Nuke - Moth Wedding

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >Today's the day.
  2. >The day that two moth-ponies will be joined in holy matrimony.
  3. >It is positively exciting.
  4. >These two have been head over heels for each other for who-knows-how-long.
  5. >It's honestly about time they tied the knot.
  6. >You sit on a stool in the Dust Valley bar.
  7. >It's the only decent gathering place in the entire town.
  8. >It's also where nearly every moth frequents when they aren't busy.
  9. >You guess it makes sense to hold the service here.
  10. >Pepper Dust stands beside Moon Dust near an altar.
  11. >Virgo grumbles as he holds a small book and lightbulb.
  12. >He's kinda cute dressed up in his ceremonial garb.
  13. >Pepper Dust looks incredibly nervous.
  14. >He's sweating bullets.
  15. >You giggle softly, but hush yourself as the doors to the back rooms open.
  16. >Out trots Flower Tart, who tosses a bunch of flowers around.
  17. >Behind her, Actias.
  18. >She looks absolutely gorgeous in her dress.
  19. >You wonder who made it.
  20. >She approaches the altar, and Pepper Dust.
  21. >Dandelion follows her, a small pillow with a necklace sitting on it.
  22. >The same one Pepper Dust picked out just for Actias.
  23. >It has a little lunar moth pendant on it.
  24. >You smile softly as Virgo begins the rites.
  25. >They go quickly.
  26. >The newly weds kiss.
  27. >And instead of the traditional throwing of the bouquet, as every other race of ponies does.
  28. >Actias tears her dress off and throws it into a crowd of moth-mares.
  29. >One lucky mare catches it, and as is custom, begins to eat it.
  30. >The newly weds hurry out of the bar to spend an hour or two with each other, before coming back for the party.
  31. >There is always a party.
  32. >You love being a moth-pony.
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