "..."
  28. [22:19] Aku exclaims, "Later old man!"
  29. [22:19] Aldrah folds his arms, staring at the two of them, tapping his index finger of his right hand against his left arm.
  31. "Where are you two going?"
  32. (Aldrah)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [22:20] Aku exclaims, "That's a secret!"
  36. [22:20] Aku says, "We're going on an adventure."
  37. [22:20] Clara Ultovex says, "... Adventure...."
  38. [22:20] Aldrah says, "I said. Where. Are. You. Two. Going. And I want a good answer"
  39. [22:21] She frowned, looking at Aku.
  40. (Clara Ultovex)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [22:21] Aku says, "Um..."
  44. [22:21] Aku exclaims, "It's a secret!"
  45. [22:21] Aku asks, "Why should we tell you?"
  46. [22:21] Aku exclaims, "You're not a kid! You're an old man!"
  47. [22:24] Snapping his finger, undeads began to encircle the boy, while Aldrah slowly approached him.
  49. "This girl are the daughter of Lord Ultovex.. Sors. He does not allow her to leave Dawn for her own safety, if you are taking her to a dangerous place, you should be ready to face death." Aldrah looked at the boy with a serious tone.
  51. He could not imagine what Sors would do to the boy if he found out that he was trying to get the girl out of Dawn.
  52. (Aldrah)
  53. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. [22:27] With the undead rising and the adult stepping up closer to him Aku felt the need to take a step back, however small it may be. Being surrounded from all sides by skeletons was a frightening experience to say the least! His gaze shifted from left to right, then back to the left again. The words that had been spoken reached him, but his tendency to try and create more chaos than needed had to be sated.
  57. Aku waved over at Cho.
  59. "Miiiiiiss! Miss super important! This old man is being no fun and not letting us go on an adventure! Tell him he's super wrong and not very cool at all!"
  61. A whiny tone was only expected from the young teenager.
  62. (Aku)
  63. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. [22:31] Cho Grauhimmel says, "I don't care."
  66. [22:31] Cho Grauhimmel says, "Don't bother me for those matters."
  67. [22:31] Aku says, "But-but..."
  68. [22:31] Aku says, ".. You were so cool. I thought you'd still be cool......"
  69. [22:31] Cho Grauhimmel says, "I don't care to be cool in some child's eyes."
  70. [22:31] The young girl frowned, before she held up her hands.
  72. "Wait, Mister Aldrah!" She cried out, waving them furiously, "I'm sure it isn't dangerous. I'll be okay!" She said. She didn't really want one of her friends to die; especially a friend she had made naturally and not one of the ones her Father had forced into being her friend. They were boring. Fake.
  73. (Clara Ultovex)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. [22:36] Slowly the undeads began to approach Aku more and more, grabbing the boy by the arms.
  78. Aldrah slowly turned his gaze to Clara and said in a calm tone, "Clara, remember what your father said.." Then turning his attention to Aku.
  80. "You, boy, are dangerous to her, and so you must stay away from her. Or you going to die." Aldrah kept his gaze serious as he looked at the boy. This was both a warning to protect Clara, and the young boy.. Aku.
  81. (Aldrah)
  82. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  84. [22:37] There was a loud screech coming from the girl. It wasn't from fear of Undead; she was used to them. She had known nothing but. It was the fear of losing a friend, for those were precious and few to someone like her. She stomped her feet once,
  86. "NO!" She shouted, "STOP!"
  87. (Clara Ultovex)
  88. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  90. [22:41] Aku's attention snapped back towards Aldrah and the undead that moved in closer after Cho's harsh rejection hit him like a truck. Before he could even process what was happening he was being handled by the living abominations. That, paired with Clara's screaming just made the boy finally tick.
  92. Of course, he was still a child. There was nothing to really fear - but some grit was shown as his right fist clenched up, cosmic energies gathering in his hand for about a second before a punch was sent towards one of the skeletons.
  94. A head would fly off, ultimately not doing much but showcasing a bit of strength and a lot of his state of mind.
  96. "You're not the one who picks when I'll die!" He declared, oh so proud of his retort, as any child would be.
  97. (Aku)
  98. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  100. [22:46] Sighing, Aldrah just gave a snap on his fingers and undeads went up to the boy.
  102. As a cold aura circled Aldrah.
  104. "As you wish." Aldrah yawns.
  105. (Aldrah)
  106. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  108. [22:54] Clara was at a crossroads here. On one hand, she could stand by and watch at Aldrah and his undead possibly harm Aku. On the other, she herself could get involved; perhaps that would convince Aldrah to lay off Aku. At least for her.
  110. The darkened tendrils erupt from Clara's back yet again, the water dripping down her back as she stared towards Aldrah - one of the tendrils lashed out, whipping out at one of the skeletins suddenly as she shouted,
  112. "I said no!"
  114. It was clear Clara was about to get into her first fight.
  115. (Clara Ultovex)
  116. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118. [22:54] Aldrah says, "..."
  119. [22:59] Crossing his arms, the undead who had moved before stopped. As Aldrah's gaze slowly turned to Clara.
  121. A sigh came from Aldrah's mouth as he shook his head from side to side, slowly, "I stop, if you go back to the center and promise to not leave the city, that's for your own safety." He was silent, waiting for her reply.
  123. The undeads stood still, their weapons still ready. The aura that had once circled Aldrah, dissipated as well.
  124. (Aldrah)
  125. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  127. [23:01] Clara was nervous, naturally so. She had never actually fought someone before, and as Aldrah's undead seemed to stop, the girl herself relaxed - just a tad. She glanced at Aku, frowning, before she nodded,
  129. "Fine," She relented. It seemed she'd have no adventure today. Perhaps one day, when she was older.
  130. (Clara Ultovex)
  131. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  133. [23:03] Aldrah says, "Good. Come."
  134. [23:03] Clara Ultovex says, "....."
  135. [23:04] The undeads held their weapons and began to escort Clara along with the necromancer.
  136. (Aldrah)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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