Henric and Alex XX (v1.3)

Jul 4th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous Male Knight/Virtuous Female Squire reverse-trap, non-consensual oral
  4. On the march, Alex hung close to the other squires. The knights rode their horses (except Cyrus and Cuthbert, who rode in the cart and let their horses pull) and the boys walked.
  6. It was more relaxing that most of their training, and while they walked through the first night off of the main roads and around the town entirely to get time on any potential spies watching the barracks’ activities, it wasn’t as awful as it could have been.
  8. Glenn was the only squire who openly believed that spies working for Kerran were a possible threat. He spoke softly to the others to explain his reasoning--mostly that it was because of Sir Cyrus, the best known of the knights. With her hands in her pockets and her hood over her head, Alex listened to him and nodded along.
  10. Micah yawned. “Cyrus is a war hero but I can’t see spending a spy on one man.”
  12. Henric rode up next to the boys and made it obvious he’d heard them by leaning sideways. Alex and Ellis sullenly recognized it as the threat it was, but listened when Henric actually shared valuable information: “Before Kerran died, supposedly died, no one knew how many spies he had.” The story began as though he were telling some ghost story around a campfire. “When he fell off that tower and it collapsed, his spells fell with him. All the dead under his control went back to looking and acting as the dead should. Imagine, if you will, walking down the street and the man you knew, the man you trusted and perhaps even endeared, simply crumbled into a dusty corpse right before your eyes. Nearly every town in the kingdom had at least one of his dead minions at that point, puppets playing pretend for the necromancer and acting as his eyes.”
  14. “And do you think there are any of those in the town now?” Alex asked Henric. She wished he had shared this information previously.
  16. He nodded unhappily, and briefly Alex saw his fear and resentment towards the demon. “I’m positive.”
  18. Micah started to say something, but Henric rode ahead and left the boys in the dust. Ellis spat at the side of the road, and Alex patted his back. Micah settled with saying, “He doesn’t really chatter much, does he?”
  20. “Only when he drinks,” Henric’s squire responded, smiling in remembrance of her seventeenth birthday. “But he almost never does. Or if he’s in a really good mood. Otherwise he’s more of a ranter or he keeps quiet.”
  22. Micah shrugged. “That’s a shame.”
  24. Sir Cuthbert rode up past the boys next. “Why the serious faces, lads?”
  26. “We’re walking in the middle of the night,” Alex said with a raised eyebrow and a smile. She didn’t know him as well as Micah of course, but she appreciated Sir Cuthbert. He was the only other knight around Henric’s age and she had heard a lot about Cuthbert secondhand from Henric when the villain complained. “I’ll be honest sir, it’s hard to be enthusiastic about that sort of thing.”
  28. “That’s a fair point,” he said, pointing a finger at Alex and then stroking his beardless chin.
  30. Alex added, “And kind of talking about how Henric hates fun.”
  32. “Oh he does indeed,” Cuthbert said with a chuckle, and Glenn and Micah smiled as Cuthbert raised his voice for Henric to hear. “You’ll never meet a man less interested in having a good time than Henric.”
  34. Henric turned back to look at Cuthbert. He was in a lying mode, prepared to pretend that he enjoyed them all, that he was one of them, that he was a good person. It bothered Alex every time she saw him pretending to enjoy himself with the other knights because every time it looked so genuine and it made her nervous. Henric replied to his alleged friend with a smile, “I enjoy good times plenty, there just aren’t many to be had around you boring lot.”
  36. They laughed, and Alex forced a laugh too, though she didn’t care enough to extend her pretend amusement to her eyes and face. It was dark enough that she didn’t have to expend the effort.
  38. Ellis kicked a pinecone off the road into the trees with his teeth clenched. He was trapped between what was best for Alex’ health and what Alex wanted out of fear. If he told Sir Isaac what he’d heard, what Henric had done, he was certain he would lose her and she would never forgive him.
  40. Life was shit. He kicked a rock off into the woods next.
  42. Alex saw his distress, had been seeing it since he’d fled out of the barn after her hours ago. They’d sat in the open by the cart, dazed and both feeling dirty.
  44. Alex had told him in a cracking whisper that she felt like a whore. He’d assured her he didn’t see it that way, that no sane person would have.
  46. Henric hadn’t been pleased to catch the two of them together still. He’d hoped his threats would carry enough weight to send Ellis flying off like a sparrow, but if anything they had rooted him more firmly to Alex’ side.
  48. Their steps held the same beat for a while. Keeping to that beat kept them going even when tired. In the early hours of morning, Alex noticed that Sir Cuthbert looked asleep astride his horse, the white gelding walking with the rest of them calmly enough because Micah was holding his reins and leading him along.
  50. “He’s not a morning person,” Micah said with a shrug, clearly trying to earn himself a few laughs. Alex croaked something soft but genuine, and then noticed that Sir Cyrus had stopped their party to speak with someone at the side of the road.
  52. Alex walked around Glenn to look at the woman. She was in her mid twenties, probably, and exceptionally thin. She had short hair just past her ears, not much longer than Alex’ hair had been yesterday. Other details were difficult to make out this early as far away as the squires were. At first Alex thought she might be some kind of monk because of her loose clothes that reminded the girl of robes, but she didn’t think that was the case because the woman had a relaxed and almost carefree stance, smiling at Sir Cyrus and chatting with him, arms akimbo.
  54. Glenn yawned and infected Alex with it, and when she stretched her arms she caught sight of Henric.
  56. He looked like he’d seen a ghost. His face was white and one of his hands was clenching Ian’s reins while the other was gripping the pommel of his sword.
  58. Alex liked that look on him, she didn't get to see it enough.
  60. She liked it more when the woman laughed and Henric flinched. She seized the moment and went to his side, standing next to Ian’s right flank. “How do you know that woman?”
  62. Henric’s horror transmuted to anger when he realized Alex had seen him. He was furious that his squire had noticed his weakness, furious at seeing THAT woman. He didn’t give Alex an answer, and instead just told her, “Pull your collar up. I see some purple.”
  64. She frowned, and adjusted her tunic to hide the bruises on her neck.
  66. “Normally I wouldn’t object to seeing them but for obvious reasons now isn’t the best time,” he grumbled.
  68. “Fuck you,” Alex muttered. She watched the woman bow to Sir Cyrus with the grace of a dancer, then weave through their small traveling party to Henric.
  70. Cyrus turned in his seat on the cart to call back to the rest of them in a bellowing tone. “This is Yuya. She’s on her way to Fierskeep as well.” Sir Isaac at Cyrus’ side dug into his ear with his little finger to stifle the ringing of his brother’s tone.
  72. Cuthbert woke up and saw Yuya, then lit up. "I remember you, Yuya!" he said. "Promise you aren't undead?"
  74. "Promise," Yuya said, and gave him a grin. "I've been hearing about that sorcerer. Sounds like a jerk."
  76. Alex grinned at the name. Yuya. Henric’s first victim when he had been a squire. The only woman he feared. The girl wanted a friendship with this woman as much as Henric wanted the two of them to never share words.
  78. Yuya’s arms were spread wide as she approached Henric, pretending to regard him as a friend. She had an angular face with skin too pale and veins visible underneath in some places. Alex found her eyes most striking, in that they were an earthy yellow. She couldn’t remember if she’d ever seen anyone in her life with yellow eyes, even at fairs with people from all over.
  80. “Hello, Henric Malyns,” Yuya said warmly. “It’s been a while hasn’t it?”
  82. “Not long enough,” Henric muttered to her. He’d hoped for some kind of privacy, but there was none to be had. Soon people were crowding around to do the polite, knightly thing and greet Yuya properly with appropriate handshakes.
  84. Ellis took the moment to pull Alex aside. She let him take her away from the crowd, off to the side, but kept stealing glances at the woman with gold eyes and Henric. He was pretending to be glad to see her too, but Alex knew his lying expressions.
  86. “Who is that?” Ellis asked.
  88. Alex told him, “She knows about Henric. He hasn’t seen her in around ten years.”
  90. “How do you mean she ‘knows’ about him?”
  92. Alex fidgeted and pulled her collar up again just to be safe. “I don’t know everything, but, they met at some point when they were younger than we are, and he did to her what he does to me. He wasn’t too heavy with the details but I don’t think he had that good of an idea what he was doing.”
  94. Ellis was surprised--but should not have been--to hear that Henric had a victim other than Alex.
  96. She kept explaining quietly. “But she kicked his ass, later. He’s still scared to death of her.”
  98. “Talk to her,” Ellis urged.
  100. “Believe me, I want to.”
  102. Glenn shoved between them. “Do you think she’s a spy?” he asked.
  104. “Nah,” Alex said. “If she was spying this is way too bold and obvious. Besides, Henric knows her. He’d know if she was undead and working for Kerran.”
  106. “Would he?” Glenn pushed.
  108. Alex shrugged. “Do I look like I know a lot about necromancy?”
  110. “You read more than I do.”
  112. “Not about necromancers. I’ve got better stuff to read.”
  114. Glenn frowned. “Well you should. It would have been handy just now.”
  116. “You read it,” Alex told him, cracking an exasperated smile. “I’m not gonna do all your work for you.”
  120. Alex fell asleep around the firepit that evening. She had been awake for a day and a half and after they stopped to camp and she stopped walking, she crashed almost immediately despite her feet throbbing in her boots.
  122. Henric let her. He and Ian were as exhausted as the squire, but with Yuya’s owl eyes surveying the knights, the last thing he wanted was for her to suspect he was using Alex, so he put up his small tent on his own and fed and gave water to Ian.
  124. He saw a tent that was familiar to him, but that didn’t belong here, and the out-of-place-ness of it made him stop in his tracks and bring a hand to his beard in confusion. It was Yorick’s tent, and he found himself turning around, looking for the masked man that had worked with him for years. It would be bad, he felt, if the knights found out that he very often paid someone like THAT to work with him when they sent him on jobs...
  126. Yuya left the tent and stretched, saw Henric, gave him a triumphant smirk. “So glad I didn’t miss that look on your face.”
  128. “Go fuck yourself,” he said. The knight’s voice was as scratchy as his beard. His hands twitched. “Just go. Go and die somewhere in a fucking ditch.”
  130. “We can just say that’s what happened to Yorick,” she said with a shrug. “That’s a good enough end for a fake life, I guess.”
  132. Henric put a hand to his head and when Yuya stepped close he shoved her away from him, but the woman bounced back with the same smile on her face. “Let’s talk, Henric. It’s about time we have a good, long, talk.”
  134. “About what?” he choked.
  136. “About Kerran. I’m going to kill him.”
  138. “I think that’s everyone’s plan,” he tried to be snide.
  140. Yuya shook her head. “He didn’t kill everyone’s best friend. I’m gonna take him apart. So whatever it takes, you’re going to keep vouching for me and I’m going to keep following. And I will kill him. Or, you know, I tell everyone what happened when we were kids, and what you’re doing to Alex.”
  142. Henric wasn’t sure if Yuya was selfish enough to ruin everything for Alex. Henric wasn’t even sure how she knew Alex was a girl, but maybe it took one to know one. He was certainly selfish enough to help a hated foe kill his former best friend if it meant he could continue to molest Alex in secret. “Fine. Follow, kill Kerran, then get out of my life and stay gone.”
  144. Yuya started to walk away, and as Henric watched her go, he thought of something. “How did Ssazra never notice what you were?”
  146. She stopped, and once again wore the expression of victory. “He always knew. We fucked in that tent for years.”
  148. Another loose thread in the rapidly unraveling tapestry of the knight’s life. Henric had never questioned the lizardman’s loyalty until now, but put more things together. He retaliated with words hissed so they wouldn't carry to the firepit where everyone else was: “I can’t believe you fucked a subhuman. You are a whore, Yuya. I bet you fuck stray dogs when you get desperate enough.” He spoke with the same quiet, gruff way that he used when he taunted Alex, but Yuya had much better control of her temper than the squire, and was not distressed by his attempts to be aggressive.
  150. “The stray dogs are still a better lay than you.” And with a laugh she left, and Henric was even more hollow than usual.
  152. He choked a laugh and wondered how Aziz had betrayed him, since bad luck always came in threes.
  156. Alex woke up when the other squires made a game of balancing flat pebbles on her cheeks and seeing how high they could be stacked before tumbling. After food and conversation that she mostly tuned out, she lay at the fireside again to catch a few minutes of precious sleep, her spine tangent to Ellis’ thigh.
  158. “Come on, Alex,” Henric said finally. The girl looked at Ellis, then got up to go with Henric. She didn’t notice Yuya’s tent, but wasn't looking for it either. Maybe she did see it, but was sleepy and used to the sight of Yorick's tent to the point that it was as common to her as the grass was.
  160. He didn’t make her undress, and the only clothes Alex removed were her boots. She lay down to sleep and scooted inside of her bedroll, squirming to face him. “I like her,” Alex said finally.
  162. “Of course you do, you’re both stupid whores,” he snapped. “How long have you known she was Yorick?”
  164. “What?”
  166. Henric sneered and rolled onto his back, “Oh, my mistake. I assumed that since everyone else around me was going behind my back that you were also.”
  168. “Well if I could, I would,” said the sleepy girl. “Sign me up. But what about Yorick?”
  170. “He was Yuya all along.”
  172. “Oh yeah, that makes sense I guess,” Alex murmured. “‘Cause he was the one that gave me the truth stuff. He--I guess she is better--knew I was a girl right away.”
  174. Henric turned his head sideways to look at Alex. He watched her yawn. Clever, beautiful, vicious, conniving girl. She flinched when he reached out to touch her cheek. “You crybaby,” he said of her flinch, with a sound almost like a chuckle.
  176. She sighed and played dead. There wasn’t energy to slap his hand away. Alex shut her eyes and felt his hand stroking her face. At least Ellis wasn’t here to see, and that was good. And she would always prefer Henric gently touching her face to choking her.
  178. Henric’s thumb passed over her lips and he pushed his forehead against hers, his long dark hair falling everywhere around his head. An outsider looking in at that particular time might have mistaken it for a tender moment between tired lovers. Henric wrapped his arms around Alex and pulled their bodies together.
  180. Alex didn’t enjoy that Henric had made her into the eye of his storm, where he would anchor himself when there was turmoil for him and dump his frustrations onto her body. She had two more years with him before she graduated and she would be able to run away from him and move on.
  182. He said, “Just your mouth tonight. That’s quiet enough.”
  184. Alex’ lips wrinkled in distaste. “I’m tired.”
  186. “Then you can work fast,” he whispered, sitting up and opening the front of his pants. He wasn’t all the way ready for her yet, but when she forced herself to sit up and looked at him, her resentment, exhaustion, and the dark half-moons under her eyes did the trick. She did what he wanted. “My own personal whore.”
  188. “Just shut up,” Alex whispered, rubbing her eyes while she sat, kneeling and facing him. Then her eyes traveled down his torso, down to his erection. She wished it wasn’t a familiar sight, that she didn’t know every vein by heart.
  190. He reached for her and wrapped a guiding hand around the back of her head, pulling her into a position as though she were worshiping him, praying on the floor in a bent over kneeling position. The knight always liked to imagine that was exactly what she was doing.
  192. For two years he’d been coaching her in oral sex. Two wonderful years for Henric where nearly every time her lips graced his cock it was better than the last time--even when he let her work quick. For some reason she never appreciated it when he told her she was a natural.
  194. Alex shut her eyes when he pulled her in. Up close she could smell his familiar musk and taste him moments later when her moist tongue. She licked him in long strokes, base to tip, leaving trails of her saliva almost covering his entire penis before she wrapped her lips around him.
  196. Like he always demanded, she used her hands to massage the parts of him that her lips couldn’t quite reach--the base of his shaft, his balls. She timed the gentle squeezes of her hands with the bobbing of her head, starting with languid movements and gradually accelerating. He leaned back on one hand with the other one helping her set the pace and feeling the soft bristles of her short hair. He brought her head low and bucked his hips up until his tip was almost to her throat.
  198. Repeat.
  200. Alex lost her sense of time doing this for him. Her lips were sore from sucking, her tongue was sore from sliding over every piece of skin it could reach. Her mouth felt too dry, and he dripped precum onto the back of her tongue while he shuddered and breathed heavily.
  202. “Good,” he told her. “Good girl.”
  204. He really couldn’t have been more condescending if he had tried. She adjusted her hands, sped up her work with him, and opened her eyes to look at him, wanting to see how close he was.
  206. In between heavy breaths, he smiled to see her pale eyes looking up at him. After an instant of eye contact, he ejaculated his load into Alex’ throat, and held her head in place. The girl’s eyes shut as she did her best to swallow, and Henric’s head lolled back on his shoulders and he flopped back on his bedroll.
  208. Sputtering and coughing, his squire pulled away. A line of saliva mixed with Henric’s cum kept them connected for a moment before it broke apart.
  210. “No evidence,” he reminded her, his way of telling her that she had damn well swallow every ounce of his seed that he gave her.
  212. The squire coughed and wiped her lips. “No evidence,” she whispered. She was his.
  214. He fit his member back into his pants and shuffled back into his bedroll. She sat still for a bit, and then did the same, only to have him wrap her in his arms and pin her back to his torso. When she squirmed he grabbed her wrists and crossed them against her chest.
  216. “Shh,” he said. “Calm down. Go to sleep.”
  218. “I can’t when you’re twisting my arms,” she whined.
  220. He rolled his eyes and let go, let her adjust her body. “You know, I never complained to my knight.”
  222. “You murdered your knight.”
  224. “Better a killer than a crybaby whiner.”
  226. “I should kill you,” she sighed. She meant the words.
  228. He recalled her trying to stab him with a piece of shale in the springs. “You could always try. I’ll happily teach you a valuable lesson if you do.”
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